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Mom Arrested For Putting Beer In Toddler’s Sippy Cup

beer sippy cup phoenix

A Phoenix mom was arrested on fourth degree felony child abuse charges after local law enforcement officers discovered she poured beer into her toddler son’s sippy cup. Earlier this week police officers were called to the Peter Piper Pizza restaurant after a waitress claimed she saw Valerie Marie Topete 36, pour liquid from a pitcher on the table into her 2-year-old’s little sippy cup. According to police statement excerpts published in the Sacramento Bee, Topete admitted to pouring beer in her child’s cup because he “kept reaching for the pitcher of beer.”

Officers examined the liquid inside the toddler’s sippy cup and decided the youngster was indeed chugging a beer. Topete’s toddler son was transported to a local hospital for precautionary observation and was later released into his father’s custody, CBS News reports. The good Samaritan waitress also stated that Topete left her toddler son alone at one point during the evening. The child’s father and siblings ages 4 and 8 were also present in the restaurant at some point, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Topete also told law enforcement officers that she put a “splash of beer” in her toddler son’s cup as a bit of reverse psychology, hoping he would not like the taste and stop grabbing at the pitcher on the table, My Fox Phoenix Channel 10 News notes. A witness also reports that the child fell out of the high chair, leading the individual to believe the toddler was intoxicated after watching the mother pour liquid from a pitcher into the sippy cup.

Would you call 911 if you saw a parent pouring alcohol into a child’s cup?

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36 Responses to “Mom Arrested For Putting Beer In Toddler’s Sippy Cup”

  1. Susie Walker

    yes I would call the cops…don't need to grow alcoholics…they have enough time to drink when they reach maturity.

  2. Kathy Ferreyra

    wth was this woman thinking he is a toddler not a grown man that could do serious harm to that poor child hell yeah I would call the cops rubbing whisky on the gums is one thing letting them drink is another…..has parenting come to this that a parent would think that that was ok what kind of parents did she have that would make her think this action was ok…

  3. Kathee Alexander McCarl

    Foolishness. This woman needs parenting classes and some serious family counseling.

  4. Annette Baumgart-Eldridge

    yes I would call law enforcement on this person for doing this! Why can't they insist on a common sense test before allowing these people to reproduce! I just can't believe some of the things I am reading anymore about these people that are supposed to be grown, responsible adults. Silly me for making that assumption. God bless this country and save the children!

  5. Christina Rosario Cartwright

    yes I is never ok to give any any amount of alcohol..some people should not be able to breed lol and yes I say breed cause she is not raising a child or even trying to.

  6. Debbie Hansen Brown Hudd

    I don't know if I would call the cops right away. I think I would approach Mom or Dad and ask if they realized how dangerous alcohol is to toddlers, babies, or small children even in small quantities. Their reaction (taking the stuff away or telling me to mind my own business), seeing if they were drunk themselves, and gut feeling would determine calling the 911. Pouring alcohol into a sippy cup is scary. But as an older child, my parents would let me try a sip of beer once in a great while, no harm done. (and it was actually pretty yucky anyway).

  7. Gwendolyn Szabo

    Most DEAFINITELY….. Something is really wrong with this woman:((.

  8. MarJean Wright

    She obviously hit every branch of the stupid tree.

  9. Christina Davis

    I am appalled at the idea of giving any child booze, but I do have to say that my mother did the same thing to me and 35 years later, I still can't stand the taste of beer. I would NEVER do the same though and I would definitly call the cops.

  10. Ashley Sanford

    I would approach them as well then all the cops soon after. I wouldn't try on the other hand see if they tell me to but out because most likely they will. I would express to them that's its wrong what their doing because hes to young, and its wrong. Some parents have given their kids a sip of beer, mine did the same. But I was like 10 yrs old though and I hated it so I never asked again. I know most will say a parent shouldn't be giving beer at any age, but a toddler is to young. Even if this lady gave the baby half the bottle, that is more than a sip and the child will get a buzz. I feel cps needs to evaluate the care these parents are giving to their kids, it seems if she would do it in a public place lords knows what she doing at home.

  11. Danielle Cartee

    Why would it be bad in small amounts? Children over in Europe and especially in Germany I know give their children beer.

  12. Jaime Jordan

    I've learned the hard way that approaching other parents out of concern for their childrens' safety never goes well. Maybe it's just here in Massachusetts, who knows? But it always seems, even when alcohol is not involved that parents don't take kindly to someone else telling them something they are doing for their children is wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to have that conversation with alcohol involved. And let's face it, forcing the child to drink it is child abuse. Which needs to be reported. Makes me wonder what the woman is feeding her kid when they aren't out in public…

  13. Bring Back James Durbin to sing with Steven Tyler on American Idol Finale

    a toddler should never be given even a taste of beer. The law says 21 years old. I know we can't stop teenagers from drinking, but toddlers yes. If he kept asking for the pitcher of beer why didn't she just move it to the other side of the table? First of all what in the heck is she doing drinking that much beer and going to have to drive her kids home. Stupid *****!

  14. Paula Qualls Gurley

    As an older child I too was given a sip, and left it alone after that. I did it with my kids with the same result. This was done in the privacy of our home. Neither my siblings, my kids or my neices and nephews are alcoholics. Putting it in his sippy cup is ridiculous, and terrible parenting. They gave custody of the child to the father who was sitting right there when this happened? Parenting classes for sure.

  15. Jenny Matson Hilyer

    absolutely YES! Without a doubt I would call the police! If they left before they arrived, I would follow and get tag numbers too! That is just dangerous and irresponsible parenting!

  16. Brianna Swain

    I guess if he reached for a pack of cigarettes, she would had put one in his mouth and lit for him. Some people don't deserve to parents if you got to be that stupid.

  17. Monica RaShae

    I actually had a boyfriend AND a stepdad that tried this with my kids! they didn't put it in their sippy cup, just handed them a can… but I left as soon as I knew it… BOTH places… never spoke to my step-dad again (and he's not my step-dad anymore – thank God….) AND never spoke to the boyfriend again either…

  18. Christopher A Cason

    Our children are too beautiful, precious and innocent to let this kinda shit fly! Fuck this bitch.

  19. Majenica Hartley

    they make baby Oragel… whisky on the gums is completely unacceptable as well, and an outdated remedy at that. If beer isn't okay, then neither is whisky-it's worse in fact! *Higher alcohol content* and regardless of if it's even a tiny amount on the gums, their body is still ingesting it. So, NO! As a mom, I would NEVER give my child ANY form of alcohol. I am even weary of giving her cough/fever medicine..

  20. Satcey Bass

    I can't believe she did that I mean hello that is a child u don't do that I hope she gets the book thrown at her

  21. Audrey Lewis

    met one of those many years ago, doped infant so boyfriend could babysit while she worked. baby suffered severe brain damage, thanks mom!

  22. Amanda Brazil

    at least im not staying up all night long with my baby teething and also the benzocaine in baby oragel can possibly kill a baby under 2 because they can also ingest it and it will numb their throat and relax their gag reflex's that help them prevent choking.

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