Ronnie Wood ex-wife

Ronnie Wood Brought Cocaine To Wife’s Bed Side Hours After She Gave Birth

Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife, Jo Wood, has revealed that her former husband handed her some cocaine only a few hours after she had given birth to their son, Tyrone.

Jo was recovering in hospital when she was given the unusual gift, and she has talked about the incident in her new autobiography, entitled Hey Jo, which hits shelves on Thursday February 28.

Jo writes, “The second day in hospital after Ty’s birth, I was feeding him when Ronnie rocked up, ‘Hey bay,’ he said, ‘I’ve bought you something.”Oh, my honey,’ I thought. Could it be flowers, jewellery? Instead Ronnie handed me a packet of white powder. ‘A little something to help you get back on track.’ It was cocaine.”

Jo decided to decline the drug, and a short while later Ronnie quit cocaine after he spent two weeks in rehab.

Mrs. Wood also added that Ronnie had a rather peculiar approach towards finances. She noted, “Ronnie has no concept of money. Bill Wyman told me Ronnie went to the guys in the band to ask for a loan as we couldn’t pay the children’s school fees. After pocketing the cash he bought himself a Rolex.”

Jo also revealed that Ronnie once said he would “throw acid” in her face as she slept, because there was no vodka in the house. He also warned her, “You’d better watch out because I know people.”

Ronnie and Jo Wood were married for 26 years, but they divorced in 2009 after having two children together, Lead and Tyrone. Ronnie remarried in December 2012, to 34 year-old Sally Humphreys.