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Chris Christie Launches Political Action Committee For Possible 2016 Run

Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie is edging closer to running for president in 2016 by launching an organization that will allow the New Jersey governor to raise the money needed for a presidential bid. The Political Action Committee (PAC), called Leadership Matters for America, formed by supporters, will provide Christie the ability to begin hiring staff, build… Read more »

Mitt Romney 2016: ‘Yeah, I Want To Be President’

Mitt Romney 2016 President

Mitt Romney is back and ready to run for President in 2016? Appears so! Apparently rebounding from 2012, Mitt Romney is back on board as a potential Republican Presidential nominee in 2016. Romney told some of his supporters and donors in a New York City presentation that he was giving himself the green-light for a… Read more »

Ebola Quarantines: Is President Obama Hoping For An Outbreak?

Ebola Quarantines And The Loss Of Presidential Credibility

Ebola quarantines are in effect in four states thus far, according to Mediaite, with New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Illinois, leading the charge. The quarantines have been mandatory for healthcare workers — doctors, nurses, or anyone who has had contact with an Ebola patient — and they’ve already made at least one worker agitated…. Read more »

Dwayne Johnson Demands To Be Removed From Chris Christie Promo Video

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” is reportedly none-too-pleased that he was used, without his knowledge, in a promo video posted by New Jersey Governor Chris Christies’ PR team, and is demanding that his name and picture be removed immediately. The promotional video, entitled “No Pain. No Gain,” was in the style of a movie trailer… Read more »

Chris Christie Appointment David Samson Resigns In Wake Of Bridgegate

Another Chris Christie aide has resigned

Another member of Chris Christie’s administration has resigned as a direct result of his New Jersey scandal commonly known as “Bridgegate.” Christie appointee to chair the Port Authority in New Jersey, David Samson has officially resigned his position according to ABC News. Samson was the head of an agency that oversees the George Washington bridge,… Read more »

Republican President Hopefuls Must Find New Voice

2016 Republican President Hopefuls

The 2016 Republican President hopefuls are a list of 10-11 names that many of us have heard before. Names like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz all show the new blood of the Republican Party. However, the voice remains the same. At each candidate’s core remains similar beliefs including, smaller government, free market… Read more »

Tesla Vs. Chris Christie: Innovative Company Barred From Sales In New Jersey

Tesla vs. Chris Christie

Tesla Motors, the cutting-edge automaker which has led the way in manufacturing and marketing all-electric, battery-powered cars, can no longer sell its innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles in New Jersey, thanks a recent state rule change backed by Governor Chris Christie. Tesla has two dealerships in New Jersey, both of them owned directly by the… Read more »

What Ted Cruz Said At CPAC Shocked Liberals Across America


Ted Cruz appears to never shy away from saying what is on his mind and remained true to form during his CPAC speech. The Senator took to the podium an announced that the United States should abolish the IRS. The Tea Party Republican feels that American should be able to file their taxes on the… Read more »

Shoplifting Cop Drops Chris Christie Name To Wriggle Out Of Charges

Shoplifting cop tied to chris christie

An allegedly shoplifting cop in Pennsylvania on January 8 may have tried to wriggle out of the charges by invoking the name of his boss — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The incident reportedly occurred on January 8, but the story has surfaced only today, causing yet another headache for the embattled Chris Christie who… Read more »

Chris Christie Hires Team Of Attorneys To Investigate ‘Bridgegate’

Chris Christie hires team of attorneys to investigate Bridgegate

Governor Chris Christie is trying to stay on top of developments related to what is known as “Bridgegate,” and he has hired a team of lawyers to look into exactly how things happened. A statement from the Republican Governor’s office said the newly appointed team is also responsible for making sure Christie’s office fully cooperates… Read more »

Chris Christie Blasts Fired Aide As ‘Stupid’ Over Bridge Scandal

Chris Christie Press Conference

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not been known to use the words “embarrassed” and “humiliated” to describe himself, but he did just that at an unusually subdued press conference Thursday morning. Usually, Christie is more likely to make other people feel embarrassed and humiliated, which is why he’s been tagged with a reputation as… Read more »

Bridget Anne Kelly Is First Casualty Of ‘Bridgegate': Is Christie Next?

bridget anne kelly

Bridget Anne Kelly is being fired by Gov. Chris Christie in the scandal now being termed “Bridgegate”. N.J. Governor Christie says he was misled by staff, and he was firing Deputy Chief of Staff Kelly “because she lied to me.” On Thursday, he apologized to his constituents, saying he was “embarrassed and humiliated” by his… Read more »

Pajamas Boy: Obamacare Marketing Starts Obama, Chris Christie Twitter Fight

Pajamas Boy: Obamacare Marketing Starts Obama, Chris Christie Twitter Fight

Pajamas Boy is part of an Obamacare marketing campaign attempting to target Millennials, but apparently the pajama “man-child” has only started a President Obama, Chris Christie Twitter fight. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a family wearing pajamas rapped their Christmas card in a video this year. When the Affordable Care Act was under debate… Read more »

Chris Christie Blames Sandy Aid Delay On Washington, D.C.

Chris Christie Blames Aid Delay

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blamed the delay in aid for Superstorm Sandy relief on Washington, D.C. Christie adds that he understands victims’ frustrations, but that his administration isn’t to blame for the delay. Sandy struck the Eastern seaboard a year ago, but much of the aid promised to the battered areas hasn’t been released…. Read more »