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IEBC Kenya Results For Presidential Election: Uhuru Kenyatta Leading

IEBC Kenya Results For Presidential Election: Uhuru Kenyatta Leading

The IEBC Kenya results have been suffering from multiple technical failures, but the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is doing everything they can to deliver the Kenyan Presidential elections results as fast as possible. The current IEBC Kenya results for the Prime Minister race show Uhuru Kenyatta to be in the lead for the moment. Kenyans will be casting six ballots at 23,000 polling stations, voting for a new Kenyan president, parliamentarians, governors, senators, councilors and special women’s representatives.

Fives years ago the last Presidential election in Kenya triggered waves of violence that killed more than 1,100 people. Uhuru Kenyatta faces crimes against humanity charges over the last violent election. Prime Minister Raila Odinga claims he was robbed of victory in 2007 and the IEBC is trying to make the process as smooth and fair as possible this time around.

[Earlier This Week] The Daily Monitor reports this morning that Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta is in the lead with 2,676,392 votes, or 53.64 percent. Mr Raila Odinga is trailing behind with 2,088,529 votes, or 41.85 percent. The IEBC has rejected 313,448 votes and 13,120 polling stations have reported in their Kenya election results. Kenya is expected to have a 70 percent voter turnout, with a potential 10 million people casting their votes. Analysts warn that early voting results may not accurately depict the final vote.

[Update] As of Thursday, the IEBC Kenya results still have Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta in the lead with 2,791,32 votes. Mr. Raila Odinga is trailing behind with 2,023,470 votes. Only 140 out of 290 election officers have returned to the national tallying center as of Thursday, so it’s possible that the IEBC Kenya election results may change dramatically overnight.

While violence has so far been fairly limited in scope in comparison to the last Kenyan election, Yahoo News reports that “six policemen were killed in two separate attacks, including an ambush by some 200 youths armed with guns and bows and arrows, hours before the opening of polling stations.” A remotely controlled bomb went off but fortunately no one was hurt.

The Daily Nation says that the IEBC chairman spoke to complaints that the IEBC Kenya results were coming in too slowly:

“At 9.30pm (Monday) night, there was a network slowdown in the transmission of results from the polling centres. That is now fixed and the IEBC is confident that there will be successful completion of the counting and transmission of results.”

Election fraud will be prevented by holding each poll’s election officer responsible. The IEBC also says that “If any polling station reports results more than the registered voters, that’s an automatic cancellation.”

What do you think about the IEBC Kenya results so far? Do you think this Kenyan presidential election might bring about some peace to this corner of Africa?

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19 Responses to “IEBC Kenya Results For Presidential Election: Uhuru Kenyatta Leading”

  1. Daniel Dak Gai

    Uhuru is not the choice of the international community but the choice for Kenyan people only. Let them see the red of it.

  2. Stephen Mumbwani

    Kenyans lets appreciate the IEBC efforts. remember challenges are always there in our day to day work place so lets give them time .

  3. Edii Mdr

    Stella when u talk above Iebc then u know what u are saying and plse don't creat tension and as ur name suggest let Trible factor drive u. We are all Kenyans and let us wait for iebc,at long run we wil all go back to our normal life minus Kenyatta and Raila. Thanks

  4. Pam Mubuta

    I think so far, Isaack Hassan is doing a really good job, with his team. He is under enormous pressure, but he will not budge until he is sure of what he is announcing. Kudos for his leadership. Kenyans, let us just be patient!

  5. Joseph Odhiambo Ochieng

    I want to believe beyond reasonable doubt that the IEBC is working hard to give us the right and credible outcome.Kindly lets give them time and see what/how they are going to do it what we are against this time is violence

  6. Ophwette Ja Usonga

    akiwa prezzy ni sawa but utakuwa ready for maisha ngumu kweli?????

  7. Edward Orambo

    Yes that is very true but Stella Maina dont forget to use phrases like" God willing" we are waiting for the swearing ceremony it please the creator of KINGS

  8. John Achima

    Uhuru Kenyatta is really a digital generation master. Early this week – 5th. to 6th. March Uhuru's vote count was 2,676,392 while Raila's vote count was 2,088,529 and on Thursday the 7th. Uhuru's votes rose by 114,938 to 2,791,320 while Raila's dropped by 65,059 to 2,023,470.

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