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Michael J. Fox On Ellen, Displays Positive Attitude, Despite Parkinson’s

Michael J Fox On Ellen Show

Michael J. Fox went on Ellen to talk about Parkinson’s disease, as well as his new sitcom on NBC, dishing on the fact that he believes NBC is “crazy” for brokering a deal that guarantees the show an entire season.

Fox told Ellen about how the network beat off stiff competition in order to secure the show, emerging triumphant from the bidding war last month, reports The Daily Mail. The Back to the Future actor told Ellen DeGeneres that:

“They’re crazy. It’s a big leap of faith.”

The 51-year-old actor spoke about his inspiration to lead his own sitcom as well, saying that he did so after his stints on The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He added that:

“I always say live in the moment, enjoy the day, make the most of what you have. And I thought, ‘well if I put one day after another where its like that, why not just do what I love to do and work.'”

Michael J. Fox’s character will be a busy husband and father of three in the Big Apple, juggling things like his family, career, health, and other challenges.

The Examiner notes that Fox has also spent the last 20 years suffering from Parkinson’s, and spoke with Ellen on how much money the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease has raised so far. Fox boasted that the foundation has already raised, “Close to three hundred million dollars,” with the majority of the money going toward research on a cure for the disease.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show was more than willing to help the actor with his foundation but auctioning a beautiful red guitar on eBay, which will be signed by the entertainers that stop by the daytime talk show. Fox and DeGeneres were the first to sign the guitar, through many others will follow.

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25 Responses to “Michael J. Fox On Ellen, Displays Positive Attitude, Despite Parkinson’s”

  1. Steven Louis Soffer

    always liked them both. gutsy, positive and inspiring. now that I have a serious medical condition, michaels way n manner of dealing with bis situation is helping me with mine. its the new year so I wish for him health happieness peace n joy.

  2. Marylou Paulk

    Michael I just brought your book " Always Looking Up " for my sister who found out this year she has Parkinson's disease. It is a great book and I thank you for writing it. God bless and keep you safe. You are a wonderful example to us all. Sincerely, Mary Lou and Jesse.

  3. Whitney Henson

    Nothing against Mr. fox, but had he not already been a multimillionaire movie and TV star when diagnosedI'm pretty sure he wouldn't feel so "positive" about his situation.

  4. Emily Fox

    get out of my brain. i couldnt finish reading the article after that phrase

  5. John Pawlowski

    The "entire season" could be only 4-5 episodes in some cases these days. The word "season" means nothing to the networks.

  6. Anonymous

    John…did you even bother to watch the video clip? NBC committed to 22 episodes…..not 4 or 5. Does anybody even LISTEN anymore???

  7. Anonymous

    Michael is an amazing person with such a positive attitude. And it's so nice to see that whatever meds he is taking for this seem to be working. I remember seeing him on talk shows in the past where he was squirming around…he just looked so uncomfortable I wanted to cry.

  8. Cassandra L. Andrews

    Michael, I Love you so much you have NO Idea. I've watched all of your shows and I know All of your movies and I can't wait to see you again on the screen :) You are such a Positive Person and Such an Inspiration 😀

  9. Claudette Chamblee

    Look at how great he is doing in this appearance. He is showing hardly any signs. A bit of slurred speech, and small movement, but overall better than I have seen him in a long time.

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