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Your Baby Can Read Company Going Out Of Business

Your Baby Can Read Company Folds

Your Baby Can LLC has announced their decision to close their doors following their inability to keep up with the cost of legal battles from their product Your Baby Can Read.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the company posted a notice on its website on Monday, saying:

“Regretfully, the cost of fighting recent legal issues has left us with no option but to cease business operations. While we vehemently deny any wrongdoing, and strongly believe in our products, the fight has drained our resources to the point where we can no longer continue operating.”

CBS News notes that a complaint was filed by the Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood against the company with the Federal Trade Commission in April of 2011. Since then, a series of campaigns have been launched against what critics are calling the “genius baby” industry.

In their filing, the advocacy group stated that Your Baby Can Read’s claims of teaching infants how to read were both false and deceptive. They asked that the FTC halt the ads. While Susan Linn, the director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood welcomed the demise of the company, but urged that the FTC still press ahead with their investigation. Linn stated:

“The commission has in its power to force Your Baby Can Read to provide compensation for parents who were deceived. Even more important, taking action will deter other companies from making deceptive claims about the educational value of screen media for babies.”

FTC public affairs officer Betsy Lordan stated that the commission would not be commenting on the complaint filed against Your Baby Can Read. She did state, however that their general policy states an investigation does not automatically stop if the company goes out of business.

Do you think that the FTC should prosecute the makers of Your Baby Can Read for false advertising?

Check out the commercial below for the now closed Your Baby Can Read:

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3 Responses to “Your Baby Can Read Company Going Out Of Business”

  1. Sally Knott

    With tear in my eyes, I put so much time and effort into the program since my son was 1 month old. He is now 2 and the boy can read better than most middle schoolser I have seen. I very proudly stand behind the Your Baby Can Read program and have recommended it to every person I know. My son is obssessed with the videos and looks forward to watching the videos and doing the cards everyday. He has not memorized the words either. He has actually been able to pick up words and sentences on his own, He suprises us everyday.

  2. Christine Lee

    I am also very disappointed that YBC company has been forced to shut down due to some overzealous individuals forcing their beliefs onto others. My 4 year old daughter has been reading since the age of 14 months (yep, it's all on video, too!), and I have the YBCR program to thank for it. I even would put together letters to make 'nonsense' words, and she would accurately read the word (example: mictonally or trucoy). She would put sentences together, and read books and magazines to us- although I knew she couldn't understand everything she was reading at the age of two!

    Her preschool teachers are always amazed at how fluently she reads. When we go to Disneyland, she reads the cast member name tags, and greets them all by their names ("Hello, Sally!" "It's nice to see you Michael!"). You should see their faces when a child so young 'knows' their first names- because no one expects a child so young to read so well!

    My two year old son is now reading as well. I have all the YBCR DVDs, as well as the Your Child Can Discover, Your Baby Can Discover, and the Your Child Can Speak Spanish DVDs. I have seen the results of the YBCR system, and I still will recommend it to others. The Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood should be ASHAMED!

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