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Robert Jonathan is a writer/editor/blogger across a wide range of content platforms. He has held senior editorial positions with several online and print publishers and received an editorial excellence in journalism award from the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Foundation. Robert Jonathan earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Connecticut School of Law, "a law school the basketball teams can be proud of." Robert can be contacted at: []

Liam Neeson Speaks Out On Guns: His Opinion May Surprise You

liam neeson

Actor Liam Neeson is no fan of the Second Amendment despite the content of many of his films. In the past decade or so, Neeson has arguably rebooted his career by starring in movies, such as the Taken franchise, that prominently feature lots of gunplay and hand-to-hand combat. Despite his action hero screen persona (and… Read more »

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Not Racist

kareem defends levenson

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar insists that Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson isn’t a racist. As detailed in a previous story in The Inquisitr, Levenson has announced that he will be selling off his stake in the NBA franchise following the self-reported revelation of a racist email he sent regarding Hawks fans in 2012. Levenson… Read more »

‘ISIS Terrorist’ Crosses Border From Canada To America By Boat [Video]

Man dressed as ISIS terrorist enters U.S. from Canada by boat

A man dressed as an ISIS terrorist entered the U.S. from Canada across Lake Erie without getting caught. This border crossing stunt is portrayed in the latest video from muckraking journalist James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas group to demonstrate border insecurity in this instance in Cleveland, Ohio’s, backyard. See embed below. According to the… Read more »

WWE News: Michael Sam Invited To Monday Night Raw


Michael Sam to appear on WWE Monday Night Raw? On last night’s broadcast, Jerry “the King” Lawler said, “If he chooses to accept our invitation, we’re going to give Michael Sam an open microphone to tell his side of the story.” Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, was cut by the St. Louis Rams… Read more »

San Diego Chargers Broadcaster Suspended For Anti-Semitic Remark


San Diego Chargers radio analyst Hank Bauer was suspended for one game for an anti-Semitic “joke.” At the end of the broadcast of the pre-season game between the Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers, Bauer made an idiotic comment that stereotyped Jews for being cheap. The Chargers subsequently pulled him off the next game’s broadcast…. Read more »

Climate Change Rules To Be Implemented By Obama Without Congress?


Will climate change rules leave Congress behind? New climate change regulations may be on the horizon, as it were, as Team Obama reportedly will bypass lawmakers in the U.S. Congress and take unilateral action on its own. Along with his inner circle, President Obama has also been floating the idea of using executive orders to… Read more »