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Robert Jonathan is a writer/editor/blogger across a wide range of content platforms. He has held senior editorial positions with several online and print publishers and received an editorial excellence in journalism award from the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Foundation. Robert Jonathan earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Connecticut School of Law, "a law school the basketball teams can be proud of." Robert can be contacted at: []

San Diego Chargers Broadcaster Suspended For Anti-Semitic Remark


San Diego Chargers radio analyst Hank Bauer was suspended for one game for an anti-Semitic “joke.” At the end of the broadcast of the pre-season game between the Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers, Bauer made an idiotic comment that stereotyped Jews for being cheap. The Chargers subsequently pulled him off the next game’s broadcast…. Read more »

Climate Change Rules To Be Implemented By Obama Without Congress?


Will climate change rules leave Congress behind? New climate change regulations may be on the horizon, as it were, as Team Obama reportedly will bypass lawmakers in the U.S. Congress and take unilateral action on its own. Along with his inner circle, President Obama has also been floating the idea of using executive orders to… Read more »

Robert Redford Files Lawsuit Over $1.6 Million Tax Bill

Robert Redford owes $1.6 million in back taxes

Is Robert Redford paying his fair share? New York State apparently doesn’t think so. Authorities there slapped him with a $1.6 million bill (which includes about $700,000 in interest) for unpaid taxes in connection with the 2005 sale of part of his ownership stake in the Sundance Channel to Cablevision’s Rainbow Media, which he owned… Read more »

Is The Food Network Star Winner Lenny McNab In Hot Water?


Food Network Star Winner Lenny McNab, the so-called gourmet cowboy and chuckwagon cook, allegedly has left a trail, as it were, of offensive comments on social media. Based on an online vote, McNab emerged as the winner Sunday night in the 10th season of the Food Network’s reality show over his last remaining rivals Luca… Read more »

WWE News: Steve Austin A Bigger Star Than Hulk Hogan?

Steve Austin says he had a better career than Hulk Hogan

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan — who is the more legendary professional wrestler? If that question is posed to Steve Austin, he’ll answer with Steve Austin. When asked on a Dallas-area radio station (105.3 The Fan) who was the bigger wrestling legend of the two, Austin offered this opinion: “If you’re talking to… Read more »

Tom Marino: Nancy Pelosi Acts Like She’s Royalty [Video]

Tom Marino not intimidated by Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congressman Tom Marino is not backing down after his confrontation with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, during which she allegedly twice accused him of being an “insignificant person.” Insisting on zero tolerance, Marino claimed that Pelosi not only dissed him, but by extension dissed the vast majority of middle-class Americans. As The Inquisitr previously… Read more »

Bill Maher On Gaza Conflict: ‘People Die In Wars’ [Video]

Bill Maher defends Israel's invasion of Gaza

Unlike many of his fellow liberals, including many celebrities and journalists, Bill Maher continues to support Israel in its war against Hamas in Gaza. On his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, Maher offered these comments about the ongoing Middle East hostilities that have tragically taken the lives of many civilians: “It’s… Read more »