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Lion Attack In African Bush Kills Woman During Outdoor Sex Act

Lion Attack during outdoor sex act

A lion attack in the African bush has killed a female who was having sex in the great outdoors.

Sharai Mawera and her partner, an unidentified male, were enjoying a private moment in the African bush when they fell prey to the killer lion.

A source close to the attack told news agencyMy Zimbabwe, “Unfortunately the woman, who was also known as Mai Desire, was mauled to death by the lion, but her boyfriend managed to escape naked and he was only wearing a condom.”

As if the lion attack wasn’t bad enough, the couple were caught off guard while having sex near the Mahombekombe Primary School.

The scary part of this story is that sex interrupting lion kills are nothing new. In fact, a nearly identical outcome occurred during a lion attack in 2002.

As The Huffington Post reports, “the National Parks and Wildlife Authority is warning Zimbabweans living near Harare to be cautious after rogue lions mauled two people to death on the shores of Lake Kariba.”

The outdoor sex act in the African bush may have been avoided if the couple had heeded early warnings. On Tuesday, a man and women were the victims of a lion attack, and, again, the man escaped unharmed. The women was less fortunate and was eaten by the voracious beast.

Lion populations have continued to decrease in recent years, yet more than 100 people are killed by the wild animals annually.

To avoid being attacked by a lion in the buff or even while fully closed, National Science Foundation officials note that 39 percent of all attacks occur between March and May. Those attacks are likely due to farmers who sleep outside in order to protect their livestock.

The Zimdiaspora notes that forest rangers put the entire town of Kariba on high alert because of lion maulings and several lion sightings throughout the area.

Would you be willing to have sex outdoors if there was even remotely the chance of a lion attack?

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14 Responses to “Lion Attack In African Bush Kills Woman During Outdoor Sex Act”

  1. Amy Hunt Pagano

    The typos and spelling errors really drained a lot of the comedy out of this story.

  2. Laura Presant-Fetter

    Luckily I only noticed two errors….whatever happened to proofreading?

  3. Laura Presant-Fetter

    Hmmm, in both cases man on top or woman on top? Might be good to know so as to avoid the one being the main course.

  4. Laura Presant-Fetter

    Hmmm, man on top or woman on top? Might be good to know so as to avoid the one being eaten as the main course. No pun intended.

  5. Harold Armstrong

    Another reason not to use lamb-skin condoms. They attract lions. Use latex instead!

  6. Donna Edwards

    One report was about "a man and women" having sex. So, was this a menage a trois, a group orgy, or what? Also, I noted the words "fully closed" instead of "fully clothed." There were other things that impressed me as this being an interesting story, but poorly written. i did like the intriguing question at the end.

  7. Donna Edwards

    Laura Presant-Fetter More than a couple of errors here, and that's not including a lack of knowledge regarding punctuation.

  8. Donna Edwards

    That's what I thought, too. But, on the other hand, what could a naked, unarmed man have done to fight off the lion?

  9. Valerie Brillhart


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