Rihanna's Breakup Advice For A Fan Gets Social Media Attention

Rihanna’s Breakup Advice For A Fan On Instagram Gains Praise On Social Media

Rihanna’s breakup advice to a fan proves that she has a talent for real talk and positive thinking on top of her musical prowess as social media users laud the singer’s outstanding way of consoling another soul struggling with heartache.

Celebrity social media accounts don’t usually allow fans to interact with their idols. Most of the time, the accounts are handled by other people hired to protect the celebrity’s image and maintain a working flow of updates about what can be revealed about their personal lives.

Moreover, Refinery29 suggests that even celebrities who manage their own social media accounts are still unable to respond to every single comment or message they receive from fans considering the volume of reactions they get for every single post.

But with a strike of luck, social media user Samer, who goes by the Twitter name @WaladShami, was able to get Rihanna’s breakup advice through social media.

According to the Huffington Post, Samer sent a direct message to the diva through her Instagram account, asking for tips on how to get over a heartbreak.

“How did you get over your first heartbreak? I’ve been struggling,” the fan wrote, addressing the singer by her nickname “Robs,” short for Rihanna’s real name “Robyn.”

In response, Rihanna’s breakup advice for Samer included finding the silver lining in the situation and keeping faith that someday he will be able to share a more beautiful kind of love with someone new.

Thrilled, Samer shared the singer’s response to him over his Twitter account.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Samer revealed that it wasn’t the first time RiRi responded to his social media messages but admitted that this particular reply meant much more to him.


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“This was my first experience with love,” he told the outlet about getting Rihanna’s breakup advice.

“As a woman who’s gone through so much herself, Rihanna’s insight on this topic meant a lot to me. I really appreciate how she took time to answer me in such an affectionate way.”

After seeing Samer’s post of the conversation, several social media users also lauded the “Diamonds” singer for sending the perfect message to an aching soul.

Some even gave their own piece of advice and shared well-wishes for the heartbroken Rihanna fan.

While Rihanna’s breakup advice was already buzzworthy, a report from BuzzFeed revealed that this wasn’t the first time the singer shared her words of wisdom to a fan. As a matter of fact, she even helped another accept what he truly is and come out of the closet.

Last year, RiRi urged a fan to “be who you are” after getting his message stating his fears about coming out.

“You are who you are, and as hard as it may seem, the best s**t ever is freedom and peace within yourself,” the singer wrote.

Since then, the fan started telling his friends and family about his sexuality and everything turned out perfectly, based on further exchanges between the two as posted by Refinery29.

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