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Randy Travis To Seek Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

Randy Travis

Randy Travis will seek treatment for alcohol addiction in an attempt to turn his life around. The country music singer was arrested for DUI last August.

Travis’ lawyer Larry Friedman said the musician had given up alcohol for good. According to the Daily Mail, Travis will seek treatment for alcoholism before returning to the studio later this year.

Friedman also stated that Randy Travis’ health has been improving by leaps and bounds since last year. Although he decided to give up alcohol on his own, the singer will still receive treatment for his addiction.

TMZ explains that the Travis intends to get his career back on track once he completes treatment. The singer will reportedly return to the studio with the hope of releasing at least two albums before the end of 2013.

Although the press he received during 2012 was less than flattering, it would seem these incidents didn’t have any affect on the singer’s album sales. Reports indicate that Travis has moved quite a few copies of his music since his infamous naked DUI last year.

Randy Travis currently has tour dates scheduled for this March. However, these dates could change depending on the nature of the singer’s treatment.

According to The Star-Telegram, Randy Travis recently pleaded no contest to assault charges stemming from a fight in a church parking lot last year. As long as the musician stays out of trouble for the next 90 days, then he won’t face jail time for the altercation.

Although the criminal side of the matter has been squared away, a civil case was recently filed by Travis and his fiancee Mary Beougher. The couple has reportedly sued Beougher’s estranged husband Ritchie Dean Beougher and his uncle William Barnes Davis over the incident in the church parking lot.

Are you a fan of Randy Travis? Are you excited that he’s attempting to turn his career around?

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5 Responses to “Randy Travis To Seek Treatment For Alcohol Addiction”

  1. Barney McNeill

    My understanding is that Randy is a Christian. I pray he will get back to these roots and fight this alcohol abuse and get back on track.

  2. Patricia Reynolds Urso

    You tell him Lois, He is one of the greatest singers left in the business today. We sure don't want to lose him to the bottle. <3

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