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Chris Christie Romney Rift Alleged After GOP Governor Becomes Besties With Obama

chris christie romney rift

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Barack Obama team up to rescue the Garden State, rumors of a Christie/Romney rift have been circulating among bloggers and on the Twittersphere.

A Chris Christie/Romney rift was also alleged after Christie’s Republican National Convention barn burner speech, in which the well-loved Republican made a great case for the election of… Chris Christie for president in 2016.

While Christie took the stage for a long while, his words were light on Romney mentions, and the focus didn’t go unnoticed by many watching, blue and red alike.

But the Chris Christie/Romney rift allegations have heated up this week as the Jersey governor, once one of Obama’s most fearless and vocal critics, has put aside partisan politics to embrace the president and work together to repair his Hurricane Sandy-damaged state.

In fact, the Christie/Romney rift rumors heated up when the governor deflected pressure to politicize the efforts made by Obama during a recent interview, snapping on Fox And Friends:

“I have no idea [if Mitt Romney plans to visit New Jersey after Sandy], nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I have a job to do in New Jersey that is much bigger than presidential politics. I could care less about any of that stuff … If you think right now I give a damn about president politics, then you don’t know me.”

Chris Christie Praises Obama's Storm Response

The Chris Christie/Romney rift rumors intensified Tuesday, when Christie said on Today:

“The federal government response has been great. I was on the phone at midnight again last night with the president personally… The president has been outstanding in this.”

Perhaps the saddest thing about the Chris Christie/Romney rift rumors are what they reveal about bipartisanship in America today — while many GOPers could look to Christie as an example of how to lead and put aside politics, instead he is criticized for not making political hay of the devastation.

Below is a sad sampling of some conservative reaction to Christie’s actions on Twitter. Do you think a Chris Christie/Romney rift will result from the Republican’s efforts to work with the President across party lines?

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22 Responses to “Chris Christie Romney Rift Alleged After GOP Governor Becomes Besties With Obama”

  1. Anonymous

    It's sad that after the largest storm to EVER hit america two men like Obama and Christie can't work together without those in the GOP attacking Christie. The man is trying to save his state and Obama is the one to go to. What do they expect? When did it get that we could NEVER work together?

  2. Julika Smith

    I wholeheartedly agree with you! Christie is trying to save his state and is turning to THE person who can help him, President Obama. Obviously, he cares about his people. The same cannot be said about Romney – remember the 47% ????

  3. Catherine Runnals

    How people forget so soon 9/11. That was when Americans pulled together, their was no black or whie or who was demo or republican we were all united. Maybe Sandy is God's way to show us that if we don't change our behaviors something bigger will be coming our way. Let's stop all this bickering. Now I know why we have wars.

  4. Grey Shadowknight

    This is why I don't deal in partisan politics. It is pathetic, and disgraceful, not the article, or the fact that Christie is doing what he needs to for his people, but the Twitter comments… these idiots should need to burn their computers and get themselves a pair of mittens with the hands sewn together. I know Christie, I like Christie and I respect Christie for doing what he needs to do, and every last one of those Twits KNOW that in the same situation they would be CRYING to Obama, asking where THEIR money is! I don't LIKE Obama particularly, but you know what? He's doing HIS JOB, remember that? It's what most of us complain about, him not doing his job. THIS IS HIS JOB, he's doing it.

    For the sake of argument, what exactly do they expect Romney to do? He can't authorize FEMA, he can't mobilize the National Guard, he can't impose curfews, or sign any laws, so what do you want HIM to do, go glad-hand people who lost their homes and say "Well, if I get elected, I promise I'll get you the relief you deserve?

    I don't care fo either party in this case, but how can you fault the Governor for doing his job, or the president for doing his.

  5. Tara Boyle

    **starts the slow clap** after thunderous applause suggests that yount watch twitter because, well, there are twits

  6. Eosaph Ferguson

    These nasty tweets surely come from people unaffected by Sandy. I find it unimaginable for them to turn down aid from FEMA, a meeting with the Governor, or a hand from the POTUS.

  7. Gj McGinnis

    For crying out loud!
    I'm sorry, but these Tweeters are complete idiots.
    President Obama and Chris Christie could not be more opposite in their ideologies!
    And yet, here they are doing precisely what they were elected to do!
    It is not possible to "fake" the sincere concern they are showing, nor the respect they now have for each other.
    But that does not in any way change either one's core beliefs or positions on the issues.
    Chris Christie is still very much a representative of Republican ideals, just as President Obama still represents Democratic ideals.
    But right now partisan politics are irrelevant!
    This is a reassuring example of government at its best, working across the aisle to do whatever is necessary to help these people who are living through a nightmare.
    This is how our government should always work!

  8. Tammie Foster

    Agree and Christie doesn't give a damn who likes it or not!!

  9. Amy Orndorf Mathes

    I am glad that for those affected that they are working together. But I do have a small doubt about why there is such a big todo about it. This past year when we had tornados, earthquakes( there was some damage) & wildfires that took out communities, anytime our governor requested federal aid she was denied. She wasn't asking for loads of money, but enough to help those affected. Was it because this is the reddest state, or our damage not big enough? Either way Christie isn't a "traitor", he has a huge mess & is getting the help they need. I did see where they are flying generators to NYC…from CA???? There has to be a closer base that could help.

  10. Gj McGinnis

    I don't know what the criteria is for declaring a state of emergency, nor when it is considered a federal state of emergency versus one at the state level. But I'm guessing that has something to do with whether or not FEMA gets involved.

  11. Anonymous

    I love the stark difference between the Twitter idiots and everyone else.

  12. Linda Tran Martinez

    Grown adults acting like idiots online. That's what mature adults do in time of crises. Working together to come to a solutions. 100's of lives has been lost and your worried which side the governor is on?

  13. Main Street

    Truly refreshing to see comments below.Im a dem but I have great respect for gov Christie for being man enough to care more about his state than needs more like him I may not agree with him on many issues BUT he showed he can b a real class act.

  14. Richard Resnick

    Obama is a Marxist skunk. He is the one who made the hurricane into a political issue. He is the ONLY "President" ever to be reelected with a smaller percent of the popular vote that his first election. Leftists are morons. They hate free enterprise.

  15. Matt Turley

    What's even more pathetic, is idiots who think Obama did a good job with the storm. He was there for two hours and made a stupid speech. They knew this storm was coming for a week and didn't have water or generators ready. Long Island still doesn't have any water. Christie is a fat scumbag, how could he ever talk about personal responsibility.

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