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Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Described As ‘Early Christmas Gift’ To The Country

Uganda Anti Gay Bill

An anti-gay bill in Uganda that has drawn criticism from around will likely be passed by the end of this year, according to USA Today.

Although the bill — which originally called for the death of all homosexuals — has been blasted by critics from across the globe, the speaker of the country’s parliament explained that this is what citizens want. As a result, the bill could become law later this year.

Some Christian clerics urged Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to pass the bill as an “early Christmas gift” to Ugandans. Other supporters of the bill claimed that homosexuality poses a threat to the country’s children.

“Speaker, we cannot sit back while such (a) destructive phenomenon is taking place in our nation,” anti-gay activists said in a petition. “We therefore, as responsible citizens, feel duty-bound to bring this matter to your attention as the leader of Parliament … so that lawmakers can do something to quickly address the deteriorating situation in our nation.”

According to the Examiner, the bill will effectively separate homosexuals into two groups. “Aggravated homosexuality” deals with gay acts committed by authority figures, parents, pedophiles, or people that are HIV positive. These individuals could face the death penalty if they’re found guilty.

On the other end of the spectrum is “offense of homosexuality,” a charge that will be applied to consenting adults in a same sex relationship. Those who are accused of this crime could face life behind bars.

Towleroad reports that Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was given a “hero’s welcome” after returning home from Canada to speak about Uganda’s stance on homosexuality.

“Who are we not to do what they have told us? These people should not be begging us,” Kadaga said of those who are adamant about the bill’s passing. She said that a decision will likely be made within two weeks.

What do you think about Uganda’s anti-gay bill?

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40 Responses to “Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Described As ‘Early Christmas Gift’ To The Country”

  1. Lelio Risen

    A Christmas gift? About the only 'perversion' here is the one being perpetrated by the homophobic bigots in Idi Amin's former country. All of these alleged 'Christians' should be ashamed of their behavior.

    Can you say Idi-ots?


  2. Nathan LiberalAtheist

    Death for being gay?? Our forefathers would slap the bigotry out of you. Jesus doesn't give a fuck about gay people, he might care about the greed in America though…

  3. Scotty Boykins

    Uganda is crap hole of a country and these people are animals. They kill each other every day in one pointless fight after another. I say let them Just kill each other off and be done with it. If they want to live like animals so be it but they can do it without American Tax Payers Money. U.S. Foreign Aid to Uganda must stop.

  4. Mark Clark

    No this is horrible. Try to find anywhere in the new testament where this is justified. Yes lock up pedephials, put to death violent rapists. Scripture simply dose not condone imprisment of homosexuals.

  5. Jordan Broussard

    Writing a comment like this and putting your business name on it is as idiotic as the Ugandan's. lol

  6. Rick Ryan

    I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to Gay marriage and adoption BUT to put someone to DEATH for this is wrong! Here in America we are unfortunately On the ALMOST opposite side of Uganda! We need to come back in the middle more cause we have gotten to accepting of homosexuality! Now Uganda is a place where gays would definitely have a VERY legitimate gripe BUT they try and insinuate that ANYONE who criticizes the gay movement/lifestyle is in the same boat as Uganda!

  7. Victor Hayes

    Well I mean they pretty much are…unintelligent. All of it. In what way does a gay lifestyle directly affect you?

  8. Rick Ryan

    Victor….I have been hearing that retort forever!!!IT IS a Negative and reprobate thing in society and the subsequent movement is TRYING to turn everything in this world UPSIDE down!It is a BAD example for children and the LGBT community has WAYYYY higher numbers of diseases,and mental problems!I personally don't care what a person does in their private life BUT when they announce it to the world they MUST be prepared for a reaction and that reaction should NOT always be tailor made acceptance and affirmation!People that are LGBT seem to conveniently forget about the 1 ton gorilla in the room also………..It is (the lifestyle)OFFENSIVE!Yes….Even US Conservatives Can be offended!

  9. John Strandwitz

    Rick Ryan Lol! For a guy who's offended by homosexuality you sure spend a lot of time thinking about it! Your the kind of trash that would send his own child to one of those camps where looney, room-temperature I.Q. Christians like you sequester children and brainwash them to hate themselves. Your so called "statistics" probably come from the same Christian propaganda you read while you take your 10 pound dumps!

  10. Rick Ryan

    John your response is absolutely Riotous and laughable at best!I am only bombarded with stories of gay this and gay that and transgender this and yada,yada,yada…..SHUT up already!You and I both know that it is all over the Internet and TV and the Colleges,so take your disingenous BULLSH*T and shove it!You are the exact type of people I was talking about when you are to obtuse to see the CLEAR difference between us in the U.S and Uganda!!!No one is brainwashing anyone you troll!However we will NOT affirm homosexuality and laud them w/……"Oh Johnny,It's perfectly cool if you want to swap spit with your buddy Mikey".Christian propaganda!?!?Yeah….whatever you want to believe there sharp stuff BUT the REAL stats don't LIE and also LEARN something called relevance and that relevance is that why did IN FACT the AIDS/HIV epidemic ORIGINALLY Explode and disseminate from Bath houses in…..Anyone???….Drumroll Please!!!…………..San Francisco Bath houses!!!!!That is not a coincidence either~!JUst like the dirty little secret in the gay community of Rectal cancer that is skyrocketing that is being SUPPRESSED so gays won't get offended!My IQ……By the way…..I would match MY IQ against yours anyday Johnny Boy!!!Now I have to go take a 5 Lb DUMP then wipe MY Strandwitz!

  11. Fredah Ajaro M

    Scotty Boykins, I'm Ugandan and I more or less don't care who is gay and who is not. However, for you (whom I doubt can place Uganda on a map) to say we "are animals" and that we "kill each other every day in one pointless fight after another" is VERY offensive. Please by all means, stop sending your aid. We existed before colonisation, we shall do it again. Lelio Risen, Idi Amin was relevant in Uganda 33 years ago, update urself, we have a new president now. For all those who have opinions about 3rd world African countries but can't tolerate opinions about their beloved USA, fuck off!

  12. Rick Ryan

    Disagreement and disgust does NOT….NOR has ever been equitable to HATE!……………..If I hated someone whether they were gay or whatever,I would gladly admit it!!!I have nothing to lose by admitting who I hate!Having said that,I don't hate you or anyone else even people who engage in homosexuality!

  13. Steven Moffatt

    Maybe we take your rights away and see how you get on, maybe your right to eat fast food whenever you want, I mean it was written down in some book somewhere by someone, once.

  14. Steven Moffatt

    Plus what exactly is a gay lifestyle? I mean I cook, clean, go to work, drink beer at the weekends, socialise with my friends, go camping, eat out, play Xbox? Im still trying to find out which part is the 'Lifestyle'. If it was a choice, why would anyone choose it in such a country where you would be put to death? Surely they would all choose your straight 'Lifestyle?'

  15. Victor Hayes

    You know obesity is unhealthy?right? It actually offends me and I don't really approve of that lifestyle.. It causes disease such as diabetes and certain heart conditions. I don't want my kids exposed to that so could you please lose some weight and then get back to me. You should expect this when you take pictures looking like a total lard ass and displaying it as your profile picture….#justsayin

  16. Victor Hayes

    Steven Moffatt haha no offense to you. I was just trying to prove a point. My husband has diabetes as well lol

  17. Rick Ryan

    Only a FOOL such as you Victor could NOT see the difference between a fat person and a person who works out on a regular occasion and is BIG as result!NOT FAT!Sorry to rain on your delusions Queenie!If you even have the slightest grasp of what powerlifting is you would'nt make such asinine comments and observations!LOL!!!Actually….LMAO at Victor!Oh Vicky,If you do truly feel that way about overweight people,TELL them,kind of curious as to what they might say or do to a limpwrist like you!Speaking for a guy like myself who could probably bench 3 times what you can,I would simply snap you in half like a twig!Later Daisy!……….I meant Victor/Vicky….whatever!

  18. Steven Moffatt

    You have changed your tone! Ha! If your religion says you cant watch Dr Who on Sundays, you dont watch Dr Who on Sundays. However, I will watch as much Dr Who as I damn well please! And Rick you would have to catch him first! You muscular hunk you! Personally I still think you look like a moon face! Haha

  19. Rick Ryan

    Even if I had a so called "Moon Face" as you say!I would rather have a Moon Face or a Jupiter face or whatever sophomoric insult you can conjure with respect to the solar system than take it in the ass!!!Game-Set-match!

  20. Shawn Franchi

    In its current form, I am led to believe that the bill only prohibits homosexual actions, not homosexual desires. I don't know if I agree with the punishments described by the bill, but I am glad to see that there are at least some countries left that stand up for personal accountability for one's actions. Homosexuality is getting out of control in most of the developed world, and the plague may easily spread to Africa as well. Sovereign nation-states have the right to have some standards of what activities are permitting within their jurisdiction, and if someone is unable to control who or what they have sex with, maybe they shouldn't be out wandering the villages.

  21. Steven Moffatt

    But if you had never taken it in the ass how would you know how it feels? Yet again more prejudice! Unless you have, then your sexuality is questionable? Btw i love solar systems, Uranus my fave :)

  22. Steven Moffatt

    Nonsense shawn, you dont know if you agree with the punishments? Your a tard. Its a stoneage neanderthal law, we are supposed to be developing and evolving, women have the vote in most countries now! Maybe grown men hughing teddy bears is more questionable and slightly creepy if you as me!

  23. Rick Ryan

    Boy…..LMAO…..Great Logic,if ever so STUPID!How do you know if you never try???Yeah…..I am pretty sure I would'nt like drinking urine BUT then again I have never tried it so……..LOL………..No wonder this world is going to pot,with that kind of irresponsible thinking!I hear cancer really SUCKS and that rectal cancer is skyrocketing in the gay community(Boy I wonder why that is?)Then again Stephanie I guess you can't judge Cancer till you have it!Might be fun!Pfft….Sighs!

  24. Steven Moffatt

    Go and take your mouth for a dump, cos all you do is talk shit. Straights do anal too, must be really unpleasant for the millions and millions that participate. Go read a book and broaden your mind, remove yourself from the rock you hide under. Get with the programme, if you really hate homosexuality that much blame the straight people, they're the ones that keep having gay babies. RICKETTE SWEETIE PS where did you get that fact? absolute drivel, provide reference if your that sure about this rectal cancer epidemic. First Ive heard, probs nonsense from your gaybashing club.

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