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New ‘Skyrim’ DLC Might Be Called ‘Redguard’

Skyrim DLC

A trademark filing by the folks at Zenimax suggests that the next piece of DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could be called Redguard.

Although nothing has been confirmed about the downloadable content as of this writing, rumors suggest the next expansion pack could have something to do with the Redguards. This means players might be venturing into another region bordering Skyrim called Hammerfell.

According to Cinema Blend, Bethesda VP Pete Hines addressed the rumor on Twitter when he was asked by a fan if Redguard would be the next adventure awaiting those who have spent countless hours roaming Skyrim’s enormous landscape.

“Sorry, I don’t comment on every rumor that comes up,” Hines tweeted in response.

Bethesda has already confirmed that more DLC is coming for its hit RPG. However, it remains to be seen if Redguard will be the next journey gamers will make.

According to Game Rant, Zenimax first trademarked Redguard back in March of 2011. The last time the company renewed the trademark was in August of 2012. Since Zenimax has not filed a Statement of Use for the title, the company will have to renew it once again next month.

Bethesda has released three downloadable content packages for use within the world of Skyrim thus far. In addition to last month’s Dragonborn, the company has unleashed Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

Although Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying Dragonborn since early December, fans of the series who own the game on Playstation 3 and PC are currently missing out.

According to Insider Media Group, the company previously stated the Dragonborn DLC would be available on the aforementioned systems at some point in January. However, an exact date has yet to be locked down.

At present, there’s currently no official word when or if Redguard will be available for purchase.
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19 Responses to “New ‘Skyrim’ DLC Might Be Called ‘Redguard’”

  1. Gage Cantrell

    I don't believe so because they did make an Elder Scrolls game in 98 I think called Redguard.

  2. Donavon Partsch

    I think that its an unlikely expansion. Hammerfell is too big and could easily be its own game. Where as high rock is a much smaller province, it could be a much more likely candidate for something that size.

  3. Ric Auditore

    doubtful, just because the trademark is expiring soon doesn't mean its going to be a dlc actually…with that small piece of info, i HOW DO YOU COME TO THAT CONCLUSION? they've already made a game in Hammerfell but if it does happen, it'll only be the area bordering skyrim and would mostly likely revolve around the city of Dragonstar which is partly owned by skyrim.

  4. Jeremy Unzueta

    either way the theme can be about the Alik'r desert :p or even better ,Sentinel

  5. Jeremy Unzueta

    dude they already made Solsthiem dlc for morrowind and in The Elders Scrolls :Arena you can go all over Tamriel

  6. Jeremy Unzueta

    I want the elder scrolls online to come out D:< and also to really know what happened to the Dwemer.

  7. Chris Morton

    The entire Dwemer race disappeared at the Battle of Red Mountain. They prematurely activated Numidium, a giant robot or golem, also known as The Brass Tower. This machine was their attempt at creating a god, however, it is thought that all mer (elves) are the mortal remnants of a shattered god, when this machine was activated its heart (Lorkhan's heart which was found inside Red Mountain, or possibly a copy of it. Lorkhan was another god who caused the mortality of elves, I believe), instead of powering the golem consumed the entire Dwemer race, reverting them to their pre-mortal form, presumably godhood.

    So the Dwemer are a god. Apart from Yagrum Bagarn. He was in a plane of Oblivion while this happened, and since returning to Nirn he contracted the corprus disease which disfigured him but greatly extended his lifespan.

  8. Alexander Sandusky

    actually i would like to correct some things. the mer (elves are not remnants of a shattered god they are the remnants of all the lesser aedra who contributed to the creation of nirn and simply did not have the power to be aedra anymore because they gave to much of themselves to the creation. and the theories witht the dwarves are numerous. some say that they became gods whereas some say that they were simply destroyed because they were dealing with the powers of a shattered god (lorkhan). lorkhan did not cause the mortality of elves but he did create man to rival the elves. the aldmeri culture sees him as a trickster and paints him as a demon of sorts whereas human culture, though it may refer to him by many different names, usually hails him as a good and honourable diety who was killed by the other gods for wrongfully for disobeying them and setting forward with his plans for nirn and mundus despite the others counsel.

  9. Jeremy Unzueta

    so in all honesty no one really can say for sure they can only dish out ideas.

  10. Kyle Merriman

    Well the DLC or whatever can't be too far off. Bethesda already stated they wont be making any new Elder Scrolls games for these console generations. Only next-gen and obviously Elder Scrolls online. And if they are making another DLC, it shouldn't be too far off. Normally each rumored name spawned a trailer release by Bethesda shortly after.

  11. Andrew Elias Shamoo

    It's nice to see some people still exist out there who know just as much as I do about the lore of the Elder Scrolls. But I believe the dwemer are all dead. I believe this because of Arniel Gane from the College of Winterhold, and because of the undead dwemer ghosts who reside in the ruins under Mournhold back in Morrowind. Those could be spirits of those who passed before the disappearance though, and Arniel probably did everything wrong, but I think it much more likely the dwarves are all dead rather than transformed gods.

  12. Thomas Marchlevski

    @cage not to bring up and older thread but the newest dragonborn dlc takes us back to morrowind

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