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Christopher Dorner Manifesto: Rampage Shooting Suspect Claims That Officer Involved In Rodney King Beating Still In LAPD

Christopher Dorner Manifesto: Rampage Shooting Suspect Claims That Officer Involved In Rodney King Beating Still In LAPD

The Charles Dorner manifesto has been dismissed by the Los Angeles Police Department as the self-serving ramblings of a murderer, but at least one of the claims of the rampage shooting suspect appears to check out.

Dorner is accused of going on a rampage after being fired for the LAPD. He claims that his firing is retribution for reporting an officer he believed abused a schizophrenic person. Police believe that Christopher Dorner killed two civilians, then later shooting two police officers, killing one.

Before going on the rampage, Dorner posted a manifesto on Facebook maintaining his innocence and listing officers he planned to target.

In the manifesto, Dorner claims that one of the officers involved in the Rodney King beating remains on the force more than 20 years later.

“Are you aware that an officer (a rookie/probationer at the time) seen on the Rodney King videotape striking Mr. King multiple times with a baton on 3/3/91 is still employed by the LAPD and is now a Captain on the police department?”

A check of the LAPD’s online database shows an officer that shares the same name as one of those who responded to the Rodney King beating, though the office in question was not accused of beating King, and actually testified against the other officers.

The LAPD, which is on a massive manhunt to find Dorner, has dismissed the manifesto as little more than ramblings, the Los Angeles Times noted.

“That case was thoroughly adjudicated. It went through several levels of review up to the point where even a civilian representative listened to the entirety of the case. You will find Dorner’s statements to be self-serving and the statements of somebody who was extremely unhappy in his lot in life,” said Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

Christopher Dorner’s manifesto also promised more violence, saying that the former U.S. Navy sharpshooter would use all of his shooting and survival training to enact his revenge.

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16 Responses to “Christopher Dorner Manifesto: Rampage Shooting Suspect Claims That Officer Involved In Rodney King Beating Still In LAPD”

  1. De Sean Maxie

    This can not be dismissed as ramblings of a mad man, Dorner is not crazy! I DONT CONDONE HIS ACTIONS but me bein wrongfully profiled by police officers, an officer even drew down on me fo noe reason @ all, i can say i hate cops period & i do understand how dorner feels. Dorner is protrayin himself as a martyr 2 get da message out. Trust & believe how he is doin it is completely wrong but y he is doin it is a strong & powerful statement dat cant b ignored & his death will b da icing on da cake. Something has 2 b done 2 eliminate police brutality completely. Now what bother me is if his accusations r true witch i believe they r then we as an ethnic culture have a bigger problem besides a rogue cop!!! Those officers n da Rodney King beatin, da Rampart scandal, & officers dat violate peoples civil rights needs severe disciplinary actions not a promotions!!!! Now dont get me wrong, if caught he also needs disciplinary action but ask yo self, is there any truth 2 his accusations??? I believe there r & someone needs 2 carefully look n 2 it b fo da police cover it completely. There r dirty cops out there 2 dis day & da police department dat serve my city, da city where i am born & raised n needs 2 expose them & get rid of them. I REPEAT, HIS MANIFESTO IS NOT DA RAMBLINGS OF A CRAZY PERSON. ITS A CRY FO HELP. EVERYONE KNOW DAT DA POLICE DEPARTMENT PROTECT THERE OWN NO MATTER WHAT & ITS NOT FAIR 2 DA PUBLIC THEY R SUPPOSED 2 PROTECT!!!!

  2. Mick Sheahan

    Question: Why did they burn him alive while he was traspped in a cabin? No gunfire was exchanged and the officers returned tio their car, got gas while one asked why the other said hes burning him, then felt safe enough and not under immediate threat of death themselves to get close to the house, time to splash enough gas around to set a house on fiire and retrurn to their car. Why didn't they keep him trapped with guns drawn? Why didn't they demand his surrender? Hes not a murderer until proven one. We don't know who killed the civilians, he says he didn't. We'll never know.
    The police have taken it upon themselves to ignore the laws of state and federal government that grant everyone, no matter the crime, the right to be heard at a trial, to be judged by citizens and tp be sentenced to by a judge if found guilty.

    The police in the US have crossed the line between enforcing the law through arrest and detainment of an alleged criminal, and breaking the law by ignoring their training and making the decision to judge a person guilty and carry our an execution, without ever having made an arreest or charge a person for a crime. They chased a man allegedly armed into a cabin. he RAN not shot at them.

    I don't condone anyone getting killed, and am not defending Christoper either, BECAUSE IT'S NOT MY RIGHT TO JUDGE AND HE WAS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY AND LEGALLY PUNISHED AS PER THE LAW.
    And the police know this. They should be investigated, as there was a live news crew broadcasting what they said as they were getting the gas.

  3. Germa Porter

    I don't know where you got your info. If that's the way you feel maybe you should stay in Ireland. It is so much better for you! Dornor already said they were not taking him alive. He knew this already. They heard a gun shot while the cabin was on fire, He could of come out but he took the coward way out and shot hisself.

  4. Jonathan Yi

    Thought so too, but the first sentence refers to the "Charles Dorner manifesto."

    Proof reading is a lost art.

  5. De Sean Maxie

    i dont try bitch (lyndsay porter), da police got what day deserve. He aint crazy, one time been fucked up fo years, & crazy people dont write dis well!

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