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Chelsea Handler Calls Justin Bieber ‘Worst Celebrity Interview’

Chelsea Handler is busy doing press to promote her new Netflix talk show, Chelsea Does. The first installment was released on Saturday. Handler is no stranger to hosting a comedic talk show, she ran Chelsea Lately on the E! network for several years. After being in the spotlight for so long, interviewing people and being interviewed just becomes more natural. When Handler is being interviewed, you never know what to expect. Her sense of humor and blunt nature make it a surprise almost every single time.

When you are a celebrity like Chelsea Handler, who interviews other celebrities for your own show, there are usually some opinions formed about you by guests. Since Handler was on the air for several years, many famous faces came through the Chelsea Lately show. According to People, Chelsea Handler said Justin Bieber was the worst celebrity interview she ever conducted.

This was interesting because there have been many different celebrities who have sat opposite Handler while she hosted the show. An elaboration on the comment told a story about how Bieber attempted to flirt with Handler, which made her uncomfortable. He appeared on Chelsea Lately several times while the show was on the air, most of which was when he was underage. Handler made it very clear she wasn’t into the advances, and they made her uncomfortable. She was also quick to point out it was likely the way he acted with everyone, not just specifically her.

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With the recent press recognition, Chelsea Handler has been making headlines. While it isn’t only for Chelsea Does, that is a huge part of it. Last week, Heather McDonald appeared on a podcast and blasted Handler for creating a hostile work environment. In fact, she used words like “lived in fear” and other accusations that made Handler look like a horrible boss. For a few days there was press coverage without a response from Handler, but the morning the podcast aired, all bets were off.

Because Heather McDonald was a part of Chelsea Lately, and not Chelsea Does, speculation is that is what began the animosity. Handler fired back at McDonald’s claim. In fact, Radar Online reported that McDonald admitted she and Chelsea Handler aren’t even friends anymore. The attack on Handler’s character just a few days before her new show aired smelled of jealousy. The response the talk show host gave to McDonald was in true Chelsea Handler fashion, she told the world that McDonald was exiled from her life because she began selling stories to the tabloids about her. It was a very direct and firm accusation.

Now it looks like Chelsea Handler may have another celebrity beef on her hands by calling out Justin Bieber. He isn’t one to let someone mention him without having a comeback. While Handler was likely not trying to call him out, she did throw in a bit of shade when she mentioned his flirting made her uncomfortable. Bieber had appeared several times on Chelsea Lately beginning from age 15. Handler knows that his flirtation wasn’t specific to her, he had appeared on several other shows and did the same thing. Bieber should take comfort in the fact that she did mention there were several terrible celebrity interviews, even if she did specifically call him out.

The next several days will be filled with Chelsea Handler as she continues on her press journey to promote Chelsea Does. With the Heather McDonald feud and the Justin Bieber comments, Handler may have several outlets calling her for comments. As of now, Bieber has not said anything regarding Handler’s comments about him being the worst celebrity interview. This is just another day in the life of Chelsea Handler.

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