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Alleged Visine Poisoning Leads To Man’s Arrest

Eye Drop Poisoning

An alleged Visine poisoning recently led to a California man’s arrest.

Authorities explained that 27-year-old mechanic Shayne Carpenter was arrested by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office for reportedly putting eye drops in his girlfriend’s drink. The woman is expected to make a full recovery from the Visine poisoning.

The man was apprehended in Grass Valley, California on Thursday and charged with poisoning and domestic violence. Carpenter reportedly placed the eye drops in his girlfriend’s drink after the two got into a heated argument.

Lieutenant Steve Tripp said the man’s girlfriend became very ill after he allegedly put Visine in her drink. The woman became suspicious after finding texts about the Visine poisoning on Carpenter’s phone.

“We got admissions from him over the phone, when he was admitting to her, that he had done this,” Tripp explained.

Tetrahydrozoline, an ingredient found in Visine and other eye drops, can cause quite a few problems if it is ingested. Included in the symptoms are vomiting, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, and difficulty breathing. The chemical can also cause tremors and seizures.

Carpenter’s girlfriend was taken to an area hospital for treatment. She is expected to make a full recovery. Her name has not been released to the public.

The man was arrested by police for the alleged Visine poisoning. He posted $25,000 on Friday.

This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to use eye drops to poison their significant other. A 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman reportedly used Visine to slowly poison her boyfriend over the course of three years.

Vickie Jo Mills was arrested last September for allegedly putting the drops in her boyfriend’s drinking water. She is currently facing 10 counts of aggravated assault, 10 counts of simple assault, and 10 counts of reckless endangerment for poisoning the man.

It’s currently unknown what consequences Shayne Carpenter will face as a result of the alleged Visine poisoning.

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28 Responses to “Alleged Visine Poisoning Leads To Man’s Arrest”

  1. Tana D. Moore Carpenter

    Thanks for educating other abusive people! Next thing you know, nobody will be able to get eye drops because of a couple of abusive people.

  2. Lyn Genteman

    Is it really okay? Now this makes me think otherwise. What is it doing to your eyes and when it drips down to the sinuses???

  3. Robert Marley

    Visine poisoning is something new to me. This apparently is the best revenge strippers users against new girls, as it keeps them in the bathroom all night.

  4. Dan Kabanuck

    Why was she looking at his phone? Visine is an old bartender's trick. If a customer gets too drunk and they want that person out..they put a drop of visine in the drink to get them sick so they leave.

  5. Danny E van Hook

    I don't use it often but some always drips down my face and into my mouth. neverf gave it a thought. When I first saw the headline I thought he'd put poison in her Visine bottle. Does the top even come off?

  6. Kim North

    Really?The bartender would put it in a drunks drink, then the next think you know you got vomit everywhere because you know a drunk won't make it to a bathroom. Does not seem like a good plan….

  7. Felix El Gato

    Don't bartenders do this to customers they don't like, for whatever reason?

  8. Tamara Smith

    I have heard that this sick trick was also used when there was a difficult customer in a restaurant. This is one of the reasons why I don't give the wait staff a hard time while out eating you never know what could end up in your food or drink how horrible!

  9. Samantha McCown

    if is poison then why the hell do we put it in our eyes.

  10. Samantha McCown

    if is poison then why the hell do we put it in our eyes.

  11. Anonymous

    Geraci Nicholas, you should look up the potential side effects to eye drop poisoning beyond what this article says, the fact is that eye drop poisoning can be fatal even in small doses because one of the side effects is a rapid change in body temperature leading to coma or death.

  12. Susan N David Grubbs

    That is exactly what I was thinking as I was reading it. It is technically ingested when you put it in your eye, not really sure what the difference would be? Hmmmm

  13. DeeDee Potter

    One more thing we will have to show ID to buy, or it will be kept behind the pharmacy counter. I bought some of the dust spray for my computer the other day and had to show my ID, and when I asked why I was informed that people are huffing it….seriously, showing my ID would keep me from doing something stupid?

  14. Anonymous

    There are a lot of medicines that are good for outside but not inside and vice versa. What other sick prank is on the horizon. Next time someone may die. This did not need to be made public, especially since it seems to be an isolated incident. But it's not anymore, is it. stay tuned.