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‘When The Zombies Come’ Debuts On YouTube, Draws Ire Of Ace Hardware

When the Zombies Come

Ace Hardware royally messed up. The company could have easily embraced the Sundance short film When The Zombies Come, but instead the company spoke out against the film.

In the meantime, When The Zombies Come (not pictured) has launched on YouTube and has received 6,000 views in just a few hours.

Here is a synopsis for the film:

“At a hardware store in the middle of no where fans of the walking dead have turned their love of zombies into an obsession which has warped the way they see the store and costumers.”

After realizing that the outside of an Ace Hardware store was used for the film, the hardware supplier wrote the following message:

“Ace Hardware was not aware that a deplorable video encouraging violent behavior was produced and we did not approve the use of our brand or store in the filming of that video. We are aghast and outraged that these individuals used our nationally recognized brand in this film. This video does not in any way represent Ace Hardware and the thousands of hardworking Ace employees that are knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated to serving Ace customers. We are making every effort to remove this video from all online sources. We greatly value our customers as well as our ‘helpful’ brand image and are deeply offended by the content of this video.”

Perhaps Ace Hardware didn’t get the memo about people LOVING zombies.

Here’s the When The Zombies Come video:

Do you think Ace Hardware missed a huge opportunity to capitalize on the social success of the independent Sundance Film Festival short film?

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8 Responses to “‘When The Zombies Come’ Debuts On YouTube, Draws Ire Of Ace Hardware”

  1. Joey Koot

    Well to add fuel to the fire, the main employee in the video was fired this morning. And to make matters worse, the video was in the running for a prize at Sundance for most views, but was reset because of Ace's lawyers badgering the owner of the video.

  2. David Joseph Shaffer

    Something is fundamentally wrong with todays society when you cant film good wholesome family entertainment without "offending" people. When the zombie apocalypse comes…and it will…they better not be looking to me for help!

  3. Anonymous

    I think ACE would find it difficult to play along once this guy says he wishes the customers were Zombies so he could kill them. Once he said that, it took away the ability for ACE excutives to play along and laugh it off.

  4. Michael Hacker

    That first guy in the video is screwed and will never outrun a zombie

  5. Michael Hacker

    OMG…Quik Trip, Verizon, Auto Zone, Winnebago, CVS, Kroger…WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE? WHERE?

  6. Daniel W Kauffman Jr

    I guess their philosophy is that faced with a horrible death from an unfeeling and uncaring minion of Evil one should engage in dialogue? After all Arms are for Hugging not Shooting. Oh well I shop At True Value anyway.

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