Samsung Invests In Wacom

Samsung Purchases 5% Stake In Wacom

Samsung has purchased a five percent stake in graphics tablet and digitizer firm Wacom. The five percent stake is valued at $58.2 million and actively gives Samsung added interest in its strengthening partner.

The Korean technology firm made a logical move in purchasing a stake in Wacom. Samsung has used Wacom’s technology in both the first and second generation Galaxy Note phablets. Specifically Samsung has implemented Wacom’s pressure-sensitive stylus technology for its S-Pen hardware.

Samsung is rumored to be adding a Note-style stylus for input on its upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone, a move that will once again require help from Wacom. The Galaxy S IV is expected to be announced in April or May.

Wacom on Thursday supplied documents from the deal which shows Samsung purchasing 20,996 common shares at a cost of 255,510 yen ($2,810 per share). The shares will be purchased on February 19.

The added revenue from the Samsung deal will allow Wacom to “invest in product development and manufacturing.” Much of that manufacturing is expected to go into Samsung parts for various devices.

The partnership should give Samsung a nice foundation in the display market. Samsung has pulled away from providing display components to Apple, but its displays have long been seen as some of the most commercially viable on the open market. By teaming up with Wacom, Samsung will continue its innovation in the space while ensuring Wacom’s continued business.

With interest in Apple products falling due to a lack of new innovations, Samsung teaming with Wacom could lead the company one step closer to market dominance in the smartphone and phablet fields.