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WWE News: Is The PG Product Slowly Going Away?

Wyatt and Jericho

Chris Jericho’s latest-WWE return brought back smiles, as well as ruthless aggression involving him and Bray Wyatt. Before the feud even began, it was an obvious prediction that both men would bring absolute gold in the ring and on the microphone. After a few promos and a great match at Battleground, the WWE Universe was… Read more »

British Tourist Visits Alcatraz, See What She Caught On Camera [Video]

Alcatraz Island Picture

British tourist Sheila Sillery-Walsh claims that she was able to take a photo of one of Alcatarz’s ghosts while touring “The Rock” with her partner. Sheila, who is from Birmingham, visited Alcatraz in April with her partner Paul Rice. She said, “Alcatraz Penitentiary is a must-see for any tourist. However, as soon as we entered… Read more »

Andrew Lincoln Dead: Just Another Death Hoax

News of Andrew Lincoln's death is a hoax.

Fans of The Walking Dead were shocked over the past week when a story about Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) began circulating social media. The story indicated that he had died while on vacation. Global Associated News reported that Andrew Lincoln died in an incident involving a snowboard. The blurb stated that he was at the… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson The Underdog? (Video)


The pressure is on for Dwayne Johnson. This summer is filled with hot movie blockbusters coming out back to back creating fierce competition. No one would have ever imagined Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as an underdog, but it seems that is the position in which Johnson has been placed according to In case you… Read more »

The Rock: WWE WrestleMania 30 Has Dwayne Johnson Confront Steve Austin

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s WrestleMania 30 appearance had him assuming his WWE The Rock persona once again…and it is happening NOW! Within less than fifteen minutes, after a surprise appearance from Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupting Hulk Hogan (respectfully), The Rock made an appearance to such a huge pop from the crowd. The Rock then electrified the… Read more »

The Rock Set For Wrestlemania 30, Now Rehearsing Segment

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson, better known to his fans as The Rock arrived in New Orleans on Saturday. Rock posted as much on his twitter account and, of course, WWE posted a story asking what The Rock’s plans were for Wrestlemania 30 0n their official Facebook page. We know The Rock is in town. Is he going… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson Rocks In First Official Hercules Trailer


Dwayne Johnson, colloquially and sometimes professionally known as “The Rock”, is stepping into the role of the legendary Hercules and we finally have a trailer, officially released today, for the upcoming Brett Ratner-helmed film in which we get to see the former-professional-wrestler-turned-actor portray heroically proclaim “I am Hercules!” While Johnson’s involvement in the film as… Read more »

Hulk Hogan Bares All As Wrestlemania XXX Approches

hulk hogan wrestlemania xxx maybe

Hulk Hogan has been the face of Professional Wrestling for over 30 years. Now at 60 years-old, he’s still going strong, crisscrossing the country to promote Professional Wrestling’s Super Bowl, World Series and America’s Toughest Bouncer all rolled into one: Wrestlemania XXX (XXX = 30 for anyone unfamiliar with Roman Numerals). HuffPost Live‘s Marc Lamont… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson VS Undertaker Was Planned For WWE WrestleMania 30

Dwayne Johnson 'Rocks' His Housekeeper's World With Free SUV

Dwayne Johnson VS The Undertaker? WWE fans would have loved this WrestleMania 30 match, but unfortunately it’s not to be due to a twist of fate. In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s rumored that The Rock may play the hulking cyborg in Terminator: Genesis, a reboot of the sci-fi classic. While that’s uncertain,… Read more »

Dwayne Johnson To Star In Fighting ‘Teddy Bear’ Movie

Dwayne Johnson

Thanks in part to Seth MacFarlane for offering up a crude teddy bear comedy, it looks like Dwayne Johnson is now taking his crack at the next teddy bear film. However, this one seems a bit different. Johnson, who’s set to also produce, is said to star in a new film that will see him… Read more »