toy soldier cupcakes confiscated

Toy Soldier Cupcakes Confiscated At Michigan Elementary School

Toy soldier cupcakes were confiscated at a Michigan elementary school. The third-graders nearly missed the enjoyment of biting into a sweet homemade treat simply because of the classic toys used a decorations.

Dad and husband of the cupcake baker, Casey Fountain, stated during an interview with Fox News that the principal told her the toy soldier cupcakes were insensitive because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. A disturbed young man tragically took the lives of the innocent children and teachers – not a patriotic soldier.

Fountain also noted his disgusted over the Michigan elementary school principal lumping the men and woman who put their lives on the line to protect American families in with a child killer. Hunter’s mother made 30 toy soldier cupcakes for her son to share with his classmates. The 9-year-old boy helped her decorate the treats with plastic World War II replica soldiers.

About 15 minutes after the Schall Elementary School secretary thanked the mother for the cupcakes, the school called to tell the baker the treats could not be served. Since the toy soldiers had tiny little plastic guns attached, they were deemed inappropriate for the classroom.

A statement released by the school about the toy soldiers cupcakes controversy said that such toys were once commonplace, but some parents no prohibit all toys guns. Schall Elementary School administrators also stated that since they teach non-violence at school, the little toy heroes had to go.

The toy soldiers clearly illustrate that political correctness is running amok in American schools. Common sense appears to have vanished entirely from the public school landscape. The toy soldier cupcakes drama is just one of many examples of the distorted priorities in our taxpayer supported schools.

The United States continues to lag behind a multitude of major industrialized nations academically and yet schools are focused on the appropriateness of cupcake toppers. Does the Michigan school not invite local military members into the building for Veteran’s Day services?

The overly sensitive principal could have quickly and easily turned the toy soldier cupcakes treat into a teachable moment about patriotism, bravery, and the freedoms we all enjoy because of the American soldier.

toy soldier cupcakes