‘Gangnam Style’ Earnings: Psy Made At Least $7.9 Million From Hit Song

“Gangnam Style” has been very good to Psy. The South Korean rapper’s earnings are reportedly in the $8 million ballpark, according to the Toronto Star.

Although Psy has made a small fortune off the catchy tune and its peculiar dance, not much of the money came from South Korea or Asia. In fact, the rapper only made around $60,000 from online sales in his native country.

The Seattle Times reports that Psy and YG Entertainment have earned around $870,000 from ads displayed on his YouTube channel. The “Gangnam Style” video, which has roughly 880 million views, recently became the most watched clip ever uploaded to the popular website.

On the digital sales front, the song has been downloaded roughly 2.1 million times from iTunes. Nielsen SoundScan states that “Gangnam Style” continues to be an exceptionally strong performer months after its release. If calculations are correct, Psy and company stand to make around $2.4 million from digital downloads alone.

Additionally, the South Korean rapper will reportedly make a tidy sum of money from television commercials. Psy is currently lending his face and song to a Samsung refrigerator and a brand of noodles.

Since some people believe “Gangnam Style” could be nothing more than a flash in the pan, Psy might want to make as much money as possible while he still can.

“When this slows down, what comes next for Psy? Is it the evolution of a new musical style, something audiences are going to be craving en masse, or is it something that’s just a passing fancy?” Nielsen analytics vice president David Bakula said.

If you’re tired of reading countless stories about “Gangnam Style,” then you’re in good company. The Inquisitr reported earlier this week that Psy himself is growing a little tired of the dance craze.

“Sometimes, honestly, yes I get tired or I get sick of it because I got so many requests to teach them, you know, like average let me say 50 requests per city, per country,” the rapper explained. “I already taught the dance to so many people, so many times but still the dance takes me here, to make a press conference in Singapore, so of course sometimes I’m tired of it, but I got to do it, it’s my job.”

What do you think about Psy and his “Gangnam Style” earnings? Are you surprised by the amount of money he’s made off the song?