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Dorner Was Calm, Says Carjacking Victim Of Fugitive Ex-Cop

Dorner Was Calm, Says Carjacking Victim Of Fugitive

Los Angeles, CA – Christopher Dorner was calm and “almost professional” as he carjacked a man on a rural mountain road in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning. That’s according to Rick Heltebrake (below), whose truck was carjacked by ex-cop Dorner as he fled from police. Speaking to The Associated Press, Heltebrake revealed: “[Dorner] wasn’t wild-eyed,… Read more »

Christopher Dorner Dead: Charred Human Remains Found In Burned Cabin

Christopher Dorner Dead: Charred Human Remains Found In Burned Cabin

Christopher Dorner’s charred human remains may have been found in the burned cabin. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Christopher Dorner shootout may have ended in a controversial manner since police were recorded saying to “get the gas. Burn it down.” According to NBC News, “investigators discovered Christopher Dorner’s charred human remains late Tuesday… Read more »

Christopher Dorner In Mexico: Accused Killer May Already Be Gone

Christopher Dorner

Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner, who is now a fugitive and a suspect in three killings, may have already fled the country, according to a federal court document. In a criminal complaint filed in federal court on February 7, Dorner is charged with fleeing the country to avoid persecution, reports NBC News…. Read more »

Charlie Sheen To Accused Killer Christopher Dorner: Call Me

Charlie Sheen weighs in on gun control

The LAPD is getting help tracking down ex-officer Christopher Dorner from an unlikely source: Charlie Sheen. The Anger Management star urged Dorner to give him a call today so that they could figure out a way to end the manhunt together. Dorner, who is accused of killing three people, mentioned several celebrities in a lengthy… Read more »

Massive Manhunt For Cop Killer Now Includes Hundreds Of Officers, Helicopters

Man Hunt On For Former LAPD Officer Suspected Of Shooting Police Officer

Hundreds of police officers and numerous helicopters are combing through Southern California in search of Christopher Dorner. Investigators believe Dorner shot and killed a fellow officer before fleeing. Strong winter storms have covered up Dorner’s tracks, which has made it harder for officers to track his movement. Dorner killed the officer and then killed another… Read more »