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John McCain Missed Briefing While Slamming Obama Over Benghazi Attack

john mccain

John McCain missed a classified briefing on the details of the Benghazi attack on Wednesday.

What was McCain doing during the briefing? According to ABC News, McCain was on the senate floor demanding answers from the White House about the Benghazi attack

Business Insider reports that officials from the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA and the National Counterterroism Center gave a three hour briefing to the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. McCain, who is part of the committee, missed the briefing due to a “scheduling conflict.”

While the other members of the committee were being briefed about the situation McCain was criticizing the White House for how it has handled the attack on September 11 in Libya.

McCain said at a press conference:

“More than two months after the Benghazi attack, there are still many unanswered questions … While we await the findings and recommendations of the administration’s internal review of the Benghazi attack, it’s essential for the Congress to conduct its own independent assessment.”

ABC notes that McCain may have received some of the answers he was looking for at the briefing but he probably would not have been satisfied. The top Republican on the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Susan Collins, said that the briefing only “scratched the surface” of the situation.

Collins said:

“I really wasn’t (satisfied). There are many, many unanswered questions. I feel that we’ve only scratched the surface through the briefings that we had today.”

There are currently four senate committees looking into the Benghazi attack but McCain is calling for an independent group to investigate the situation. Collins, however, disagrees.

Collins said:

“I do not see the benefit of creating a brand new committee when we already have the Senate’s chief oversight committee, plus the Intelligence Committee, examining this very important matter.”

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264 Responses to “John McCain Missed Briefing While Slamming Obama Over Benghazi Attack”

  1. Marc Metal

    the mouth of hanoi, considered a traitor by most who know his full story, is back acting like the old fart yelling at kids to get of his lawn. this "hero" went on hanoi radio ripping the usa to get out of prison while real heros stay behind and were tortured. as a senator he was censored for being involved in the banking mess of the 80s/90s and has protected his son who is involved in banking fraud a in the 90s and again a few years ago. as a husband he cheated on his wives and met his current wife, who was married, in a bar. if his dad was not an admiral mccain would have not been a pilot [last in his class] and his full military record whould not have been sealed. he flipped as much as romney on how views to retain his seat in the senate and has lost the respect of his peers. his racist past is catching up to him.

  2. Cdno Nline

    Wow, just wow. You're pretty much a complete and shameless liar… like to a degree where you should consider checking yourself in for medical assistance. Please cite your evidence for this "mouth of Hanoi" business.

  3. Lorry Weiss

    this man is senile and should go home and stay there, he is beyond help and is still exercising sour grapes because he lost to Obama in 2008. Maybe he should go to Alaska with his excentric running mate there they can see Russia all day!

  4. Bernardino R. Villorente Jr.

    John, you lost… stop being bitter and get over it. All these mud-slinging and bickering is getting old I suggest that you go to Afghanistan and pick a fight with one of the Mujahideens there.

  5. Neil Wasserman

    All you libral jerkoffs where was your President Nobama when the shit hit the fan in Benghazi..You will all get what you deserve when Nobama runs this govt in the next 4 yrs….

  6. Linda Chudej

    Senator McCain, please get the facts before accusing the President of any mishandling of the embassy attack in Libya. Are you deliberating trying to cause trouble for the Administration in anticipation of 2016? Why don't you behave as a patriotic American (yes, I know you were a POA in Viet Nam and for your service I thank you but that was in the '70's) and for once be supportive of the President instead of being so blatantly partisan? Can you imagine how much good you and your Republican cronies in Washington could do if you would support positive initiatives from the White House? And yes there have been positive initiatives from the White House. You single handedly are making my aversion to Republicans stronger—as if Romney & Ryan weren't bad enough–and I was a life-long Republican until 2008.

  7. Diane Rickman Carder

    I am GLAD McCain is demanding answers! Obama needs to speak up instead of hiding under womens apron strings. Obama is nothing but a liar and a traitor.

  8. Anonymous

    You are so smart Diane, now go bake us some more cookies, and stay in the kitchen..

  9. Anonymous


  10. Mark Kroczynski

    So Ms. Carder, if he is demanding answers, why does he skip the meeting?

  11. Bob Taber

    he was not elected because liberals are weak in spirit and mind they are followers not leaders just look at obama lead from behind, behind what.

  12. Joseph Harris

    rgilsp you are full of s..t.Didnt you ever see Obumer on Videpo tape admitting he was born in Kenya??
    the site is Check it out for yourself!!!!

  13. William D Rilling

    His memory has been fading for years according sources very close to him. He graduated roughly 894 of 898 from the Naval Academy, only got in becaues of his father, crashed at least one expensive jet during training..I was going to elaborate more but I guess I should stop here.

  14. Diane Rickman Carder

    Roger Griggs I like the truth. Your Messiah will be impeached

  15. Joseph Harris

    you and all Dumbocrats are the traitors by electing a non-native born to be POTUS in violation of the law.
    a handful of 'gimme' and a mouthful of "much obligied"..

  16. Benjamin Planeta

    ok diane go tell obama that he is a traitor to his face he has saved our country from the worst finacial crisis since the great depression and hiding under womens apron strings? i think not he is a very strong and has a goal which i believe he will complete

  17. Dennis Hayes

    Let see, Sen. McCain dumps on Obama and Susan Rice over Benghazi where 4 Americans were killed yet he was silent on Bush and Condoleezza Rice claim of WMD in Araq where 5000 Americans were killed. I'm just saying…

  18. Diane Rickman Carder

    Dane Valer you weren't there either and nothing of any substance was put out

  19. Joseph Harris

    Roger Griggs you are another sorry ass excuse for an American citizen!!!
    must be on Obama's DOLE!! A handful of GIMMIE an a mouthful of S..t.

  20. Diane Rickman Carder

    Benjamin where have you been living under a rock??? This country is being destroyed. His goal is world wide redistribution. we are OWNED by China.

  21. Joseph Harris

    William D Rilling you are another sorry ass excuse for an American citizen!!!
    must be on Obama's DOLE!! A handful of GIMMIE an a mouthful of S..t

  22. Mark Kroczynski

    Diane Rickman Carder – and your point on the Holly Petraeus article, which is replete with misspellings I might add, and according to the post it said she was appointed in January 2011 to the position, which means what? That OB knew nearly a year and a half ago that the was going to have this incident with ret. General Petraeus, a registered Republican in NH incidentally who received a unanimous confirmation by the Senate?

  23. Al Gerth

    Hey mark you DB he certainly could not be in 2 places at one time. It is well documented that O missed numerous briefings to do what he does best campaign, blame others for his lack of accomplishing anything, fund raising or golfing.

  24. Deina Duval

    Shame on John McCain to toss out accusations of incompetence when he knowingly chose a running mate who had to be schooled like a 12 year old on everything from geography to foreign policy to….uh,…. just what is the Federal Reserve, Sarah? (she didn't really know). John McCain willingly put Americans in danger of putting that woman in the Oval Office if, God forbid, anything happened to him. Incompetence he says? Really?

  25. Corin Love

    His bitterness will leave his legacy as a bitter old man that lost to President Obama in 2008. He should just retire… this is getting embarrasing to watch.

  26. Anonymous

    Give John a brreak after d palin fiasco the man is suffering from alzimmers, demention, and constipation. He is an old racist fart on his way out of the repubs S.

  27. Diane Humpal

    rgilsp McCain recalled? Cut it out! How about the Muslim-n-Chief being recalled for fraudulent voting practices, both times, for tearing apart the bill of rights and constitution, for running our country into debt, for allowing 4 people to be murdered recently at Benghazi? That is the scum that needs to be ousted!

  28. Diane Humpal

    Obama's fraudulent votings got him elected. Had nothing to do with McCain temper. Obama is scum!

  29. Diane Humpal

    I agree with you Diane! This country needs answers and this country needs to impeach the low-life muslim they call president.

  30. Dee Smith

    Obama/Valerie Jarrod sent out Mrs. Rice to sell a story they knew wasn't true. Leaving our guys abandoned in Benghazzi, President Obama has alot of people fooled.

  31. Dee Smith

    Diane, there was alot of voter fraud. There are precincts in Pennsylvania that every vote counted was literally for President Obama.

  32. Dee Smith

    Diane, there was alot of voter fraud. There are precincts in Pennsylvania that every vote counted was literally for President Obama.

  33. John O'Driscoll

    Diane Rickman Carder where have you been for the last twenty years. Everyone is angry. About time that politicians started working on the current pressing issues. No amount of investigating will bring the people back who were lost. Get on with things…anything to avoid doing what they should be doing in Washington. John McCain needs to quit and go home. Obstructionist they have called his kind of people.

  34. Jeffery Finley

    can you explain the traitor part . i dont understand he took out bin laden .saved the auto industry trying to keep republicans out of our social security funds. extended unemployment for the working class who lost there jobs during the george w hay day and hes bringing our troops home and out of harms way ..which will make america safer with our troops being able to guard our boarders.

  35. Diane Rickman Carder

    Obama is going to have to answer for the cover ups. the truth will come out, and no we are not going to sit back and watch our citizens murdered. What next O'Driscoll?

  36. John O'Driscoll

    Oh and were you there lady? You seem to have such extensive knowledge….Maybe you should be investigated. Are you a local talent from you military base? Hum…..

  37. Anonymous

    Senator: If you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the…

  38. Diane Rickman Carder

    Jeffery Finley traitor part—saved the car indstry—oh he gave chrysler to Fiat. GM now jobs in China-. Get you head out of the sand. if he stopped regulations and taxes on small businesses there would not be a need for extnded unemployment cause we would have JOBS. you know some ppl want to actually work and take care of themselves. and this coverup—obma just says what he has to to get elected!

  39. Kathleen Warner

    I am losing more and more respect for John McCain, who'd rather be out critizing President Obama than in a briefing on Benghazi, where he might have learned some facts. I'm beginning to think there needs to be age limits for Congress, 75 tops, he is at least 76, and I think I'ts time for him and those his age to go. It disturbs me that at a critical time in our Country, some of these Congressmen would rather be out keeping the hate and divisiveness going than dealing with our problems, what happened in Benghazi being just one. There is a fiscal cliff coming, whether you believe it or not, and we're going to go over it if the bitter and devisive members of the Republican party don't start working together with the other members of Congress and the President. I don't know exactly what will happen if we go over that cliff, but I don't' think I want to find out.

  40. John Boglio

    I used to like Mc Cain, but he is getting Close to the position of The Idiot of Rush Limbaugh, and Mitch Mc Connell who is a fanatic and a poison for the GOP.

  41. Anonymous

    Ole John "Complain" and his pal "Linda" Graham need to get a life and go back to work for the people.

  42. Anonymous

    Diane Humpal Amen and keep up the posts. I am sure he can be briefed by someone who did go. So many morons so little time

  43. Anonymous

    seems like "maverick" has become "mouth-wreck" and inherited Palin's ignorance. Next he'll be the opening act for the POS, war-traiter/coward Nugent.

  44. Marty Rogers

    Diane Rickman Carder lady please stop watching Fox News and use your brain. This was a classified meeting. However missing in some info according to another republican, the fact is information was given and the fact is Mr. McCain has no interest in the truth your partisan politics when the country needs its leaders to focus on the economy. I ask you Ms. Carder: were you this outraged when Bush took us to a war under false pretenses (weapons of mass destruction) resulting in the deaths of over 4000 americans and trillions of dollars? the democrats put their partisanship behind for the good of the country and never called for an investigation for what it truly is a real scandal. Benghazi is a trip to the zoo compared to Iraq, and nobody is accusing Obama of orchestrating the attacks, just of no knowing their nature right when it happened. Perspective please and spare me your hate-filled phony outrage.

  45. Sondra Bauernfeind

    John McCain was held as a POW for five and one half years, tortured and refused to be released once his captors learned who he was. Get your facts straight. It was John Kerry who never was a POW, was awarded several purple hearts for band-aid quality " war wounds ' and then trashed American troops along with Jane Fonda during ant-war rallys. Get your facts straight. If you believe anything produced by the Obama administration about anything, you had better wake up. Senator McCain knows that any information presented at a " briefing " is pure propaganda and mostly lies. Just like the story about the " disgusting" video which Hillary, Susan Rice, Biden and Obama blamed for the " spontaneous riots " which were carried on for over seven hours resulting in the murders of four Americans. I watched the words come out of Obama's mouth when he addressed the UN….. so I dare you to deny that.

    Why would Senator McCain waste his time sitting in a meeting when he was much more effective addressing the US Senate on the topic of Benghaza?

  46. Linda Sills

    John Kerry is the one that bad mouted the military. You won't find McCain doing such. He is a patriot- Do not try to diminish him as this article is doing. You are buying into the maligning press.
    MCCain was out there as 4 people are dead and without voices. He was trying to be that voice for the killings that didn't need to be except by the error or miscommand of someone.

  47. Richard Sealy

    Shoot then aim… How can anybody comment on this til a FULL investigation is done? Those republican take anything they can and thet blow it into something that makes them look like idiots. And they wonder why they lost. You go Mr President I have your back and so does America. Take all the time you need to investigate this. It will drive them crazy.lmao.

  48. Richard Sealy

    I respect the fact that McCain served his Country but he still a idiot. Hey McCain still not over lossing to Obama. Hell you pick such a good runningmate..lmao.. and remember shoot then aim.

  49. Catriona Newman

    Joseph Harris Yoy are a total idiot and liar, get a life and maybe you can help McCain get a life as well, if it was up to this fool we would be at war with every country in the world.

  50. Dawn Dalton

    Give it up McCain. The more I hear you rant, the more I dislike you. You have painted yourself as a very hateful person. Obama is the President. That's it!

  51. Kenneth Simmons

    What initiatives? The only ones that I can think of is the jobs bill that he never presented to congress, and the budget that got beat in the Senate 98 – 0.Just because you say that it's so doesn't make it so. Why not list a few to enlighten me. I really want to be informed on them, whatever they are. Also, honey, the WH has been proven liars, even soetoro let the cat out of the bag twice during his p.c. this week. How can anybody get the facts from this WH? it's ONLY been more than a month. Just a few problems, or bumps in the road, for your savior. It'll go away, and the dead will never have their story told.
    Just a couple of things. What is a POA, and NOBODY cares or believes your self- proclaimed party preference.

  52. Marc Metal

    McCain has a history of racism and has turned into a grouchy old man. This week he has been ripping into UN Ambassador Susan Rice calling for an investigation into her roll in Benghazi and earlier this year he wanted an investigation into Attorney General Eric Holder running guns into Mexico.

    McCain, who personally blocked Arizona from celebrating the Martin Luther King Holiday and bragged about it, has attacked Susan Rice for repeating the information that the CIA briefed her and the White House on Benghazi and has attack Eric Holder for stopping the gun running to Mexico that happened under GW Bush and approved by McCain! Rice and Holder are African Americans and McCain is leading the right wing racist charge to take back their country from Obama every sick chance he gets!

    Think of McCain’s’ last big decisions; Sarah Palin, the 2007 US financial situation, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Egypt, etc. He has been wrong time after time and shouts his mistakes on TV every chance he gets.

    Today he was grandstanding complaining he did not have enough information on Benghazi. Of course while he was complaining on live TV he was missing his senate committee meeting being detailed on Benghazi! When he was asked about it he yelled at the reporter on the air for questioning him!

    McCain – time to go before your real military records, which your admiral daddy had sealed, come out and the American public learns why Viet Nam vets call you the mouth of Hanoi.

  53. George Farmakis

    False Breaking News, Senator McCain, rushed to hospital, with Similidas, this is when your hind end looks like your face, and you do not know which end goes first. Flash, flash, Lindsay Grahamn, Rush, McConnell, heads are stuck in McCains, rear, as he stopped suddenly to give Ambassodor Rice a raw deal, of lies, and giving the President more threats, with the Press, McCain stopped, and all there heads got stuck all at once.Resign you senial, Charlaton.Thank you gf.

  54. Kenneth Simmons

    Real Americans tend to "lose it" when American officials get murdered by Terrorists. Guess that it doesn't bother you though, huh Glenda? And our Govt continues to try out stories that are lies, everyone claims amnesia or stupidity, I didn't know, he didn't know, we didn't know, she didn't know, blah, blah. That may be OK for you, I'm sure that a few more dead doesn't matter a bit to you, and I'm sure that you don't want to know. I'll bet that if any of these brave, tortured and murdered Americans were relatives of yours, you STILL wouldn't care. If a hero like John McCain is losing it, I am too. That's the difference, honey. You've already lost it, and probably never had it to begin with. Shame on you.

  55. Kim Ohyalashea Scurry

    I'm glad that this douche bag lost the presidency in 2008! This dude is dead weight on the real. I believe he has Alzheimer's.

  56. Kenneth Simmons

    You are sickening. This is 4 murdered Americans, an act of war, and it doesn't matter to you and all of you commenters that couldn't hold John McCain's hat. Disgusting slobberers like you would alibi soetoro if he pulled the trigger himself. Think that you'd feel the same way if it was your brother that had his corpse dragged through the streets? I think that you would, as long as soetoro wasn't called out on his lies. Terrorist murders. Torture and rape and desecration of bodies. All in a day's work, eh? No big thing, right? Soetoro's investigating, so it's all good, right?
    You make me want to puke on you and all of your ilk. You couldn't wipe Sen. McCain's backside.

  57. Floor Guard

    instead of the heading reading "McCane slamming the President". it should have said McCane stands up for the fallen that the Presldent would rader forget. just like the two coast guards that were shot dead in Alasks last April, never more a word as to what happened to them , no, not a word , The same would be the case of the Libyas casualtys if it was left to the President. It's plain to be seen , by some of the hate comments on here how obama got reelected.

  58. Tom Brossard

    I agree If people were smart enough to get the real facts they wouldnt be defending obama. Listen to O Reilly a liberal who just wants the truth.

  59. Cheree Aliifua-Meafou

    AMAZING! Utterly amazing! This really goes to show how the right side is losing its grip on the people, the focus and our country! You folks made your bed, now sleep in it! Just stop the lies & accusations…" THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" have spoken! President Obama is the one to lead us out of the post "bush bullish"! Cut the crap already! Have some dignity!

  60. William D Rilling

    Sorry, Joe. Educated Vietnam Vet 63-69. Upper 1% through a lot of hard and long work. I now receive Medicare and have a great supplement. Medicare should be the model for all! I think we are a civilized society, but I guess some don't think so.

  61. Cheree Aliifua-Meafou

    To Mr. Mc-jackass:

    Be careful of the stones you throw Mr. "MY DADDY IS ADMIRAL MCAIN"! Had that been any other American child in "THE HANOI" They would be a tombstone in Arlington! You are an angry, angry small man! With big words!

    Your a chump now, not a HERO… Just an angry, bitter & RICH old man!

    And you wonder why folks cant relate to you!

  62. Edwin Markus

    Kenneth are you a friend of Linda? do you know her? How dare you use a condescending term like honey. Would you appreciate it if you were referred to as Boy? or Wuss or Punk?

  63. Carole Schuster

    John McCain, was probably on purpose tHAT U MISSED THE MEETTING.

  64. Anonymous

    Kenneth Simmons It might help Kenneth if you read a newspaper or magazine or journal occasionally because if you had you might really know the the scope of the initiatives Obama has taken despite being labeled everything from a Communist to the Anti-Christ by the right wing for the past four years.

  65. Anonymous

    You women are so dumb you think Barack Obama's Version of Women's Rights being "Girls Gone Wild" is actually women's rights and feel no need to even question deaths of innocent Citizens of our country, but choose only to attack like Obama. Are you even smart enough to question the real issues. I sure found out that the Women of the Elite Duke Health sure do not know how to stick to the real issues or do their own jobs, but your federal government continues to keep them on the top ten NIH funded institutions. Oh, forget Obama's girls are so stupid like the female MDs of Duke that you probably do not even know what the NIH stands for or what HIPAA law is even though Clinton put it on the books and Obama's US DOJ and OIG actually approve of abuse, waste and fraud of our federal tax dollar by a Communist Chinese Chancellor of Duke Health, Victor Dzau, MD, so go ahead ladies go to Duke for a surgery, they love washing their surgical instruments in Hydraulic Fluid and blowing up mental health patients, but called to the attention of the man you Stepford Wives seem to adore, Obama, he just keeps sending them money. Go to his favorite Obama Care institution and get a little hydraulic fluid washing and come to senses. Oh, I do so hope that his corrupt NC FBI, US Attorney General's office, and corrupt Homeland Security Director do put me on a no-fly list with the comic book characters that seem to keep coming out of the closet as federal cops. When do we get to elect these idiots?

  66. Anonymous

    Thank you, Diane, it is nice to know that there are a few women left in the USA that are not some computer clone who thinks that Girls Gone Wild is actually Women's Rights, and yes, indeed, we have a right to demand answers and I think based on history here is the last several months, we as citizens, since we play their elite salaries should be allowed to vote for Directors of the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, ICE, the IRS, Secret Service, but we will leave this up to Holder and Obama, who do we report them to for public corruption since we know that Perez cannot handle it, Holder cannot handle it, the OIG cannot handle it and Obama cannot even handle one little stupid institution on his top 10 NIH funded Program list called Duke. Feel free to email me for evidence ladies at

  67. Kathy Ingram

    Can you say Bitter Idiot…Mc Cain get over it, move on and stop making up excuses and lies to make yourself feel worse. You are too OLD for this type of behavior. #Needtherapy

  68. Carole Schuster

    Kenneth Simmons Ken I agree with you 100%john saw and went thru alotand for what? Ungrateful people.

  69. Anonymous

    You are a raving idiot and go home and get a real job! Need a lot of help in Mexico from what I here, especially your dumb Mexican Police who cannot handle your overwhelming and bloody Drug Cartels, so go home and help your own citizens, idiot!

  70. Anonymous

    Go home or learn to spell, go join the Mexican Police, sure they need you since they are so stupid that they cannot even deal with their own Mexican Drug Cartels, but of course little prissy boy that is why you are here, right? Afriad of being another one of those pieces of human bodies dumped chronically in your country in which the Mexican Police are so stupid and now I know why with stupid idiots like you cannot handle your own drug lords and cartels and prostitute your own women, you cannot even spell. Call Paul Minella of the NC FBI, I am sure he will be glad to assist you in asserting your rights, little prissy scared of Mexico!

  71. Anonymous

    Just like 2008 the GOP found out again in 2012 its DAMM hard to polish a turd an McCain is still stinkin up the stage.

  72. Teresa Cartwright

    Bob Taber Please. This is so in mature. Grow up. This fella was not elected because the voters did not elect him. The name is President Obama not obama with a little O. Did you now learn about Language Arts skills when you were in school. Gee whiz!! How are liberal weak in spirit and mind? Give details in the form of a two page essay. Extra credit will be given for the use of good Language Arts skills.

  73. Anonymous

    Kenneth Simmons, Tell it like it is Ken, we pay their salaries, but are entitled to no answers when our own citizens are killed by Terrorist and if some idiot appointed by Obama is even mildly called into question, here goes the Senator's freedom of speech and these men are teaching women to be stupid, they are called control freaks and Communist, plain and simple. Obama says, no, you cannot talk or deal with me, McCain demands answers for Terrorism and gets attacked, well let's send the CIA and the FBI to take another ten years to find a Bin Laden in Pakistan! Sure Obama will make sure these are caught just at the right moment when appointing more idiots like Holder.

  74. Teresa Cartwright

    Diane Humpal Give detail. How and where did fraudulent voting take place? How was President Obama (not Obama- remember he is the President) involved in "fraudulent voting"? The Secret Service must be notified about this if this is true (which I doubt). How is President Obama scum? Because he wants folks to pay their fair share of taxes and not continue to place their tax burder on the Middle Class? Perhaps, because he has a difference of thought than you do? Grow up and learn to RESPECTFULLY disagree with others. This is the sign of a mature and educated individual.

  75. Anonymous

    Edwin Markus, Well Contact FBI Agent, Paul Minella, Dog Face Ed, like that boy, priss pot, go be a Mexican Police Officer, I hear they need a lot of help with Drug Lords, Drug Cartels, poor Mexican women being prostituted in the name of the Drug Lords and bodies being thrown out by the truck loads, so go help your friend Obama in Mexico, Prissy Little Puppy Dog and I am sure that Janet Homeland and Little Boy Blue Agent Minella of the NC FBI will be glad to assist you.

  76. Teresa Cartwright

    Joseph, Snippets is not a valid site. Grow up and show some respect. I am sure you are no longer in Middle School. The name is President Obama not Obumer. This is so "middle school" and immature. He was born in Hawaii. This is a dead issue. Stop the complaining and learn to RESPECTFULLY disagree with other people that have a difference of thought than you do. This is sign of a mature and educated individual.

  77. Anonymous

    Go little prissy boy to Mexico, their Mexican Law enforcement really need recruits like your little boy tail to stop all of the dead bodies being thrown all over Mexico, but I forget Pretty Boys are too scared to put their money where their mouths are, right?

  78. Kristen Vojacek Clark

    Diane Humpal …fraudulent voting?? LOL. You know, this rhetoric is really tired and old. Accept defeat and MOVE ON! It is better for the soul.

  79. Kristen Vojacek Clark

    This is the guy who thought Sarah Palin was an ideal running mate. I don't know why folks listen to him.

  80. Anonymous

    Mark Kroczynski, Hey idiot, go bake cookies with jczif and become a Mexican Police Officer for your Communist Fidel Castro President Obama and help him with all of those poor Mexicans whose bodies are being thrown in the middle of road, 40 at a time sometime to mark Drug Lord Terrority, but prissy boys like you just love to run your mouth! Ever serve in the Military Priss and I mean really serve, if not, go back cookies with Betty Crocker jczif and watch Girls Gone Wild while playing with each other!

  81. Anonymous

    Kathleen Warner, Sorry Betty Crocker, go back cookies with the little Prissy boys below, Joe just knows a bunch of idiots when he sees them and keeps saying the same thing hoping all of your will go join the Mexican Police forces to help President Fidel Castro with all of those poor people having their bodies thrown all over the roads in Mexico by Drug Cartels marking terrority like the Dogs they are, but I bet like a bunch of DWI driving women like the ones I worked with at Duke Health system for years who operate on patients with hydraulic fluid that you love boys with fleas on them that act like male dogs, right Betty Crocker or Drunken Hines?

  82. Anonymous

    Benjamin Planeta, Go join President Castro's Mexican Police force, Bud, help those poor people so they are not afraid to live in their own country any longer due to the number of bodies that keep being thrown in the middle of the roads of Mexico and their Rich American Tourist Sites have to guarded with Americans being warned not to wonder off alone, go on with the rest of you idiots and Please for God's Sake, wonder off alone with Mexico with Obama's daugthers and his prostitution loving Secret Service or serve your Communist President by assisting his Mexican Police forces. Put your money where your mouth is Drunken Hines!

  83. Luis R Vazquez

    Linda; You are so young and already use the social media to tell your little lies!!!
    You have never been a Republican, not even your parents were Republicans

  84. Luis R Vazquez

    The only thing John McCain should be ashame of is risking his life for the benefit of so many traitors and communist detractors. Mr. Mendez; I bet you are one of the millions who got a welfare check approved by Obama to get yours and your family votes.

  85. Teresa Cartwright

    Joseph Harris Grow up. Are you still in Middle School? Who is Obummer and what is a Dumbocrat? I don't think that we will find these words in the dictionary. However, we do have a President Obama and Democrats. Learn to RESPECTFULLY disagree with other people that have a difference of thought than you do. This is the sign of a mature and educated individual. Stop the complaining. It is time to put you big boy pants on.

  86. Anonymous

    McCain. You had your day a long time ago. It is now passed. Time to go and enjoy the leisurely life. PLEASE! I'm tired of your whining!

  87. Teresa Cartwright

    Joseph, What is this person a sorry a– excuse because he disagrees with you. OMG- OH MY GOODNESS. Grow up and learn to RESPECTFULLY disagree with others. What is an Obama DOLE? I can't find that word in a dictionary. Gee whiz. People have the right to disagree with you. It is time to put you big boy pants on. Stop complaining and act like an adult.

  88. Luis R Vazquez

    Joseph Harris : While John Mc Cain was offering his life to serve this country, most of the parents of these posters were hiding from the army and evading the draft. Like Bill Clinton, like Obama's mom, Like Jane Fonda and so many traitors.

  89. Mary Powell

    Bob Taber John McCain not only made a video condemning the United States, but also signed a letter condemning the United States. He was an officer. Both are available to see and read. And yes he was part of the Savings and Loan Failures and left his disabled wife (wasn't disabled when he left) to date an much younger woman, even after she stood by him and worked to get him out of Hanoi. He was a prisoner of war, but what would you say about an enlisted man, much less an officer condemning the US. He is not an honorable man.

  90. Luis R Vazquez

    Bernardino; Donde estabas tu, miserable, cuando McCain was fighting the Communist Viet Cong and risking his life for his country?
    Probably in a rat hole trying to cross the border looking for your food stamps and welfare check. CANALLA.

  91. Edwin Markus

    Diane do you have evidence of "fraudulent votings" if so post it, else all you are doing is spewing posts with no real substance. Sort of like Willard who took all side of an issue and his position would change depending on his audience . A real leader takes a stance on an issue and sticks with it. Today the loser was crying about gifts to blacks and Latinos as if no white people were benefit of the plans put forth great man in the white house 1> he saved us from a depression with the bail out of the auto industry 2>health care plan that like it or not moves us into the future or any of the other so called gifts that Willard neglected to mention? This actually smacks of racism. Its funny he had no evidence to back up his statements either just like you.

  92. Anonymous

    The irony of this would be funny if the subject wasn't so serious. Mr. McCain has done many many admirable things through the years and given a lot for this country. He has, however, become an embittered sour loser. I feel badly for him, but to have absolute total amnesia when it comes to Condi Rice yet ready to sink this Rice's career out of bitterness…does not speak well of him. I hope we do find out the complete truth of what happened in Benghazi…but the truth may be as simple, yet complicated as a breakdown in communication. Whenever something horrible goes wrong we try to find someone to blame, when sometimes it's just a series of very unfortunate events.

  93. Judy Kornblau-Friedman

    GOP already down in people's opinion. Stop making it worse. You lost. Now help Americans get back on their feet. This is embarassing like children on a playground. Do your job – help the citizens of America that should be your number one priority.

  94. Judy Kornblau-Friedman

    rgilsp Could'nt agree with you more. How about they help us get back on our feet. It is embarassing and infuriating. They can't seem to do their job that they were elected to do.

  95. Wanda Makhyoun

    carole why would you say someting like that? He stated his opinion and was respecful. i don't know what happened to civilized conversation. we are the one that are suppose to be teaching the children how to respect each other.

  96. Amy Wright Hobbs

    ummm, Teresa Cartwright. This is a free country last I checked. NOBODY in a free country has to address anybody as President or anything. Don't preach to anybody how they need to address obama.

  97. Brian Humility Cooper

    You know Diane, I don't give a f**k that you're a woman. I am tired of you whining little scumbags crying over how bad you got your lying butts handed to you on election night. Just shut the F**K up you crazy f'ing bit*h. You rallied behind a loser, a liar and a fraud. Your party is nothing but hypocrites, liars and insane racists. You don't like it here? GET THE F**K OUT OF MY COUNTRY. F**K you and all your retarded followers. People like you are the reason this country has fallen off a cliff. Why don't you just leave and make this country a much better place you f*****g retard. God I hate people like you with such a passion. You disgust me. You're a traitor. Get the F**K out of here. There was no fraud. The only fraud is allowing morons like you the right to vote. People like you are dumb as bags of hair. YOU LOST. YOUR PARTY LOST. YOUR LYING CANDIDATE LOST. Deal with it or get the F**K out of here. Obama won and he won big. Can't take it? Tough!!!! He's here for 4 more years. DEAL WITH IT WHINY F'ING LOSER.

  98. Brian Humility Cooper

    McCain is a crazy old man who should be led away to the old folks home. He has no idea what he's doing any longer. Remember everyone……he's the guy who thought Sarah Palin was a qualified individual to be Commander in Chief. He's a screwball. He still thinks he's fighting "Charlie" in Nam. Everyone's an enemy. He's a paranoid old man who just needs to go away…..far far away.

  99. Brian Humility Cooper

    Hey Joseph, Obama has more intelligence in one of his fingernails than you'll ever have in your entire life. Stop being the retarded racist that you truly are.

  100. Brian Humility Cooper

    This must be the night for all the brain dead women named Diane to show up. Go F**K yourself Diane. Leave my country you F'ing loser of a human being. God people like you make me sick to my stomach. Just Shut The F**K Up. You lost. Deal with it. Stop crying like an f'ing 2 year old who can't have a toy.

  101. Linda J Glick

    Luis R Vazquez Just because someone supported Obama, does not mean they are on welfare. Mcain did give into the Vietnamese so he could go home. He was involved in the Savings & Loan Debacle during the '80's. He did have an "Affair" with his present wife while married to wife #1, and he should be ashamed of himself for lots of things, including Sarah Palin!! And luis, don't forget to get your welfare check…..

  102. Linda J Glick

    Joseph Harris So, John Harris, that is your reply to anyone who supported Obama? You need to get out more, you Sorry Ass Excuse for an American Citizen. You need to go find Romnesia, and join him in "LaLaLand"!!

  103. Brian Humility Cooper

    Diane Carder must still be on the Karl Rove payroll to just wander around online spewing the GOP hatred, racism and bullsh*t. Deal with it honey… got your ass handed to you.

  104. Linda J Glick

    Joseph Harris you are another sorry ass excuse for an American citizen!!!
    must be onMcCain's DOLE!! A handful of GIMMIE an a mouthful of S..t

  105. Linda J Glick

    Joseph Harris you are another sorry ass excuse for an American citizen!!!
    must be on McCain's's DOLE!! A handful of GIMMIE an a mouthful of S..t

  106. Dick Allen

    Angry, righteous angry, based upon a right motive is appropriate; however, McCain is disingenuous. He demands answers but missed the hearing where he could get the answers. McCain is losing his relevance and screaming b/c he is no longer being taken seriously. We all want to get to the bottom of Benghazi…however, many have no interest other than rabble rousing.

  107. Mike Souza

    Should not John McCain back up his words:he said Rice had a responsibility in the Bengaghazi attack yet he takes no responsibility for his voting down money asked for by Hillary Clinton for protection and security of these post. It would seem that he also should have know American diplomate could be attack back when he vote not to give money to update security at dilomatic posts overseas?

  108. Mike Souza

    Its a good thing you were at that meeting;That you cause John McCain couldn't make it!

  109. Mike Souza

    Joe: McCain is not an idiot! But I did loose trust in him during the bush years, he has been bought by the far right radicals,the same ones who tried to buy the election and are pissed cause they lost.So now they are putting money into trying to take over the gov. any way they can. I lived though 8 years of bush! I think I can deal with 4 more years of President Obama!

  110. Roger Perez

    this guy political agenda is to keep the united states involved in wars. he is part of the war mongers and military complex that''s why he keeps fighting to stop military cuts.

  111. Mike Souza

    Joseph Harris; A sorry ass excuse for an American citizen is someone who cries about losing an election and does not believe in the freedom of the American voters to vote there choice! I'm sure you joseph would make a great citizen if we allow the rich corporate far right radical to change USA to the UCS (United Corporate States) You sound a little brain washed! Try watching some othere then fox news.maybe a good fantasy movie.

  112. Rob Ballard

    typical liberal media – instead of seeking answers they blast one senator who did more good on the floor of the Senate rather than waste his time at a spun briefing that was attended by plenty of others that could inform him later of what was said. Why doesn't media demand the same kind of answers and go digging like they do against Republicans? I hope some states seceed so I can find a safe place to live.

  113. David Coyle


  114. Linda Burt Wallace

    How can we get it across to the elected that it is time to consider the people first not the party? I am sick of the name-calling, back-stabbing, finger-pointing stands they are making–work together now or we all go down the toilet!

  115. David White

    Joseph Harris it never fails to amaze me how people like you insist on being idiots in front of the entire world. If you can't see McCain for the angry old man he is, you need to stay indoors. Stay away from the children. Do not play with sharp objects.

  116. David White

    Diane Humpal Re: your "scum" crack – ya gotta BE IT in order to SEE IT. You are DOOMED to suffer through 4 more years of President Obama, while we all laugh at you. The POTUS was elected because the GOP ran a pathetic LIAR in 2012 and a tired old man with an IDIOT running mate in 2008. LOL

  117. Mary Jean Mayer Golden

    People are way behind in having their anger goosed if they are still not mad about how Bush lied us into invading Iraq and got 4 million of our troops killed and countless others maimed for life. And now we are expected to go ballistic when a situation, admittedly tragic, killed 4 people and there was ambiguity about the hows and whys. If we had taken a little time to get it right in IRaq, we would not have invaded at all because the inspector's report would have told us NO WMDs. Of course, 3/5 of Republican voters STILL believe that there were WMDs, so there is a garguantuan job involved in setting their little pointy gullible heads to the "want the truth" setting for anything. Of course, Obama might have investigated the circumstances of our invasion of Iraq and a bunch of the liars would be in the Graybar Hotel nowadays, but he tried to keep peace among the political parties, and THIS is what he gets for his efforts…that taking that one incident way out of proportion and sociopathically using it to discredit the president. It just never stops…the irresponsibility and the manipulations of the far right.

  118. Anonymous

    Talk about the media protecting their candidate…where are the articles from this same the media when Obama missed over 60% of the Senate sessions…you didn't hear about it during the first campaign didn't hear about during this ccampaign…where was Obama the day when the Benghazi attack were happening…on his way to Vegas!

    And you’re knocking McCain…&^%$*&^ Hippocrates!

  119. Adam Smith

    Oh, I see. Obama misses half of his intelligence briefings in the past year and that is ignored…..McCain misses one Benghazi hearing 2 MONTHS after 4 Americans were murdered and its conveniently news now. This is why Fox News exists.

  120. Anonymous

    Bob Taber – you are delusional – a trait mostly associated with right wing loonies!

  121. Anonymous

    Joseph Harris – Give it a beak loser – go clean your out house…….. I can smell it from here!

  122. Anonymous

    Typical republican…He doesn't want to be educated on the events in Libya, but prefers to pontificate in ignorance.

  123. Ellen Black

    Your a loser, McCain probably got the hell beat out of him in Vietnam because of his mouth.

  124. Ellen Black

    Diane, get off food stamps and go to work. Your fat, lazy and uneducated a GOP voter from the red states.

  125. Sis Mccarville

    what was the fraudulent voting you are talking about. I thought it was the Rep. doing all that. You must not be watching the right tv. channel. poor loser!!!

  126. John R Huff Jr.

    Luis R Vazquez

    You got something negative to say about young men who are intelligent enough to not serve in unnecessary and undeclared wars? I really don;t see anything patriotic about those serving in W's Iraq and Afghanistan wars. My Father served in World War II, but he sure wasn't interested in me serving. And, I was fortunate to receive a medical deferment. No, that is the major problem with have now. And if we stopped spending, just think how much better our budget defecit would be? We don't need any military hawks like old McCain and Lindsey Graham, and Joe Leiberman etc.

  127. Dapo Fagbohun

    Diane Rickman Carder I like how you talk, this type of talk is why Romney lost the election and why conservatives will continue to loose. But again I like it, I want more Republicans talking like this so Democrats can be guaranteed the white house for a long time. Thank you conservative entertainment machine, you have created a vast number of misinformed people LOL

  128. Doris Huntley Burnett


  129. John R Huff Jr.

    Luis R Vazquez

    You should be nicer to your betters and more enlightened posters here. Makes you look childish and foolish with comments that have no substance or coherence.

  130. John R Huff Jr.

    Luis R Vazquez

    You should be nicer to your betters and more enlightened posters here. Makes you look childish and foolish with comments that have no substance or coherence.

  131. Doris Huntley Burnett


  132. Doris Huntley Burnett


  133. Jeff Natale

    Bottom line folks: Washington as Usual. Pointing fingers and telling half truths on both sides of the aisle. Fact is: We only know what we're told and you cant deny that fact. The only people that know what happened can no longer tell us. Speculate, conjecture all you want hear what you want to hear as the media fuels the fire. Sandy has gone, election is over, Petraus had an affair, all old news now…gotta get those ratings somehow.

  134. John R Huff Jr.

    Joe Mendez,

    Yes McCain was the Bozo who brought us Palin and a good many other misfits as well.

  135. Jake Thomas

    You call John McCain a traitor? How about you endure what he went through for our country! Do you think his cheek is like that naturally? You are scum Marc.

  136. Lorry Weiss

    Move to another country hater!! People like you need to be whipped into shape,

  137. Lorry Weiss

    what the hell to you know, your cookies should be about ready now.

  138. Bud Callaway

    McCain would not have to attend a meeting to learn the facts about the amatur in chief's screwup in Benghazi. Now he is holding Petraus's retirement pay over his head to make him cover for him. Anyone with an IQ higher than.
    a mushroom knows the truth about Benghazi. Oduma has been bragging about the great job he did stopping terrorism. This mess would expose the fact that he has no idea of what he is doing. The situation is worse than before he took office. But the obama worshipping media who think their job is to cover, lie and make excuses for 'the one' will never expose the truth. They are not going to cover this scam anymore than they covered 'fast and furious'. So the traitor in chief will get away with letting four Americans die to make himself look good.

  139. Anonymous

    Joseph Harris – Yeah, the majority of the American people who want random entitlements for no reason elected Obama. No wait, but the majority or America is working and getting no assistance of any kind…. MAYBE, it is that Romney was a corporate tool and Obama was the better choice. I am a business owner, and feared what Romney would do to those "lower class" (his words) people. You know, people like you, who make less then 250K per year. As every blue collar American with common sense would have been.

  140. Eliot Cohen

    McCain is a used up, burned out, bitter old man who has never gotten over his humiliating defeat in '08. I remember when he was an admirable maverick, joining the likes of Senator Finegold to craft ground breaking, creative and bold legislation. Now he is a pathetic shadow of his former self. What a shame that he is destroying his own legacy.

  141. Anonymous

    McCain going senile and Romney showing his true colors with his "gift" remarks.
    Thank God we didn't elect these two!

  142. J Quinn Thomas

    Diane Rickman Carder -Wish that would have been your position before Bush sent all those teenagers off to Iraq (to be slaughtered) instead of all them "yellow" ribbons and "patriotic" (not) Gestures This madmen is a war mongerer nothing more Rattlin the ole sabre@ Iran,Syria and now Libya always willing to spill our kids blood never theirs you have been wrong since 2004 no shock there shut up sit down you have caused enough problems you would not know the truth if it hit you in the arse.

  143. Laura Wright

    Bitterness and hate can spill from the mouths of the ignorant all day long, it doesn't change the fact that our President, Barak Obama was duly and democratically elected by the citizens of the U.S.A.!!!! Your spite does not change the election results; President Obama will lead us for another 4 years!!! How sweet the sound!!!! Go Obama – we love you!

  144. Melia Pamboris

    seems like they are just a bunch of old angry rich white people sometimes, doesnt it?

  145. Marian Parker

    john mccain 's mind might be going bad. He is so old and bitter. he wants attention from some body. he really need to retire. He makes no since in what he is saying.maybe his wife need to give him more attention.

  146. Joseph Stamper

    I don't know of any other planets capable of sustaining life at this point,so you may never be safe!

  147. Joseph Stamper

    I don't know of any other planets capable of sustaining life at this point,so you may never be safe!

  148. Linda J Glick

    Joseph Harris Yeah, you are another sorry ass excuse for an American citizen!!!
    must be on McCain's DOLE!! A handful of GIMMIE an a mouthful of S..t

  149. Princess Bella

    OK Diane go back to the 1950's and do your women chores, and continue on with the hate campaign also, remember books are for burning not READING.

  150. Princess Bella

    Joseph Harris Yes and Sarah Palin is coming on the mother ship to pick you up and transport you back in time to old time America , oh and old white from the 40's are still the president, women have no rights also santa gives you sugar cookies and Ed Sullivan is still on your beta GET OVER IT AND MOVE FORWARD TECHNOLOGY ROCKS DIDNT YOU LOVE THE ROMNEY VIDEO ON THE 47%

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