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Christmas 2011: Lessons in Gratitude [First World Problems]

christmas cheer and grace

Buzzfeed compiled a list of classic first world problem tweets from ungrateful skinwasters who didn’t get the right coloured iPhone for Christmas or something. The poor bastards.

Congrats mankind, another low achieved. On the bright side, only another 358 days to go. Bring it on.

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11 Responses to “Christmas 2011: Lessons in Gratitude [First World Problems]”

  1. Lisa DeClue

    With the misery in our own country, who do these kids think they are? This entitlement mentality has GOT to be broken. Their patents need to get a big dose of reality along with them.

  2. Lynne Gish Olson

    These posts break my heart. I am just thankful my kids are NOT like these ungrateful people. How rude and self centered these comments are. I just wish my family would be together. That's what Christmas is for, not stuff.

  3. Lynne Gish Olson

    I had no money to get my kids anything this Christmas, they know that, and said NOTHING. They were grateful for the little they did get, knowing it's not about stuff, but about family…

  4. John J Carlson

    I heard these posts were all bogus – fake. Just to incite/make some commotion on the web.

  5. Marsha Conard

    Even if these comments are bogus or not , I think it is very rude to post things like this at a time of year so many people are struggling just to make ends meet, if you didn't get a iphone or a car my hat is off to your parents good for them, if these are things that you want, instead of bashing your parents get off your lazy duff and help them out some and you may one day deserve some thing like a iphone or car until then all inconsiderate brats needs a huge reality check.

  6. John J Carlson

    It got all of us to click on the Inquisitr website however, which ups it's click rate and advertising dollars! 😉

  7. Lynne Gish Olson

    Whether or not its fake, I do believe the comments listed exist in our country. We see it on TV and I see it at school. There use to be a whole reality show based on this stuff, I can't remember the name of it right now. I do think there is some measure of truth to it all…

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