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Sean Hannity’s Ratings Plummet, But It Gets Worse: Rachel Maddow Surges

sean hannity ratings plummet

Sean Hannity’s ratings have plummeted, as we pointed out earlier, nosediving after the election as viewers tuned out of Fox News en masse — but the news is even worse for the conservative news network than initially reported.

In our earlier post, we referenced a report in the New York Daily News indicating that one prevailing theory suggests that Hannity’s complete failure to consider an Obama win caused the pundit to permanently lose credibility in the eyes of viewers:

“The going wisdom is that viewers who basked in his preelection anti-Obama rhetoric tuned him out when they were stunned to wake up on Nov. 7 and discover that the President had won a second term — a scenario that Hannity had all but promised could never happen.”

In that respect, news of Sean Hannity’s ratings plummet is nearly heartening — perhaps a sign that news viewers do indeed want an accurate picture and not partisan stroking, which became an issue for Fox after Mitt Romney’s stunning loss in November.

But where Hannity’s ratings plummeted, another media personality saw a boost in viewers post-election — MSNBC’s nega-Hannity, Rachel Maddow.

Where Hannity is divisive and black and white, Maddow is reasoned and respectful. Maddow tends to advocate open discussion, whereas Hannity preaches “with us or against us.” And whatever Rachel is doing seems to work — as the liberal anchor is making gains where her dated foil is bleeding viewership.

The Atlantic says:

“MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz — who both, of course, did not predict a Romney victory — have retained most of their viewership in the weeks following election night, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper has lost almost none.”

msnbc reporters

“With ratings holding strong after Obama’s reelection and Maddow appearing on The Colbert Report, it appears like MSNBC is making good on president Phil Griffin’s plan to bolster the channel’s brand awareness.”

It’s very early to tell whether Sean Hannity’s ratings will continue to plummet, but it seems MSNBC has truly cemented itself as a more balanced alternative, and Maddow’s public perception is on a definite upswing.

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50 Responses to “Sean Hannity’s Ratings Plummet, But It Gets Worse: Rachel Maddow Surges”

  1. Tony Harris

    So if viewers don't need partisan stroking, why are Maddow's ratings going up? Also, her passive-aggressive approach doesn't hide the fact she's a hard leftist. I guess all that's changed is who needs the stroking.

  2. Mark Rist

    This is for my righty friends who disagreed whan I said Fox and the Tea party were destroying the legitimate party of no. Love you guys lol.

  3. Marion Puff-lilsis Logan

    The difference is Rachel loves to debate. She allows her guests to speak but won't allow them to lie. She gives the story as she understands it and then asks her guests if she got it right. If they say no, she asks them to clarify. She doesn't talk over people, she yields to the guest even when they are comp,etely wrong. She agrees to disagree with her guests not belittle them. Again she likes a healthy debate, not brainwashing you to think like she does. She presents facts and will even correct herself on a later show if she got something wrong. Has any Fox host ever done that?

  4. Gary Siebert

    Being black and white can hurt you, as shown by Hannity's ratings, but being more liberal or reasonable, and add to the fact that she is gay, can evidently raise your ratings. Which do I prefer, neither one! Why? I am a christian and when I got baptized, I voted for God's government, not Man's. So I would not watch either of them, primarily because I don't care who wins, either party or the persons involved will continue to screw things up until this world is brought to its unrighteous end!

  5. James Edward Davis

    That's because he is a hack…..people are starting to wake up to the fact that this guy is totally irrelevant……plain and simple. The only reason that racist pig Limbaugh is still around, is that he is on the radio and not tv…..his listeners are not smart enough to know how to change the station.

  6. Brian Watts

    The conservatives who watched him before will come back. No such thing as a conservative turning liberal.
    MSNBC are not news people just propagandist.

  7. Jennifer Marcus

    Maddow? she is a disgrace! the reason for Sean Hannitys ratings drop is conservatives are so disgusted with Obama they can't watch this Mess any longer!

  8. Anonymous

    The Hannity show is a joke. He will say any lie that suits his agenda and make like it is fact. He can not be truthful if his life depended on it, because it would destroy his status as a "true American". I think that RMS is much closer to the truth and even if she is far left she tries to present an honest appraisal of the topic. You righties are so self absorbe that you can not and will not look at any other side of an issue because it may destroy your pointed world.

  9. Allan Bartlett

    How's that Romney presidency working out for you? Teabagging is no way to go through life, moron.

  10. Jennifer Marcus

    Sorry but it is true .. People like you just don't see the truth. I m a big fan of Hannity, and even I have turned off the TV in disguste

  11. Jeff Minks

    Allan Bartlett just what anyone could expect from little minds. Calling people names cause they disagree with your choice. And, how's that Obama presidency working out for you? Oh, I see you recieved your food stamps today, and un employment check.

  12. Russ Gibson

    I have never been able to figure out why anyone listens to Sean Vannity.. I mean Hannity.. no I think I'll stay with Vannity in the first place. His radio show is nauseating unless you like listening to a bunch of bored and ignored house wives slobber all over themselves while telling him what a great american he is.
    Don't really care for Rachael Maddow either her commentary is hardly non partisan or an open point of view. If you take away the lesbian badge she so proudly wears there is really nothing of substance she has to offer beyond that. Anyone who can't recognize that she has an agenda and is pushing it is BLIND, DEAF and DUMB.
    Anderson Cooper is probably as good as it gets out of these 3. He is fairly calm, collected, straight forward and doesn't seem to let his personal life get in the way of everything else AS IT SHOULD BE.
    Truth be told I don't think we get honest journalism anywhere and haven't for a long time. Chrisslobering Mathews, Edduhduh Schultz, Sean Vannity, all need to be replaced so they can go hang out with Kieth Olberman!

  13. Gary Siebert

    Pakistan or the Middle East is not or ever be the center of God's government, because God's government is a heavenly one, not EARTHLY! FYI I am not a CINO, but I am a CIP (Christian In Progress)!

  14. Gary Siebert

    Brian Kaeser , if I am not too childish to say "Takes one, to know one"! I am a CIP (Christian In Progress), which is better than thinking you are one and don't have anything yet to learn. Based on what I said, I am sheep who sees with clear glasses on, rather than one who sees with rose-colored glasses and goes along with what Man and Man's governments are selling!

  15. Horace Henry

    The real reason that conservatives are so fed up with President Obama is because of all those lies that Sean, Rush, Glenn and others hoodwinked them into believing. That's changing now because they are beginning to see how they were bamboozled.

  16. Amanda Daniels

    Jeff Minks : Where do you work? The sewer? Your mouth needs a sewage cleaning, btw! Sad to talk about your way of life and then impose it on others! How so informed you are of the welfare and unemployment system! How does that all work together to help you? Just wondering…

  17. Amanda Daniels

    Jeff Minks : Not only are you not educated or employed, you are also illiterate! Even if you were attempting to be funny you failed on all counts. I'm just saying.

  18. James Connelly

    Whats really funny is neither site, this one or the NYT, reports the actual ratings. Hannities numbers were so high, that any loss of veiwership would look like Maddow improved LOL Can you say Amateur Reporting? I knew you could…I posted the numbers, where are yours?

  19. Christy Harper Parsons

    Gary Siebert – How's that God's government thingy working out for you here on a planet populated by ….man? Chritians/Catholics have killed in the name of God just as much as any other anti-Christian group in histroy. They attempt to control how you think by saying the Bible is the word of God. Do you know how many Gospels were destroyed in their efforts to control the people? Dozens. How could the gospel of any of the disciples be considered not worthy? They condemned Jesus' closest companion and disciple as a prostitute to further their own gains.

  20. Angel Nova

    As a consvervative and as a person who thinks, Sean Hannity is still relevant not only to me but all members of my family who has only one TV with a total of ten adults. Obama fraudulently won the election. This country is doomed and ruled by Obama's thugs and criminals.

  21. Angel Nova

    As a conservative and as a person who thinks just like ten members of my household, Sean Hannity still make a lot of sense. Just give it sometime and the rest of us will be back again becasue this country is still consrvative more than a liberal. We are just grieving for the death of freedom and democracy which were stolen by Obama's fraudulent win in the eelction and thanks to the the left wing media who are helping destroy this country like MSNBC.

  22. Angel Nova

    Carole, Liberalism is a mental disorder! You are a mental case like the rest of you, who depend so much on government assistance and welfare! Get off your butt and work! There's no more hosts for parasite Obama voters!

  23. Angel Nova

    Obmabutt is the biggest liar in the oval office in history! He lied on eeverything from his birth, school his sexual orientation ( he is gay for your informed mind already) he is anti American anti Israel and so forth……He is Muslime!

  24. Angel Nova

    You are full of it! Just listen to the mouthpieces of Obambutt like MSNBC or CNN! They are owned and operated by liars of the country being paid by the Obama thugs and stupido loko like you remain stupid. Obama won the election through massive voter fraud bringing in ignorant barbarin illegals form Somalia and settling them in swing states for their votes. We have a illegal in the oval office!

  25. Angel Nova

    The party of "Yes" everything is the libtard deomncrats! Yes, to gay marriage, yes to abortion, yes to atheism, yes to adultrey, yes, to bestiality, yes to the welfare bums, yes to the Muscum! YEs! Yes!

  26. Angel Nova

    After months of grieveing the loss of this country last Nov. 12, as it was stolen by Obama through massive voter fraud , we , the conservative viewers are watching Sean Hannity again. A cconservative will always be one and could never be a liberal idiot to waatch that lessy bessy Maddow!

  27. Angel Nova

    Hannity, we are back to watch you again. A conservative is always a conservative and never will be a liberal idiot to watch the mouthpieces of Obambutt!

  28. Angel Nova

    Hannity, we are back to watch you again. A conservative is always a conservative and never will be a liberal idiot to watch the mouthpieces of Obambutt!

  29. Russ Gibson

    It already is! Where the hell have you been! Why don't you try doing something productive to put the fire out. Maybe you need to read my comments again and again until you comprehend. Vannity can't deliver the message without himself getting in the way of it. I don't mind the message just the messenger.As is obvious….perhaps you are the idiot! Idiot.

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