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Homeless Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen Chooses To Live Simply

Homeless Billionaire Prefers To Live Without Worldly Possessions

Nicolas Berggruen is a homeless billionaire, preferring to live a simple life devoid of possessions that others who make the same amount of money as him have in spades.

Berggruen, whose equity firm’s annual revenue is $5 billion, has chosen not to own a home or a car, deciding instead to live from hotel room to hotel room, effectively making him a homeless billionaire, reports EnStarz.

But don’t think that he lives out on the streets or stays in the local Best Western, as he travels around the world in a jet and only stays at five star hotels.

The multi-billionaire sold his two homes, one in downtown New York City and the other on a private island near Miami, along with his only car, 12 years ago.

Now, the only possessions he has are either in storage, while he just carries his iPhone, a carry on with a few pairs of jeans, a nice suit or two, and a few clean shirts. The homeless billionaire explained his decision by saying:

“Everybody is different and I think that we live in a material world. But for me, possessing things is not that interesting. Living in a grand environment to show myself and others that I have wealth has zero appeal. Whatever I own is temporary, since we’re only here for a short period of time. It’s what we do and produce, it’s our actions, that will last forever. That’s real value.”

The Wall Street Journal notes that Nicolas Berggruen explained his decision by saying that, 12 years ago, he discovered that he was less and less satisfied with acquiring things, adding:

“First, I don’t need it. Secondly, maybe in a bizarre kind of way, I don’t want to be dependent on it or have the responsibility. I don’t get that much enjoyment out of saying ‘I own it.’ “

The homeless billionaire makes it clear that he has nothing against those who want to enjoy their wealth by purchasing large homes, cars, and other toys. Despite all of the news about rich people and their possessions, it appears that Berggruen’s perspective is becoming increasingly common among today’s superwealthy, who are searching for more meaning in their lives beyond their possessions.

As for what will happen to the homeless billionaire’s money once he’s gone, Nicolas Berggruen states that he has dedicated money towards helping the financial crises in the UK and in the US and has also donated to charities.

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130 Responses to “Homeless Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen Chooses To Live Simply”

  1. Mark Methlie

    That is not homeless and to call him homeless is completely irresponsible.

  2. Meredith Camille Mack

    does he have kids, I find that hard to do if you have a family..he must be single and childless.

  3. Jen Luce

    NOT HOMELESS…what has the media become? This is one of the dumbest articles…u want me to feel sorry for a billionaire? I agree he seems to be a decent guy but he would be even MORE decent if he gave a few bucks to the ACTUAL HOMELESS! and I hope he does.

  4. Christopher Jordan Pirtle

    A multi-billionaire that wants his actions to last forever? How about donating a few billion dollars to charities and organizations. Even if he doesn't waste it on material possessions after his "short period of time" is over someone else is going to probably waste it all.

  5. Bronson Prado

    Understand your point . He simply sayin like these other bill who have 10 mill doll homes spend to spend .look at the rich athletes who come to a place where they first started .S Truggglingg

  6. Anonymous

    It is truly enriching to be void of possessions and the responsibilty of maintaining an image. I applaued him! It must be the most freeing thing in the universe! Good for you! Now you can explore the true meaning of your purpose in your life. I look forward to hearing more about this.

  7. Bradley Miller

    "Living in a grand environment to show myself and others that I have wealth had zero appeal. Whatever I own is temporary, since we're only here for a short period of time. It's what we do and produce, it's our actions, that will last forever. That's real value." Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen

  8. Brian Howard

    Wow, this gives the impression that he's living on the streets or in a tent, not in a hotel where people clean for you.

  9. Crystal Spurlock

    Good guy. He needs to be in the media more (or, atleast stories like this one) then the brainless Lohan etc. I'd rather be reminded that there are good people in the world.

  10. Crystal Spurlock

    (I'm referring to not being 'too flashy' and wanting to donate to charity).

  11. Sam Magee

    He actually does state,that when he's gone,most of his monies will go to charities, & the rest is to help the economy, in the UK & US!! Next time try reading the article over & over a few times,until you understand it!!!!!! I think what he's doing is great & he should be appluaded for it!!!! Money is the true root to all evils & I've always said that if I came into allot of monies,all I would want to do is help People out that need it.. I would love to buy some land,Far away from civilazation that I could enjoy my own thoughts & sleep under the stars .or just have a sm. cabin.. But I wouldn't want the headaches of knowing,That I would have to pay this bill or that bill each month.. I would just want to live Free & Peace of mind & hopefully,just maybe find someone just like me…..

  12. YahKemda Lehvy

    obviously this article was written to GRAB our attention. I have was homeless once, and people expect you to look bum-ed-out. I'm a clean (very particular) person myself but, just because your circumstances have brought you to that point in time. Perhaps that's how he became a billionaire… by not squandering, and seting goals for himself. Kudos!

  13. Mai N. Thao

    ok sir…Mr.Billionare…donate to my charity which is my bank acct…..jk..:)

  14. Anonymous

    you people clearly do not know what equity means. This guy gets most of his money by breaking down others businesses i.e the little guy and selling them to big corporations. I mean sure he probably does some other things but the majority of his billions comes from breaking down the smaller almost crippled businessman and yes some are corrupt however some have family businesses that they have struggled to keep alive and just couldn't and this guy comes along and buys it for a small fraction of what it is actually worth… so he's not a saint he is just a guy that has done what he had to to make it to the bigs and now that he is there he either has a lot of guilt or he is just empty inside.

  15. Eulo-Gio Baldonaza

    I think the choice of word like homeless in this article is very pathetic very misleading and should not defined homeless are those who are staying in the 5 star was he's choice tho homeless see those people who don't have options in their lives already

  16. Crystal Spurlock

    ^ he's cute, in an odd way. I can handle that in a billionaire who loves charity

  17. Ashley McIntosh

    I actually enjoyed this article. The author decided to use the "homeless" angle to get us to click on the link–it worked didn't it? Call that artistic liberty but the content is actually refreshing to read. Yes, he "lives" in the best hotels and flies via private jets (he's a Billionaire…with a B) but the take-away in my opinion is this quote, "…possessing things is not that interesting. Living in a grand environment to show myself and others that I have wealth has zero appeal. Whatever I own is temporary.”.


  18. Mort Packer

    I would never will to the economy to any country. My desire would to be to the hungry and the homeless, however they may need it!

  19. Don McCarty

    He's good as long as his AMEX still works. If he doesn't care about his positions (money) – My phone number is…. Fill free to drop a mil by me since you don't care for it. Hell, you won't miss it. I've been homeless 3 times, for real!

  20. Chris Capital C Robinson

    I really like this guy. I think it is quite ok to enjoy the wealth that God blessed you with… but this guy is in touch with reality and he is happy the way he is not with possessions or others opinion of him… that's sounds like a really secure person.

  21. Robert Swigert

    I would just like to have a boost to get a business going for $25,000. Wonder if he would help me out.

  22. Paul Williams

    I must agree with both Nadine & Mark! This guy may call himself homeless, but anybody who is this wealthy and can afford to live in any hotel he wants to is ANYTHING but homeless! Now, if he wants to do something worthwhile with his wealth, well, here's a thought…. how about using it to help the REAL homeless! You know, those who aren't wealthty, and cant afford a four-star hotel, let alone an actual home! I'm just sayin'.

  23. Ferdyboy Tan

    Stupid article how can you call him homeless when he stays in 5 star to 5 star hotel! This title is misleading. Stupid author!

  24. Derrick Jordan

    homeless is the word. he's living in a five star hotel nice but it's not his home I appllaude mr.berggruen I feel where he's coming from you can have all the materall things in the world but do to human nature things get old….

  25. Gabe Davis

    Homeless to me means not having a place to sleep and has to sleep on the street or in a car. This guy lives in 5 STAR HOTELS!

  26. Gabe Davis

    He is waited on hand and foot. It is totally stupid to call this guy homeless. He has HOMES in 5 STAR HOTELS, poor guy.

  27. Giovanni Pivirotto

    How about setting up a trust for WWF(World Wildlife Fund) or Sea Shepherd or Save The Tigers or Save The Amazon. How much of his fortune was made by acquisitions? He may not be hording possessions but he his hoarding wealth for wealth's sake. BE rich. I want you to be rich but then do something really great with all your money, keep a bunch for yourself but help save the planet or something.

  28. Devin Gschwend

    Staying in 5 star hotels and flying in private jets doesn't count as "living simply" to me. I'd rather have one place I could continually go back to than jump around from hotel room to hotel room, and it wouldn't have to be a mega mansion either.

  29. Stephanie Wilson

    I know people may say yeah right but I don't play the lottery. I don't wish for millions of dollars to me I think it would be more stressful and come with to many problems. We either see in the news or read about how far poeple will go for money. I am a little upset because they say he is homeless but he flies around in a private jet stays in the finest hotels and probably has never missed a meal this is crazy. Homeless is where you have no money no place to go not knowing where your next meal is coming from. There are somany people in todays economy that have lost their jobs their homes and the media is praising this guy for not owning a home. I tell you what when he gives all his money away to charity and sales his private jet and has to find a warm dumpster to sleep in then that is homeless.

  30. Rob Clemons

    He has NO idea what it means to be homeless. This article is a joke and so is this man thinking he's living a simplistic life without owning a home. Sleep in a park for a few weeks and then maybe it would be news worthy.

  31. Cathy Comino

    Good for you Mr Bruggruen, less IS more! However, when God gives much he expects much so do some good with your wealth.

  32. Gregory Pasquier

    I think some people here need to look up the definition of homeless. He doesn't own a home, so therefore he IS homeless. It's not irresponsible, a slap in the face, etc.

  33. Deborah Pickle

    Money can't buy happiness! His 'things' did not make him happy. And he choses to travel and LIVE LIFE and not be bound to material possessions! I want to be homeless one day too! Hey Nick hit me up if you want a traveling partner=)) (I am in no way poking fun at those that truely are homeless… which is another issue….)

  34. Anonymous

    It like shaving your head when you have great hair. As long as you aren't really bald, it's ok, cause you know it's there when you want or need it.

  35. Danyal Khan

    If he doesn't have a home then obviously he is homeless. Even though he lives in hotels and wears clean clothes. he still has a relatively simple life compared to what he could have. And I respect him for that.

  36. Danyal Khan

    If he doesn't have a home then obviously he is homeless. Even though he lives in hotels and wears clean clothes. he still has a relatively simple life compared to what he could have. And I respect him for that.

  37. Derek Whitson

    They didn't write the article for you to feel sorry for him! In terms he is homeless he has no permanent residence! The article is trying to show us materialism is ridiculous. All of you need to think before you write

  38. Joseph Delle Fave

    A man with that much money would own a few homes and several nice cars and he does not. He just carries his iPhone, a carry on with a few pairs of jeans, a nice suit or two, and a few clean shirts. While he is rich he still is homeless and that's the point!

  39. Judith Cosenza

    God is not impressed! You still won't go to heaven if your rich no matter how meager you choose to live. Your still a horder living with the fact he has a nice cushion to fall back on, not like a real person who has lost everything from losing one's job. What is this man is trying to prove? Yes, we are here for a short time, and I guess he better find the real truth about what homeless means. He never wants for a piece of bread does he?

  40. Gary Bryan Dobbs

    This article is a funny twist of words. Be careful "Inquisitr" you are attempting to test the thoughts and judgements of us through the world wide web, and a few are struggling to identify your definition of homeless. We don't read the dictionary, who reads the dictionary? Thank you for digging up this interesting chunk of information.

  41. Daniel Thurston

    His lifestyle in interesting, but he is certainly not "homeless". When someone rents a house or apartment, rather than buying, they are not called homeless. Someone who rents a 5-star hotel room is not homeless, either. It would actually cost less to own or rent a home than to rotate through a succession of luxury hotels. (I'm not Daniel.)

  42. Myra Knight

    Jen I agree with you, he should do some thing to help the homeless, and the people that are struggling to keep their homes. I wouldn't want to have the responsibility of that kind of money. I'd love to have enough to pay off my bills so that we aren't struggling so much, but there are people out there that are much worse off them we are. I consider us one of the lucky ones that actually have a job and can some what pay our bills.

  43. Zackery Crews

    The comments on this saying "he's not homeless and the media is stupid and corrupt!" are hilarious. He is homeless because he is without a regular. Homeless is not a derogatory term. The reason the word "homeless" is interpreted in a derogatory way is because people like you who keep pressing the matter on situations like these.
    Homeless =/= Living on the streets, non-motivated people, lying to your face for booze money.
    Homeless = Without regular dwelling.
    Seriously grow up. Or do not grow up and continue to amuse me.

  44. Anonymous

    then he should just give his money away… how about giving me 20 grand to pay my school loan?

  45. Missy Boyd

    I think its great, and when you don't have a place to call home, you are homeless, and others should not judge him. Why is everyone so upset? If any of you have a job and don't have a home, you are homeless, and from my experience, its a hassle to own things, you spend most of your time, money, and efforts in life maintaining things, its like you are working for things instead of enjoying life or the thing itself. I guess some people are possesive and others are not. I purchased my home at the age of 21yrs old, and guess what, I am tired of updating, worrying about natural disasters, maintaining the land and other expenses, if I were a billionaire, I would be doing the same thing, sharing and exploring, that's the life. Why have your money tied into things that over time may lose its value? Don't get me wrong, owning a home is a good thing but from my experience, its a huge headache of an asset. I think its okay.

  46. Anonymous

    He's not homeless like the real homeless people are, those who do not have anywhere to live and no food, however he is correct in saying it was less satifying to him to own material things because you can't take it with you…However again, since there are a little over three hundred million people in the United Staes alone, if you gave each person one million dollars, that wouldn't even put a dent in his or other of those othe billionaires pocket, that goes to show you, people with that amount of money are not interested in helping people who don't have anything, and Jesus has a remedy for all those greedy people, after all, most of them got rich from people like us…Yes people we bought their products, went to see them in movies or whatever, so we helped them get rich…One thing about people like me, if I had that amount of money, I'm not sayingI would give everyone one million dollars, but I wouldn't keep all that money to myself when I see the opportunity to help someone else…I would share! After all, The Bible says, freely you have received, freely give!

  47. Paul Evinger

    He may have have excess , but he has the right frame of mind. There are too many people out there that have too much and flaunt it , but have no sense of reality. Yes we live in a material world and it's unfortunate that so many people strive and work so hard to have all this crap , and totally miss the point of being human and caring. In the end it will all work itself out. As I've always said , you can have all the money in the world , and still be a worthless human being.

  48. Anonymous

    What I will say about this BILLIONAIRE, is that he's NOT into WORDLY possessions, like ALL of the REST are. He's probably a pretty-nice guy as well! 99.9% of BILLIONAIRES only care about one thing, HOW to GET more MONEY to buy more WORDLY possessions!

  49. Melissa Stusinski

    If you read the whole article, it states that he does try to help the homeless. He has put money into charities and into think tanks on improving the economy and getting more jobs. He has also said that all of his money will go toward charity when he dies.

    And technically, since the definition of homeless means having no home, the term is correct, just not what we would consider homeless.

  50. Boe Dillard

    Home is any play you typically dwell and keep your possessions. That can be a shack or even a refrigerator box. The term is correct, it is your inference that is incorrect. The term homeless is typically incorrect for the poor, it should be shelterless as even if you live night after night in YMCA or a youth hostel, that is your home and there for you aren't homeless.

    I'd suggest you look up the definition before calling someone else irresponsible for using a term you do not comprehend.

  51. Melissa Stusinski

    Billy Graham has a net worth of $25 million — meaning that he is rich. Does that mean that he won't go to heaven? God doesn't care how much money you have, as long as you love him and strive to be like him by helping others and obeying.

  52. Boe Dillard

    1. Where do you infer that they wanted you to feel sorry for him?
    2. He is technically homeless – unless you know what a word means, don't attack others for using it correctly.
    3. Do you know what percentage of his income he gives to the poor? What percentage of your income do you give to the poor. To an Ethopian, i'm sure you'd be considered obscenely wealthy so don't cast aspersians.
    4. Careful, your glass house is crashing down.

  53. Melissa Stusinski

    He is trying to help the homeless. He has donated a ton of money to charities and also toward funding projects that help create jobs in the US and the UK. It says so toward the end of the article. All of his money will also be going to charity when he dies.

  54. Brenda Richardson Fails

    @Jen Luce>>Or help someone who needs money as bad as I do, scraping by every week or someone barely eating and paying their bills. Believe me a billionaire has no clue how hard life is, barely making it on a dab and having none left.

  55. Anonymous

    While the title is a bit deceptive… it did what it was suppose to do… it got everybody on here to click on the article. They (Inquisitr) make money from all of the ads that you see mid-page, and in the side bars, etc. Probably based on website impressions (hits)… which means they get paid every time an ad is viewed (typically per every 1000 views). Bottom line… no visitors… no cash. It's that simple. Who ever wrote that title should get a bonus… because it was written exactly the way a headline should be written – to capture the viewers attention and cause them to perform a follow-up action.

  56. Matthew J. Huling

    Mark, he is homeless in the sense that he doesn't actually own a home or even rent one for that matter. He can't really call his hotel room a home because he doesn't stay in one hotel exclusively.

  57. Belinda Harris

    Whoever is greedy for unjust gain (or material objects)–troubles his own household. I commend the guy…nothing worse than others acting so much betterthan you because of a car, house or whatever. I don't have anything and wouldn't want it. It a lifestyle choice.

  58. Lydia Napierala

    That is not homeless, he lives hotel to hotel, he eats, you are irresponsible for even printing that. Think before you print. There so many REAL HOMELESS PEOPLE, take a look.

  59. Michael Haessly

    Calm down! The "homeless" in the title was just to get people to read the article, and apparently it worked. The ratings work by number of visitors, not number of favorable reviews.

  60. Wardell Gibson

    How refreshing. Love his attitude. His real wealth is his wisdom and discernment of what really matters, yet he does not begrudge others whom may flaunt their wealth for the attention it commands.

  61. Lourdes C. Tubongbanua

    I agree with you Brenda. Unemployed and no income is hard and has taken a worse turn for me and my family. It would be nice to have something that I can rely on my everyday living.

  62. Josh Parks

    Really has all that money and doesn't want to have a home. Well then buy a hundred or so for the familes that need one what a dic?

  63. A Happy Medium

    I have been Homeless as well this year 7 months, homeless and ill, My parents are well off but because my insurance co screwed me, my dad had a nervice break down and dis owned me and left me sick and in the streets. I am a Psychic Medium, When I lived in Palm Beach, I was known as the Palm Beach Medium, now that I'm in South Jersey I am known as The Psychic To The Stars. I have written 3 books, but have not had them published yet due to Finances. 2 Law enforcement officers saved my life and one took me in to help me get on my feet. I am a trained pastry chef and together she and I started a catering business with my food stamps at the local County Court House. As I said I am Known as The Psychic To The Stars, I am an Entrapinour with help from above (Billy Mays and Steve Jobbs to name a few) I am looking for an investor if you or anyone else is interested. (ps..I cant spell, I know! LOL) I would like to know your secret….mine is Kabbalah!

  64. Juan Torres

    "The multi-billionaire sold his two homes, one in downtown New York City and the other on a private island near Miami, along with his only car, 12 years ago".

    "Now, the only possessions he has are either in storage, while he just carries his iPhone, a carry on with a few pairs of jeans, a nice suit or two, and a few clean shirts."

    What about The Jet he uses to go from one 5 star hotel to another?

    Homeless? please…

  65. Hannah Alabudi

    Wow, i really look up to this guy! That's what you call living, my friend :)

  66. Jen Luce

    Melissa Stusinski I agree that he CHOOSES to be HOMELESS but he does technically have a place to stay every night and can in fact buy several homes. This is way different than the people who have lost their homes and are scraping to get by and live on the streets. He could be the greatest man alive but I would never allow a story on me comparing me to "homeless" when I in fact have billions of dollars…I think the writers did him a dis-service writing this article. Nothing against him or what he chooses to do it's his life!

  67. David Brezak

    It's probably just a phase he is going thru…think about it..if you had the money to just roam around and stay in fancy hotels for a whilr it might be fun but eventually you would probably want to settle down somewhere…

  68. Jen Luce

    It was an irresponsible article and pretty much smacking true homeless people in the face… lets not play on technicalities like "he doesn't actually own a home" he does have a warm place to stay and food whenever he wants it. Nothing against the guy it's his life but calling someone homeless when they can stay anywhere at any time is irresponsible. People could say I don't have a home because my house doesnt feel like home… come on… it's just a stupid play on words.

  69. Florida Rj

    There are a lot of rich people that have done this and are doing this. Mick Jagger and Keanu Reeves to name two of them.

  70. Jane Kandare James

    Nice human interest story. But I think the real question is, "is he single?" Because… this guy is cool.

  71. Angela Darden

    this story is a slap in the faces of those who are forced to live on the streets every day. They have lost their jobs, homes and have to sleep in alleys, flop houses if there is room, and beg for food. Not all are drunken bumbs who are trying to get a buck for a bottle. If he wants to consider himsel homeless, maybe he should use some of his money and build small efficiencies for the REAL HOMELESS.

  72. Linda Brown

    he chooses to call a hotel room his home, no matter which one he's staying in that nite….this is a bogus article…..

  73. Moon-Soo Chang

    What the hell? If he's truly chooses to live a simply life, he should've sold all of his possession, and gave all of his money to charity.

  74. Paul Williams

    I'm glad to hear that he is doing that, but I still say that he should not be classifying himself as homeless, because technically, he isn't!

  75. Melissa Stusinski

    Technically, because he doesn't have a home, he fits the definition of homeless. I'm not saying that he couldn't have a home to go to if he chooses, but he fits the dictionary definition. He is also not calling himself homeless, it is something that the blogger who first talked with him decided to call him. From then on, it has become a keyword for media to call him the homeless billionaire.

    The article's point is to talk about how he is a billionaire who doesn't want worldly possessions…what a great role model. Yes, he has more money than most of us are probably ever going to have (I deal with student loan payments every month….not anywhere close to being rich), but he's not stuck on buying things to make himself happy…he understands that things don't make you happy. I think that's a good point for people to hear.

  76. Tiffiney Holste

    I like his view on weatlth having it will nevere fulfill you or make u happy, being able to be a good steward over it can be a heavy burden

  77. Ronald Lee Cuie

    He's very wise there…and it must be very very exciting traveling the world on elite wide body boeing and airbus jets staying in hotel from hotel…that is what I plan to do here very shortely while I am single here…

  78. Paul Williams

    That's why I can't call him homeless, because he has a choice, as well as the money to get any place he wants. There are many who are homeless who do not have that choice, or the means to get off the streets! Yes, he has a place to go if he chooses to, but there are many who don't have that luxury, so forgive me, but I don't feel sorry for him!!!!!!

  79. Melissa Stusinski

    I completely understand, and I'm not saying you should feel sorry for him. It would be silly to feel sorry for someone who can afford luxuries like that (unless they are incredibly absorbed in their things…I feel sorry for people who are rich and think they can fill their lives with things and it will make them happy).

    Instead, he is a good example to follow of someone who is more interested in helping society than purchasing houses, cars, yachts, etc. That's what we need more of. Quite often it's people who are less privileged who give more to homeless on the streets than those who can afford to give a few million. Much better to be someone who lives simply and gives freely than someone who hordes their money and buys things only for themselves…this man is the first.

  80. Van Tran

    When you have money- a "simple life" is great and admired by other if you useyour money to help others but when you have no money to help yourself or others – your "simple life" is just pure struggle and misery!

  81. Hussein Al-Omari

    if you have money just enough to live and help within your capacity then you still can live a simple life and God rewards for charities based on intention and circumstance not based on amount.

  82. Melissa Stusinski

    Apparently I'm the one you think did a disservice to this man, since I wrote the article. And, since you're entitled to your own opinion, I'm not going to press an issue with you. I think it's interesting, however, that you focus on one word, instead of understanding the point of the article, which is talking about a billionaire that doesn't care about owning stuff (how often does that happen…for anyone). Whether he is "homeless (as the technically correct definition states)" or not is not the issue we should be debating.

    I'm sorry that you missed the article's point. Perhaps I should have put quotes around homeless; then maybe you would have read about the things he does for charity, or his quotes about possessions not making him happy. For example, he says:

    "But for me, possessing things is not that interesting. Living in a grand environment to show myself and others that I have wealth has zero appeal. Whatever I own is temporary, since we’re only here for a short period of time. It’s what we do and produce, it’s our actions, that will last forever. That’s real value."

    That's the point of the article, Jen Luce. Giving back to others, instead of overindulging ourselves in things. Our society is so into the latest gadgets, cars, phones, whatever you want to say. We hope that by buying them and showing them off we will impress the people around us. It's silly, since those things all break and give out over time. The only lasting thing is people and what we can give back.

  83. Anonymous

    Matthew J. Huling
    His hotel room is his home, as he "Rents that space to live in" much like renting an apartment. For all we know his investment firm probably owns the hotels… Your remark makes as much sense as someone saying that they are homeless because they have lived in many apartments and tend to move often.

  84. Anonymous

    In another article claiming the same about him being homeless, it is also reported he stays in 5 star hotels whereever he travels in his private jet so homeless he is not. Big deal if he SOLD his home. I would be more impressed if he was actually living in a one bedroom apartment, donating all his money to the homeless than jawing about how he doesn't care to have expensive things. How much does a private jet cost?

  85. William Kreber

    Homeless? Hah! What a crock of S***…
    If these billionaires want to find meaning in their lives, why don't they start more companies and increase the job market. They might not find it that rewarding, but I will bet dollars to doughnuts that an unemployed worker will.
    Maybe donate some of that wealth to make sure kids don't go to school hungry, or elderly people have something better to eat than cat food. You know, common sense stuff. The little things.

  86. William Kreber

    Melissa Stusinski When he dies, the money will goto helping the economy. And it just says "charities", Melissa… I think you are reading more into the article than is present.

  87. Paul Williams

    I agree with that, and it's all duly noted, but from where I stand, he's neither homeless or less fortunate, but I'm glad that he is interested in helpng society, so I agree, we DO need more like him! As it is, we don't have enough!

  88. Natalie Sisson

    Well I'm not a billionaire but I could rebrand myself from the Suitcase Entrepreneur to the Homeless Entrepreneur….might be a better book title.

  89. Hung Pham

    I like the last part of the quote in there "whatever I own is temporary, since we’re only here for a short period of time. It’s what we do and produce, it’s our actions, that will last forever. That’s real value". Respect!

  90. David Richard

    Interesting, creative article with an informative perspective.

  91. Ingrid Ader

    What have YOU done lately to give back? Or are you another one of those "I think communism would be great because I have so much to gain from it" (and believe me – when you have enough money to have computer and internet – you are not going to gain anything)? And lets not go into those one thousand and one excuses – you know the ones called "I dont have money" (while holding some over-priced plastic toy in your hand for your kids christmas present) and "I have no time" (but I have just enough time to comment this article and ten more similar articles and I aslo have one hour to watch my favorite show). Im not saying Im ideal person, but at least I know Im not and that means Im not allowed to judge other people for not being ideal.
    Sorry Im a strong believer in "before you start dispensing other peoples time and money you should start with your own". And while you are on it – work on your personality because it seems that you are really really judgmental.

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