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iTunes: Taylor Swift Thrives While Rihanna Takes A Dive

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” has been No. 1 for the past week on the iTunes chart. The success of Taylor’s latest single on iTunes, along with streaming points for the newly released video, could easily send the song to the top ten on the new Billboard Hot 100 chart, which will be released in a… Read more »

Billboard Artist 100: Rihanna Flops While Taylor Swift Is On Top

Rihanna at Met Gala

In terms of music, 2015 has been a disastrous year for Rihanna. Her two latest singles “B*tch Better Have My Money” and “American Oxygen” have failed to attract the listeners she is used to while many question why her record company keeps delaying her new album. Besides not scoring hits at Billboard, Rihanna has also… Read more »

Rihanna Makes Grand Entrance At Met Gala With Stunning Yellow Gown

rihanna met gala 2015

Rihanna has always been known for her eye-catching wardrobe choices, but the yellow ensemble that she wore in this year’s Met Gala is by far the most stunning of all. If there is an award for grand entrances, she sure deserves the first place. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art 2015 Costume Institute Benefit on… Read more »

Kanye West Changes Title Of Troubled New Album: Will It Help Sales?

Is Kanye West's musical career slipping?

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the hottest musical superstars of the past ten years. However, no matter how much anybody spins it, he appears to be on the decline. West’s 2013 album Yeezus is widely considered to be a flop. Billboard commented on West’s album sales a couple years back. “Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ falls… Read more »

Mariah Carey, Madonna, And Rihanna: A Bad Month For Pop Stars

Mariah Carey, Madonna and Rihanna

Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Madonna are three of the hottest pop stars the world has ever seen. However, the past month has not been kind to any of them. All of these pop stars have released good material (according to both fans and critics), but the material is being ignored by the general public. Let’s… Read more »

Rihanna’s Predicted ‘RH8’ Flop Receives Good News This Week


The road leading up to the release of Rihanna‘s new album, R8, hasn’t been a smooth ride. Her latest single had originally dropped out of the top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 after three weeks, leading many to predict that her upcoming album, RH8, will be a flop. However, Rihanna may be having the last… Read more »

Jay Z’s ‘Tidal’ Streaming Service Sailing Into Troubled Waters

Jay Z Tidal Launch

Jay Z launched his Tidal music-streaming service on March 31 amidst a wave of hype and fanfare. The launch of Tidal was a star-studded affair, with Jay Z joined on stage by the likes of Madonna, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Daft Punk. Jay Z promised investors and potential subscribers alike that Tidal represented a change… Read more »

Rihanna’s Latest ‘Flop’ Single Gets A Tiny Boost


Rihanna is doing what many other pop stars before her have done by posing nearly naked after a single has flopped. Her new single “B***h Better Have My Money” dropped out of the top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 after only three weeks. While other singers would kill to have a top 20 hit these… Read more »

Jennifer Lopez Signs On For ‘Mothers I’d Like To …’

Jennifer Lopez's New Movie Sign-On As A MILF - 'Mothers I'd Like To...' IV

Since Jennifer Lopez had such great success with The Boy Next Door, she has decided to partner with Universal Pictures to create a new movie called Mothers I’d Like To… It’s definitely no secret that Jennifer, 45, is still very hot and attractive, despite her age. In today’s time, she would be known as a… Read more »

Rihanna’s New Single Is Flopping: Should She Hire Iggy Azalea?


There is some major bad news for Rihanna. When she released her song “B*tch Better Have My Money” a couple weeks back, it immediately hit No. 1 on iTunes. It was a surprise, especially because the song garnered pretty bad reviews. The song had been received horribly on the Huffington Post and other sites. “She… Read more »

Rihanna Joins Lady Gaga In Accusations Of Plagiarism

Rihanna iHeart

Rihanna‘s latest single may be topping the iTunes charts, but she is being accused of plagiarizing her song from an R&B performer called Just Brittany. Gossip Cop explains the controversy. “Rihanna is being accused of stealing ‘B**ch Better Have My Money.’ A number of Internet observers and news outlets are pointing to similarities between the… Read more »