Black Friday Brawl: Fight Breaks Out Over Sneakers [Video]

Sacramento, CA — More Black Friday violence in what the local media is calling a sea of chaos as a melee started in the middle of a shopping mall when three men apparently fought over a pair of shoes. Then two women started tussling.

It didn’t take long for fists to start flying at the Roseville (California) Galleria in suburban Sacramento. The altercation happened about 30 minutes into Black Friday (i.e., 12:30 am).

More and more it seems, the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping orgy known as Black Friday causes bargain-hunting consumers across the country to start pushing and shoving each other and otherwise coming completely unglued trying to get good deals at the stores.

A shopper recorded the near-riot at the Roseville Galleria on his iPhone (see videos below). Lawrence Corpus told CBS Sacramento, Channel 13, that “you could feel the intensity of the fight as it happened. So it was something I felt like I had to document.”

Another witness said that “guys started punching each other and then they ran over the barrier of the jump thing, and the guy started getting his face stomped in. It was pretty crazy.”

In the midst of the free-for-all, someone threw a trash can lid that nearly hit some bystanders.

Mall security didn’t show up for 15 minutes, and by the time Roseville police got to the scene, the brawlers had scattered. The mall plans to beef up security during the holiday season, however.

Do you think shoppers are taking this Black Friday thing a little too far?

[Galleria image credit: J.smith]

Watch the CBS news report about the brawl at the Roseville Galleria as well as the raw footage: