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Newtown Dark Knight Rises ‘Conspiracy’ Closes Virginia Schools [Video]

Dark Knight Rises map

Narrows, VA – The same weird, off-the-wall conspiracy theory that purports to connect the Newtown school shootings with The Dark Knight Rises movie caused schools to close today in Giles County, Virginia.

A map seen in the third Batman film that identifies a targeted area as Sandy Hook also apparently identifies “Narrows” as another so-called strike zone according to a conspiracy oriented website which is no longer online. In a posting, the website wondered whether the Virginia schools in that area could be in danger.

When word got out, all five schools in Giles County, Virginia, closed today as a result but are scheduled to reopen tomorrow according to WDBJ, although some parents and students are apprehensive.

Local police stressed that “that there has been no direct threat made to any school” but will be beefing up patrols around the schools. “We have to take this as serious information,” said Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons.

The Superintendent of Schools sent out the following letter to parents about the perceived threat, which stated in part:

“On the evening of Dec. 27th, 2012, the Giles County Sheriff’s Department, the Town of Narrows police department, and the Giles County Schools, were notified by the Va. State police regarding information on a website. This website discussed the shootings that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Included in this discussion on the website was how ‘Sandy Hook’ was referenced in the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rising. This reference was in a map that appeared in a scene in this movie. Another zone on this map appearing in the movie was ‘Narrows.’ The author, who posted this article, did an online Google search based ‘on a hunch’ for ‘Narrows Schools.’ From this search, information for Narrows Elementary/Middle School and Narrows High School appeared.

“Based on this information, we have been in communication with our local law
enforcement officials (i.e. — the Sheriff’s Department and Town of Narrows police) to
discuss this issue further. Additional precautions have been taken for the immediate
future and additional safeguards will be installed at each of our facilities in the near

Note that the name of the Batman movie is slightly misidentified in the letter.

Watch a news report from WDBJ on the school closings in Giles County, Virginia:

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15 Responses to “Newtown Dark Knight Rises ‘Conspiracy’ Closes Virginia Schools [Video]”

  1. Mitch DeLand

    The Narrows is a place in Batman Begins, where Arkham Asylum is. It being on the map in the third movie is a nod to the first, not a shooting conspiracy.

  2. Collin Swift

    There is more to the conspiracy that was not mentioned in this article. Also in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" there is a bright red sign on top of the building that says "Aurora". The place where the Batman shooting occurred in Colorado. The theory is that these names could be triggers for someone who may have been hypnotized through flicker fusion or some other technique. The Colorado shooter was in the movie then walked out and grabbed his guns etc. The authorities are just taking precautions in VA.

  3. Dan Fernandez

    Collin the Colorado shooter cased the building weeks prior and had planned this for months. None of this was hypnosis at the spur of the moment. I am all for a good conspiracy theory, but this is taking it too far and just disrespectful for the lives lost.

  4. Collin Swift

    I'm not suggesting its real. I'm just giving more info on the "conspiracy" that this article was referring to. There is actually a lot more connected with it. For instance, did you know that both James Holmes father and Adam Lanza's father were set to testify against the Trillion Dollar Libor scandal? Also, within hours of CNBC posting an article on their website referencing the Libor scandal their senior VP's children were murdered by their nanny who then slit her own throat. The article was removed immediately after. Again, I don't believe in this and it is not my intention to disrespect any of the families affected in these tragedies. I am only giving more info on the above mentioned conspiracy.

  5. Chris Mccrellis-Mitchell

    If anything, they've now given someone the green light to go make this conspiracy real just to blame it on Christopher Nolan's "Illuminati mind-control power masterplan" or some other b.s. like that. And if someone does go off there, then it'll be another round of Hollywood, people in power backlash that just fuels the gun nuts and the anti gun nuts. I hate crap "news" like this. They are just asking for copy cats.

  6. Illissa White

    What IF, Holmes was hypnotized a year before his rampage & told to plan for it, & that he would know when it was "TIME" because he would begin seeing CLUES & then given a post-hypnotic list of things to look for that tell him which phase he was to complete next, with the name "Aurora" in red lights in the movie saying NOW!, so he went outside, got his guns, came back in & did it? So WHO would be behind it? The gun manufacturers wanting to make millions if not billions selling assault rifles & mega clips because of the FEAR generated by this or the government using this as a reason to ban assault rifles? I say FOLLOW THE MONEY! Military weapons makers would of course stand the MOST TO GAIN!! And all their Right Wing-nut TEABAGGER/Nazi-talipublicans will thus be armed to the TEETH for the CIVIL WAR the GOP LUNATIC FRINGE keeps insisting is coming! If it comes, it'll be because THEY & THE NRA & NORQUIST CREATED it!

  7. Tim Arthur

    Insanely as it sounds, there really is a lot more to this map. It's completely pieced together by real places. I came across the exact same conclusion about virginia schools on my own, not because I thought strike zone 2 would represent a school, but because I typed narrows into google and virginia is the first thing you get. If you run a line through the actual placement of manhattatan (gotham) to sandy hook, it also actually runs near Virginia Tech. One of the victims of this shooting was from Narrows and they're holding a memorial event in less than 2 months on drillfield, which is legendarily known to have been sinking. The faculty suppresses this rumor but even tour guides at the school acknowledge it sinks about an inch per year. Furthermore the field is said to be sinking because are tunnels run underneath it to divert a river. If you look up the city plans, the water is run underneath a bunch of areas of virginia tech, but it literally zig-zags underneath drill field. Just for the record strike zone 2 in batman was also gotham stadium being blown up and sinking into the ground, which runs along the same strike zone 1-2 line in the larger map. Would you believe it if I said that same line that really connects all of these also connects to the superdome, where the lights went out for nearly a half hour at the superbowl when they had a brand new power system that was used for only 6 large events and had dozens of backup generators ready to power up in fractions of a second. All of these locations are spread by about the same proportionate distance but inverted vertically on the separate maps.

    Remember how I said the map was pieced out of real places? It really is, every bit of it is made from real areas within this range and spliced together by highways and rivers. If you notice the strike zone map is the most split up and the main roads run straight into the water. NARROWS on the map is actually pushed between what would be Manhattan and the Brooklyn/Queens Area, they are all even displayed on the gotham city map. Look at the larger version of the gotham city map without the strike zones, flip it on its side so midtown and downtown line up, then zoom in on the Narrows. Pull up a google map and search "Manhattan Psychiatric Center" and zoom in to see an Island with a shape very distinctly similar to Narrows. No, the island above the manhattan psychiatric institute is not pictured here, but that's because the map is spliced. If you don't believe this, it goes further. The Manhattan Psychiatric Institute was once the largest mental institute in the world, much like the Arkham Asylum, also located on Narrows.

    Pay close attention. There are three highways that go through Randalls Island (home of the Manhattan Psychiatric Institure). These are 278, 87, and FDR/Harlem River Drive. In the Gotham City map, you see the same lines as the strike zone map. One of the reddish dashed lines make the exact shape of highway 278 where it branches off to 46 and connects to FDR Drive. FDR/Harlem River Drive and Highways 278/87 Make the EXACT same trends as the "Boat Tour" lines featured around the narrows Island on both Gotham City maps. These highways only follow the exact lines as from narrows and to the right (or above when comparing the map to Manhattan).

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, somebody's conspiring.

  8. Tim Arthur

    It's crazy people like you that make me feel more sane in today's world. The NRA staging such an event to promote guns? There are clearly serious attempts at gun bans, and as much as no true American will stand for it, it's beginning to happen. Republicans are starting to cave under the pressure of this mass produced hysteria. The NRA would not be dumb enough to do something that would result in a weapons ban in order to boost sales for a few months. You give a bad name to all of the liberals that are at least thinking with their heads and have their hearts in their decisions. Quit your ridiculous, rash, insults and act your age. Reading a book may help.

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