Free Divorce Contest

How Romantic: Lawyer Offers Free Valentine’s Day Divorce

When you think of professional services on Valentine’s Day, you perhaps think of a chef catering a romantic candlelit dinner, or a massage for two with a masseuse. Maybe a seasoned florist who can pick a perfect bouquet. An expert sommelier able to select the ideal wine pairing for the sweet treats the master chocolatier prepared. You might even think escort. Most people do not immediately think of someone with divorce expertise on the celebratory day of love.

A Southfield, Michigan attorney, Walter Bentley III, is sponsoring an online contest through his website. He’s looking for the most compelling story that will sway him to perform the swift unraveling of a marriage free of charge.

A divorce is the termination of a marital union, dissolving both parties from the bonds of matrimony. Divorce laws vary and require some legal interaction to resolve. Often times the process can be costly, especially when prolonged with excessive motions if either party fails to agree on a finalized arrangement.

You might consider Bentley a Valentine’s Day Grinch, taking advantage, but he explains his motives behind the offer:

“It makes Valentine’s Day a very, very tough day for people — when you’re living with someone you no longer want to be married to.”

Bentley was inspired by the number of people regularly circulating his office, wanting a divorce, but unable to afford one. People come to him desperate to get out of a bad marriage without the financial means to.

Depending on the terms of the divorce, there are law firms who specifically offer discount services for uncomplicated, uncontested divorces. Usually it involves parties with no children or asset disputes. Others provide initial free legal advice.

The free divorce is conditional to resolved child custody issues and or no children, and both parties must agree it be an uncontested filing. The deadline to submit is February 12, 2013 and only applicable to Michigan residents. For additional information, visit the link to his site.

The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.

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