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Marijuana Cannon Not Needed, Florida To Legalize Medical Pot

Marijuana Cannon Not Needed, Florida To Legalize Medical Pot

Tallahassee, FL – A marijuana cannon may soon be unnecessary to get illegal drugs into Florida. A new Florida bill seeks to legalize medical marijuana for those suffering from debilitating medical conditions.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, efforts to legalize marijuana, or cannabis, for medical purposes has been picking up steam in recent years. Washington State and Colorado saw marijuana bills be passed by state legislatures. Celebrities like Justin Bieber have blatantly broken the law by smoking blunts. But the drug dealers are still sneaking it the hard way, using a marijuana cannon to shoot cannabis over the Mexican border.

According to WTSP News, on Wednesday, Florida State Senator Jeff Clemens of Lake Worth introduced State Bill 1250 in Tallahassee entitled “The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act,” that would allow Floridians with debilitating medical conditions to legally obtain and use marijuana if their doctors recommend it. Medical patients, or their officially designated caregivers, would be allowed to privately possess up to four ounces of marijuana and grow up to eight marijuana plants.

According to, Senator Clemens believes that a Florida medical marijuana bill is long overdue:

“It seems nonsensical to me that we are allowing people to suffer because of outdated laws. It was a compassion issue more than anything else.”

According to the Miami Herald, a recent poll conducted by Hamilton Campaigns on behalf of People United for Medical Marijuana shows that 70 percent of Florida voters support a plan to mend the state constitution to allow the medical use of marijuana. The Florida fight over marijuana may even be used as a catalyst for Democrats to overturn Florida Governor Rick Scott:

“The proposal to allow the medical use of marijuana could provide a message contrast in the Governor’s race, heightening its effectiveness as a turnout mechanism.”

Do you think Florida efforts to legalize medical marijuana are good enough, or do you think that legal marijuana should be available for more than just those suffering from debilitating medical conditions?

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28 Responses to “Marijuana Cannon Not Needed, Florida To Legalize Medical Pot”

  1. Graham Smith

    It should be legal for everyone. The same as alcohol and cigarettes… Marijuana is less harmful than either of them.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree, how many death have occurred due to alcohol and cigarette, yet they are still legal

  3. Gus Penton

    We need political progressives like Rep Clemens to outfit our Senate as well. He's smart enough to not come out and say it, but these are just baby steps for legalization and stopping the gross waste of resources put forth to police marijuana use and possession. I can't wait until the day I'm able to confidently say, without fear of being crucified or stripped of any professional credibility, that I enjoy smoking marijuana. I'm so sick of alcohol indulging dipshits turning their nose up at me for enjoying smoking a little pot.

  4. Anonymous

    regulate marijuana like alcohol, must be 21 to buy, must have a license to sell to be certified by the state, tax it like cigarettes. Put drug dealers out of business and allow extra revenue for the state.

  5. Jose Gonzales

    Obama pretended to be in Florida playing golf with Tiger Woods, but secretly he was busy strong arming legislators to oppose any kind of marijuana legalization.

  6. Andy Valente

    Yes I think legalization of marijuana would be the responsible thing to do. One marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and there is no physical withdraw. Two it's easyer for kids to get weed than beer because the gov. regulates alcohol distributions. And three Florida's economy would go up. People would come from all over
    The USA for legal weed tourism would sky rocket. Tourists would become residents and businesses would mover here and becreated

  7. Rat Daddey

    over 21, Legalize it , tax it , and use the added revenue stream for the poor, and if Scott cant get behind this , his antiquated butt needs to hit the bricks! age 50, fla resident, oh and with it legal we can cut back on the square grouper fishing enforcement….

  8. Colton Stahler

    OR they could just make it more like cigarettes, 18 to buy, of course a license to sell. If you need to be 21 to get weed then you should be 21 to get cigarettes. In my opinion they shouldn't even sell cigarettes because of everything they do to a person.

  9. Colton Stahler

    Yet the government is more butt hurt over a "drug" that has less than half of the cons than alcohol or cigarettes, I mean fuck logic. Am I right?

  10. Garrett Shipley

    just legalize small amounts so I don't have to waste my tax dollars on people for smoking weed….fix my roads, my water, and the traffic problems from Miami to fort Lauderdale….

  11. David Brayshaw

    It is about time Floridians are heard on this issue. Many of us are in our sixties and over and suffer with pain issues that are debilitating, from spinal issues to automobile accident side effects, and we should be permitted to smoke if it aids our pain levels. Having held out as long as this state has, is nothing short of the promotion of suffering. Get whatever laws passed that need to be to allow for marijuana use and growth NOW.

  12. Bill Karcher

    Put it to us voters, legalizing it should stop the production of "spice", (Spice kills), Marijuana should be a social choice as alcohol and cigarettes, also will bring in tax $$$$$$$$$ for the state. Lets vote – I VOTE YES.

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