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Sean Hannity Ratings Plummet, Loses Half His Viewers After Election

Sean Hannity Ratings Plummet After Election

Sean Hannity’s ratings have plummeted after the 2012 election, as the conservative television host saw his audience dwindle after GOP challenger Mitt Romney failed to unseat President Obama.

Hannity saw his audience fall by about 50 percent after the election ended. Though it was not entirely unexpected that Hannity’s ratings would drop after the biggest political event in the last four years, his decline was sharper than other conservative pundits, Salon noted. Bill O’Reilly saw his viewership drop by only about one-third.

Among the important demographic of viewers aged 25-54, Sean Hannity’s ratings were even worse. More than half of what is known as the “money demo” stopped watching.

Many believe that Sean Hannity’s ratings suffered as a result of his failed rhetoric. Throughout the election, he hyped up Mitt Romney’s chances to win the election, seizing on the Republican’s strong performance in the first presidential debate to all but call the election.

From the New York Daily News:

“So what happened to Hannity?

“The going wisdom is that viewers who basked in his preelection anti-Obama rhetoric tuned him out when they were stunned to wake up on Nov. 7 and discover that the President had won a second term — a scenario that Hannity had all but promised could never happen.

“Before the election, Hannity was riding high in the ratings and topped thought leaders on the right, like Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Peggy Noonan and talk radio bulldog Mark Levin, who predicted Obama would lose in a landslide.”

As his ratings dropped, Sean Hannity also saw himself the center of attack from the right and left alike. Outspoken actor Ed Asner in early December claimed that Hannity was “behind on his rabies medicine.”

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410 Responses to “Sean Hannity Ratings Plummet, Loses Half His Viewers After Election”

  1. Mark Kasprzyk

    Bob you are a dingleberry saying what you said. I am a 44 yr old dem and am sick of chris matthews, msnbc saying that i'm racist if i disagree with obama. Chris Matthews has a whopping 150k followers on twitter and Ed Shultz about the same. 150k that's it. that is a joke. They are the ones who go to racism and color and not Hannity. Tell the truth dude. how about someone use common sense and question obama like any other president before him.

  2. Kathleen Ackerman

    I really like Sean Hannity. After the election I was just too disappointed to really listen anymore. I needed a break. No matter what Sean has to say we are living in a country that needs more from their government than people that want to make it on their own and I am having to come to terms with that. Sad, but the truth, and without a president that can bring new jobs that aren't paid for through the government.

  3. Brian Cunningham

    I can only take about five minutes of Hannity because he constantly repeats himself. That said, he is far preferable to the low-lifes (Matthews, Schultz, Sharpton, Maddow, O'Donnell and Bitchell) on MSNBC.

  4. Anonymous

    I am an Independent voter who has watched Hannity's show frequently in the past. However, he impresses me as being too far to the right as well as a consistent "Obama basher." While I did not vote for Obama, and certainly don't agree with 99% of his views, I grew weary of hearing Hannity consisently bash him for an entire hour every single day and stopped watching his show. Hannity just carries his views to an extreme and, I believe, has frustrated viewers who desire a more "balanced" format.

  5. Donovan Fechner

    Ed Asner's quote is used to illustrated how Hannity is under attack from the right? Asner is an unrepentant communist. Or is it just poor juxtaposition?

  6. Bill Myers

    Smart Americans have had enough of Mainstream Media from either end of the spectrum and are preparing themselves as individuals for the real mess still ahead.

  7. Anonymous

    Mark, you are a "Dem" in the same sense that the pope is a Methodist. You are clearly lying, and this is a prime example of why people distrust Republicans- there is too much subterfuge going on. If you want to win the war of political hype, you're going to have to learn not to stoop to such propagandist tactics.

  8. Anonymous

    What? A political show's ratings dropped after an election? And it was a conservative show after a Republican lost and people started getting interested in the holidays and were tired of listening to politics? Color me surprised. This is a story why?

  9. Anonymous

    They have created a pseudoreality based on lies, distortion and misinformation and people woke up to that fact when they realized his predictions were not even close. People like him promote the utter hatred and division that we see in this country today. The thought that a president could be 100% wrong all the time is as ridiculous and naive as the other side thinking he is right 100% of the time. The truth is that while generally a good and caring president, Obama has made some mistakes, like every other president has. Congress, on the other hand, is a train wreck. This congress has passed fewer laws than any congress in recent history and scholars rate it the worst congress since just before the civil war. The truth is that the financial meltdown of 2008, and two lingering wars created an environment filled with fear, uncertainty, finger pointing, and partisanship. It was a time that called for americans to put their country first and people like Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Bachmann, Palin and some from the left, did exactly the opposite. Despite this horribly toxic environment, this president was re-elected and is now enjoying high approval ratings because people now deep inside, he is on their side.

  10. Anonymous

    many of us moderate Republicans are so sick of the far right taking over many of our causes..the tea party for the most part did not care about abortion nor gay marriage yet, the far right took over most of our local tea party groups so we said GOODBYE..and you see what is happening. DROP the anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion and the likes like hannity and marc levin need to sick of them as I am of pelosi.

  11. Anonymous

    I guess 70% of people with advanced degrees (MD's and PhD's) who voted for Obama, dont have brain cells, right? only the people driving most of the advances in this country and world….

  12. Anonymous

    Yes Comrade, good to see how Premier Obama and his Politburo in the mainstream media crushed Hannity and the tax-paying Bourgeousie scum in this election!!!!

  13. Scot Fahey

    Many left of center types have found the ratings system so suspect, Lawsuits were filed. What ratings if any, went up, is the question.

  14. Brian Eloys Valley

    Your juvenile display mocking my comment, indicates that you tend to swing to the right, and stay there. That's your liability. The Republican Party is defunct, and non-processorial in nature. It's a mistake to tell the People what they want or need…the People can figure that out for themselves. They fight and fight in every bill introduced by the Democrats, in hopes of stalling the House, and Senate, so that it appears that this is another 'do nothing' Congress. Then, here comes the so-called Fiscal Cliff. OOO, everybody panic, look! Nothing being done by the White House. That, is all hooey. President Obama is putting up with all of this stalling, trying to get the Rep's to at least agree on something. And Boener? Fight, fight, fight. All of this is because GWBush didn't plan right, and left us with a yearly $4.6 trillion dollar tax-relief for the rich, with no way to pay for it. So, GWBush makes it a 10-year plan, so the next administration would have to deal with it. Well, here it is. Smoothe move, exlax.

  15. Bill Johnson

    What happened is that Americans are tired of being lied to by both sides of the isle, Whether this means a real party, that represents the majority will rise remains uncertain. What isn't uncertain is that we're tired of the same old dumb and dumber act. Go Jill Stein or Dennis Kucinich, or Bernie Saunders, or anyone with a brain.

  16. Anonymous

    If the country was put first, Romney would have won. If American voters were smarter, more informed, Romney would have won. If the main stream media treated Obama like a Republican, Romney would have won.

  17. Anonymous

    so sick of hearing the marc levin and hannity talk about govt intrusion and the constitution and yet, bring up the gay marriage, etc..all of sudden they want laws forbidding it. YOU have lost moderates like myself when we saw how the far right wingers took over our tea paryt cause which was SUPPOSED to be focus on spending..the answer is moderate social and limited fiscal spending…that is IT. OR…you will not win ever…only fools listen to the chris matthews, bill orielly, hannity, marc levin, savage and cnn, etc…bill orielly talks about how bad gays are and yet, he had to pay out millions to his ex-producer for sexual attacks..GROW UP People! Marc Levin is a bigot and condemns gays and yet talks about his love for soldiers some of which are gay. the hypocrisy is unbelievable from BOTH ENDS.

  18. Anonymous

    Hey, it's hard to beat Santa Claus. The welfare, food-stamp, etc. president who sits in the white house certainly appeals to the lazy bottom-feeders in this country. May the children of today forgive those people who voted vthis man in for two terms. The damage he has done and will do to this country is unforgiveable.

  19. Nick Voermans

    Mark Levin is not a bulldog. Rush is the bulldog, Hannity is the overweight Doberman, and Mark Levin is the dachshund…

  20. Keller Hogan

    The election is over of course ratings will fall off. Half the country wanted Obama out and it didn't happen so there is no reason to tune into anything political after November 7th for a while. The media is the beginning of the end of our once great country.

  21. Neil Decker

    5.5 million new jobs and 600,000 less public sector (government) ones since jan 2009.

  22. Colleen Welch

    that is baloney, the vast majority of people who voted for Obama did not have advanced degrees, even if they did, they are idiots.

  23. Robert Papps

    It would be nice if both side of the fence could become more civil and elevate the dialog. No better place to start than these popular talk radio shows.

  24. Dave Bayer

    Well, Obama was wrong before, and he still is, Brian, not to mention a bald faced liar. He won, because Americans, unlike John Boehner, didn't stand their ground and caved. 4.6 Billion. Well, its triple that now and will probably double withing the next 4 years. And as to your comment to Mr. Sheley making a juvenile display, what do you call your comment, "Hannity is an idiot." I don't have a comment in response to you, rather a question, how can you be such an idiot?

  25. Anonymous

    About time! Hannity is a rabid dog who has been spreading rabies, or hate, and needed to be put down!

  26. Jerry Cordero

    When hannity has Victoria Jackson, Sarah Palin, and Mark levin as his moutpiece, its hard to take him seriously.

  27. Daniel Ryan

    Article pretty much calls it. Most political shows lose ratings after an election is over and people stop being obsessed with politics 24/7 and go back to regular life-in Hannity's case it is more pronounced because he all but promised Obama would lose, it was a pretty major loss of face for him. I highly doubt this means the end of his career on Fox News, unless he decides to go the way of Glenn Beck and quit so he can at least claim to be the biggest fish in a smaller pond. Personally, I don't care for Hannity's craziness any more than I do Chris Matthews, which is why I refuse to waste a moment of my life watching either one of them.

  28. Anonymous

    REALLY? I AM SHOCKED. Who needs to listen to this moron anyway.

  29. Andy Trimble

    While I don't care much for Hannity, he's far from an idiot. And Brian, you conveniently forget about the 6 straight years of the dems running both houses and getting nothing done.

    Stop re-electing anyone.

  30. Tom Carroll

    An idiot? You think too highly of Hannity sir and offend idiots everywhere.

  31. Mike Modlin

    I hope they lose all there audience. They are both arrogant and very very bias.

  32. Richard L. Hughes

    Put him in with the rest…De Mint, Armey, Lapiere..profits before principle.. say and do anything to promote and secure their pay…They have no moral compass..and he's a Catholic! what an embarrassment!

  33. Anonymous

    This is great news! Freedom of speech…I'm all for it…but this guy and the rest of his cronies were flat out disrespectful towards the president and in your face racist. I'm absolutely certain that Fox news were instrumental in President Obama winning again. They pissed off damn near all minorities in the country.

  34. Robert Brown

    Oh Dave, Mittens told so many lies during the debate, more fact checkers had to be hired to keep up.

  35. Anonymous

    I doubt you're a conservative. Truth is about the only thing that could be objected to, by those on the Left, and attitude is irrelevant!!

  36. Jerry Cordero

    Funny, I voted for Obama but after he got elected I went back to my conservative side again. Still would vote for him, better him than what the GOP, with the exception of Huntsman, had to offer.

  37. Anonymous

    This is great news! I'm all for freedom of speech…but Fox News and all of there cronies were so disrespecful towards the President…and in your face racist. I'm absolutely certain that they landed the President a huge hand in his winning a second term. They managed to piss off damn near every black and brown person in the country!

  38. Anonymous

    obama only won thanks to voter fraud, otherwise Romney blew him out of the water.

  39. Smada Ynnad

    Presidents don't create jobs, technology and new inventions creates jobs. People don't understand that for some reason They also don't set gas prices, oil companies do.

  40. Michael Kearney

    I think Elee is right, John's got your number perfectly! Another of the Oblivions heard from!

  41. Anonymous

    Finally, the Neo-Conservative faction of our party is dying. Let it rot, let it die, its not real Republicanism anyway. O'reilly, Rush, Beck, Hannity, all of them, follow a political philosophy that branched from the roots of Liberalism.

  42. Rose Ewing

    Sean and Rush are hateful & misguided men. They are getting what they had coming to them. na na na na na na na na hey hey goodbye.

  43. Michael Kearney

    Marty, if you were trying to impress everyone you failed miserably. Whether you have a degree or not is not an issue with me. The fact that you support the most inept President this country has ever known greatly offends me! Get a clue!

  44. Anonymous

    Brian Eloys Valley I could care less for the GOP as a political party, but I do respect true conservatives like Sean Hannity. Your comments about Bush, though I am not a great fan of his either, are such silly liberal talking points! Whatever else I disagree with Bush about, He has absolutely NOTHING to do with the quadrupled national debt accrued by Comrade Obama! Your tired, bogus arguments on the Left takes about 3 brain cells to decipher!!

  45. Sammy Baisden

    If is a mighty big word isn't it! If the Republican supporters donated a billion dollars or more to elect Romney, he would have won, right!! If the GOP and the Tea Party were regulated by the EPA for toxicity, they would have to put in scrubbers to clean up their act!! Have a nice day "if" you can.

  46. Charles Bowles

    I hope that the whole Fox Views Channel goes bye bye, since they are all a bunch of idiots.

  47. Frederick Mac Whitley


  48. Bob O'Hara

    I don't doubt that Robert is a conservative. I am a Conservative and tuned Sean, and his ultra-partisan propoganda out when he was carrying water for Bush. Sean and I agree on much, except hyping ideas because of partisanship. I still catch Sean on TV or the radio occasionally. He's a good guy but needs to remove the blinders…..Listen to Rush for the verifiable truth.

  49. Lynn Glover

    Brian I think you are a first class Idiot pulling from Obomas freebies, such as welfare, food stamps and any other thing your idiot in chief gives you. Wake up fool or watch our counry go into oblivion. Fool!!!

  50. Charles Bowles

    lairdbean I don't like saying it, but Lairdbean, you are absolutely correct about Robertstating that he is a conservative, but can't stand the attitude of conservatives, even though, I am no doubt a whole heartedly Liberal. I don't like Sean Hannity, because he lies a lot, he doesn't allow guests on his show to finish their conversation while they are talking. The only thing he does is talk about Rev. Wright, Bill Syer's, Father Pfledger (the very humorous white guy who is very funny in talking about American social ill's) and that rich Chicago guy who supposedly helped Obama get a good deal on his Chicago home, in other words, all Hannity does is "Slander Obama and everybody who is from Chicago", and if I was from there, I'd tell Hannity to go to Hades and entertain Lucifer.

  51. Charles Bowles

    Brian, Hannity is no doubt an idiot, just like John Sheley from the University of Texas 81, with his wingnut education.

  52. Charles Bowles

    Elee Zimmerman is not lagging very far behind John Sheley in the idiotic nut department, just two fools of the same kind.

  53. Adia Tenaglia

    after glen beck, you would think that FOX would begin to put some credible newsmakers, they are scraping the barrel and were left with Hannity….a man who lives in a bubble and is completely clueless on how to make any ration statements to enlighten his viewers with reason, logic and good judgement……how much do they pay him for his worthless emcee?

  54. Charles Bowles

    Elee Zimmerman you are one brazen idiot, same as John Sheley who works at a Texas Nut house on the outskirts of a backwoods town.

  55. Curt Pangracs

    This is EXACTLY why the lamestream media is such a joke. Only a small part of the story is presented for general consumption.

    Hannity's numbers merely went back to pre-election coverage numbers, as did O'Reilly's and many others. Don't see THAT in this hit piece do you?

    Also, you did NOT get the facts on CNN and MSNBC shows which REMAINED STEADY THROUGHOUT (read: about four people watched them).

    This has nothing to do with anything Hannity said or did, merely a bump in watchers wanting to get REAL INFORMATION. The election ended, so no more info on the election.

    The lamestream media and liberal outlets just HATE anything FOX, because they are consistently kicking their collective asses in ratings.

    As for Robert Rusterholz, Glen Beck is 10x as successful as he was with either CNN or Fox with HIS OWN CHANNEL! The Blaze is making money hand over fist, and he is now a legitimate channel on DirecTV.

    So, all you poor-winner liberals crawl back to the welfare and unemployment lines and let the adults go about making money for you…

  56. Charles Bowles

    All Hannity ever see's is color, we can sure say that he is not "Color Blind", because he see's color every day of his pathetic life.

  57. Curt Pangracs

    Charles Bowles – I see the California Disease got you. You hate the truth and think you know better than anyone else what's best. Have some more Kool-Aid while so many of us work to pay your retirement. Just say thanks and move along. Fox News Channel is here to stay. SOMEONE has to bring some sanity to this country's airwaves.

  58. Charles Bowles

    Never, would i vote for a WINGNUT, thats why I'm a Obama fan, a man who cares about all American's and not just the 47%, so i guess thats why the 53% voted against you know who?

  59. Curt Pangracs

    Tom Carroll should know…he's an expert in idiots. It's all he knows.

  60. Curt Pangracs

    Brian Eloys Valley – You sure have a cute boyfriend…

  61. Kurt Mack

    couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.spreading hate and paronoia. Rush is next. Beck. COulter. Fade away. the sweet smell of defeat.

  62. Warren Tillman

    Even so, Hannity probably has a greater audience than Chris Mathews. Is it just me or is this a case of media bias considering it is likely that the other political shows are taking hits as the election is over and people are just sick of it? This story is an attempt to affect pubic opinion by inflection and nuance. I am not a big viewer of Hannity but that is just low singling him out. From what I have heard from Hannity on and off (radio)on the election the was the least optimistic of the talk shows.

  63. Arnold Shangle

    marty, you nailed it your post is the only one on here that is fair, objective, and not just a whole lot more "parrot speak", thank you! Oh yeah, and spot on.

  64. Charles Bowles

    Jerry Cordero You made the right choice Mr.Cordero, my Italian friend, yea yea yea for southern Europeans who has a long 2000 + years of historical and miscegenational relation with the African people, even before the days of the Black Emperor Septimius Severus 193 AD – 211 AD, founder of the Severan Dynasty, from Leptis Magna, formerly Carthage, today's Libya.

  65. Charles Bowles

    John Sheley Wingnuts on the prowl here today, trying to pollute human bodies with their right wing Venom, arrrrh arrrh.

  66. HedgeYbet Hedge

    Hannity is just another example of how out of touch the GOP is with real Americans,..the GOP is not the party from the past it ihas been taken over by a bunch of religous loonies, and out of touch washed up old baby boomers….

  67. Anonymous

    I want to know why these folks: Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Loudmouth and Sean Hannity are considered conservatives. What is a conservative anymore? All they seem to espouse on the air is hatred. And that goes for some of the women on Fox as well. I once thought, it as because of their Christian beliefs, but have found that I was way-off.

  68. Anonymous

    I stopped listening to Sean Hannity over 12 years ago. He's so anti liberal and polarized you would think he created the Fox Network.

  69. Mike Martin

    Brian Eloys Valley
    There is no difference between democrats…repulicans they all spend to much money, stall, lie, and cover their butts. There is no leadership in any party, especially now. 8 years ago the democrats fought against tax cuts presented by Bush, now they embrace them…Obama has raised the deficit 4 trill more than Bush has in is first 4 years…Obama can't even pass a budget for petes sake…he had a democratically controlled congress for 2 years and now he is "working hard" to get the economy on track?? hello!! that would have been nice on day one.

  70. Clae Brewer

    Liberals or a Conservatives? Thank God I am American and I can choose to be independent. Unfortuantely this silly 40 year war effects everyone. HOWEVER! The Rights seem to have the loudest horn; it's just they are driving against oncoming traffic.

  71. Paul Hagenow

    Everything is an emergency so you can't stall anything because becauase progressives cannot not be reasoned with, they don't feel pain or pity, and will not stop util we are dead. John man, you nailed it :)

  72. Rachelle Ramsey

    Apparently Hannity can lose half of his viewers, and still beat the competition -how poor were they?

    December 20 Nielson Ratings Report.

    Net 9PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s).
    FNC Hannity 1,929 337 723.
    CNN Piers Morgan Tonight 776 224 361.
    MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show 1,298 370 605.
    CNBC APOCALYPSE 2012 262 84 151.
    HLN WHAT WOULD YOU DO 258 131 135.

  73. Brett Herrmann

    Hey charles who is that left wing libtard state you live in doing? SHITTY!!! You will need texas and others to bail your asses OUT!

  74. Anonymous

    tercor40 If a frog had wings, he would not bust his ass every time he hops. I do not care for Mr. Obama, Osama or whatever his name is. But YOU need to come back to Earth. We are fighting amongst one another while the polititians are having a ball.

  75. Charles Bowles

    Ronald, I agree that this story made my day, now i'm just waiting to hear one day, that FOX is "NO MORE", then all the wingnuts will have to change the dial to that former wingnut on the Orange County California cable station "George", but I think that he's dead now?

  76. Charles Bowles

    Arnold Shangle No blather, Arnie, only true feelings coming from Liberals, and it makes sense to us, and not to you, because you are wingnut material.

  77. Anonymous

    Brian Eloys Valley You apparently are living in an alternate universe. I'm an Independent but I'll tell you that this congress sent SOOO many bill that harry Reid blocked in the Senate from then going to the White House desk (which would probably be vetoed by this Spender-in-Chief we have). The new 2010 congress were elected to CONTROL SPENDING!!HAHA! This president has increased what Bush did by 1.5 trillion in 4 less years. The taxpayers in 10,15,20 years down the road will be paying through their nose for Barry O's profligacy. Steal from the future generations, ahh, but just hope the young people of today won't know about it. But they've got it coming, courtesy of their rockstar president.

  78. Anonymous

    Educated Americans never watched this idiot in the first place. Only biased ignorant people that want to disenfranchise others watched and listened to his lies!

  79. Anonymous

    after the election I quit watching news for like 2 weeks so I don't think this is a big deal plus this was how many weeks ago now. what are his ratings now….

  80. Anonymous

    Educated Americans never listened to this idiot anyway. Only uneducated, biased, ignorant people who want to disenfranchise others watched and listened to this crap anyway!

  81. Wendell Fountain

    If the election had not been stolen by using SYTL, a Spanish company's software (SOE), Romney would have won in a landslide! Obama and his minions are crooks of epic proportions. When you add the SEIU crooks to the rottenness of our election system, the fraud in chief was reinstalled as the socialist dictator which he is. Sorry About Hannity's viewership, of which I was one, but I've had enough of this Banana Republic's evil ways. I don't want to hear from any of them anymore. The progessive/socialists have won, but they will never win me!

  82. David Lynch

    Could it be he uses the same talking points for months at a time and rotates about 6 different guests to say the same things?

  83. Lee Cleveland

    This is laughable. Liberals love to write bunk like this. Now, you don't suppose that most people got sick and tired of election news and coverage ad nauseum and stopped watching when the election was over? And where are your stats? What poll and how did you come to these conclusions? Put the facts and findings where your pen writes. And when did Ed Asner become an authorty of anything? No one is watching much of anything except the playoffs. Notice that? Another brain-washing attempt ploy of the left. Sorry, guys, no go on this one.

  84. Ron LaBonte

    Nothing was sweeter this year (besides Karl Rove's election night melt down) than to watch Ann Coulter ask Sean "what principles" when Sean said he was going to continue fighting for GOP principles. Even Ann is smart enough to know Americans are onto the GOP's games and they need to get their party back to a standard before Reagan took them down the toilet.

  85. Charles Bowles

    UMREBFAN374, your statement is one that can only come from a fool. First of all, Santa Claus is not real, and he would not be a fat old bearded Scandinavian with pink colored jaws. Obama will be remembered as one of the best and amazing presidents of all times, whether you like it or not. I am not a lazy freeloader, as you call those who voted for Obama, and I have paid more taxes than you and both of your parents together. No extra damage has been done, since the damage had already started for many years. The unforgiving should be applied to idiots like yourself, who probably still sleeps in your parents extra bedroom.

  86. Wendell Fountain

    donald.gomez53, why don't you just keep watching and listening to the far-left call the media (CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the leftist newspapers of this country? Wow, are they "balanced!"

  87. Ira Derek Price

    You are a complete idiot Brian… Enjoy the last few years of our Country's downfall as your peers suck the life out of this Country.

  88. Darryl Clayton

    Borrowing a line from the "Waterboy", Sean could be heard saying "Oh no, we suck again!" Actually Sean, you guys have sucked all along, now it's confirmed.

  89. Janet Garnett

    *There's not a thing wrong with being a conservative, Robert. But as you've seen from these replies that the problem is with their, "We can never be wrong" outlook on life. So they'e delusional, fantasizing, unable to face reality problem children that if they weren't so dangerous to society, ought really to be pitied.

  90. Anonymous

    Neil Decker He's paid for them with the future taxes of the next 2 generations. 6 trillion you can buy anything. He could have supposedly created 10 million, but then we'd be on the hook for 10 trillion or more. You can be fooled if you want to be. He created 11 jobs in LA county through his stimulus, and each job costed over 400,000 bucks. Do you think a guy in the private sector can shell out that to hire someone? And most of the rest of the jobs went for around a quarter million bucks. Just throw more money at it, and we can create even more jobs. Sell your soul now, but you'll have to pay the piper down the road aways.

  91. Charles Bowles

    Brian Cunningham, you sound like a fool idiot, after blasting that idiot Hannity, you have to show your true colors, by bad mouthing Liberals, which was your primary intent. Sort of like, I comment negatively about Hannity, but I bad mouth six Liberals for the price of Hannity. I'm on to wingnuts tactics, and you are no exception, but good try, you wingnut.

  92. Darryl Clayton

    No liberals love the truth, that's why Fox has got to go.

  93. Charles Bowles

    Asner stated that Hannity needs to take his rabies Shot, so thats why he spits in peoples faces during conversations, when he's angry.

  94. Charles Bowles

    Keller, obviously less than half of Americans wanted Obama out, so thats why he's in, because of the more than half who wanted him to stay in power. Hip hip Hooray, for the majority such as myself, who wanted Obama to stay, yeah.

  95. Anonymous

    This is silly. ALL news shows lose ratings after an election. So did CNN and MSNBC.

  96. Charles Bowles

    Leroy, you are so right, and i hope that the police put all the wingnuts in jail, so that other news station can report about their ordeal.

  97. Jeanann Driskell

    What do you think Obama and democrats do? They constantly tell everyone what they want or need. Obama is bankrupting this country and people like you are not paying attention. $16 trillion + in debt and rising. This deal brokered by Obama does nothing to reduce it. This deal will cause the debt to explode even higher. In a few weeks the real battle we begin. To raise the debt ceiling. How do you think Obama will respond. If he does as last time we will receive another downgrade. How much longer will people buy our debt? Another $4 trillion, $8 trillion, or $10 trillion. At some point people will stop buying our debt and will demand a higher interest rate to take on the risk. Look at Greece and Spain and other European countries. Who will bail us out? The fed? Soon inflation will begin to pick up strongly due to the fed printing so much money out of thin air. How about $5, $6, or $8 gas? Higher and higher food prices? Obama and Bernanke are destoying or economy and country with their policies. The middle class will be hit the hardest. The republicans have done no better than Obama but, at least they try to reduce the deficit.

  98. Gem Mimz

    LOL, I hear all the loud-mouthed radio Repugnants saying "I just don't understand it"….. that is because you have no clue how the rest of America is living. And, majorly, you don't care. That 6,000 sq ft house, BMW, pool, for just the 2 of you. Another house in the mountains you only use maybe 2 months but get good write-offs on. Sure, you made some good money, but you didn't do it alone. You hired cheap illegals to replace good Americans or sent the jobs off-shore. Your bottom dollar is all you care about. These few who dare disagree, you slander & call names. Racial names. Then you claim to be good christians. HA!

  99. Urich Iam

    Joseph Ditomaso , Robert Ruesterholtz is a moderate conservative, not some right wing lunatic like Sean Hannity, Rush LImpbaugh or Glen Beck who are constantly spewing hatred. I can see where Robert is coming from. I have been a moderate republican for over seven decades, and I have not been a fan of the extreme right wing loonies.

  100. Anonymous

    Brian Eloys Valley, you are the first to call names. What was said is that the measure you judged Hannity should be measured back to you. It is sad that people can't express their ideas civilly but rather use ad hominem (or against the man) attacks. If I was your father I think I would encourage you to grow up and learn to express yourself like an adult but since I'm not I will just say don't dish out the put-downs if you can't take them. Happy new year!

  101. Scott Jinks

    Joseph Ditomaso No "your" not??? What YOU are is obviously an ignorant moron who doesn't even know the difference between "your" and "you're." Try educating yourself instead of spewing your bile.

  102. Anonymous

    Charles Bowles Charles Bowles Who stole your lunchpail pal, You have a bunch of post here with the same sadsack, reflexive negativism. But I guess coming from the University system in a state like California, that's to be expected. After all, they seem to function so well as seminaries for leftists, such as you. You're probably as nutty left, as those on the nutty right.

  103. Anonymous

    This is typical of what happens to all political talk shows after an election. Equate it to the same thing that happens when football season ends, the interest in the sports declines until football season starts a new season. The only difference here is there is a 3 year wait until the next political season begins.

  104. Anonymous

    His ratings and viewers will be back once we get over our depression!

  105. Anonymous

    Hannity is cool because hes not afraid to tell the truth and tell like it is.Ill bet money on it, he can kick any of you crap talking liberals butts with a couple of combos hahaha.Easy to talk crap whole different story to scrap one on one to the chest.

  106. Anonymous

    Charles Bowles sooner than you know youll be spitting obuttplugs taste out of your mouth.

  107. Urich Iam

    Colleen, you are dead wrong. Not every conservative has an advanced degree. Many are really brain dead. Picking Mitty boy Robme to run against Obama showed how smart the GOP was. GOP leaders with any brains did not want Mitty boy Robme as their nominee.

  108. Larry Yocum

    Michael Kearney The most inept Pres. in History? Are you forgetting Geo. W. Bush? Pres. Obama has done more with less, than any Pres. in recent Memory. Dubya is a joke

  109. Daniel Wright

    sorry but I got to the point to where I could not watch him. to me he got to be like some of the idiots on msnbc. very hateful and annoying. also tired of hearing the phrase the annoited one.

  110. Daniel Wright

    sorry but I got to the point to where I could not watch him. to me he got to be like some of the idiots on msnbc. very hateful and annoying. also tired of hearing the phrase the annoited one.

  111. Sharon Ward Coburn

    it's not because of Romney's loss that his ratings have dropped. People are tired of his bigoted attitude. He is a haha got ya person. loves to run a subject into the ground and has the inablility to see another point of view.

  112. Jennifer Petrosino

    Lynn Glover, typical angry old white man, conservative comment. If we don't listen to Hannity flap his gums, we must be on welfare and get hand outs, blah blah blah. Far from the truth. You keep watching your hateful Fox News, retired, and I will keep working to support myself and pay off my Master's degree. I have been for the past 11 years, way before Obama. No welfare here. Must be a reason those ratings are down, I would say.

  113. Anonymous

    Jeanann Driskell Right you are, but unfortunately this president was able to sweep all the future pain of trilllion dollar debt under the rug. After all, he did fool the majority of Americans but all the food stamp users don't care about debt. Someone else will pay for that, or so they think. When their foodstamps won't buy as much because Uncle Ben is printing endless dollars in his basement, maybe, just maybe, they can put 2 and 2 together.

  114. Victor Newman

    Sean Hannity is a fool and he typically only has fools on his show. The so called great Dick Morris said many times on Hannity's show that Romeny would win big, depite statistics showing otherwise. I only watched Hannity for humor. Needless to say, I haven't needed humor in a long time. I am one of many who have turned off this buffoon.

  115. Julie Patterson Brinkerhoff

    So Charles I take it you don't believe in freedom of speech and freedom to believe what you want? Why else would you call for "wingnuts" to be thrown in jail. Obama did not win by a landslide, yet you all act as if the entire country wanted him. Nearly 50 percent of America did not want him in the White House. His (Obama) goal is to divide our country and forums such as this and the results of the election prove this point all too clearly. Quite sad if you ask me. I challenge you NOT to insult and berate me, instead converse with me, I may be a Republican, but I'm not a "wingnut" and I truly would like to see our country recover from all that it's going through. Truth be told, I watched Hannity one time. I too get sick of pundits berating Obama, but I also get tired of the left doing the same to the right. It's us vs. them and we've bought into it and are just eating it up. Shame on us.

  116. Enrique Luis Lambrano

    Robert, Fox News is not good for the Republican party, they make the party look angry and disconnected. Now, that's great for their ratings, but loses the Republicans votes come election time. Rush Limbaugh also, he is great at getting ratings, but kills your party.

  117. Anonymous

    Keep up the great job Sean Hannity, we need more voices like your's!

  118. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work Sean! We need your voice in keeping the "left" in check!

  119. Anonymous

    Julie Patterson Brinkerhoff He only won because the Dems were catering to the so-called low-information voters. That's colloquially called the dumbed-down electorate. Young peope, ethnic activists, a various assortment of left-leaning groups with antagonisms toward our country's history, values, and vision. That's how he pulled it off, together with the leftist media mollycoddling our dear little president, which prevented the complete vetting of his failed policies.

  120. Anonymous

    Larry Yocum If he has done more, it's with 6 trillion dollars that will bankrupt future generations. So if he has done more, it's with more….. a WHOLE lot more. And we will have to pay dearly for it.

  121. Larry E White

    I use about 10 minutes of viewing the conservative talking heads for a appitite supressent. If it is coulter, limbaugh, beck it usually takes less time than that.

  122. Terry Dilmore

    I am a conservative, but I think Hannity hurts the GOP. He is a broken record with his Rev Wright, Bill Ayers and all the past S#&% for four years. The election was over in 2008 and now in 2012. Get a life , Sean and Rush. The POTUS is a dud, but we have to make the best of it until the GOP gets a real leader on the ticket.

  123. Anonymous

    mickkjhc oh year, like putting a racial huckster like Al Sharpton on MSNBC isn't propagandizing. And for Mathews to say he was grateful for hurricane Sandy, because it supposedly helped Obama win, is just a race to the bottom. One would think that jettisoning keith Olberman was an improvement for that station. Getting rid of a sick left-leaning twad like Mathews would be a better improvement.

  124. Anonymous

    I would listen to Sean More if I could find him, they keep moving him around. But Mitt the Moderate, was a joke. I said
    early in the primary that the two worst Republican choices were Mitt and Ron Paul, and that a vote for either was a vote.
    for Obama. Paul was too much of an isolationist, and Mitt was too closely connected with the corrupt banking industry and too out of touch with the middle class, his Mormonism was no vote getter either, but he might have survived that if.
    he would have pushed for more middle class tax cuts, and reforming capital gains.

  125. Anonymous

    I am now ready to become a new fan of Sean Hannity in a small way. I am now a fan of his pen, only his pen.

  126. Anonymous

    Charles Bowles I know a lot of people, especially the girls, at Long Beach State are fantastic looking. But you bring that standard down. If you are associated with that school it's probably in PolySci or social studies. No engineering dept or life sciences dept. would put up with your leftist mindset. If I were Dean I would mandate a craniotomy procedure to excise those demons of the left from your skull.

  127. Jeff Martin

    I voted for President Obama. I choose to move ahead, to progress as a nation and one people. You choose to live in misery for the next 4 years until you can find a savior. You can look in the rear view mirror all you want but the majority of America has chosen to move forward.

  128. Michael Rotz

    I read this article with every intention of posting an intelligent, yet scathing comment. But I'm sorry folks, this is all I could manage. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, (take a breath), Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  129. Jerry Albert


  130. Michael Rotz

    Did John really say takes one to know one? Really? And the GayOldPansies wonder why they can't win an election. Seems pretty obvious to me.

  131. Larry Stevens

    If Mitt Romney had won the election, I woud've rallied behind him in hopes that he would be successful in moving Our Country forward. President Obama won! Why can't we just hope that he can lead us out of these Economic problems we're having. Instead, people like Hannity won't stop critisizing him and even give him a chance to make things right. It's time to come together as a Nation.

  132. Anonymous

    I think, therefore I vote Democrat. 'Nuff said, and says it all….. Power to those who are losing faith in these hateful blowhards who do nothing but point fingers when they themselves have no better solutions….Ed Asner is dead on in saying Sean Hannity acts rabid….as do Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and just about all of those other propaganda pushing hate-mongers on Fox News.

  133. Anonymous

    lairdbean just because someone doesn't agree with a hateful rabid blowhard doesn't mean their political affilliation isn't what they say…. why would he lie? This from someone named after a fat bean. 'Lard bean' indeed.

  134. Stuart Reynolds

    What this dweeb doesn't know is EVERYONE is sick to death of politics. They want to enjoy the holidays and take a breather from the baloney. They will be back. I sure don't see MSNBC's ratings rising. Do you? The likes of Chris Mattpews and Ed the dead or Rathole Madcow aen't the benificiaries of this "Plunge". So, don't sweat it. I have faith in the stupidity of Obummer.

  135. Brady Kohuth

    His ratings went down after he treated Ron Paul rudely. Everyone I talked to, said Hannity was very obvious in his surly way towards Ron Paul, so Hannity deserves this. And to add to this, he never lets anyone finish their response, he cuts them off. O'Reilly is another, won't let a person finish their response and is just plain rude. I refuse to listen to either one. At least, when you listen to Kudlow, the guests usually get to finish their response.

  136. Brady Kohuth

    Wendell Fountain -why does anyone watch the manipulated news media ? The "media" works with the gov't and you have to remember they are ALL owned by the Elites,you know,the same people that happen to own the Federal Reserve. The Reps/Dems are controlled,just slightly different objectives. Reps want big military and wars,Dems want all these social programs,like the 47 million on food stamps. But,Hannity is one rude interviewer,an example was the way he treated Ron Paul. Very unprofessional ! To hell with the controlled press !! I'll stick to the "American Free Press" or Lew Rockwell !!

  137. Brady Kohuth

    I'm for the Constitution,so obviously,my candidate wasn't on my states ballot,but I wrote him in. Charles,I don't like any of these so-called interviewing journalists,they are all rude and convey their personal feelings,which is not true journalism. The manipulated news media is controlled and they have been brainwashing people for 50 years. Why doesn't anyone question the "media" ?

  138. Anonymous

    Sean has disappointed me lately–he harps over and over again about the divisiveness of the Left and Obama–and then he calls Obama the "anointed one "— Sorry but that is divisive and disrespectful of the office of the President—I don't like alot of Obama's policy, but I still respect the man and the office of the President—Also he has a conflict of interest, in that he is probably a millionaire and he keeps saying that they shouldn't raise taxes on the wealthy–He has written alot of successful books and done very well—so he is biased re this issue-He claims that millionaires are going to stop going out to dinner or spending money—that is BS–wealthy people will just find other ways to increase their incomes and they won't stop going out to dinner just because they pay alittle more in taxes–Get real!—-He is a great patriot but he is also inconsistent and hypocritical at times- Of course so is everybody—Also Republicans need to get out of peoples bedrooms and realize that it's a womans body and her right to decide what she would do if she really wants an abortion—it's not the gov't 's business —drop this issue it's aloser as proved by the women's vote in the last election—–Obama won because he was the man of the poor and middle class—there are more poor and middle class people than there are upper middle class and wealthy people–so it was just simple math—Sean didn't get that and he still doesn't—the country has changed as far as the society goes and the Republican party needs to adapt to that—the country is way more liberal now—you can thank pot and drugs for that—Bye now.

  139. Anonymous

    The loudest political pundit from which ever side lost this election would lose substantial market share in the ratings. I would like to have seen Chris Mathew's ratings if Obama had lost. Don't get your panties wet over this issue, regardless of your affiliation. It's not important.

    What is important is the results of the election itself which will take some time to manifest. This election was, essentially, a theoretical battle based on what we were told by both sides would be the right solution to get us out of this mess. No one wanted the status quo which, like it or not, is the result of the failure of BOTH parties. Forgetting who their political affiliation might be, the majority voted for this solution: MUCH higher regulation, higher taxes on the job producers (Yes,$250 income and above are the job producers in the US) and, we were told, Obama care will be an effective and affordable health plan for all of us. I say theoretical because NONE of the changes Obama has made have taken place yet. In fact, the lion's share of the hundreds of regulations Obama initiated were purposely held up until after the election and have yet to have their affect. But they most certainly will. So we can yammer at one another all we want.
    Until a couple more years have passed, we won't know what many of us really voted for. Yes, you think you know, but no one has the proverbial crystal ball. But I say this: If the economy improves and Obama care really does work, I will be happy to be the first to apologize for voting against him. But if Obama's new taxes, heavy and expensive regulations and Obama care are shown to be the direct cause of extreme unemployment and a horribly failed economy, will you who voted for him have the courage and character to admit you just might have been wrong? Or will you pitifully point to George W Bush as the cause for it all. Time will tell. Let's all hope for the best.

  140. Anonymous

    I just wrote a long comment and where the hell did it go—this is so aggravating—what a waste of time.

  141. Bambi Bukowski

    The Republicans blew it when they nominated Romney instead of Ron Paul.

    Had Paul been nominated, we would have seen serious debates with Obama running for cover on almost every issue… the economy, welfare programs, bank bailouts, the wars, deficit and debt, waste, fraud, the eminent collapse of the dollar, inflation, the Federal Reserve, Obama/Holder gun running to Mexican drug cartels…

    But Romney was in agreement with Obama on almost every issue, the only differences being matters of degree. Anyone who thought Romney was a substantial improvement on Obama was… clueless.

  142. Bambi Bukowski

    You still watch the lamestream media? Some people are harder to wean than others.

    For those ready for a "solid diet" of news, the internet does just fine.

  143. Bambi Bukowski

    Marty, Seriously? Obama is at least as culpable as congress for this mess. We're $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and going into debt faster all the time. Obama bailed out the rich – just like Bush! He continued the wars… just like Bush (even though he promised he'd end the wars FIRST THING). Bush had prescription drug benefits – Obama has Obamacare! Bush opened Guantanamo Bay – Obama has kept it open (despite promising he'd close it.)

    The problem with Obama is he's the super-Bush! What's hilarious (in the same way that the sinking of the Titanic was a great joke) is that neither side seems to recognize that Obama is Super-Bush! The libtards love him and the neo-cons hate him – when it should be the other way around!

    At the end of the day, all these commentators are just making money from the collective stupidity of Americans. Glenn Beck has been the only one to say what's true of them all – they should not be taken seriously. They are only entertainers.

  144. Bambi Bukowski

    Actually, the reason Obama is still around is because more than half of all Americans are idiots. Many of them were still looking up who was running for president… ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION!

  145. Anonymous

    Didn't help that Hannity is a plrick, who bilks those who earnestly wish to help our military veterans.

  146. Anonymous

    Hate it when bad things happen to good people. Glad that doesn't seem to have happened here.

  147. Anonymous

    I hate it when bad things happen to good people. Luckily that does't seem to have happened here,

  148. Marty Savarick

    Fox news is faux. They have gven up their "fair and balanced" mantra because even they admit they are a wing of the GOP. Independent surveys confirm that people who watch fox 100% of the time are more ill-informed and mis-informed that all other viewers. Most of them are actors playing a role and getting highly paid, but Hannity believes the B.S. Even O'Really? has an ocassional tongue in his ego-manical cheek.

  149. Mark Wilkinson

    Marty I echo what Arnold said. It's nice to hear an independent, objective, non-biased voice of reason. Sick and tired of hearing the extreme partisan left AND right non-voice of reason!

  150. Joseph Cohen

    The Republican party dead? Hardly think so. People were saying the same thing about the Democrat party after the 2010 med term elections when Democrat candidates and their long term incumbents got thrown out. Politics is cyclical. What goes around comes around. The Repubs will be up to full power before we know it and people will be wondering if the Dems will ever pull through and survive. Then………..look again! It'll be the Dems turn again. And back and forth we go. One final note. There are way more Republican Governors than Democrat.

  151. Ja Jade

    His coming out day after election and saying 'My position on illegal immigration has evolved" was nail in his coffin. He caved in as soon as Romeny lost, and viewers fled. Good, he has no courage to stand by what he said he stood for.

  152. Alicia Solis

    Just an example of stupidity of the viewers drinking that Hannity Kool-Aid, if they just now figured out this lying blowhard…

  153. Michael Horn

    fire his butt and he can get a real job, like most of us that pays around 50 or 60 K, with crummy expensive health ins,………..maybe that.ll shrink his swollen head.

  154. Nuff Said

    (In the voice of scott shannon) , "The Stop Obama Express has burst into flame, lost its wheels, derailed into a sewer." Tah Daah!

  155. Michael Horn

    most dems dont vote in md terms, sadly. 2010 was an anamoly…….GOP and esp. tea party should be grateful dems dont tun out for midterms elections. I wish they did.

  156. Jeff Coats

    Wish in one hand and you know what in the other. Most Conservatives, myself included, have taken a break from politics. It gets very tiring fighting the same fight day after day with people that believe in Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. It isn't Hannity's fault that the majority of people who voted in this past election are morons. While the Liberals gloat, our country continues in its downward spiral, as it will continue to do. Liberalism is the cause for the condition of this country, that is irrefutable. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you cannot spend money you do not have, and you cannot continue to grow the size of government. Both of these are liberal policies and both of them are failures. Both parties are responsible for the liberal policies that have been adopted over the last 80 years, and these liberal policies are what will be the demise of this once great country. Remember all of you liberals, there has never been a successful society that adopts socialism, and there never will be. Liberalism is the precurser to Socialism, which is the precurser to Communism. Never has worked, never will work.

  157. Jeff Coats

    Wish in one hand and you know what in the other. Most Conservatives, myself included, have taken a break from politics. It gets very tiring fighting the same fight day after day with people that believe in Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. It isn't Hannity's fault that the majority of people who voted in this past election are morons. While the Liberals gloat, our country continues in its downward spiral, as it will continue to do. Liberalism is the cause for the condition of this country, that is irrefutable. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you cannot spend money you do not have, and you cannot continue to grow the size of government. Both of these are liberal policies and both of them are failures. Both parties are responsible for the liberal policies that have been adopted over the last 80 years, and these liberal policies are what will be the demise of this once great country. Remember all of you liberals, there has never been a successful society that adopts socialism, and there never will be. Liberalism is the precurser to Socialism, which is the precurser to Communism. Never has worked, never will work.

  158. Ray Erb

    I think most american don't know what 16 trillion going on 17 trillion dollars of money that our govt has spent and borrow we spend 40% more then we take in with no end sight the govt can't do this for ever just weight when 20 new taxes come in jan of this year for your lib commie pres health care and you will not like what you see this country is headed down the tubes if we don't stop our run away spending mark my words.

  159. Princess Wally

    Sean Hannity is an idiot if he believes the nonsense he lets come out of his mouth. If he is not plain stupid and dumb, and is saying what he means from his heart, then he is a hateful bigot. No wonder his TV audience has declined. Really, no one should watch or listen to morons on Fox News.

  160. Ulna Cal Calloway

    hannity is a real POS, along with o'really and rush the addict limbugh, America would be a better place if they didn't exist.

  161. Onochie Egbuna

    I see republicans still have their tails tucked between their legs after the election. How else do you define a sore loser? Get over it. BTW: another blow….fiscal cliff caved on you guys. Icing on the cake. Obama, what a leader!

  162. Clint Graves

    I've always respected people who were "for" something rather than always against something/someone. hate Obama gets old. where is your solutions to our problems?

  163. Kathy Taylor

    Hannity? That's it, surely there are more examples of Fox News programs losing viewers. Between the constant barrage of Republican guest, 'losers from elections past,' a low bar on facts, five tier of tickers across the screen and almost every other minute you see 'Special Alert' or 'Breaking News". Adding to this they make time to show, way to often' car chases, car wrecks, train wrecks, some animal bites a human, or sadly just about anything that may give their viewers a , 'wow' or 'omg'. It is embarrassing to my intellect. I watch Fox News 1-2 times a day for as long as I can take it, thinking there has to be something there for its viewers. I am still looking.

  164. Anonymous

    Hannity, Coulter, Morris, Beck, O'Rilley ALL IDIOTS! all they ever do is bash bash bash bash…its like they were put on earth to BASH! Never once have they had any impact on viewers and listeners..sure people watch and listen to their programs, has anything changed? NO!

  165. Pete Laney

    I think like most folks I stopped watching all this political stuff after the election. The people have spoken. While I don't agree with the majority, there is not much to be gained by listening to all this political stuff ad nauseum. LOL the writer says how bad 50% loss is but goes on to say Bill Orielly only lost one third like that was good. I think if you looked at the stats for all these shows(right or left)there would be few on the upswing at the moment.

  166. Anonymous

    I use to like Hannity. Now he is a bit too arrogant for me. When he interviewed Rosie O'Donnell he was very arrogant and disrespectful and wouldn't even allow her make her argument. That is when I tuned out of his show. He kept butting in and cutting her off like his attitude was the only right one. This is not wisdom. I have to add the obvious here. Arrogance does not discriminate between political parties or ideologies. How people conduct themselves is all about them not necessarily the politics they affiliate with.

  167. Tom DeRidder

    All you blockhead so called conservatives got exactly what you deserve! A FANTASTICALLY CLEAR CONCISE OLD-FASHIONED ASS WHIPPING! Hannity and that whole ilk are a bunch of pious egotistical pompous asses! Limbottomfeeder is the biggest farce of any of these hypocrites! Love every minute of your suffering! Now, Biden wipes out Republicans again like he did to LYIN RYAN on taxes and the Republican made 'FISCAL CLIFF'!

  168. Anonymous

    That's like saying NBC'S ratings have plummeted after football season! The ratings were through the roof during the election and "INFORMED" voters were tuning in in record numbers! Everyone got busy with the holidays and took a break from politics. Nothing more nothing less!

  169. Tamara Smith

    I think this is a long term game – ratings go up and down all of the time. What does it mean? Who knows? Those that "hate" Sean Hannity and believe themselves to be superior to him and call him names like "idiot" and "stupid" will latch onto this and be thrilled. Whatever. Good for you; I'm glad you're a member of MENSA and far more superior than the rest of us. But honestly, if Piers Morgan can survive on the air with his dreadful excuse for a show, anyone should be able to have a "talk" show and succeed.

  170. Ted Jensen

    …just shave their effin heads and throw white sheets over them…conservatives my ass!

  171. Fred Hedenberg

    Porbably only lost what was gained during election coverage. He has only lost the same amount as MSNBC, CBS, and other Liberal stations would like to have. Beginning to see a joy in your reporting when negative Re: conservtives. I will remain balanced and unafraid. Quoting Ed Asner. Enuff said!

  172. Lisa Nowak Spataro

    I've always felt Sean Hannity went too far too many times. I lean towards the conservative, especially regarding big government, but Mr. Hannity often made me feel uncomfortable watching him, so I didn't.

  173. Anonymous

    I use to like Hannity but I saw his arrogance a long time ago. Foe example when he interviewed Rosie O'Donnell he was very arrogant and disrespectful and wouldn't even allow her make her argument. That is when I tuned out of his show. He kept butting in and cutting her off like his attitude was the only right one. This is not wisdom. He is too disrespectful and one sided for me. I have to add the obvious here. Arrogance does not discriminate between political parties or ideologies. How people conduct themselves is all about them not necessarily the politics they affiliate with.

  174. Carl Bonnett

    Personally I liked Sean, and have found myself agreeing with his Radio shows quite often. It's just when he gets on TV that he turns into this radical extremist who even refuses to acknowledge views that he himself just claimed to earlier on his Radio show.

  175. Che EP

    Latino c&ling obam a monkey..lolll

    Hey rodriguez whites still hate you and want u out, but keep ur tongue firmly in their asses they might throw u some bones as ur such a good wetback like zimmerman…lol

  176. Scott Leising

    Cmon folks – take 30 seconds do some research. I personally don't care if anyone watched him or not, but from what I see, Hannity was still the highest rated news show during his slot and beat Rachel Maddow and Peirs Morgan. You don't have to be a network genius to understand that it was post election, everyone is sick of election coverage, and it was Christmas time and alot of other things going on. Sheesh – Come on Nathan, show your true colors in the open. If you really want to do news, then report it – tell what happened to ALL of the news shows – it's more about one show compared to others than just the raw viewing numbers of one show. How does this compare to the same month two years ago – after the election? Guess I'll go do some more research because I can't rely on the news to do any reporting – it's all about sound bites and half truths anymore.

  177. Lynn Fox

    I have to agree with Ed Asner's comments. Besides, Hannity's rather "snotty" comments on Hillary Clinton's illness, joking with "tongue in cheek" (more like finger up nose) and now to find out that she has a blood clot in a dangerous location in her brain…I wonder if he has the common decency to apologize to her and the White House (think about it, she is a member…). Fox management should demand the apology. I wonder if they have the decency to stand up and do what's right…what do you think? Although reading some of the comments here, the name calling, I can just imagine what some think. And that's a shame, too. Adds nothing to the discussion and everything to making the commenter look pretty small and ineffective.

  178. Lynn Fox

    I have to agree with Ed Asner's comments. Besides, Hannity's rather "snotty" comments on Hillary Clinton's illness, joking with "tongue in cheek" (more like finger up nose) and now to find out that she has a blood clot in a dangerous location in her brain…I wonder if he has the common decency to apologize to her and the White House (think about it, she is a member…). Fox management should demand the apology. I wonder if they have the decency to stand up and do what's right…what do you think? Although reading some of the comments here, the name calling, I can just imagine what some think. And that's a shame, too. Adds nothing to the discussion and everything to making the commenter look pretty small and ineffective.

  179. Mike Lynch

    Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are entertainers. They make a living by pitting Americans against each other. As long as we let pitchmen who only care about ratings, do this to us for their own gain, we deserve all the trouble they cause us. Wise up America and stop tuning into their hate filled shows. I love this country but I'm saddened that we let these ratings junkies keep us from uniting to put our nation back together.

  180. Donna Bonistall

    What this article, and others like it, fail to notice or mention is that MILLIONS of watchers have turned off their cable in favor of internet TV like Netflix, Hulu, or Googletv to save money! Fox is not streaming 'live' to them so the ratings will be skewed. They still watch..

  181. Anonymous

    Hannity NEVER adds anything to the conversation. He repeats the Republican talking-points. He uses his struggle in life as a standard for all other people. He grew up poor, held crappy jobs like washing dishes and working in construction, then he fell off a roof and that changed his life. Big deal. If that is a standard of greatness, then listen to my story. My father died when I was six years old. I was one of six kids ranging in ages from fifteen to five. I grew up in a dying steel city. Went to a catholic school for a few years till it got too expensive for my mother to pay the tuition. then I was thrown into the public school system. Worked setting bowling pins when I was ten, worked delivering pizzas when I was fifteen, served in the military till I was thirty two, worked in retail till I was fourty seven, worked in construction till I was fourty eight, been unemployed for six years. Never took unemployment NEVER, went to college at age fifty, got an associates degree at age fifty one, still can't find work.Not to mention all the inbetween jobs, washing dishes, doing merchandising, painting, digging ditches, assembling office furniture. Where the hell is my stardom? When will people start listening to the things I say about life, politics, religion? Where is my money that the wealthy in this country owe me? According to Handtitty, I am one of those that think people owe me something simply because I don't meet his standards. Well Fluff hanitty, limbaugh, oreally, pelosi, reid obama and the rest of friggin whinny americans pussified wimps! Your all a bunch of goddamn idiots. Nobody cares about you asswhoes, not you congress, your president, glenn beck, you preacher your pope, your shaman NOBODY! I've been working since I was ten years old, and when I reach social security age, it won't be there. just like all those benefits that the military promised. Oh, they might be there, but its a full time job to get them. You people suck, your system sucks. I would gladly take a deportation to Mexico or Canada or even France! Please Deport me! Even ChinA! aT LEAST IN THOSE PLACES, YOU KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. Here, you never know. You can't trust anyone, you can't believe anything you see, hear or read. This place is chock full of Liars, theives, scoundrels, scallywags and morons! Most of all, most of you are spineless cowards and spineless cowards are the people you look up to. Hannity, Beck, Fox News, newscaster in general! Look at what that wuss anderson Cooper allowed that skank do to him on New years. If she did that to me, I would have punched her right in the face! He allowed that woman to sexually assualt him on worldwide television! What a pussy of a man! And half of our country admires him? He will probably be Times man of the year for that! This country sucks, and as a thirteen year veteran, I have earned the right to say that!

  182. Gary Epps

    Sean Hannity is no better than the FAR LEFT LOONS on MSNBC, the extreme on the right and the left are who control our Gov't and it's getting out of hand. GW Bush took us to far to the right and Obama is taking us to far to the left. Hopefully we end up in the middle, where most of us are as a country.

  183. Anonymous

    Maybe they gave up on him because they realized that the purported groundswell of tea party conservatism that Hannity espoused and cheerled for 4 years was exaggerated and self-serving.

  184. Danny Atwell

    That happens when you back the wrong horse Hannity. No true change was going to come with anyone of these schmos in the White House.

  185. Charles Sidden

    What lame garbage you media hacks promote as news. MSNBC has a small, ignorant audience of Obama sycophants and you make this a story. The American economy is going to collapse over the next few years because of irresponsible and selfish Democrats who have no clue about how the economy works and how nations create wealth.

  186. Anonymous

    It is interesting that Mr. Francis never notes that Hannity still leads all others by over 100 points in the latest rankings.

  187. Anonymous

    To tell you the honest truth I think he gained a lot of new listeners. My daughter didn't even follow the political scene till she started listening to Hannity. Now she is always trying to tune to the show.

  188. Richard T. Hall

    Believe it or not, Hannity reminds me of a lot of rap artists these days: A lot of hype and gripe, but little substance. But like those rappers, after a while the act wears thin with the general public.

  189. Kate Robinson

    Sean Hannity represents a dinosaur breed of political commentators who are slowly becoming extinct, just like the Republican Party they represent. Modern Americans want to move forward, not backwards.

  190. Steve Krauss

    What the dishonest writer failed to state is that Hannity and O'Reilly destroy any Liberal host in the cable news ratings. The Liberal CNN, MSNBC and CNBC combined have ratings less then half of Fox News Channel. PS – all ratings dropped after the election.

  191. Ron Radke

    Ya, right. I watched FOX the night of the elections. It was pathetic to see Dick Morris and Karl Rove assuring the viewer that they were right – like more than 300 electoral votes for Mitt – right up to the end. Then when FOX called it for Obama, the blonde bimbo marches down the hall to FOX election center to "see what the heck is going on." What was going was a coming to Jesus moment when, in spite of FOX spending the last few months telling their minions what they wanted to hear, the actual truth of the matter was now out there. I'm inclined to forgive the blonde bimbo. She bought the whole package just like many of the other stupids did. Dick, Karl and Ann, however, can maybe now fade into the background forever.

  192. Pam Rugtiv

    My main criticism of Hannity is that he doesn't seem to listen to anyone he interviews, including his far right guests. He doesn't respond to most of what they're saying and just seems to use them as stageprops so he doesn't have to rant alone. But, I stopped watching FOXNEWS after the election because of my own bitter disappointment. It made me feel physically sick to face the reality of what had happened. I am processing it a little better these days..

  193. BillandRhonda Walker

    I am with you Brian. I use to be a Repubicant.(now a free thinking independent)..HANNITY., BORTZ and RUSH(a drug addict) are all idiots. Listen to what they tell you when they come on the AIR(its welcome to the SHOW)…..They are entertainers! They are a Koch brother puppets. Taught to spew hatred and B.S. Yes no one wants to talk about GEORGE DUH? BUSH. He is the reason why I no longer vote for the some of the right wingers. 2 wars not placed on the books to the tune of 10 Triilion and the tax cuts that you mentioned add up to a BIG DEBT! TURN OFF YOUR FALSE NEWS ( FOX and CNN) and get educated!

  194. Anthony Johnson

    Wow! Really, I wonder do conservatives know how they sound. I asked some of my conservative friends (yes, I have a few) what policies of Pres. Obama did they not agree with and why. It's funny, but they always seem to skip talking about his policies and go straight to where was he born, his a muslim, or his is a socialist. Sounds like racism to me, sounds just like Hannity to me.. The fact of the matter is this country was headed down this path way before Obama became the "PODUS" and we all know the truth of why he gets such a hard time from conservatives like Shawn.. Shawn and others like him will start to fade to black because this is no longer a country working for the "rich white man" this is a country that will began to work for the people, all the people. Will you conservatives please stop using the God as an excuse for some of your actions. I am a Christian myself and can't seem to find where Jesus approved of "protecting the rich and screwing the poor", I can't find where Jesus had the attitude of "let the weak just die off, or he felt like if you can't keep up and take care of yourself than that's too bad." Come on people wake up, Shawn Hannity is a bigot and an idiot and that's why people are starting to get sick of him and others like him.

  195. Mike Swart

    The lose of audience could just as well come from the disbelief in the election outcome. For me the clear choice was to elect a successful conservative in Mitt Romney, not a man with a socialist mentality. But the country has spoken and it scares me to see where the voters want to take the country.

  196. Rory McCarthy

    And Rush, Hannity and Mark Levin are all OFF THE 50,000 watt Radio KMJ in Fresno starting NOW. Ha ha. The station is still far right, but the personalities are less abrasive.

  197. Barbara Pompa

    Anyone who is happy about the Socialist movement in this country will be happy that Sean Hanniity has lost some of his devoted audience. I am not happy about many things going on and Sean needs his true supporters to try to get America back on track as much as it seems almost impossible right now. Even Newsday on L.I. and the Daily News supported Romney (a miracle). I could go on and on, but sadly, America is changing to become a nation of taxes, debt and entitlements. Europe (a disaster) is now up on the pedestal for America to follow. It's brainless.

  198. Anonymous

    And his ratings are still higher that CNN and MSNBC combined…

  199. John O'Leary

    Another manufactured story. Ratings ALWAYS drop off dramatically during the holidays. With repeats and guest hosts, this happens every year. However, typically, they choose to ignore the facts and make up a story to hurt conservatives.

  200. David Anders

    Serves him right…he cut Huckabees nuts in the first election.for Guilani…along with fred Thompson…Huckabee could have beaten Obama easily.

  201. Christopher Roche

    How is this a story? Isn't it only relative to the spike that these programs see during the last months of an election year? What is his rating now vs what was his rating Jan 2nd of 2009, or even Jan 2nd 2012. That would be a much better comparison.

  202. Bob McNesby

    I use to like Sean Hannity but lately because of the way he constantly interrupts his guests and acts like a know it all, I've grown quite sick of him. However to bring that little commie a-hole Ed Asner into the mix is like putting mustard on ice cream.

  203. Jim Cimino

    Attack from the right? Ed Asner? What is this writer, an idiot? You can't get more left than Asner except for George Soros.

  204. Bill Renz

    WOW Tell me Do you Brain Dead, cool aid drinking, Socialist democrats, ever check to see if something is actually true? lol. But it dose explain allot. What a surprise! people watch less news during the Holidays. If you would take the time to look up the ratings, you will see Sean Hannity Dominates his time slot. As dose FNC… You people are sad.

  205. Anonymous

    I use to like Hannity but I saw his arrogance a long time ago. Foe example when he interviewed Roseanne Barr he was very arrogant and disrespectful and wouldn't even allow her make her argument. That is when I tuned out of his show. He kept butting in and cutting her off like his attitude was the only right one. This is not wisdom. He is too disrespectful and one sided for me. I have to add the obvious here. Arrogance does not discriminate between political parties or ideologies. How people conduct themselves is all about them not necessarily the politics they affiliate with.

  206. Bill Renz

    Can someone tell me who is" By Nathan Francis"? lol Great fact checking. He never let's facts get in the way of a good story…

  207. Dan Doc Recine

    thank god. hopefully he loses his job and is forced to stand in the food stamp lines that hes so against and that are run by the "food stamp president". this guy is nothing but a fuckin right wing looney asshole.

  208. Anonymous

    And yet his ratings still kill CNN, MSNBC and every other liberal show. Notice they didn't mention that? And quoting Ed Asner? The most rabid Hollywood nut job is talking about rabies shots? Besides, I thought he was dead.

  209. Noelle O'Neill Johnson

    FOX NEWS is still #1 in the ratings… this is a bogus article just trying to discredit conservative show hosts… all the channel ratings went down after the election… once again the left trying to mislead the facts.

  210. Anonymous

    Sean Hannity has more class and dignity than all of CNN and MSNBC combined.
    His lower ratings are probably still higher as well.

  211. Anonymous

    Cable TV providers should put up an ala carte TV option package because people are paying for the TV networks that they don't watch. Think about paying for FOX and CNN, these are tools of the extreme rightist system to propagate their lies at the same time making money out of the very people they lie on. Sick.

  212. Robert Deblanc

    I have nothing but disdane for this slug. He is an out and out racist. He is as bad as any Klan leader. Fox News was designed to be a racist network. Why do think they have so many blondes. And if I ever see hannity in public I'm going to knock him out for insisting on calling the president, the anointed one..

  213. Ronald Gould

    Hannity is fine. I stopped watching him because he got too shrill and opinionated. I like to hear a somewhat polite discussion of the issues unless Barney Frank is on the other side.

    When he stated his opinions reasonably he was good. I don't like to listen to someone who is loud, shrill and is always predicting disaster. Be reasonable and calm down and you will get your audience back.

  214. Anonymous

    hannity will be canceled, he'll be unemployed, and he'll still be talking about reverend wright.

  215. Sleven Kelevra

    The problem with Sean Hannity is the same problem that infects some Democrats and some Republicans: they're too focused on "their side" winning. He and others (again both Dems and GOP) with his same mentality is that they only want to have their philosophies and beliefs be the ones that win out. There is very little genuine thought given to what is best for the country. It's about what is best for "their side". He and others (again both Dems and GOP) care more about the power and control of offices rather than helping the country. He and others (again both Dems and GOP) have forgotten how to have mature conversations that focus on the betterment of the country rather than conversations strictly focused on damning the other side. He and others (again both Dems and GOP), for as much cumulative education they have, have no idea what the word compromise means nor do they know how to settle disagreements. To me, that's why Sean Hannity and others are irrelevant in the political landscape of the country and plans for moving forward.

  216. Frank Matias

    Gee. I wonder if people are tiring of his whining? Sean…..please remember that even if you don't agree with OUR President's policies….he is still OUR President….if you are the great American you preach to be…show the man some respect as all True Americans should. Stop whining and saying things like…"If George Bush had done that or if George Bush had said that"… sound like an immature little girl!

  217. Michael DiFrancesco

    well said there "lax bro"!! hope all is well buddy

  218. Stacey Mickles

    Fox and Hannity have been part of the problem in this country by dumbing down the American public. Maybe now people will actually read and check the facts for a change instead of listening to people like him.

  219. Anonymous

    Notice Sean and Greta resemble each other with their condescending smile? If there was a Republican President they would leave the Bengazi thing alone.

  220. Steve Rodriguez

    In 1996 fox benefitted from attacking Clinton, and then started to take off as the impeachment proceedings got rolling. Then, 9/11 and the war propped up FOX through 2008, so it has been a cable news giant for over a decade.

    However, you could see gains being made by other networks in the last couple of years, and then of course the 08 election through 12 election allowed FOX to go to new heights because the conservative public wanted to get their news from a sympathetic source. The polls also show FOX viewers are split evenly on the political beliefs of their viewers, and their news people like Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith play it straight down the middle. The loss of viewers, in my opinion, has more to do with political exhaustion after the election, not any shock that Hannity got it wrong. I am a regular FOX news watcher, every night, but for a short period watching Kudlow on CNBC, however, I have cut out alot of my cable news viewing just from the sheer exhaustion of the last 4-5 years. When I return to news watching, unless the content improves elsewhere , it will predominantly be with FOX. I would imagine alot of viewers are like myself – not stopping their viewing just because their host predicted an election outcome incorrectly.

  221. Marty Ward

    I am a conservative and I have one thing to say to Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly…. PLEASE GET OFF MY SIDE!

    These people are not conservatives, especially Hannity.

  222. Robert Burris

    If ALL we hear is the left, then our country will go to shit. Same goes to hearing ONLY Rush (ugh). The media lies to us so much that it's should be listed 'for entertainment purposes only'. Problem is that people only DO believe the horsepucky from msnbc and fox. If they took their blinders off and found a little better news source, this state and this country would be much different. 😛

  223. Richard Fong

    Sadly, people who believe that government is the answer to job creation outnumber those who believe jobs are created by the private sector. If you go to the hospital because your heart stops working, doctors can keep find a way to temporarily fix the problem. But, for a healthy individual and a bright future, it is best to have your heart working on its own.

  224. Richard Fong

    Sadly, people who believe that big government is the answer to job creation outnumber those who believe jobs are created by the private sector. If you go to the hospital because your heart stops working, doctors can find a way to temporarily fix the problem. But, for a healthy individual and a bright future, it is best to have your heart working on its own.

  225. Michele Steward

    Could it be…he's a douche bag??? I'm thinking so!!!!

  226. Rodney Sturgeon

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy–lol….people are finally wising up and are getting tired of Faux News' bullshit…

  227. Richard Fong

    I am watching Hannity and Fox News less, not because their viewpoints are wrong but because I choose to remove myself from watching the inmates of the asylum run this country.

  228. Richard Fong

    I am watching Hannity and Fox News less, not because their viewpoints are wrong but because I choose to remove myself from watching coverage of the insanity and the inmates of the asylum running this country.

  229. Jim Weerheim

    Not surprised. His swooning over candidate Romneywas sickening. I have not listened to his radio show or watched Fox since the election. They forced Romney on us and I hope they pay for years to come.

  230. Jim Weerheim

    Not surprised. His swooning over candidate Romneywas sickening. I have not listened to his radio show or watched Fox since the election. They forced Romney on us and I hope they pay for years to come.

  231. John Reinert

    Just a show of the disappointment many of us had. I have not watched after the election either.We were looking for a change and it did not happen. I would imagine Karl Rove and Dick Morris have possibly been missing as well from his lineup. We backed the loser, everyone just needs to grin and bare it at this point and not become part of the problem.

  232. Larry Wayne Leach

    Majority rules, so apparently more people disagree with Hannity than agree, the election proved that. And it is not just minorities, Romney was destroyed in his home state of Mass. 85% white and the most educated state in the nation.

  233. Larry Wayne Leach

    Majority rules, so apparently more people disagree with Hannity than agree, the election proved that. And it is not just minorities, Romney was destroyed in his home state of Mass. 85% white and the most educated state in the nation.

  234. Ron Huang

    Ed Asner is not a RIGHT, he is a Castro, Hugo Chavez lover. What attack from the right? Ed Asner did not act as an voice actor from UP, he was acting just the way he is, a gumpy old phuck.

  235. Raymond Hamilton

    As a Desert Storm Veteran I carried out my duties with pride and patriotism. Above my pay grade were President Bush Dick Chaney, and Collin Powell, and to this day I have much respect for these men. When Sean Hannity calls our President names like bozo and the anointed one this hurts our country because others are watching.Over the last few weeks it is easy to notice that Sean has become bitter. From the pages of Think and Grow Rich , The mind cannot occupy both negative and positive thoughts at the same time. I run away from negative people as fast as I can to protect my mental health. I voted for President Bush twice. I am a conservative. I work and I don't spend more than what I earn, and wish my country will do the same. I did not vote for Romney because of his 47% comment which was a slap to my face.

  236. Troy Carbaugh

    Funny they are not posting CNN's ratings, abc, or nbc, cbs for that matter. Hint start in the toilet and work your way down from there.

  237. Anonymous

    Hannity and the rest of the right winger hate mongers are on their way out. The tea party has virtually destroyed the republcian party and after the midterms the GOP and Fox will become totally irrevelent.

  238. Anonymous

    It would be refreshing if these guys reported the news without spinning it to favor their corporate handlers. This isn't just about Hannity, but all of 'em. Give us the news, unfiltered and without political bias.

    Is that too much to ask for?

  239. Anonymous

    After every single election where Republicans lose, the media bombards us with articles claiming that Hannity, Limbaugh et al. have plummeting viewership. It's like clockwork. really, it's a truism on that, of course, viewership drops after a huge run up to a much touted and hyped election. That's what happens. Pretty much all media took a dive in viewership after the election, but notice how the media focuses on those they vilify.

  240. Errol Desmond LeBlanc

    I agree… He's got something called the "small penis syndrome". Anyone who suffers from SPS are bigots and they stoop down to pee. The Emperor has spoken.

  241. Anonymous

    Any candidate who does not DENOUNCE Hannity in the future is guaranteed to LOSE. The HANNITY and TRUMP TEAM helped cause Obama to win. This is WHY…Hannity is DONE.

  242. Darwin Staker

    As I have said before These guys talk about all this stuff and nothing ever changes They tell us what we want to hear then make money selling sleep number beds and gold None of them have ever had a effect on anything except their bank accounts They talk crap and tell us how horrible it is then go home to their million dollor mansions. I am a Regan Conservative and do not agree with what's going on but Hannity , Rush and these others play us for fools. I hope he has to get a real job.

  243. Susan Conte

    Hannity is a loser, can't stand him. Hope he gets the boot!

  244. Robert Deblanc

    He's demented. He can't get over the fact, that Obama is president. He still mentions rev. Wright and bill ayers on a consistent basis and refuses to call Obama "the president. He calls him, the anointed one.. It's an insult to the office and shows no respect from this self appointed ultra patriotic American.

  245. Robert Deblanc

    He's demented. He can't get over the fact, that Obama is president. He still mentions rev. Wright and bill ayers on a consistent basis and refuses to call Obama "the president. He calls him, the anointed one.. It's an insult to the office and shows no respect from this self appointed ultra patriotic American.

  246. Tommy Ronca Original Chaperones

    People don't like to be lied to Sean.. for some reason you don't get that. you think everything you say is right and everything MSNBC says is wrong.. YOU ARE SO WRONG SEAN! You had the Romney's believing they were going to win.. They lost by a land slide you ignorant ass.. I hope you get fired for you right wing Baloney.

  247. Anonymous

    On his worst rating day he still pulls more viewers than MadCow and the whole MS NBC combined.

  248. Rick Almanzan

    Robert, I have turned these guys off. Let them talk. More and more people are turned off from their screaming/yelling/lying rethoric. Don't fuel the fire. Let them burn themselves with their hate. The public is getting smarter. Let them have their narrow air time.

  249. Richard Crawford

    Most run away motor mouths generally get it in the end, he- OReilly and many others, you know who they are, blow out their own flames if given time, they get so full of themselves they actually believe they are hot stuff, everything is temporary and life goes on.

  250. Anonymous

    Hannity is as wishy washy as the LIAR in the white house is. They would make a good set of bookends.

  251. Anonymous

    I was hoping that I'd live long enough to see Hannity, O'Rielly, Limbuagh fade to nothing. Well, one down soon I hope, the others will soon follow as Americans get their brains to working properly…….

  252. Mack Robertson

    To so many of us it was clear that Hannity had lost his 'sanity' long before the election. This is definitely good news to see that so many others are aware of it now. Hannity slumping in the ratings, and Stanford winning the Rose Bowl is a great start to 2013.

  253. Augustus Howard

    Finally people are waking up to the insanity and racism of smug smiling Hannity. Despite all that he said and did against Obama, the president STILL won! Face it, Hannity is a LOSER! His ratings indicate this!

  254. Mike Bayray

    I may have to rethink my stance on there being no god? First the biggest Bigot, Glen Beck, gets to "move on to other opportunities" and now this! Inside Edition maybe looking for a correspondent Mr. O'Reilly

  255. Marty Silber

    I's amazing you STILL let these types of imbeciles rent space in your head without paying you rent. Forget them. They are ignorant, self important, misguided, and most of all -meaningless! Time to let it (and them) go.

  256. William M Jones

    I used to listen to and watch him. He began to become self-righteous andwhen he denigrated almost anyone who didn't follow "the line", I gave up. Having a strong opinion and defending it well is one thing, but listening to one note in a symphony is just foolish.

  257. Bill Murphy

    Conservatives have become tin foil cap wearers. They make Democrats look good. Things will change and the caps will be on the Dems.

  258. Mike Bayray

    Now Brian how can you say that about those nice republicans their spokes people at FOX" news" do really know what we need. we definitely need somebody that can cure all them HO-mo s, and then we won't have to worry about those pregnancies in cases of rape 'cause everyone knows that the female body just has a way of just shuttin' that sucker down! See I had no Idea, so as far as I can see we need the enlightenment of these forward thinkers to get our country in a good war again and maybe a small one on the side so we can blow a bunch of stuff up for billions of dollars a month.That will get people back to work and more importantly it's what god want's anyway. So it's a real win-win. Don't you understand?

  259. Amanda Daniels

    I can't say that I am surpirsed! That's what you get for being a puppet on a string and not standing for your soul truth! Good Riddance fool and take other fools with you! Now, Dad I told you the truth about these Right winged puppets with no heart and no soul! Would I lie? Light reigns, Light waves! Exhaling..

  260. Amanda Daniels

    I have watched this man with my conservative loving Father (love you dad) many times just to hear his perspectives. Each time I listen I am flushed with embarrassment! He reminds me of a derailed and miserable puppet-man! He was the one who was probably not liked in school because he was too busy trying to be always right! Hence his place in the conservative arena, now its just-ahhh- space.. Is stupidity a requirement to have a show on Fox news? Is looking like you know what you are expressing, the greatest quality ever for the news media of Fox news or is it just kissing and loving the top? Making out like a Pinocchio- sooo dignified in my book! Now Mr. O' Riley, he is another equation all-together! That man has my vote any day! I actually enjoy watching him with dad to hear a diiferent 'SPIN' on topics! He is sooo Virgo and soo Intelligent! I knew Mr. President had this election once more. Shows how brilliant you right winged watchers of Hannity really are. It doesn't take the sharpest mind to grasp who had this election with their eyes closed. Please Note: Money cant buy you everything! It also doesn't buy integrity, soul growth and intellect! Happy New Year!

  261. Benny Benfari

    The Republican party needs a heavy dose of Libertarianism.

  262. Beverly Dianne Hawkins

    This is about the lamest article I have ever read! So because Obama won Sean loses half of his ratings? The over 50% of nuts who voted Obama in are at fault…not Sean. Sean fought hard against Obama so how can Sean be blamed when Obama wins? Sean is only one person…why aren't the over 50% being blamed for voting Obama back in? These articles get stupider and stupider!

  263. Amanda Daniels

    Stepupyourgame: You ain't even stepping in $hit! Weak arguments and weak jokes. You can't play where the true players play! Keep your posts to a minimum because you are embarassing yourself and you will continue to be SLated by Mr. Charles! Soooo stupid, I see!

  264. Amanda Daniels

    Umrebfan- i voted for Mr. President and would do so again if he is qualified to do the job! Im not on welfare or sitting at home on my a$$ all day but its a shame to sit on this post on this topic and speak so terribly about yourself since this is the best argument you could pull out of your a$$ in hopes that it actually gives your stance some weight! Guess what? Its still floating at the top of the river!

  265. Amanda Daniels

    All of this wining, he is taxing and spending and he wears yellow pants on labor day! Prayers to our free states, prayers to the world! If you enjoy crying like a baby and actually have resolutions for the USA, send to Mr. President and then get a life that works spiritually and mentally! Thanks!

  266. Amanda Daniels

    Progressives bring death!? Ahahahahaaha! Cult thoughts huh? These reasoning statementd against Mr. President will have me here during the beating time on this treadmill! Thanks for the cheap entertainment!

  267. Eddie Vega

    WOW! After reading a few of the comments, why haven't these people ran for office? You people seem to have all the answers. Amazing why such talented people, like the geniuses in this web site, are wasting their time posting their comments. When they should be out attending their local town hall meetings and gathering signatures for a petition to run for Congress. Wait! The voters are not smart, sophicated, informed too lazy for all you geniuses to get off your smart ass to do anything about it…I just remember we have people like that already… in Congress….Oops, my bad! Congress do represent the people…which none among them are geniuses as far as your brown (nose) can see. Good night geniuses.

  268. Todd Borland

    Hannity is a weak interviewer and communicator and his time should be up at Fox, but all that can be.said about the POTUS is that he can only communicate and that he is very weak on the other aspects that encompass the role of being President. Hold on America because a weak president and a very weak and do nothing congress spells disaster for us all.

  269. Dennis Xander

    I confess, Denny, I have quit watching. Especially that arrogant idiot, O'Reilly. I am more conservative than almost anyone you know, but I get my news from the internet. I like Hannity, but can't stand the uncontrolled bickering. I watch Fox & Friends in the AM before work, and that's about it. Watching more Fox Business. And old comedies.

  270. Amanda Daniels

    I can only agree with the first statement. There are many elements that embrace being a President and I feel you left the whole foundation of it all out. Being a good President calls for embracing INTEGRITY and doing what is right in the face of OPPOSITION! It’s not doing what's popular or what the Jones’s down the street concur is dandy but what is right FOR ALL! THE COMMON GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE is the goal! It’s about working together to find a solution whether you are black, red, brown, white, green or pink! It’s not bringing hate when disagreements invite themselves! Leadership skills and knowledge of it is possessed by only a very few I have to say. Certainly the Congress and all of their constituents are not the ones I speak about when it comes to Leadership abilities. They are counterfeit, each and every one of them. They don't stand for anything but GREED and NEGLECT of the people of this Nation. CONGRESS SHOULD BE RECONSTRUCTED TO FIT THE LIGHT (TRUTH) OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I am from the Bay Area, California and don’t hold Nancy Pelosi in high esteem! Nancy P. I don’t know that I see you as a true member or Leader! Botched face injections and face lifts really do not inject Integrity where it can be seen or believed! I get a bad feeling about her and her work as a person. Once you may have been a woman of honesty but that seems very eroded now. I have asked over and over again why these people have been representing areas that are not even aligned with their energies anymore? No fresh ideas, no reality checks either! The new leaders will be coming forth, be assured. They don’t just answer the calls physically but emotionally, intellectually, mentally and all of the above where all of those who have come before have lacked and then failed at their call time and time again. They continue to fail on all counts after a million years of having displaced power if you will! They demonstrate every day that they don’t know what to do with it except look pretty and smart in their expensive attire that means absolutely nothing to Americans looking in on all of them! FYI- Answering the call also has nothing to do with possession of money, due favors or corruption. Copy that.

  271. Amanda Daniels

    Really, Dennis? I like him but yes the ego is overly emphasized. Must be part of his gimmick?!

  272. Amanda Daniels

    I was being sarcastic when I agreed with you on Hannity being a great American. The facts that I use to weigh that conclusion are many but I will keep to myself. Happy New Year!

  273. Amanda Daniels

    Forgive Me for being off topic but I see the talk of Politics entering the ball room. I know what the Founding fathers say when they look down on this nation and not to mention the people who took their places! Shamefull indeed. A million and one tears for the blood shed on the fields and opposition they endured for this great place we inhabit! Congress be ashamed. The people in our Nation are used as pawns! I see you are incompetent with your job duties. Instead of focsuing on viagra to get it working down below, try focusing on getting the Nation to work. There are many rewards in the latter. President Washington and President Lincoln have much to say to you so it would be good to start listening and minding your manners too! That is all!

  274. Jason Bras

    the talking heads have no skin in the game. those making the wrong call that GOP would win should lose their jobs, banned from the networks.

  275. Ulysses Noman

    asinine masturbation by Nathan Francis, ALL the cable news shows' ratings plummet after the elections, every two years.

  276. Rockribbed Rushy

    I went to the Daily News, still a Flamin' Liberal Rag, and they did not cite any numbers.
    They did hedge their story by saying " the weeks after". We'll see when the winter book comes out shortly.

  277. Rockribbed Rushy

    Update: I was trying to find some hard numbers, but so far I have not found them. If Sean really dropped, there would be someone that would have the numbers, but there wasn't any so far.
    Much Ado About Nothing.

  278. Philip Curcio

    Hannity poses like he's one of the 'little people' but he's hook, line and sinker establishment. Get past the handsome looks and patriotic swill; he's not real.

  279. Anonymous

    First Glenn Beck, then Sarah Palin, then Dick Morris….Next is Ann Coulter and Denis Miller….Finally this pathetic show is getting what is coming to them….Next hopefully is Bill o and Sean Hannity on the chopping block…..Hey Sean not only are your listeners leaving you but your wife too…Where is your wedding ring Sean…Has the old lady wised up and dumped you too……Bye bye losers.

  280. Judi Rahe Milligan

    Thank goodness for talk show hosts that expose some of the hypocrisy out there that the main-stream media ignores!

  281. Joe Paloka

    Another guy living in a closet sex world and would never serve in the armed forces, but send your kids to fight/////////Guy a national disgrace to his country.

  282. Martin Adamo

    It is one of the top reasons the economy is getting better! More and more of the paralyzed right is starting to get back to business. Housing, retail sales are up. Unemployment claims are down and the stock market hit a record high. I use to enjoy the Hannity and Colmes show as it provided balance, but Hannity buy himself is the ultimate pinhead blathering nonsensical bs across the TV. Unfortunately many moderate GOPers and even true conservatives great ideas are lost in the sauce of the craziness of these clowns like Hannity. The thing that makes me the sickest? Talking about being Patriotic while coming up with everyone lie in the world about the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I support our President, but will give George Bush some credit for bailing out the banks and allowing a bridge loan for the automakers til Obama got into office. Even though he wasn't for it himself, he felt Americans had voted and did the right thing.

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