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Shocking Video Shows Arkansas Police Officer Begging For His Life During Deadly Traffic Stop

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Truman, AR – A chilling police video captured the final moments of officer Jonathan Schmidt’s life when he was gunned down by Jerry Lard. Officer Schmidt begged Lard not to shoot him again after already suffering two shots to the face, but the convicted murderer showed no mercy to the young father of three.

The police dash cam video depicts the graphic nature of the violent crime which stemmed from a routine traffic stop. The tragic death of Arkansas police officer Jonathan Schmidt is now being used as part of a training program to educate other officers about how quickly nighttime traffic stops can turn deadly, according to the New York Daily News.

Jonathan Schmidt begged Jerry Lard,38, for his life after being shot at point-blank range from the gunman who was riding in the backseat of the stopped car. Lard jumped out of the car after shooting Schmidt the first time, taunting and swearing at the Trumann police officer. Schmidt and fellow officer Corey Overstreet ran for cover as Jerry Lard continued to scream at them. The police video also shows Schmidt helping Officer Overstreet to his feet and out of the line of fire.

“Please don’t shoot me. Please don’t shoot me again,” Jonathan Schmidt, 30, is head saying on the dash cam video as Lard draws his weapon another time. Officer Schmidt was shot a total of four times: in the neck, chin, chest and wrist. He later died at a local hospital.

trumann arkansas jerry lard murderer

Jerry Lard was arrested at the shooting scene and booked on capital murder charges. The cop killer was eventually sentenced to death. The police shooting video was played during the Jonathan Schmidt murder trial. The jury did not accept the defense argument that Lard was mentally ill and should not be executed. Deliberations took only 15 minutes.

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2 Responses to “Shocking Video Shows Arkansas Police Officer Begging For His Life During Deadly Traffic Stop”

  1. Anonymous

    This man was a hero. Finally people all over the country are becoming martyrs serving the masses by standing up to thugs who exploit the masses at gun point every day. We all know the police force is organized crime of the worst order. They confiscate drugs from people at traffic stops then redistribute the stolen drugs through extortion and make 100% profit for their blue shield criminal friends. The USA demolishing the wtc on 9/11 is NOT going to defend the masses from these criminal thugs because they all profit from oppression. This killer may only have been hero for a day, but all of America (those with free minds) give thanks for his sacrifice. We pray for more like you to defend against police thuggary.

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