Evander Holyfield Evicted From Georgia Mansion

Evander Holyfield Evicted From Georgia Mansion

Evander Holyfield has been evicted from his Georgia mansion, following a tense battle with JP Morgan Chase to keep the 109 room estate south of Atlanta.

On Tuesday, however, The Florida Times-Union reports that moving trucks rolled through the estate’s gates, drove past statues of lions and pulled up to the mansion’s front doors. By nightfall, all of Holyfield’s possessions, including memorabilia from his reign as the world champion boxer and furniture were gone, leaving the 54,000 square foot home empty.

A foreclosed sign sat in the front lawn, proclaiming to everyone who drove by that the former boxer is just the next celebrity sports star to lose their home after failing to properly manage their millions.

While The Florida Times-Union notes that Holyfield has made more than $250 million, he was unable to finish paying off the $14 million he still owed Chase.

Greg Hassell, JP Morgan Chase spokesperson stated, according to The Examiner, that:

“We’ve worked with Mr. Holyfield to give him several months to move; he’s in the process of relocating and we’ve brought in additional resources to move the process forward.”

With child support payments out the rear (Evander Holyfield has at least 11 children), as well as a mansion that took more than $1 million per year to maintain, it’s not surprising that the former world champion boxer is having money issues.

Evander Holyfield Evicted From Georgia Mansion