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Toy Soldier Cupcakes Confiscated At Michigan Elementary School

toy soldier cupcakes confiscated

Toy soldier cupcakes were confiscated at a Michigan elementary school. The third-graders nearly missed the enjoyment of biting into a sweet homemade treat simply because of the classic toys used a decorations.

Dad and husband of the cupcake baker, Casey Fountain, stated during an interview with Fox News that the principal told her the toy soldier cupcakes were insensitive because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. A disturbed young man tragically took the lives of the innocent children and teachers – not a patriotic soldier.

Fountain also noted his disgusted over the Michigan elementary school principal lumping the men and woman who put their lives on the line to protect American families in with a child killer. Hunter’s mother made 30 toy soldier cupcakes for her son to share with his classmates. The 9-year-old boy helped her decorate the treats with plastic World War II replica soldiers.

About 15 minutes after the Schall Elementary School secretary thanked the mother for the cupcakes, the school called to tell the baker the treats could not be served. Since the toy soldiers had tiny little plastic guns attached, they were deemed inappropriate for the classroom.

A statement released by the school about the toy soldiers cupcakes controversy said that such toys were once commonplace, but some parents no prohibit all toys guns. Schall Elementary School administrators also stated that since they teach non-violence at school, the little toy heroes had to go.

The toy soldiers clearly illustrate that political correctness is running amok in American schools. Common sense appears to have vanished entirely from the public school landscape. The toy soldier cupcakes drama is just one of many examples of the distorted priorities in our taxpayer supported schools.

The United States continues to lag behind a multitude of major industrialized nations academically and yet schools are focused on the appropriateness of cupcake toppers. Does the Michigan school not invite local military members into the building for Veteran’s Day services?

The overly sensitive principal could have quickly and easily turned the toy soldier cupcakes treat into a teachable moment about patriotism, bravery, and the freedoms we all enjoy because of the American soldier.

toy soldier cupcakes

At many public schools, children can no longer tote a tin foil covered cardboard sword during Halloween parties or school plays. Make sure you remove the plastic holster and pistol from your kindergarten daughter’s cowgirl costume, it would likely get her suspended. The highly-anticipated squirt gun fight on the last day of school between students and teachers are now too considered too violent and inappropriate as well.

Children used to play Army and cowboy and Indians at recess, yet no one had nightmares and the phrase “school shooting” was something no one had ever heard. When a child had a problem with a child, they were told to merely work it out, there were no such things as bullying lawsuits a couple of decades ago. Parents and teachers alike often quoted the “sticks and stones” saying and did not rush a child off to sensitivity training.

Since so many schools can’t make the grade academically and too much focus is placed on insignificant politically correct programs, it is no wonder that charter, online, and homelschooling numbers are rapidly increasing in the United States.

What do you think about the toy soldier cupcakes confiscation?

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23 Responses to “Toy Soldier Cupcakes Confiscated At Michigan Elementary School”

  1. Susan Lowe

    This article is stupid on so many levels. Who, in this day and age, would bring cupcakes decorated with toy soldiers with guns? Eight-year-olds shouldn't be expected to differentiate between soldiers and bad guys with guns with their cupcakes and daddy is mad about it? They probably shouldn't be getting cupcakes anyway. Did they have recess that day?

  2. Tiffany Lynn Litzsinger

    Yes Susan I agree with Trey, STFU. Kids that age DO differentiate soldiers and bad guys. Do you think they are idiots? Hopefully when the parents introduced the toy she said "Army men" and not "Bad guys" ex: "Lets put bad guys on your cupcakes!" Seriously – I'm pretty sure an eight year old knows about men in the army serving our country, after all plenty of children have parents IN the military.

  3. Karl Hutchense

    OMG! Well, I guess they'd better not show the Toy Story movies at a school function either then! Last time I checked, OUR the people serving in OUR military were the good guys. This is more silliness by school administrators with too much paranoia and not an ounce of common sense. We are all doomed.

  4. Heather Brielle Olsen

    This is ridiculous. The zero tolerance policies have gotten out of hand. Children are not idiots and coddling them will not help them in the long run.

  5. Michael Anderson

    I wish we could require people to use common sense.

  6. Karl Hutchense

    Yes Yes! Let's ban ALL cupcakes and birthday treats, Susan! Kill-joy!

  7. John Wren Sr

    God almighty I'm glad I don't live in Michigan. This principal should have her head examined and then commited for being one of, if not the big idiot on the plant.

  8. Joe LeForte

    Susan's one of those die-softs that thinks that all the worlds problems are solved with nice words and no violence. You should feed yourself to lions.

  9. Richard Parker

    More therapy needed….every man, woman, and child needs to start pointing their "guns" till the idiots get the heck over it.

  10. Tom Metzger

    Susan — what world are you from??? Should educators continue arresting students who point their fingers at classmates and say, "Bang, bang"?

  11. Debra Ann

    While I agree with the author, and I hate to be a grammar nazi, I must say that some grammar and writing classes are in order. Good God.

  12. Erik Nash

    When will these retarded "politically incorrect" jack wagons get a life? Next they'll ban any and all GI Joe collectables because they're "insensitive". So now I'm supposed to go around and be ashamed that I Served and support anyone else that is doing so as well? GET A GRIP PEOPLE!

  13. Anonymous

    wow! the inclusion and acceptance that schools are promoting is so one sided that it's outrageous. like the article says, there is a difference between a soldier and a psycopath. it's not like he went to school with james jone cupcakes. I mean come on, there are still people who take offence to kool aid comments. people need to get over themselves…

  14. Karl Lang

    what is she thinking these are toys I had the same toys when I was a child and enjoyed playing with them and so did my son.

  15. Susan Lowe

    Educators can't arrest anyone. Only law enforcement do can do that. I do think that representations of guns should be banned from schools. If parents want to teach their kids how to handle guns, they should do it at home. Btw, I come from Planet Earth and when I grew up children weren't being slaughtered in their kindergarten classes.

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