Uganda Anti Gay Bill

Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Described As ‘Early Christmas Gift’ To The Country

An anti-gay bill in Uganda that has drawn criticism from around will likely be passed by the end of this year, according to USA Today.

Although the bill — which originally called for the death of all homosexuals — has been blasted by critics from across the globe, the speaker of the country’s parliament explained that this is what citizens want. As a result, the bill could become law later this year.

Some Christian clerics urged Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to pass the bill as an “early Christmas gift” to Ugandans. Other supporters of the bill claimed that homosexuality poses a threat to the country’s children.

“Speaker, we cannot sit back while such (a) destructive phenomenon is taking place in our nation,” anti-gay activists said in a petition. “We therefore, as responsible citizens, feel duty-bound to bring this matter to your attention as the leader of Parliament … so that lawmakers can do something to quickly address the deteriorating situation in our nation.”

According to the Examiner, the bill will effectively separate homosexuals into two groups. “Aggravated homosexuality” deals with gay acts committed by authority figures, parents, pedophiles, or people that are HIV positive. These individuals could face the death penalty if they’re found guilty.

On the other end of the spectrum is “offense of homosexuality,” a charge that will be applied to consenting adults in a same sex relationship. Those who are accused of this crime could face life behind bars.

Towleroad reports that Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was given a “hero’s welcome” after returning home from Canada to speak about Uganda’s stance on homosexuality.

“Who are we not to do what they have told us? These people should not be begging us,” Kadaga said of those who are adamant about the bill’s passing. She said that a decision will likely be made within two weeks.

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