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Girl electrocuted to death trying to Twitter in the bath


A 17 year old girl in Romania has died while attempting to Twitter from her bathtub.

Flavia Boricea (incorrectly named on some sites as Maria Barbu) is believed to have been electrocuted while trying to plug her laptop in to continue a Twitter session interrupted by a flat battery. Reports on how she was electrocuted aren’t precise: Romanian State television said that the electrocution was due to her having wet hands, although other reports suggest the laptop fell into the bath.

She was found dead in the bathtub by her parents, with her laptop lying next to her.

It probably goes without saying folks: Twitter and bath water don’t mix.

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9 Responses to “Girl electrocuted to death trying to Twitter in the bath”

  1. dmathews

    Her laptop falling into the water would not electrocute her. Only the external power adapter or touching the AC portion (what goes into the wall) while she was standing in water, and completing the circuit with the wall would wipe her off the planet.

    If she was plugging in a night light, the same could happen. Twitter or not.

  2. wheyeye

    Entirely bullshit of course. There is not enough power in the laptop to electrocute and even plugging it in it is a transformed down to a safe votage by a transformer.

    Unless she actually put the transformer in the bath tub.

  3. Monica Adame

    If this story is true, why is it among the "funny" stories. You editors have a macabre sense of humor

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