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Montel Williams Slams Donald Trump For John McCain Comments About Veterans

Montell Williams 1

Television personality Montel Williams is also a veteran of the Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. So, of course, he felt strongly about Donald Trump’s recent comments about John McCain. For those who missed it, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate slammed McCain following his recent visit to Arizona. Over the past couple days, Trump has… Read more »

Rand Paul Strikes Again, Legality Of Government Surveillance On The Line

Rand Paul helped kill off any extension of the Patriot Act in a debate that went on into the early hours of this morning.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul last night helped scupper hopes that provisions of the Patriot Act would be extended beyond their June 1 expiration date. Paul, together with democrats Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich, argued against any extensions, eventually causing Senate majority leader and proponent of extending the expiration date, Mitch McConnell, to give in and… Read more »

‘Ebola Czar’ Needed In U.S., John McCain Says [Video]


In the wake of Sunday’s (Oct. 12) news of a second diagnosed case of ebola in the United States, U.S. Sen. John McCain has suggested the appointment of an “ebola czar.” McCain’s “ebola czar” comments were uttered during an appearance on “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley, according to Mediaite. “From spending time here… Read more »

Drumbeat To Have Condoleeza Rice Replace Roger Goodell Intensifies

Condoleeze Rice could replace Roger Goodell

Could Condoleeza Rice be the person that finally saves the NFL from itself? The drumbeat to draft the former National Security Advisor is starting to get louder and louder as more NFL officials voice their displeasure with Roger Goodell. At the heart of the issue is the way Goodell handled the Ray Rice situation, and… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants: 600 Criminal Aliens Released By Federal Agency

criminal aliens

At least 600 criminal illegal immigrants were released by the Department of Homeland Security’s ICE agency. An inspector general’s report released today states that the federal agency set the “criminal aliens” free in advance of the sequester cuts in 2013. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency released the illegal… Read more »

McCain: Botched Arizona Execution Was ‘Torture’


U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is calling a botched lethal injection execution in his state “torture” after it took two hours for the death row inmate to die, gasping for breath during that period. Previous attempts to halt the execution in the courts were unsuccessful. The long-time Arizona senator and former prisoner of war told… Read more »

‘Attack Palin,’ Requests Barack Obama, But Hillary Clinton Says ‘No’

Barack Obama requested an attack on Palin, says Hillary.

“Attack (Palin) for what, for being a woman? Attack her for being on a ticket that’s trying to draw attention?” That’s what Hillary Clinton claims was her response to a 2008 request by then-Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama to attack Sarah Palin. In the midst of recent scrutiny of her decision-making during the Benghazi Consulate… Read more »

John McCain Supported Exchange For Bowe Bergdahl Until It Happened

Bowe Bergdahl homecoming celebration canceled

John McCain, a former prisoner of war himself, once supported exchanging prisoners from Gitmo for the ailing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, only “flip-flopping” when the successful rescue of the recently liberated POW came to pass. In the five years Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl remained in captivity in Afghanistan, the circumstances of his capture (and the many rumors… Read more »

Russian Warship Mystery: Why Is Heavily Armed Vessel Docked In Cuba?

Russian warship in Cuba

A Russian warship, armed with anti-aircraft missiles and heavy guns, quietly pulled into a Havana port Thursday, about 200 miles from Miami. While Russian ships visit Cuba with some regularity, their arrivals are usually major events in Cuba with wide coverage in the state media there and even tours offered to Cuban citizens. But this… Read more »

Jan Brewer Attacked From GOP Right For Anti-Gay Bill Veto

Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer, Arizona’s Republican governor, yesterday vetoed a controversial anti-gay bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gay people under a broadly expanded definition of “religious freedom.” Before Wednesday was out and continuing into today, Brewer became a whipping post for right-wing members of her own party. Though Brewer, 69, herself has… Read more »

John McCain Slams Dodgers For Pool Celebration

John McCain used Twitter to call the Dodgers classless

Arizona Senator John McCain has taken the Los Angeles Dodgers to task after the team Jumped in the Diamondbacks’ swimming pool to celebrate their NL West clinching victory. McCain took to Twitter to unleash his anger, calling the Dodgers players, “a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats!” He then linked to an Arizona Republic… Read more »

John McCain: Poker More Important Than Syria Resolution, Apparently

John McCain: Poker More Important Than Syria Resolution, Apparently

Is John McCain’s poker game more important than a new Syria resolution from Congress? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when it comes to John McCain on Syria his position is mixed. John McCain believes President Obama doesn’t need the approval of Congress for a military strike on Syria. At the same time, McCain says… Read more »