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Unborn Baby Smile From 3D Ultrasound Made Parents Rethink Abortion

Unborn Baby Smile From 3D Ultrasound Made Parents Rethink Abortion

A smile from an unborn baby made parents in England rethink their plans for abortion. Katyia Rowe and her partner of four years, Shane Johnson, were planning on following their doctors warnings and choose to abort their baby. But when they saw the 3D ultrasound they decided not to go through with their plans.

Unfortunately, baby Lucian only lived nine hours after being born. According to The Sun, Katyia has no regrets in deciding not to abort Lucian:

“I may only have been Lucian’s mummy for nine hours but it was worth all we went through.”

Their ordeal started after a 20-week scan revealed complications with Lucian’s brain development. Doctors expected the baby would be severely disabled, and they warned the parents that the child would never walk or talk and would be 24 hour care. The Birmingham Children’s Hospital thus a advised them that the best option would be to abort the baby.

The couple was planning on following the doctor’s advice until they saw the results of a 3D ultrasound. A 3D ultrasound is different from a normal sonogram because the sound waves are sent in from multiple angles in order to produce a more realistic rendition of what is inside the womb. A 4D ultrasound adds the component of time, and allows prospective parents to see their unborn baby in action.

This technology is becoming much more common at pregnancy clinics. When these parents had the chance to see the results they were amazed to see Lucian smiling, blowing bubbles, kicking and waving his arms. These results immediately changed Katyia’s mind on the abortion according to Daily Mail:

“Despite all the awful things I was being told, while he was inside me his quality of life looked to be wonderful — he was a joy to watch. I was told he would never walk or talk yet the scans showed him constantly wriggling and moving. As I watched I knew that while I was carrying him he still had a quality of life and it was my duty as a mother to protect that no matter how long he had left. He deserved to live.”

Lucian was born on October 23 at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrops, and rushed into special baby care. The baby was placed in her mother’s arms and even met his grandparents before passing away. Katyia is sad but tells The Sun she still remembers those moments fondly:

“My son was dying but I couldn’t stop smiling because I felt so blessed, honored and privileged to have the chance to cuddle him, thank him and say goodbye properly after all we had been through together. Of course it is hard without him. I miss him every minute.”

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82 Responses to “Unborn Baby Smile From 3D Ultrasound Made Parents Rethink Abortion”

  1. Jeff Brodhead

    Ultrasound technology is a blessing to those who see the life in its image.
    But those who desire to see death in it, will always find a way.

    Katyia and Shane, you child lived nine months and nine hours in your care. Celebrate LIFE!

  2. Vicky Fountain

    This is a beautiful story. You two were incredibly brave and selfless, and felt the deepest sense of love that a parent can feel for their child because of that. God bless and thank you for sharing.

  3. Emily Woods

    I am pro-choice, but a picture of a smiling baby is a better argument for pro-life than the pictures of dead fetuses I have seen protesters carrying around. I certainly commend the couple for their decision, because obviously it was the right one for them to make, but I cannot say that for every would be parent out there.

  4. Wendi Anders Cox

    This was a sweet and sad story. I hate that it ended the way it did, but I love that she got to experience holding her son. I can say that Drs. Aren't always right. They told my parents my sister would never walk, talk and would be a vegetable for the rest of her life. While mentally she is on a much younger level, she talks, walks and does everything else just fine. Without her many people's lives would be without a lot of unconditional love. You can not see her and she not hug you and tell you that she loves you. I am most certainly pro life. While your child may be born handicapped, you may not want that responsibility or the responsibility of raising a child with no disabilities…. There are a lot of people that can't have children and would love the opportunity to love the one someone wants to abort. Adoption would be the way, not abortion.

  5. Anonymous

    This is a disgusting story. Makes me think there are more sadists in the world than should be. What decent, humane person can view this scenario, as anything but heartbreaking? If my dog was damaged beyond remedy, choice to terminate, sooner rather than later, is much more sensible & caring, than watching a drawn out, painful demise. Farmers, Ranchers, even hunters, speak out.

  6. Tina Thomas

    Until you've been a parent who has lost a child, you have no room to talk on the issue. They let nature take its course as intended and it is their right to do so. Unlike you, they view humans as being more than animals.

  7. Sonya Sims

    it's not a disgusting story at all, heartbreaking yes…there would have been nothing any less painful about losing their child by abortion, than by natural causes…..but they did gain nine months and nine hours of loving memories that they will treasure for a lifetime…they are to be commended

  8. Tina Thomas

    They made a decision to allow nature to take its course rather than let man decide one's destiny. It is the right of every human to do so. Those who condemn them for this have no soul. I wish losing a child on no one. I have been there. However, to this day I wonder what my son's twin might have been like…

  9. Samantha Hager

    So much respect for this mother…. instead of killing her baby she gave him a chance! F*Clk the haters… she is a wonderful mother… the strength that took is something. That would have killed me… some people are so cruel to say otherwise

  10. Robyn Anderson

    Your response is disgusting. Until you've been there you have NO idea what you would do or how you would react. Don't you dare judge unless you've been there.

  11. Jaenelle Diaz

    I totally agree. Why birth a child if it will not lead a productive life or be an active or productive part of society? All that child probably felt after birth was pain. Im a mother of three and I would not have done the same. Why attach yourself to a child when you know that child isnt going to survive? All it brings is more heart ache. And the baby probably didnt even smile, more like a grimace because the sound waves produced by the ultrasound can be heard by babies and theyve been seen grimacing when the thingy is over or near their ears…

  12. Jessica Evans

    Psalm 139:13-16

    1 O Jehovah, you have searched through me, and you know me.

    2 You know when I sit down and when I rise up.

    You discern my thoughts from afar.

    3 You observe me when I travel and when I lie down;

    You are familiar with all my ways.

    4 There is not a word on my tongue,

    But look! O Jehovah, you already know it well.

    5 Behind and before me, you surround me;

    And you lay your hand upon me.

    6 Such knowledge is beyond my comprehension.

    It is too high for me to reach.

    7 Where can I escape from your spirit,

    And where can I run away from your face?

    8 If I were to ascend to heaven, you would be there,

    And if I were to make my bed in the Grave, look! you would be there.

    9 If I would fly away with the wings of the dawn

    To reside by the most remote sea,

    10 Even there your hand would lead me

    And your right hand would take hold of me.

    11 If I say: “Surely darkness will conceal me!”

    Then the night around me would become light.

    12 Even the darkness would not be too dark for you,

    But night would be as bright as the day;

    Darkness is the same as light to you.

    13 For you produced my kidneys;

    You kept me screened off in my mother’s womb.

    14 I praise you because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.

    Your works are wonderful,

    I know this very well.

    15 My bones were not hidden from you

    When I was made in secret,

    When I was woven in the depths of the earth.

    16 Your eyes even saw me as an embryo;

    All its parts were written in your book

    Regarding the days when they were formed,

    Before any of them existed.

  13. Sonya Sims

    Jaenelle Diaz …so you are a mother of three…are you telling us that you didn't love your children until the moment they were born, that you didn't grow attached to them until after the delivery…..their heartache was the same whether they aborted or delivered, the child that they loved, that they had had hopes and dreams for was going to die…no matter what they did, it was going to die, they were losing the child they loved and wanted very much, but..they chose to hold it, love it, and treasure it for those nine hours that it lived, they thought those hours of love were better than being the instrument of it's death, and tossing his remains in some bio-hazard dump as though it was a meaningless creature…..they showed compassion and love, as good parents do….the child or children they eventually have will be very lucky to have them for parents

  14. Tina Thomas

    Jaenelle Diaz Did the thought ever occur to you that either decision was gut wrenching for them? Have you absolutely no compassion? This was their child–not an animal. Either way they would have grieved the loss of this child. If you try to tell me that you felt nothing for your kids while you carried them, I'm calling you a liar on it. I have 3 sons. You cannot sit here and tell me that if while you were pregnant, a doctor told you at six months that your baby was going to be born with a terminal health problem that you would have felt no qualms about aborting. You would then know what this couple went through and you would definitely realize that your child was not an animal to be disposed of.

  15. Jaenelle Diaz

    Sonya, I loved my kiddos from the first time I felt the little butterfly fluttering in my belly. If I was told that they would have only a 20 percent chance of living then yes, I would abort the fetus. Better to abort and be able to try again sooner then to have a mental break down thinking I did something wrong and spend 9 months carrying a child I know would have no future. Just think how painful it is to die slowly…also, the parents could possibly have the option to donate the fetus to have any stem cells harvested to be put to use for research for cures for cancers and other diseases.

  16. Tina Thomas

    Jaenelle Diaz You didn't answer the question. What if you were told that when you were SIX months along. Big difference. They may have donated the baby's stem cells too, but that is their decision. If they opted to have a burial and a funeral, that is their right. We don't know that they did or didn't, and that is their business. When aborted late, and alive, they are often tossed into a bucket to die and they do suffer for hours. At least these parents had the means to make sure the baby was comfortable for those 9 hours. I know a woman that lost her daughter at 5 months gestation. She still grieves that child and you would have grieved also. Abortions can also render people sterile and cause infections that late in the pregnancy and I bet this couple knew that. Letting nature take its course is usually best.

  17. Judy Lxn

    Tina Thomas
    she did answer the question. everyone will have their own opinions on this and it doesnt make one "heartless" to want to abort in a situation likie this…

  18. Tina Thomas

    Judy Lxn Didn't say that but it did NOT answer my question. The answer given was a generic response. I really doubt most would abort that late.

  19. Sonya Sims

    Jaenelle Diaz ….well the odds are that the child suffered none at all, physical abnormalities rarely cause pain, but he did leave this earth knowing his mother and father, experiencing their unbounding love and devotion, ……and let me tell you, I was the same thing these parents were told, abort your child, he will be deformed, he will never live, if he survives he will be a human vegetable, let us kill him and save you from being burdened….he was not a burden, he was my child…he was born at 26 weeks gestation..he was 2lbs 1oz…today he is nearly 15, almost 6 foot tall, healthy as a horse, no deformities, no health issues, he's not retarded or slow, he makes good grades, plays sports and games, he has a kind heart and a generous soul, every day I Thank God, that I listened to him, and to my heart, instead of that doctor that wanted me to just kill him so he wouldn't be a burden to me and society…but you revealed yourself…it wouldn't have been your child's pain that concerned you so much as your own pain…obviously these parents were a lot stronger than you are, they put him first, themselves last as parents should always do.

  20. Viola Morris

    I made a decision like yours to have my son, he lived only a few hours. But in that time I was able to hold him and talk to him. Whisper how much I loved him and always will, it was beautiful to hold my precious son and finish forming a bond to last a lifetime in a few hours. I will always cherish those moments as long as I live. His beautiful blue eyes looked up at me and he smiled. He loved me too, I could see it in his lovely eyes. My Jason lived long enough for us to fall in love with each other, Mommy and her Son. ,<3

  21. Jaenelle Diaz

    She wasnt 6 months pregnant, she was 20 weeks which is 5 months gestation. I know what it means to lose a baby, I lost my first pregnancy when I was 20 and I was only about 10 weeks pregnant. If there was something malformed with that child im glad my body released it before it developed even more. Also, unless you actively work in an abortion clinic, how do you know what happens to the fetus? Reports that faux news reports? I personally know someone that did something similar to this. She honestly thought that the love of her child would heal 4 major organ complications. She knew the baby had about a 20% chance of just living and she continued the pregnancy. Now a 19 year old girl laid to rest her baby after just 3 weeks of being alive and that baby suffered horribly. Of all the videos that I saw all the poor little baby did was cry a cry that brought me to tears because her cry was so pained filled and torturous sounding. So no, I dont think its right to birth a child that has no chance of living because to me, knowingly birthing a child that is guaranteed to die is only a half step from murder.

  22. Sonya Sims

    Jaenelle Diaz …well you may be right…birthing a child knowing it will die may be a half step from murder…but the alternative..abortion…well that is knowingly, and willfully taking a life…and it's not a half step from murder, it is murder.

  23. Judy Lxn

    Jaenelle Diaz there will be no getting thru to those who feel they have the "moral high ground", even though they, themselves, have not been in that position….there is strength in making a hard choice no matter WHAT the choice is. And if they were, as they say, TRULY compassionate. they would show compassion for those who had to make decision, no matter what it would be…"there, but for the grace of God…"
    they choose a "hen party" attacking ANYone who would not make the decision they would…says more about them, then they realize…

  24. Cynthia Duprey

    idc if i was the mother i would not abort my baby i would never abort my child if i was ever to become pregnant and thats a promise to god i see abortion as murder cause thats what it really is i really believe the commandment thought shall not kill and i take it to heart the whole idea of how abortion is done just makes me feel sick you choose to have sex you create life then its your responsibility to make sure that life is taken care of and if the woman cant no take care of her baby i say give the child up for adoption there are plenty of woman wanting a baby who cant have one

  25. Cassie Pata Maguire

    So happy for them that they got to meet their baby. Nothing against Doctors, but they are only human, and not always right. If for some reason they were wrong with their predictions and the baby was normal, GREAT!!! And if they would have chosen abortion, they would be wondering the rest of their lives if they did the right thing.

  26. Judy Lxn

    Cynthia Duprey
    give the child up for adoption there are plenty of woman wanting a baby who cant have one
    thchild in this story was "born to die"….you cannot really make the comparison.

  27. Cynthia Duprey

    Judy Lxn i was also referring to the healthy babys that are aborted just got a little off subject with my rant but i feel that its best to let god decide what to do when the baby is not going to make it

  28. Sonya Sims

    Judy Lxn ….but you didn't read…I was in that position…..and we are showing compassion for this couple, who made the decision to carry the child, and to love it for whatever time it had ……our lack of compassion is for those who condemned them for making that choice…..and if showing compassion for this brave couple is taking the "moral high ground"…well I'll take it every day….and your responses say a lot more about you then you realize………..

  29. Jaenelle Diaz

    Judy lxn, you took the words right out of my mind. No matter what its a difficult decision. I honestly think these bashing wenches are just like sarah palin… they want everyone to live just like them no matter what. Im a Pagan with atheistic views. I honestly believe that its your life, do what ye will with it. If you want to live a life of crime, then so be it. But thats that person if they choose. I believe my role in life is to guide other to positive thinking and to help others. Not supress like these women and the majority of religions, like a few current ones…

  30. Judy Lxn

    Sonya Sims the only "compassion" you have is for those who would "choose" to possibly put a baby thru a hellish life. Some are not that "strong", they may not want to take the chance. I have compassion for anyone in that position. and I would show the same compassion to those who would choose to abort. That is the difference between us.

  31. Sonya Sims

    Judy Lxn …yes we sooooooooooo do get it, and that's what's sad……and Jaenelle…you came on here condemning this couple for the choice that they made……if it's your role in life to guide others to positive thinking and to help others…how about doing that, instead of condemning them for doing what was right for them, and not doing what you would have done….this wasn't at all about religion, it was about these parents loving their child, if only for a short time……

  32. Judy Lxn

    Sonya Sims no, YOU didnt "read". I did NO condemning, of anyone. period.
    you are, however. Chock full of it. (condemnation)

  33. Judy Lxn

    Cynthia Duprey
    and that is, indeed, YOUR choice. it isnt everyones.
    i do not know what i would have done in that situation. at all. I am extremely thankful that i do not have to worry about making it. i would have supported their choice in what ever they chose to do.

  34. Sonya Sims

    Judy Lxn …you didn't read…I didn't say you….I said Jaenelle .{.and Jaenelle…you came on here condemning this couple for the choice that they made…}….so I'm thinking you must be the one chock full of it……….

  35. Sonya Sims

    oh and Judy Lxn ….I agree with you, there are plenty that are not that 'strong'…and I respect their right to make their own decision, but don't condemn this couple because they were that strong, as Jaenelle is doing…if a couple chooses to abort that's their decision, and their right to make, just as when it was my decision, it was my right to make…and when it's your decision to make it will be your right…though I hope you never have to make that decision…no parent should ever have too.

  36. Patty ChocolateMilk

    for you. the point of pro choice is not telling someone else that your regret will also be theirs.

  37. Nicole Ventrice-Fastiggi

    You are thinking about yourself and they were thinking about the beating heart inside the unborn child who was happy inside the womb. Whether you find it ridiculous or your words "disgusting" is not a factor. It is disgusting to tear apart a child that feels at 20 weeks into pregnancy to abort. That is wrong. If they were to induce the baby would be in turmoil and the mother would be in hell. The baby would be born alive and again only to die, this time so tiny and so underdeveloped there would be no lasting memory to hold onto but the sadness and pain and the distorted child they were forced to abort. This was a beautiful story from people who were STRONG enough, unlike you, to do the right thing!

  38. Josh Myers

    Their decision seems selfish, imo, the whole point of our health care system is so nature -doesn't- take it course as it usually kills us. Nature is quite cruel,

  39. Tina Thomas

    Josh Myers Well it wasn't in our health care system that this occurred. Read the article. It doesn't matter what your opinion is either. A lot of women end up being rendered sterile after infections from botched procedures. By having the baby naturally, she probably saved herself and the crown a bit more. I'm sure if the doctor thought that her giving birth naturally and handling her grief as see saw fit was dangerous for her, they might have went ahead and not let nature take its course. However this was not the case. Nature does not usually kill us. If it did, 90% of the population would have been wiped out a long time ago. Your argument is rather feeble in that respect.

  40. Tina Thomas

    Jaenelle Diaz Sweetie, and to those of you on here touting the "Pro Choice" mantra you are all hypocrites because you condemn this couple for the choice they made. Pro Choice means that–PRO CHOICE–their decision counts. First off, I don't watch Fox News, CNN or any other media because this country only gets about 15% news and the rest bloody opinion or entertainment. To call me names for not condemning their decision makes you the worst hypocrites of all. As for how we know what goes on in the clinics, nurses taught us if we wanted to know back in those days. Many of them quit working in the clinics over it. As for my stance on the matter, I am part Comanche, so what my people went through has more to do with the fact that I feel it is not fair to condemn this couple for what they CHOSE to do. If you're really pro-choice, then you should respect their decision and stop condemning them for it. It's not like you're having to pay the price for it.

  41. Judy Lxn

    Tina Thomas
    nobody condemned them. the ONLY "condemning" being done is by you folks. All they said was WHY they would not choose to carry the baby to term. This is just the type of story to inflame people and you all are taking the bait. you cannot even read correctly for your emotional overreacting. And whether or not you are "part comanche" has NOTHING to do with it.
    I would not condemn one for not bringing a child into the world that may suffer.
    Take a back seat to your emotions.
    Think of the possible consequences. This may have turned out to be a horrific situation for the child.
    They were lucky in that it wasn't as bad as it could be.

  42. Tina Thomas

    Judy Lxn Being that my people experienced attempted genocide in the '70's being part Comanche has everything to do with it as far as I'm concerned. None of us condemned them but those of you in the camp you defend calling them "selfish" and such DID condemn them. I will do as I please. I think this was horrific for the family and the ones condemning the parents use the "child" for an excuse to further their own cause. They didn't just say "why they wouldn't carry the baby". Read some of the others posts. THEN get back to me.

  43. Judy Lxn

    Tina Thomas
    you have NO reading comprehension whatsoever.
    take your own advice.
    You read my posts and show where i called them anything

  44. Tina Thomas

    Judy Lxn I wasn't referring to YOU. Read the other posts. THEN get back to me. At least I can make a proper inference and write a proper sentence if you really want to go there with me, Sweetie. As a group, the pro choice camp is condemning this couple. If you could read the other posts you would have noticed it.

  45. Judy Lxn

    Tina Thomas
    they merely gave reasons as to "why" they wouldnt do such a thing.
    and if you think being a grammer nazi makes you emotionally intelligent, have at it.

  46. Tina Thomas

    Judy Lxn You did not read all the posts. Most of us did. As for the "grammar nazi" crap, you began with that yourself with your "reading comprehension" line. One more time…Go back through every response to this story ONE BY ONE. Some said the decision was selfish in PLAIN ENGLISH. It wasn't the child they were thinking of. They were projecting their OWN reality onto someone else's situation. Other than that, I have proven my point. To be pro choice is an oxymoron because the pro-choice camp only recognizes ONE choice and these parents opted to NOT take that route. That is their decision. I respect it.

  47. Debbie Arnold

    so now they can tell the kid we were gonna kill you but wanted to get a picture of you first and cause you smiled we decided to keep you….. What a shame….

  48. Patty ChocolateMilk

    Wendy Nelson-Noll ty! wish everyone could agree on that single point. too many think it's their job to boss us around.

  49. Kelly Tomblin-Cottier

    It shouldn't be an option for some parents to decide to kill their child. Quite frequently doctors misdiagnose ailments while the baby is still in the womb, as well.

  50. Kelly Tomblin-Cottier

    Seriously?? First of all, doctors frequently misdiagnose a baby's medical condition while he/she is still in the womb. Secondly, should we use your logic for all human beings that are "damaged beyond remedy?" How about quadriplegics? Or stage 4 cancer patients? That is quite a slippery slope, that is of course unless you try to deny that an unborn baby is indeed a human baby worthy of life – and *THAT* is both disgusting and heartbreaking.

  51. Kelly Tomblin-Cottier

    It's heartbreaking that some people don't believe an unborn baby is worthy of life. The stage of life should not determine their value. Wendy, I pray you find peace. Maybe your story will save another mother's baby <3

  52. Patty ChocolateMilk

    Kelly Tomblin-Cottier your passive-agressive comment does not take away from the fact that many women are left feeling desperate when the men who got them pregnant abandon them, when their family abandons them, when society abandons them, leaving them to make what they see as their only CHOICE. my point is not devaluing the life of an unborn child. my point is that the only time it's your business is when it's your unborn child & your CHOICE. i would never presume to tell you what that should be.

  53. Jeff Schlagel

    I think people should have to see images of their baby before they are able to pose their will on someone else's body.

  54. Jeff Schlagel

    Pro-choice? Funny you probably like saying its your body and you should be able to do with it what you want with it. But why should you be able to impose your will on someone else's body? Kind of hypocritical.

  55. Emily Woods

    I understand why somebody would be pro-life, I myself could never bring myself to terminate a pregnancy, but that is perhaps because I cannot imagine myself in a situation so dire that the thought would cross my mind. But, I believe that above all women should have more rights than an unborn child. If you don't believe in abortions, don't have one. Also, take some advice from the Bible and refrain from judging people and the decisions they make.

  56. Jeff Schlagel

    Emily Woods Didn't judge anyone. Its typical though that people change the subject. My point was the whole its my right and my body. Which in general I agree with. But when your "rights" are imposing a death sentence on someone else's body different story. And also no one brought up the bible your off topic because no one said anything about that. Its funny women's rights I guess only apply to certain people when its convenient.

  57. Emily Woods

    Not sure what you mean by women's rights only applying to certain people when it's convenient. Do you mean that women are only concerned with their rights when it comes to abortions? I'm sorry, but comparing an abortion to murder sounds pretty judgmental to me, and as for the Bible I thought it was relevant due to the judgmental nature of your comment and I thought I could speak the same language as the people who are pro-life.

  58. Ohana Hartman

    In America the choice to see the pregnancy through is too much of a financial detriment. Nine hours of life would equal a lifetime of poverty.

  59. Ohana Hartman

    Also and most ironically, many In the USA who are pro-life are often against universal healthcare, or the widespread use of birth control/unwanted pregnancy prevention despite abundant proof that abstinence isn't an inherent practice of their youth.

  60. Tina Thomas

    Kelly Tomblin-Cottier I am convinced that there are some people (NOT THE ONES I ADDRESSED HERE) in this country that would be happy to just put a bullet through a baby's head at birth OR an adult they deemed unworthy of existence. I wouldn't be a bit surprised given the way some of the people dismiss those who have miscarried or lost a child by referring to their kids as "products of conception" or whatever. It dehumanizes their loss and is rather degrading and the medical community needs to knock it off. I know plenty of people, myself included, who have miscarried and it makes me no less a mother than the person who carries their child to term, only to give birth to a stillborn child. People in the pro-choice camp make that loss seem trivial when they refer to my child as a zygote, embryo, fetus, etc…I was very fortunate to not have lost my son's twin but anyone who refers to my dead child as some medical term is going to get an ear full from me and quite a few others who have experienced this. People are going to do what they are going to do, but if they are going to "claim to be Pro Choice" they need to respect all women's decisions–not just their own.

  61. Taylor Anderson

    Hey Jeff Schlagel, stop trolling. If you go back and actually read her post she's talking about how pictures of a smiling baby are a more compelling argument than pictures of an aborted one. Also, if you're going to try and make an argument make it better than a cheesy one-liner that's going to make people hate you.

    Btw Jeff, re-read the all the posts in this thread. Are you sure you're not the one who's a hypocrite changing the topic?

  62. Alan Schwartz

    Patty ChocolateMilk wah wah wah,! God forbid anyone abandon you because you are pregnant! The only reason for abortion is because the baby is so mentally and physically deformed that it will have no "life". Your choice is to keep your effing legs closed unless you are ready to deal with the consequences! Stop being a leach that sucks off of hard working people and starts making grown up decisions. God I hate people like you!

  63. Patty ChocolateMilk

    Alan Schwartz um. ok. b/c i love when men weigh in on a topic about which they will never know a scintilla. my choice is to make sure my legs would never open for the likes of your unworthiness. i have worked my entire adult life, volunteer to the nth degree. oh…& it's leech, you rube. get an education. or don't. i don't really care.

  64. Meghan Bowes

    BOTH pictures are important. The pictures of the dead babies are needed so people see what "choice" looks like.. how can anyone be pro "choice" when they see that the choice they're discussing is the choice to kill a baby? SAD. SO SAD.

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