Deep blue Great White

Deep Blue Great White Shark: ‘Biggest Shark Ever’ Filmed Off Guadalupe Island [Video]

In the deep blue waters off the coast of Guadalupe Island, a great white shark was caught on video and may very well be the biggest white shark to ever be caught on film. According to the Mail Online, the shark has been named “Deep Blue,” which is completely fitting. The 20-foot-long shark is a sight to see, and she’s certainly a beauty. She has the girth of a hippo!

“The shark, believed to be at least 50 years old, is seen in the video swimming around a roofless cage near Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. One diver in the cage is seen getting dangerously close to the massive, then-heavily pregnant fish and touching one of its fins. In addition to her massive size, the shark is recognizable by her many scars.”

Deep Blue the great white shark was caught on film by divers who were doing a documentary for the Discovery Channel. At one point in the video, a diver actually “high-fives” the shark’s fin, reaching outside the diving cage — something that is pretty brave! The video of the huge shark was posted on Bing and has since gone viral.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, experts believe that Deep Blue is the largest great white ever documented. While the waters off the coast of Guadalupe Island are filled with white sharks, this big girl takes the chum. All of it.

[Photo via YouTube]