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Romney Vetoed Elevators For Disabled People, Plans “Car Elevator” In His New Home

Mitt Romney Elevator Veto

Mitt Romney’s new California mansion is expected to include a two story elevator that is capable of transporting his cars around his two story garage. While the lawmaker and former Massachusetts governor is alright with car elevators for personal use he has never been comfortable with elevators for the disabled.

Romney during his time as governor vetoed two pieces of legislation that would have improved two elevators under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

As if denying the disabled access to easy transportation wasn’t bad enough, Romney then had a private elevator in the statehouse locked so it could only be used for his own private needs.

The denied piece of legislation came to Romney’s desk in 2006; the first legislation asked for a $40,000 elevator improvement project while the second asked for $25,000 to make ADA improvements so people with disabilities could actually use the elevators they were suppose to have access to.

At the time Mitt Romney said the programs:

“Would be nice to have, but which we cannot justify paying for out of rainy day funds. A smaller number of these projects are just pure pork.”

We are not really sure how fixing an elevator to make it Americans with Disabilities compliant is pork spending at its worse. Of course we will never know Romney’s real reason for denying the ADA elevator fix because he used $100,000 of taxpayer dollars to have all records of his governorship destroyed after he left office. Ironically that $100,000 could have fixed the elevators with $35,000 still left over.

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16 Responses to “Romney Vetoed Elevators For Disabled People, Plans “Car Elevator” In His New Home”

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  2. Khalid Bashir

    The scary thing is that he actually has a good chance

  3. Amber Gebhardt

    LOL…I know someone who is on disability and are planning to vote for Mitt Romney…LMFAO…I am soo sending this to him and see how much he likes him now…LOL.

  4. Debby Hamidian

    Mitt Romney said he was going to cut back on disability benefits when he's elected President. President Obama has promoted dependence on the government, and has more disabled than any other President. Has nothing to do with less medical practice accountability, 83% less malpractice lawsuits because of tort reform. Now, there are an escalating number of hospitals, nursing homes and hospice deaths or leaving the person totally disabled. Cant find a lawyer that will take the case; too expensive because of the expense to take it to court. The tort reform cap of what you can collect isn't enough to pull it off.

  5. Diana Baskin

    This is shameful. Wonder how his supporters will spin this.

  6. Debby Hamidian

    I was being sarcastic because they are saying there has beenn more disabled. I am disabled since Pres Obama has been in office. The Drs. did a surgery but they had given me a surgery based on a decision while they were operating wi/o informing recovery room and I had complete respiratory failure and almost died. They are not liable and nothing is on their record because I can't sue. It cost more than the Lawyer can collect just having Drs. testify explaining it to a jury. Tort reform limits it to the point 83% of lawsuits no longer exist. So, we become disabled and draw social security. It has nothing to do with any President. It has to do with implementing laws where Drs. can be the top 3 surgeons without one flaw. Even our Texas Board of Medical Examiners has been sued by the Drs. for harrassment by the Pysicians & Surgeons of America. They won. So, Texas Board of Medical Examiners rarely investigate a case. That is causing the Government a great deal of money and they are picking up the tab.

  7. Gary Whitman

    someone tell me how an elevator is not already handicap friendly? he vetoed the bill because it was loaded with other pork spending and you should be happy he didn't spend money we didn't have or do like Obuma and borrow it from the Chinese. You liberals are pathetic.

  8. Jamie Haman

    Debby Hamidian, Gee girl, you left out the part about being responsible for the other guy's attorney fees if you lose here in Texas too. And the 750.000 dollar limit on medical tort reform. This piece of idiocy was supposed to vastly lower a doctor's medical malpractice bill, thus lovering the cost of racticing medicen, and to be passed on to the consumers. Guess what? Hasn't happened yet.

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