The Weeknd supposedly fears the wrath of Beliebers while dating new girlfriend Selena Gomez

The Weeknd Ups Security Amid Justin Bieber Feud To Keep Selena Gomez Safe

The Weeknd is allegedly so worried about Justin Bieber’s “crazy fans” now he’s dating Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez that he’s supposedly taking extra precautions to make sure he and his new girlfriend are safe.

According to reports, The Weeknd is aware that Bieber’s fans aren’t too happy about the disses he seems to have been throwing Bieber’s way now that he’s dating Gomez and has allegedly opted to up his security team to keep Justin’s fans, known as Beliebers, away amid their feud.

That’s according to a new report by OK! Magazine, who’s claiming that The Weeknd has allegedly hired new security to keep both himself and Selena safe from Bieber’s fans who may want to harm them.

An insider alleged to the site that The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is supposedly so worried that Bieber’s fans may be out for blood as his and Selena’s new romance hits the headlines that he’s seriously beefed up security in an attempt to keep the Beliebers away amid reports he and Justin are caught in a nasty feud over Selena.

Selena Gomez may have caused a feud between The Weeknd & Justin Bieber
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“Now he’s with Selena he’s one of the hottest celebs in world and he’s making sure nobody can get near him when he’s out in public,” the magazine’s source revealed of The Weeknd’s beefed up security measures, adding that the star is supposedly particularly worried about Justin’s fans lashing out.

“Crazy fans might lunge at him, or he could get attacked,” the insider said of The Weeknd’s fears while dating Gomez. “Abel is not taking any chances.”

Notably, Bieber’s fans have made no secret when it comes to their disdain for the singer and Selena dating after she and Justin split after a rocky romance that lasted from 2010 until 2015, most recently flooding the “Starboy” singer’s Instagram page with snake emojis and some less than friendly comments amid his and Justin’s developing feud.

But while The Weeknd has not publicly hit back at the Beliebers, the magazine’s insider then went on to claim that the singer put his new security team on full display during his recent birthday bash in Hollywood, which Gomez is thought to have dropped $30,000 to throw for her new boyfriend.

The Weeknd reportedly ups security amid Selena Gomed feud
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“You’d have thought the President had hired out the venue, the security was insane,” an eyewitness at The Weeknd’s party at Dave & Busters arcade in West Hollywood told the magazine of the lavish bash Selena Gomez paid for.

“The place was already full of burly staff standing on guard,” continued the source of how Gomez’s new man is keeping safe amid his and Justin’s feud, “but Abel also had four men follow his every move and stand either side of him each time he moved to a different gaming machine.”

The insider then went on to claim that The Weeknd is supposedly so worried about the backlash from Bieber fans now he’s dating Selena that getting him out of the venue was allegedly like a “military operation.”

“The other stars were mingling with his pals and left out of the front door, but it was a military operation getting Abel out of the party,” a source said of the singer’s attempts to exit the party venue, which Selena is thought to have paid for but did not attend.

Notably, Bieber and his fans haven’t exactly been shy when it comes to speaking out about The Weeknd and Selena dating, while the musicians have been accused of throwing a whole lot of shade in each other’s directions in recent weeks.

Selena Gomez may have caused a feud for The Weeknd & Justin Bieber
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NME reported that The Weeknd appears to be throwing out a serious diss at Justin in his new song “Some Way,” claiming the singer appears to tell Bieber of Selena in the song, “your girl fell in love with me” before seemingly making fun of Justin’s bedroom skills.

The Weeknd’s apparent new Justin diss track hit the airwaves after Bieber slammed Selena’s new boyfriend on multiple occasions, hitting The Weeknd with a diss when asked about his feelings towards his fellow musician last month after it was revealed that he and Gomez were dating.

“Hell no, I can’t listen to a Weeknd song!” Justin hit back when asked if he was a fan of the singer’s music according to Us Weekly, just days after Gomez and Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend went public with their romance. “That s***’s wack,” Bieber added of The Weeknd’s music.

What do you think of The Weeknd allegedly beefing up his security team to keep himself and girlfriend Selena Gomez away from Justin Bieber and his Beliebers?

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