‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 521 – Universe One’s Return And Fairies Counterattack

‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 531 English Spoilers: Acnologia Strikes Ravines Of Time But Escapes Due To Zeref?

Chapter 531 of immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail is on the cusp of a pivotal chase between the Dark Dragon Achnologia, and the Pegasus, the ship built specifically to offer a winning edge to dragon slayers. Having managed to survive every attack, will Acnologia strike the “Ravines of Time” and be lost in the emptiness?

Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 531 spoilers/recap and Chapter 532 speculations ahead.

Chapter 530 of manga Fairy Tail revealed about the mysterious Ravines of Time. The place where true emptiness reigns and time ceases to have all meaning existed because of the extensive time traveling done by Ms. Anna Heartfilia. In order to correct itself, time created an anomaly where nothing exists, and whoever touches the Ravines of Time remains trapped there for all eternity. The anomaly is said to be roughly the size of an orange, and it lay undiscovered for 400 years because Anna had neatly hidden the same. The previous chapter also revealed that the airborne ship is ineffective against Acnologia, and hence, the crew decides to lead the Dark Dragon to the place where Ravines of Time exists. The plan is to dodge the anomaly and let Acnologia strike against it.

The current chapter opens with the majestic chase sequence in which Pegasus is leading Acnologia. Although the flying vessel can’t hurt the dragon, it can certainly outrun it, and hence with Acnologia in tow, the ship speeds towards the Ravines of Time. As expected, Jellal is quite skeptical about the plan and is also wary about Anna. However, Erza attempts to ease his trepidations. Meanwhile, Wendy sincerely worries about not being able to remember Anna. But the lady assuages Wendy’s anxiety by blaming the amnesia on the eclipse through which all the five initiating members of the Fairy Tail went through. Anna adds that Wendy and the others will eventually remember her as “all things have an order to them.”

During the heartfelt conversations, the main pilot of Pegasus confirms they are reaching the predetermined coordinates. As expected, everyone onboard Pegasus is worried about the extremely complex maneuver which involves carefully dodging the Ravines of Time by a very slim margin, while letting Acnologia strike it. Even a slight miscalculation could result in Pegasus getting sucked inside the anomaly. Fortunately, the Pegasus manages to miss the Ravines of Time by executing a very complex barrel roll maneuver. As soon as Pegasus passes through, the crew levels the ship and awaits for Acnologia.

As expected, Acnologia hits the Ravines of Time, and everybody onboard Pegasus is overjoyed. Shockingly, in the next instant, Acnologia is seen right beside Pegasus. The Dark Dragon latches onto the ship’s wings. As everyone is taken aback by the developments, Ms. Anna reasons that Acnologia might have seen the Ravines of Time because the anomaly returned to a state where it could be visually seen. Moreover, it appears the Ravines of Time has abruptly shut down.

The scene suddenly shifts back to Magnolia, where Natsu and Zeref are engaged in an epic battle. In the previous chapter, Zeref had revealed his endgame. He intends to reset time using Mavis’ magic and a very powerful spell called Neo Eclipse. He also mentions that the Ravines of Time is critical to his plans.

Amidst the battle with Natsu, Zeref reveals that it is he who found the Ravines of Time. He adds that the anomaly is filled with unimaginably strong time magic. Zeref claims that all the time magic in the Ravines of Time belongs to him and hence he sealed it off, and adds that he shuttered the anomaly until he can finish the Neo Eclipse spell. This explains why Acnologia wasn’t sucked into the Ravines of Time.

Unfortunately, no one aboard the Pegasus is aware of the abrupt closure of the Ravines of Time. Moreover, with Acnologia latching on the ship firmly, the crew has very limited options. Desperate to free the Pegasus from the clutches of Acnologia, Erza suggests to Ichiya that they “break the Lacrima that allows dragon slayers to ride on Pegasus without getting sick.” As soon as Ichiya shatters the Lacrima, Acnologia lets go of Pegasus. With the ship free, Anna suggests they “rip open the Ravines of Time”.

In the previous chapter, Lucy and Gray were seen holding the “Book of E.N.D”. While Lucy was getting emotional about Natsu, Happy suggested they open the book to read its contents because Mavis had informed them that when the time comes the Book of E.N.D and Natsu’s friends would be the only two things that would protect him. As Lucy flips open the book, the name “Natsu Dragneel” flashes before her, and the trio is bathed in intense light. Moreover, the characters appear to jump out of the book and fly upwards in a spiral motion. While the writing is hardly decipherable, Lucy recognizes all the information is about Natsu. It is clear that Lucy is able to make sense of the characters flying out of the book.

Meanwhile, inside the Fairy Tail headquarters, Zeref is proving too much for Natsu. While the Dark Mage has Natsu in the grip of one of his spells, Zeref gloats that Natsu cannot defeat him. Suddenly, the doors swing open, and Mavis enters, claiming that if not Natsu, she will defeat Zeref.

Shockingly, Zeref isn’t surprised to see Mavis. As revealed earlier, Zeref had been waiting for Mavis, as he intends to use her magic. Zeref says all the preparations for Neo Eclipse are finally complete. However, before he can proceed with the spell, Natsu is seen undergoing some form of transformation.

Chapter 531 of manga Fairy Tail ends with the hint of Natsu transforming into something very powerful. Moreover, as indicated by Zeref, it seems Natsu is invoking the power of dragons that resides deep within Natsu. It is quite possible that the Natsu is truly transforming into E.N.D (Etherious Natsu Dragneel)

Fairy Tail manga Hiro Mashima revealed in the last panel that the next issue will feature a double chapter. Hopefully, he reveals about Natsu’s transformation, and whether the Pegasus is able to defeat Acnologia.

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