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Selena Gomez Gives Up On Justin Bieber, No Longer Dreaming Of Marrying And Having Kids With Singer?

Selena Gomez is reportedly over her relationship with Justin Bieber. Despite her regular reunions with Bieber, the latest of which took place in March, sources claim Gomez is totally done with the singer after hearing news of his new relationship with Nicola Peltz.

While Selena Gomez hasn’t addressed Bieber’s recent outings with the 21-year-old Transformers actress, she is reportedly unhappy about the romance.

“[Selena Gomez] says she’s just over it with Justin now that he is dating Nicola Peltz. She wants to be friends with him but it is hard to see him go through one relationship after the next,” a source explained to Hollywood Life on June 15.

Prior to his recent outings with Peltz, Justin Bieber was reportedly involved with on-again-off-again romances with both Hailey Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian. Just days before Selena Gomez offered her support to Bieber during one of his Los Angeles shows in March, it was Baldwin and Kardashian who were seen in the audience.

Although Bieber has clearly enjoyed the company of many women in the last several months, the source claimed Selena Gomez held out hope for a future reunion — at least until she saw that Bieber has been courting Peltz.

“[Selena Gomez] always fantasized about getting married and starting a family with him one day,” the source said.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber began dating in 2010 and remained in a committed relationship until 2012. However, even after their split, the former pair stayed close. Throughout 2013, there were numerous rumors claiming they had gotten back together.

Selena Gomez was also said to be upset about Bieber last week after seeing that he was involved in a fist fight with a man outside the arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers were taking on the Golden State Warriors in an NBA playoff game.

“[Selena Gomez] hates seeing him get in trouble all the time because she honestly feels she could have helped him and still could help him,” a source told Hollywood Life at the time. “It is always an uphill battle for her because he is so stubborn, but she always feels that she should be there for him because in her mind they have such a strong connection. She really just wants him to be healthy and happy.”

“[Selena Gomez] hates seeing Justin get into fights,” the outlet’s source added. “She thinks that it is really stupid and does nothing positive for him at all. She’s just thankful that’s he’s okay and it wasn’t anything more serious.”

While Selena Gomez reportedly felt pressured to help Justin Bieber at the time, he eventually surfaced in Canada with Nicola Peltz following a dinner date in Beverly Hills weeks prior.

Following the publication of Hollywood Life’s story about Selena Gomez and her dreams of marriage and a family with Bieber, he reportedly called them out for being “untruthful” and “hurtful” on Instagram and requested his fans report them as spam. As Gossip Cop revealed, the outlet shared a number of exclusives this week, and one of those stories claimed Selena Gomez had banned those around her from speaking Bieber’s name.

The articles shared can be seen in the fan screenshot below.

Selena Gomez has not yet commented on any of the recent stories regarding her and Justin Bieber.

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