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Former USSR Paper Calls President Obama A ‘Communist Without Question’

President Obama Communist In USSR

Pravda, a once powerful USSR newspaper, has come out of the woodwork to call President Obama a “Communist without question.” Given the paper’s understanding of the Communist regime, its statement has rung true with far right wing conservatives who are constantly looking for any chance to attack the POTUS.

The President Obama communist comment was part of an article titled “Obama’s Soviet Mistake” in which the newspaper offers a biting critique of the President’s policies.

In the article, author Xavier Lerma says Obama’s “cult of personality” has served to mesmerize the ignorant in America. The author says “fools” are following Obama just as they had Lenin and Stalin in Russia. Lerma writes:

“Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”

In a laughable twist, the author tries to turn around the situation by claiming that Vladimir Putin has been sounding more like a “Ronald Reagan” type figure then the very conservatives serving America today.

In comparing Putin to Obama, the writer offers these recent statements from Putin:

“…we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses.

“The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state.

“There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results.”

Pravda use to be the central voice for the communist party in the USSR; what might be most amazing is that this largely irrelevant newspaper is still managing to create a communist stir.

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17 Responses to “Former USSR Paper Calls President Obama A ‘Communist Without Question’”

  1. Paul Aldige Katz

    All I see is a Russian communist party owned publication taking part in some good 'ol fashioned America bashing, where in they call us all stupid, suggest our electoral results are fraudulent, and directly say President Obama is trying to destroy our country. It's something the Russian press does a lot; try to call us the communists so that the Russian people maybe forget that merely saying stuff can land them in jail.

    It's no different than when RT incites anarchists over here to take over our national monuments so that when the park police respond, they can record the crackdown, and use the footage to call us hypocrites on TV.

    Seriously, the first response to articles like this should be "F#ck you Russia".

  2. Steve Trewhitt

    It just seems pretty simple! Communists can spot other fellow Communists easily,at least that's what I get from the article.They love Obama.

  3. Trinity Dwain Holmes

    @ Paul Aldige Katz Sad thing is it is true!!Read Obama`s dreams of My Father and research His early years!!Our press will not report this!!!
    We have 2 couples that are friends from Poland and fled communism there!They say the exact same thing about Obama!!

  4. Louise Hodges

    Obama is just part of the old tired communist manifesto of his grandparents, a day late and a dollar short. Nobody wants to be a communist. People want to get paid and go home, and do their own thing. Nobody wants to join some stupid party.

  5. Paul Aldige Katz

    Steve and Trinity, do you really think Pravda would have written anything better about America if Romney had won? Of course not. We'd be treated to an article about how America is owned by the aristocrats. The goal of the article was to make America look bad so that Russia by comparison would look good. America would have gotten slammed by this Russian rag no matter what.

    It's sad to see Americans help them do it by praising essentially anti-American propaganda.

  6. Steve Trewhitt

    Praise, all I stated was INTERESTING! Do your research, That's not the only publication calling him a socialist, and Communist! Its sad that we even have a leader that the Russians are glad hes a alleged Communist!

  7. Louise Hodges

    I have two pages of online links to Obama's communist parents and grandparents. The FBI erased the grandparents files in 1997. His mother was a youth communist organizer in her high school. The school board was called before the House UnAmerican Activities – and SHE MET HER HUSBAND IN THE RUSSIAN DEPARTMENT WHERE MY EX HUSBAND WAS A GRADUATE STUDENT RECRUITED BY THE SAME PEOPLE. DON'T TALK COMMUNIST TO ME, I WAS MARRIED TO ONE.

  8. Daryl Williams

    Paul it doesn't matter about Pravda reporting. The sad thing is we are headed down the same road other nations followed to their destruction. Get your head out of the sand, open your eyes and do something to help stop downward spiral before it's too late, dude.

  9. Timothy Dolen

    I have zero doubt that Obama is closer to a communist and is more willing to pursue such than any other. For years I've listened to people like Limbaugh off and on accuse him of intentionally implimenting policy that ravages the economy and I thought that he's just a bigot. This fiscal cliff thing and the entire Democrat party's total unwillingness to accept reality on finances has taught me otherwise. As it stands, if interest rates only gradually raise, we're going to spend $5 trillion in tax revenue over the next decade just in interest payments. That's ~ 3 decades of the war on terrorism. That's 2 years of actual tax revenue and there's no end in sight. The supply of loanable funds is being sucked the fuck up by the Federal government and the economy is about to tank again due to the savage effects of "Obamacare" and the Fiscal cliff combined. He doesn't care, the more collapse, the more control.

  10. Drake Dunaway

    "Dreams From My Father" references Communist Frank Marshal Davis as his mentor.

    He spent 20 years in a Black Supremacist church in Chicago learning Liberation Theology.

    He was a political ally of Bill Ayers. SDS and Weather Underground.

    His mother and relatives were active within the Communist Party.

    I think it's funny that Democrats under Bush were so concerned with what the world thought, selling that if they were elected the world would like us more.


    I have no love for Russia and what they are doing in Iran and with countries like Georgia, but in this case our accusers are telling the truth.

    "The goal of the article was to make America look bad so that Russia by comparison would look good. America would have gotten slammed by this Russian rag no matter what."

    We said that to you in the Bush years about Al Jazeera and EU European media. Take your pick, I don't care. I don't feel fondness for the nations that say it, but it is true in this case.

    When China fires back at us that we ourselves are a currency manipulator for monetizing our debt (to pay for ObamaCare), I cannot deny it because I dislike China.

    When Pravda calls us communist and says Americans are historically illiterate, I agree. People that genuinely and sincerely believe that Obama sells NEW ideas only have to look at newspapers from the 20s and 30s to see how much Progressives liked Mussolini, Stalin, and yes, Mr. Stash, and praised them before the outbreak of the war. Liberals in this era praised these strongmen for bypassing constitution, individuality, and using the power of government to meet the material needs of the masses. If Democrats really believe Obama represents something NEW, they are historically illiterate and Pravda is correct about them.

    Broken clocks can be right twice a day.

  11. Paul Aldige Katz

    Actually, its worth noting the entire premise of this the article "Former USSR Paper Calls President Obama A ‘Communist Without Question’" is bogus. Pravda (the communist paper), is not the same entity of, which is essentially an online tabloid. The author of this blog was tricked, as was just about everyone who read it.

    So this idea that some hardcore communist paper is calling us communist, not true. If you look at the news partners for, you'll see its just a bunch of lune blogs and nothing with journalistic integrity:

  12. Drake Dunaway

    "If you look at the news partners for, you'll see its just a bunch of lune blogs and nothing with journalistic integrity:"

    You just described the KOS.

  13. Paul Aldige Katz

    True, I wouldn't disagree with that. I don't trust blogs when it comes to facts, unless they operate in a press environment that adheres to the principles of journalistic integrity. Unfortunately, most people don't know the difference between a journalistic publication/source and a blog where link re-posting is done to drive traffic without any concern for the source information actually being right.

  14. Drake Dunaway

    Kinda like Candy Crowley interrupting Romney when he had Obama on the ropes over Benghazi, and then doing a walk-back on her own facts AFTER people turned their TVs off and Anderson Cooper called her out on it? The applause you could hear and the laughter did not come from the audience; it was coming from the sound room. Where the reporters are.

    I think most journalists are hacks who look for ways to help their Beloved. Industry polls put Democrats in Journalism close to 90%.

    Not trusting what I hear, I look to a President's voting record and self-discovery memoirs that say "Hey, I'm a commie and so is everyone else in my family."

    "In their own words" tends to cut through the spin.

  15. Paul F. Carnes

    Paul, you're right that they probably would have found reason to criticize either way but truth is truth. Study the differing government types and what happens to the people in them. Obama is no lover of freedom; he is looking to form a totalitarian state. He is an aspiring communist.

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