Judge Jeanine Pirro claims she could indict Dem operatives on O'Keefe video in three seconds

After The James O’Keefe October Surprise Video, Judge Jeanine Pirro Says ‘Indict Them In 3 Seconds’

Judge Jeanine Pirro claims that if she were still a district attorney, she would go forward with indictment “in three seconds” of the purported Democratic operatives who allegedly incited violence at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump rallies.

A vocal Trump supporter and Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama foe, Pirro is known for her fiery “opening statements” each week on Justice with Judge Jeanine on the Fox News Channel. This declaration came, however, on Fox & Friends in a debate with FNC colleague Gerald Rivera who seemed to try to downplay the hidden-camera videos released by muckraker James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas organization.

The O’Keefe video about purported Democratic operatives allegedly inciting violence at Trump rallies has received nearly six million YouTube hits so far, while another of his videos showing operatives allegedly boasting about committing mass voter fraud has about 3.5 million views. The videos have prompted several resignations from DNC-aligned groups so far along with complaints to the Federal Elections Commission and a possible Trump lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

O’Keefe has also uploaded a short video in which another purported operative allegedly plans to bully women at Trump rallies. The conservative filmmaker has promised to release more explosive videos, perhaps as early as today.

Earlier this month, Twitter suspended O’Keefe’s account after he published two undercover videos: In one of them, a New York City elections official, a Democrat, seems to acknowledge widespread voter fraud or potential fraud in the Big Apple, in part facilitated by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s distributing of so-called municipal ID cards without any vetting.

In a second video, a purported Hillary Clinton staffer allegedly talks about having to grab a co-worker’s “a**” twice to be fired from the campaign. On the same video, a different Clinton staffer allegedly seems to be okay with trashing voter registration forms if a person seeks to register as a Republican rather than a Democrat. Shortly after that, Twitter locked O’Keefe’s account, but he has been reinstated after deleting a tweet about the latter video which he believes is the social network’s way of covering itself after many users complained about his suspension.

On Fox & Friends, Judge Jeanine declared that local law enforcement authorities should pursue an indictment against any Democrat operative allegedly involved in Trump rally violence, which is apparently called “bird-dogging.”

“First of all, you and I know that Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department would be there in three seconds if it were reversed, if they’re were Democrats who were being…victimized according to them. But you know what—people can say ‘where’s the FBI, where’s the Justice Department, it’s a violation of civil rights and all that,’ but you know what, as a former prosecutor, I would put a criminal case together without the FBI, without the Justice Department, because they’re clearly the most politicized Justice Department in the history of this country…whether it’s tied to the White House or not is for the feds…I can indict them. Don’t wait for the feds; they ain’t coming.”

Geraldo had a different perspective on the footage. “Rivera said he still questions that the ‘braggadocio’ seen on the tape could be made into a specific criminal charge by a prosecutor,” Fox News Insider noted.

Judge Jeanine quickly rejected that rationalization.

“I’m talking about crime, I’m talking about justice in this country. I’m talking about people who decide … that what they’re going to do is incite riots and incite violence. That is against the law in the United States of America … I could indict them in three seconds.”

Watch the entire FNC segment with Judge Jeanine Pirro and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Gerald Rivera where they debate the impact and the legal implications of the James O’Keefe videos as well as commenting on the Al Smith Dinner which featured speeches by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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