The Rock Makes WWE Return At Live Event In Boston [Video]

WWE News: The Rock Makes WWE Return At Live Event In Boston [Video]

At tonight’s live event in Boston, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a shocking return to the WWE, sending the Boston fans in the crowd into a frenzy.

Reports via LordsofPain from the fans in attendance claim that Rock received a tremendous reception from the live crowd. While he did not wrestle, “The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports and Entertainment” was a part of a segment with WWE superstar Bo Dallas.

The correspondents state that Rock made Dallas run “victory laps” around the ring, much like he does as part of his act. When he returned back into the ring, Rock used the phrase “Boston Strong” before laying out Dallas with his signature Rock Bottom maneuver.

However, fans should not get excited and think that Rock is back with the WWE full-time and that his appearance at a live event indicates more to come. Rock was in town because he is filming Central Intelligence with comedian Kevin Hart. Therefore, this appearance is more than likely just a one shot deal and a treat for the live fans in attendance.

This is far from the first time Rock has made a surprising return to the WWE. Last year, Rock returned during an episode of Monday Night RAW in Brooklyn, taking part in a segment with Rusev and Lana, two of the top heels in the company at that point. After exchanging verbal jabs with the both of them, Rock took out Rusev with a series of right hands.

At Wrestlemania 31, Rock made a surprise appearance to confront the duo of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who were both in the ring talking down to the crowd, harping upon how both of them owned the people.

The Rock sure seems to have a propensity for getting into verbal spats with large wrestlers and their significant others.

However, Rock brought in famed female UFC fighter Ronda Rousey into the ring, one of the biggest moments in Wrestlemania history. Rousey proceeded to clean house, taking out both McMahon and Triple H.

So, even though this is not the first time Rock made a surprising return at a WWE event, it was the first time he did so at a non-televised event.

A random appearance by one of the biggest stars to come out of WWE at a live event does give credence to the often-used saying, “anything can happen in the WWE.”

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