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UPS Driver Throws Package, Flips Off Security Camera

UPS Delivery Driver

It’s been less than a week since we reported about the world’s worst Fedex Driver who threw a flat screen TV over a customer’s fence and now we bring you an equally bad video from a driver at UPS.

This time the driver not only throws a box onto a customer’s front porch, he actually sees the customer’s installed security camera and flips it off before he throws the box onto the porch with no care for the merchandise that might be inside.

When first questioned about the driver’s misstep UPS said they hadn’t seen the video but acknowledged that they would look into the situation and take “appropriate” action with the driver.

Here’s the video showcasing the driver’s complete lack of respect for the customer’s package:

We’re just hoping that box didn’t include a puppy sent from a grandma to her children.

Do you think this is an act of a copycat delivery guy looking for attention or is the delivery industry full of idiot drivers?

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213 Responses to “UPS Driver Throws Package, Flips Off Security Camera”

  1. Terri Persico Rimmer

    I've complained about UPS a few times in the past regarding bad deliveries and they're downright rude about it..

  2. Sandy McCoy

    "Do you think this is an act of a copycat delivery guy looking for attention or is the delivery industry full of idiot drivers?" I think it's a combination of both idiot drivers/looking for attention AND some people are just JERKS during this time of year…or all year.

  3. Jim Vint Sr.

    I am betting that this is a temporary worker that UPS hired for the Christmas rush. I am also betting that when UPS mgt. review this, he will be an ex- UPS helper…. UPS like Fed-ex does not condone this sort of work attitude from their employees.

  4. Pete Popovitch

    He's a seasonal helper. Duh. Watch the video. Does he sit in the driver's seat? Duh. The package was from Zappo's—>SHOES. I'm sure the shoes were OK.

  5. Alonzo Saenz

    If they do not condone this type of behaviour then they must be blind. I know longer buy from companies that use Fed Ex or UPS as their carriers. If I cannot get it thru USPS (as bad as they are) I will not buy from them. I either get another supplier or do without.

  6. Jim Vint Sr.

    Alonzo Saenz , that is unfortunate as a rule the drivers handle the packages with care. If you see abuse you should report it ,

  7. Mi Az

    I like how media pretended not to see that it is zappos "hoping it is not puppy or fragile gift" just to make it a bigger deal

  8. Daniel Simmons

    The box he tossed has shoes in it (Zappos) and you can see at the beginning of the video he is handed the box by the actual driver of the truck. This is an asshole drivers helper that they hired off the streets. This is not something a driver, making almost a hundred thousand a year + benefits, would risk his job over.

  9. David Shilling

    No this is not a copy cat. I saw a driver do the same thing to a package of mine. it happened to ba a guitar. luckily no damage, just a broken string. I know they have a tough schedule, but they are paid well, and to treat customers merchandise with such disrespect is unconsionable, and down right wrong.

  10. Joe Conti

    Remember the old FED EX slogan: "When it absolutely, positively has to be smashed into smithereens!"

  11. John Barnocky Sr.

    What if FEDEX and UPS merged. Then we would have FEDUP. That says a lot. I know that is an old expression, but looks like some truth to it.

  12. James Goff

    The flipping off makes me think there is more to this then we think like the customer has been a jerk to the driver before.

  13. Geronimo Smith


  14. Mike Mohrmann

    First it was Fedex then U.P.S. You see? This is a blatantly crystal example of why the U.S.P.S. should handle more and more of the packandling business. I know I'm not the only person who feels this way…Whose with me!

  15. Craig Holdeman

    They both suck. The biggest problem is that if the damage is over $100 you pay hell trying to get them to cover it. USPS loses so many packages it's unreal, there really is no true reliable carrier. (and Xmas time is the worst time of the year…too much temporary (I don't care) help.

  16. James Johnson

    Mi Az My puppy example was obviously a joke, you can't actually ship a puppy through UPS. Regardless of what the package is, throwing it, not ringing the doorbell and flipping off the camera is simply not good business practice.

  17. Atma Maraj

    Seriously though to the people who recived damaged merchandise did anyone question the people that packed the merchandise? I mean if you are dropping a couple hundred bucks on something and all it has is some crumpled paper inside or a few peanuts or a few pieces of cardboard it's going to get damaged no matter what.Like it or not if a person has 500 packages to deliver before noon or it's free does anyone honestly believe a person is going to take their time getting the package out of a truck and slowly walk up to a driveway and lay it down? They are not a non-profit organisationIf anyone even sees what a package has to go through to get from point A to point B they would definitely scrutinise the packing.No I am not affillated with any carrier , I just think there's a lot more things that happen in shipping that people are not aware of.

  18. Maureen McDermott

    These people Fed ex or ups or any one in this type of business should be fired. This looks bad for the company and shows the work ethics of the person they hired. There are hundreds if not thousands of people looking for work who would do much better and be glad to have the job. Firing these people would cost less than bad press and law suits or replacing the items broken because of these idiots. If they are going this far what else are they willing to do? Steal, kidnap, murder, rape, things start slow but if you don't stop the small stuff the big stuff happens.

  19. Mary Villalobos

    That was NOT the driver, that was the "helper". The driver was in the back of the car and did not see was his "helper" did. The "helper's " are young kids who don't really want to work and they usually get angry and have attitudes by the end of the season.

  20. Brian M Mac Kenzie

    Show me an industry or a major company that doesn't have workers such as this idiot. I'm a manager at UPS and I can assure you that this guy is most likely home wondering what he did wrong to get terminated. The toughest part of being a delivery manager is that you don't have all of your workers right in front of you at all times to inspect their job performance. We're actually using these videos in our meetings with the drivers to let them know that people are watching. 14 million packages a day with 75000 drivers. The majority of our drivers take pride in their jobs and perform them much better than this goof did.

  21. Cathy Boggs

    I have the BEST UPS driver around! Thanks Vince for your hard work and care for the customers you deliver too! You're the best!

  22. Jason E. Chapman

    One problem with USPS Parcal for me is they seem to lose boxes….just disappear out of thin air…….But Priority/Priority Flat rate is very good and fast but expensive when using your own box…

  23. Joseph Arganbright

    I use to be a FedEx Driver, I always hated hearing that. Happened at least twice a week I'd say. The drivers throwing a package is nothing compared to what a "inside" package handler or the conveyor systems would do to it.

  24. Henry Goff

    Do you all think FedEx or UPS gives a damn? They know USPS is going out of business and will soon dominate the shipping industry. I wouldn't be surprised if they merge and give the whole country the finger.

  25. Kenneth Patrick Morrow

    I'm guessing there are a couple of delivery drivers who haven't heard of the high unemployment rate in this country and assume they can work anywhere at anytime. Lots of luck in your job hunts.

  26. Jennifer Vito

    Yes, UPS destroyed 2 of our handmade copper lanterns we created and shipped to our customer. After accepting the package, telling us it was sufficient and then once we tried to put our claim in, said that the packaging was insufficient. The glass never broke, but they dented the copper lanterns and basically destroyed 2 hand-made lanterns, worth over $2000. The UPS store that accepted it, states that we should just "Go sue UPS". They are the worst.

  27. Joe Mason

    He Didn't Chuck It Over A Fence And Having Fun With A Camera The Looked To Be Having A Bad Day All You Dummies Who Never Drove A Truck For A Living Would Not Understand The Crap Drivers Go Through On A Daily Basis And Working For UPS On Christmas Rush Give The Guy A Break Instead Of Commenting On Something You Know Nothing About So You Get Your Crap By Christmas Nothing Broken It Was Shoes What Is The Big Damn Deal.

  28. Clint Lohr

    I have been in customer service all my adult working life. In this economy with the shortage of jobs, what does this guy think is going to happen to him when he has so little regard for his job or the customer that he actually gives the finger to the security camera? Someone else will replace him soon.

  29. Scott Gombrich

    He's not a driver…He is a temp hired for the holidays that rides with the driver to speed up deliveries. He is a moron that has no future with UPS and what he did it doesn't come close to the Fed Ex driver. Needless to say I think both companies need to get control of their employees or lose tons of money.

  30. Chele Keller

    i had a usps delivery package thrown on my floor so there is a problem every where it's not the companies it's the idiots they hire!

  31. Sheila Brown

    The UPS drivers who delivered my package from dropped it off the truck onto the street, and my package was actually delivered by a stranger who found it in the street. Unbelievable!

  32. Phillip Burrus

    Our UPS tries to deliver parcels to 9-to-5 businesses at 8:00 PM and then leaves a note to pick up at the wharehouse. What are they thinking?!

  33. Michael Bell

    This video could be setup just to do this. This guy has a very good quality security camera, but the banks and post office have crap cameras? IJS. Although I have had several problems with UPS drivers mishandling my deliveries. The lady UPS driver slammed my 32" flatscreen tv to the floor of the truck from about waist high, bis azz crack up the side of the plastic casing, also we had ordered moving boxes for resale at our shop, 45 boxes completely un-usable.
    No video, no reimbursement.

  34. Martin Parada

    I wish one of these clowns would deliver my boxes like that. UPS/FedEx wouldn't need to "take appropriate action" against him, because I would first. He'd probably not make it back to his truck.

  35. Lindsey Siglinger

    have any of you ever did this type of work..this time of year is the worst time ever..every idiot wants there package first and what drivers do is nothing to what goes on at the airports and other place the sort the pkg..99% all the dmg comes from there not the drivers.

    oh and usps is just as bad.

  36. Gary Rogers

    What a pathetic, ungrateful, piece of crap this guy is—and all the other delivery drivers out there who treat customers and their merchandise with such rudeness. With millions of people out of work and scraping to get by, you'd think these dolts would be thanking their lucky stars to even have a job. Fire them all immediately!

  37. Marie Sherman

    Jason Chapman ..I do not use USPS..especially the drop off centers..they do disappear into thin air..after I have paid 8$ or more for shipping. I demand my money back. I use FEDX only..went and got me an acct…get great discounts..hassle-free.

  38. Jackie Michele

    Since when does only ship shoes? They now ship a wide range of things including breakable home items. I'm sure it was a joke but the lack of concern/respect for a customer's merchandise surely is not.

  39. Suzie Hibbert

    I bet its a fake video. Someone looking for attention but not what it seems.

  40. Chuck Mocsiran

    The 2 drivers in the news this week are the exceptions to the rule. I have had many packages delivered by these 2 companies and find their drivers to be very professional and friendly. The 2 cited must have been temps to handle the Christmas rush.

  41. Timothy Holliday

    THis isa Part-Time UPS driver, even with 8.6% unemployment you still get crap. He should be down at OWS. Worthless.

  42. Jeff Vito

    Scott showed me the lanterns.. Bastards. We need to send that in to the i-team on channel four. Or fox! You guys could be famous! :-O

  43. Champagne Murat

    These UPS/FedEx drivers in the news lately must be getting outrageous compensations if they are fired for any reason; this is beyond comprehension for someone to act this way. Most people try not to be late for work for fear of getting written up or fired, there you have a driver with a good paying job in a tough economy, flips a camera and purposely mishandled a customer’s package during a delivery….WOW.

  44. Jennifer Haskell

    My sister had UPS walk across her package and the boot prints to prove it. When jobs are so hard to get why are these self intitled a$$ alloweed to keep them?

  45. Derek Anthony

    I've always gotten great service from the post office. UPS hasn't been a good carrier since the 1980s and Fedex NEVER was a good carrier. UPS and FedEx hire morons. Just drive around and take a look at their drivers they all look like they just got out of prison.

  46. Jennifer Haskell

    Yeah my sister said she was having a little trouble getting them the pictures of the boot prints the UPS guy walked over her package. I think there might be a touch of self entitledment and god complex there

  47. Tessa Lynn Xaudaro

    That is not a UPS driver, it's a package handler/Christmas helper. They only help around Christmas because the volume of packages. Then they are usually let go after the holiday.

  48. Wendy Holle Ferrell

    my husband is a truck driver and he wrote the comment shown above!!! He comes in contact with fedEx drivers on a regular basic and if he would meet you face to face he would most likely tell you that you are the one that doesnt have a clue!!!

  49. Britt Banta

    That's why the minimum wage is bad. Some people aren't worth $7.25 an hour.

  50. James Erquiza

    ups has always had poor del servicefind packages left in bushes/driveways fed ex has excellent service.

  51. Philip Repp

    I was going to point out it was a helper (I have to wear that vest too) but someone already did… Needless to say I don't throw boxes or flip off cameras. It's not that hard to run up to the door, knock and run back…

  52. Gregg Michael

    The guy looks like a seasonal driver helper and not a driver. He was probably just hired for the peak Christmas season and since this was maybe his last day of work, he didn't care. Needless to say he won't be a seasonal driver helper again, nor will he be hired for a permanent UPS position. When you consider how many employees UPS has and how many billions of packages are delivered in good condition this month during the Christmas season, this is truly amazing. Every profession has a few bad apples in it. There isn't a single business on earth that does not have some bad apples like this. To judge an entire company on the atttitude of this seasonal driver help is an attitude that is just as bad as this helper.

  53. Kenneth Glogowski

    hate to tell you most things at the shipping companies are treated quite rough. They figure it has insurance in case it gets broken in transit or delivery in this case. If you really want to see no concern for the customer you should see what happens to the packages if there is an accident–all go to the landfill and they just pay insurance back to the sender

  54. Gregg Michael

    There's always 2 sides to every story. I've made some deliveries myself as a driver helper and almost got killed once because of carelessness on the part of the customer. Also, the way some things are packaged by packaging companies today, it's amazing there aren't more injuries and deaths. When 70 pound contents are packed in a box that is designed for 25 pounds, it amazing the contents aren't crushed. Package handlers have gotten serious ly hurt from poor packaging. The people who package like this, should face civil lawsuits of negligence.

  55. Brenda Griffin Swanson

    He looks like he's just a little punk-ass brat with no respect for other people's property. I hope he loses his job. These days there is always someone who really wants a job.

  56. Sara E Gulbrandsen

    Actually, that is not a permanent driver, that guy is a temporary seasonal helper. Most likely fired right away. A real UPS driver would never flip off the camera like that. You can tell he is a temp because the real driver hands him the package from inside the truck, he wears that awful vest, and then goes back and sits in the extra seat, not the driver seat.

  57. Gregg Michael

    Many people don't want their doorbells rung by the UPS guy because they work 3rd shift and don't want to be woke up from the doorbell or they have babies and children who are sleeping and they don't want them waking up from the UPS guy ringing their doorbell.

  58. Atma Maraj

    Gregg Michael well said.I have ordered stuff and when it showed up I contacted the supplier and asked them if they were on a budget for packing material.The box was too thin and the packing inside was paper and only covered the top of the material.Naturally the bottom banged aginst the inside of the box and since no material was under it ,it cut open the box.I proceeded to ask them why in the case of heavy material they dont use filament or reinforeced tape traversing four points on the box to literally keep it from exploding from the air pressure generated inside when the box is dropped.Sad part is I think I lost them when I told them that.The way they packed it that box was set up to be damaged.It definitely was not the carriers fault.

  59. Gregg Michael

    85 packages are delivered with care and good condition by UPS drivers and helpers EVERY SINGLE MINUTE during the month of December. But the media doesn't even mention that at all, but they report this one incident about this one driver helper who is only a temporary hire. I think there are a lot more people in the media that ought to be fired.

  60. Jackie Michele

    Gregg Michael, I'm sorry but sleep patterns/sleeping children is no excuse for this person's childish behavior. It wasn't as if he stopped to read a sign on the door. He didn't even hesitate to flip the camera off and toss a potentially fragile package. Blatently disrespectful behavior such as this should not be excused.

  61. Gregg Michael

    You are really naive, if you think there are any companies on this earth that don't have some bad employees like this. The guy looks like a seasonal driver helper and isn't even a driver. This isn't heaven here.

  62. Gayle Lewis

    Just sad, that these young guys do not realize how lucky they WERE to have a good job. If Fed Ex and UPS kept these disrespectful guys then that is wrong, these guys needed to be fired not get a slap on the wrist. Never seen
    USPS do this but I have seen them be the most lazy people, if they just have to drive to the mailboxes but have to get out to deliver a package, oh my that is to much for them, we had one that would keep honking their horn to see if you were home so you had to walk down and get it so they wouldn't have to get out and walk. I would love to have any of these jobs, the only difference would be I would do it right.

  63. Angel Santangelo

    I used to wok at UPS out on the ramps loading planes. Employees have 18 minutes or less to load 3000+ packages into the belly of that plane. There's no time to "lovingly" sack those boxes and UPS doesn't care. I have been chewed out fo going to slow and when I sped up and broke a Gateway computer, their exact words were "not our problem" UPS sux.

  64. Un Done

    it's not a driver, its what they call a helper. he sits in the passenger seat and does all the dirty work during the holiday season so all the packages get delivered during the rush. but no excuse for this…he knows he is seasonal help and won't be hired on full time so he does not care obviously.

  65. Angel Santangelo

    "FEDUP" yup, so old you had to blow ten + years worth of dust, dirt and mold off of it to use it. Be original if you want to insult a company. Geez, <<shakes head>>

  66. Gregg Michael

    It must be the kind of people that live in your area. Around here, the drivers look like angels.

  67. Gayle Lewis

    I sent a package by UPS to my husband while he was working in Neveda a few years back (it had Christmas presents in it and some food items) It was run over by the UPS truck, smashed and destroyed, even had tire marks on the box. What got me was, why did they go ahead and deliver it, they could see that it destroyed?

  68. Gregg Michael

    It's just another fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The bible prophecies that the love of most will grow cold and we are seeing the fulfillment of this in the world today.

  69. John T. Bellville

    That was a seasonal helper. He got back in the jumper seat. Usually a kid hired to run packages for can see the driver is still in the package car. Kids probably knew whose house it was.

  70. O'Neil Chambers

    if we all look care fully, we would see that this DRIVER HELPER was handed the package from the driver, the HELPER took the package flip the bird to the camera and then throw the box on the steps. The Driver Helper should be fired.Any way he will be lay off the this friday any way.He was just hired for the holiday.

  71. Champagne Murat

    Where in my comment did I mention or imply that there aren’t any bad employees anywhere out there? Look at the other comments below and you will see that a lot of people on here are just as shocked by this employee’s action, particularity in a struggling economy where people cannot find jobs let alone good paying ones like UPS or FedEx.

  72. Jonny Pizon

    Most UPS drivers seem disgruntled. Not really nice and always in a rush.

  73. Gregg Michael

    It truly is amazing that more packages are not damaged because of the way they are poorly packed. Companies are saving money today by using poor packaging material and boxes which are obviously not designed to handle the amount of weight they put into them. And they use tape that is not designed to stay sealed in freezing tempertures here in the midwest. Or they have all this empty space inside the box, and do they really think the stuff is not going to shift or get crushed? They forget that this package has to be handled by many people and travel even thousands of miles over some pretty rough and icy and slippery roads and in some extremely cold, snowy, and wet conditions in a trailer with thousands of others packages.

  74. Derek Anthony

    The United States Postal Workers are all very good here. They've never broken anything but I've had stuff broken by UPS and Fedex

  75. Gregg Michael

    It also is unbelievable that a customer whose dog bites and doesn't even have its rabbies shots and leaves their dog untied in the yard and then complains because their package wasn't delivered to the door. After 3 times that the dog bites, the police are authorized to come with a warrant for the dog to have it put to sleep.

  76. Gregg Michael

    If the driver hides your package in a bush, he's doing that so that it isn't seen from the street and stolen. That's a very wise driver and you should thank him for doing that.

  77. Gregg Michael

    Some of the unemployed are the jerks and is why they are unemployed. lol

  78. Jack Horton

    ups and fed x only hire part timers so they don't have to give benefits,, and usually they get them from state unempolyment lists….THEY SHOULD APPRECIATE THE CHANCE TO EARN A FULL TIME JOB..but noo only want it to end to back to free checks.

  79. Lynn Lucas

    Kevin Dyer i am a truck driver and i hate encounters with UPS drivers.They are rude , and arrogant, think they own the road and they will run over your butt if not careful,one drove like a fool to jump in front of me so he could back in first at the ramp,well i backed on in, in front of him and went inside.he was so mad!!! i had a good laugh and store people told him to NEVER do that again.

  80. Atma Maraj

    Exactly.I worked for a company that sold stuff where could only replenish stock stock twice a year as that was when our suppliers did a production run.If we had a sales spike on the west coast we would have to supply it from the east coast. The stuff was heavy 50-70 lbs on average and if it got damaged we couldn't just call our supplier up to replace as if they had them sitting on the shelf.You better believe we learned how to pack stuff properly in thick walled boxes so they made it one piece.Actually had one of our UPS drivers say to us that he wished more people would package like us.Made me feel good plus it sent our reliability as a supplier to our customer through the roof as all our stuff made it in one piece

  81. Leona Roszkowski

    I frequently order from Barnes and Noble and up until this holiday season the used the Post Office and my packages routinely arrived with the boxes battered and torn and usually the books suffered too. They offered the package tracking and every time it would say it was at my local post office then the next entry would say it was misrouted and I could never get an explanation of what that meant. It would be a few more days before the package would actually arrive. I ordered four items this year from B&N via UPS and it was quicker and they arrived in pristine condition. I guess every job has some slackers.

  82. Gregg Michael

    UPS has high expectations of their drivers and must be able to deliver everything that is jammed packed in the package cars from flloor to celing and even in the isle, so that you can't even get yourself in there to see what you have. And good luck finding the packages because sometimes they are not where they should be because there was no more room to put it where it should be. And sometimes they can't even get everything in your truck that is suppose to go in there that they have to wait until you deliver some things and then they come and give your the packages and fill your truck back up again. :( And you have to have everything off your truck by a certain time and if not, you better have a good reason why not. And you may think you have good reasons, but they may think they are not and you just didn't organize your day better. Many people who think they would like to be a UPS driver, quickly find out the hard way that they aren't able to do what is expected of them. I have never been a driver and even though I was offered a driving position, I turned it down, even though my work is only part time. I like being a driver helper, but I could never be a driver because I know I wouldn't be able to get everything delivered in the time that is required and expected. Many aspiring UPS drivers don't realize that a driver today is expected to deliver a lot more packages today in the same amount of time as they did before. Many quickly learn the hardway that they aren't able to do the job in the time constraints given them. This is why UPS will usually hire only people who are current employees who are part timer package handlers and who clearly understand the high expectations of the job. Only a small percentage of people are really able to do the job with their time expectations.

  83. Gregg Michael

    You are correct. That's why he probably did this because he knew today he was getting layed off anyways, unless he also works as a part time package handler. in the center. Package handlers are used as driver helpers through the middle of January because the volume is still very high for several weeks after Christmas due to gift cards and post Christmas online sales.

  84. Travis Medlin

    I am a 23 year ups worker and I can say for sure that was a DRIVER HELPER not a regular driver! Plus that was a ZAPOS box it just had SHOES in it! :-) Also every person needs to pack a box to be droped 3 FEET not because of the driver…..but what the packege goes though to get in the TRUCK! Belts, Rollers, Slides more than any non UPS worker you cant understand unless you have seen the package prosess.

  85. Gregg Michael

    It's because they have to get everything off their truck that is jammed packed from flloor to ceiling in the alloted time and if they don't rush and get it all off in the alotted time, there are serious consequences to pay. Not a lot of people are able to do this job and it's diffcult for UPS to find people who are, even with so many unemployed people. Only people who are currently working for UPS as package handlers are offered these jobs because they know what is expected of them. I would like a full time job and was offered a driving job, but no job is worth your physical and mental health.

  86. Gregg Michael

    You are correct. The public doesn't have a clue the process it takes to get a package to its destination. Anything that goes across the county has to go through at least 3 different center and hubs getting unloaded and loaded again several times and handled by many different people. By the time the package car driver gets it, it has probaly been handled by no less than a dozen people.

  87. Nard Rich

    I believe that both the UPS and FedEx drivers knew from a long time ago how stupid they are and they didn't have to destroy the integrity of their employers to prove that. I do hope that they loose their jobs because there are many other folks who would love to deliver packages with courtesy and respect for their clients. Very Very SAD!

  88. Chris Gill

    I drove for them for 10 plus years , 85-95, never seen this crap. The guy they show is a "seasonal helper" with his yellow vest. Not that the regular driver really helped.

  89. Aviv Eros

    I worked in a FedEx Terminal briefly unloading boxes from the semi trailers, and let me tell you, EVERYTHING was thrown onto the conveyor belt (computers, TV's, whatever – I was shocked myself). They recommended I do it to keep the pace up. They only cared about speed because the volume was insanely high and the help was low, it was a sh**y job.

  90. Gene Roberts

    This is a fake…or rather, a staged incident. How many UPS drivers shut down their engines for curbside deliveries?

  91. James Grisham

    If you pack it properly, it wouldn't matter if he threw it from the road, It would be ok. The way he handled that package is nothing compared to the way it's handled while in transit.

  92. Hannah Abbott

    If this had been a USPS employee he would still be delivering packages today….anyone think this guy is still delivering packages for UPS today? There are nuckelheads everywhere, we just saw UPS's…he should apply with the post office, he would be employee of the month in six weeks…

  93. Charles Cready Forry

    Stress and or previous issues with the customers is my guess. My UPS and FEDEX drivers here in Colorado Springs are all but hauling ass and trying to get it delivered. They work hard and do a fine job. A couple of bad apples don't really ruin the whole bunch. Never had an issue with either service. Good guys/gals all around here.

  94. Martin Romo Jr.

    This is Bull crap that is an undercover fedx insider. He is only seasonal so when the Fedx video came out Fedx was quick to promise a career to this idiot to make UPS look bad. He is related to a top management Fedx member.

  95. Ryan James

    The problem is two-fold. First of all UPS times everything their employees do, just like the person below mentions having to load a plane with 3000 packages in 18 minutes, everyone from these people who load and unload packages to the drivers are timed for everything they do. The company skanks will actually use a stopwatch to time their employees actions, I've seen them do it at the terminals and I've seen them riding with the drivers, the employees are under tremendous pressure constantly, and I'm sure with the holiday season its no better now. Of course this doesn't excuse this guy for doing what he did. The other part of the problem is the drivers are union and some do have an attitude about them, most of them are good guys but like any other issue there are always some jerks around!

  96. Robbie Burns

    Contrary to what one person on this section claims, a driver's job is not that demanding. I've worked as a seasonal driver helper and it's just not that difficult to put a little hustle in what you're doing and avoid throwing the package to save four steps. But, my dad is a Business Agent for the Teamsters and in representing them for disciplinary actions, I can assure you, it's an industry full of idiots. You'd be surprised what they do and then get angry because the union rep couldn't save their job.

  97. Ed Agentowicz

    If everybody actually looks at the video you will see that the U.P.S driver is still in the truck. This is a seasonal helper and wont be back after Christmas anyway.

  98. Dave Royston

    I'm retired from fedex after 25 years, 100's of thousands of couriers work for these companies so like anywhere else there are some azzholes. All of these videos result in someone losing thier job , both companies take this stuff very serious.Most employees do good work in what is a thankless job.

  99. Cary Souza

    First of all it was a driver helper who threw the pkg not a full time driver. Second it was a zappos box that is usually shoes, nothing that is breakable.This is not normal.

  100. Angie Proios Torres

    First of all, this is not the driver but the Christmas Helper. Secondly, the package was marked Zappos – shoes not a puppy from Grandma and anyone who sent a puppy via freight should be arrested for animal cruelty. Shoes will not break. Third as a UPS wife (& UPS and Fed Ex are still eons beyond the post office in prompt and efficient undamaged delivery) let me explain about holiday delivery – Christmas time – all of you want your packages to arrive on time, yet you chose to send them a week before the holiday and whine. And, have any of you geniuses seen the volume of packages that have to be delivered on a daily basis (200-400 easily), especially around the holidays? Would you like your spouse coming home every night between 8-10 p.m. because all of you want your packages delivered by Christmas but were too lazy to get out there a few weeks earlier? Lastly, even people who have been laid off and are desperate for jobs can't even hold down a helper's job (the one you video taped) because it is a very physical, time sensitive job. I challenge any of you complainers to do they job they have to do and do it right. Believe me the pay is not as great as you think it is and you are evaluated on time delivery every day. So instead of picking on guys that have a job and are trying to put food on their table, get off your butts, this website included and go help out at a soup kitchen or donate some toys for toys for tots. Merry Christmas to all of you Negatrons.

  101. Robert Mulharin

    That was not a regular UPS driver. That was a temp hired as a driver helper, apparently some low-life hired just for Christmas help and now will go back to being unemployed. I drove for 20 years for UPS and would sent him packing immediately. As far as some of the comments about using other carriers and that UPS is not at fault for problems with the drivers, keep in mind that UPS drivers are under tremendous pressure to get their routes done in the least time possible. USPS loses money every year on its package operation and raises first class stamps every year to off-set the loses, they lose packages as well and have employees that go POSTAL!

  102. Justin Frank

    That's not the driver, that's the driver helper. Probably hired off the street. Look closely at the cabin and you will see the driver coming out of the back.

  103. Nathan Sytsma

    I would bet anything that FedEx just paid off a UPS employee to get the attention off of them for a while…also wouldn't surprise me if UPS paid the FedEx worker to do it first. Corporations definitely know how to market in subtle ways, what could be better than making your main competition look bad.

  104. William Wiles

    AS one who has done the UPS Driver Helper Gig for 5 seasons NOW, I find Most UPS Drivers ARE PROFESSIONAL, but thy are ALSO PEOPLE! They have their GOOD DAYS & BAD DAYS! Some of them are JERKS, others have BAD Days, because Their LOADERS have MISLOADED the Package Car, not LOADING the Car accordint to the SPAWN SYSTEM, whereby the Trucks 4 shelves are divided into 8 seperate sections, based on VOLUME for a Certain area w/in that Drivers Route Area,

    iIf THE LOADER misloads a lot of the packages, and the DRIVER has to HUNT for Packages, SLOWING HIM DOWN, when he's EXPECTED to DELIVER a CERTAIN NUMBER of STOPS per On ROAD HOUR, it will make the DRIVER FRUSTRATED, and sometimes the UNWITTING Customer bears the BRUNT of the Drivers FRUSTRATION, NOT SAYING ITS RIGHT, but that is SO OFTEN THE CASE! I chided MY Driver, about BLOCKING the STREET, OOZING thru STOP SIGNS, ETC, whom I've Helped for 4 Seasons, but as the OLD SAYING GOES, when the HEAT IS ON, the DROSS will RISE to the TOP. MOST of the TIME DRIVER"S are PROFESSIONAL, but EVEN THEY have LAPSES in JUDGEMENT! Or in the CASE of The UPS Driver/Helper in this VIDEO NO CLASS orCOURTESY, or Common Sense, or CARE for the CUSTOMERS PACKAGES! I would like to know if this was a Seasonal HELPER, or a DRIVER, I'd lay GOOD ODDS, it was a Seasonal Helper in this VIDEO.

  105. Jason Paul Smith

    This is a spoof-a copycat video. I am a UPS Driver of 25 years, and I can tell you with certainty that no UPS Driver on the street today wears a chartruese safety vest and tennis shoes with their uniform. If anything, this guy in the video is a part-time driver's helper who only works during the Christmas season. Most helpers work unsupervised by the driver because the work load is so enormous that the only way to get it finished is for the driver to stay on the truck and sort out the next stops while the helper walks them off. So if the driver is in the cargo area, how can he monitor the delivery methods of the helper? These guys are paid about $10 p/h to work a long day in often unforgiving environments. I'm not excusing his actions, but in defense of caring UPS guys like me, the Christmas work load is so heavy that the company just teams you up with a warm body on board to get it done. 90% of us take our job very seriously and strive for excellent service. This is an exception.

  106. Jutta Braun

    I think these delivery people are all under a tremendous amount of pressure. If we all sent our holiday packages out in a timely manner (or the holidays became less commercialized), I believe we would all be more civil and respectful at this stressful time of year.

  107. Debbie Baker

    If you look in the package car you can see the actual fulltime UPS driver… this would be a ups seasonal driver helper… which I am sure he won't be back for ups. Stand in line at USPS and watch what they do with your package. I am sure most product is mishandled from the time it was packaged at a manufacturer.. from China to your local store.

  108. Isaiah Turner

    Awesome PR for the US postal service. "We handle your packages with care".

  109. Adam Rosengarten

    The real problem is the guy was probably a temp…He was a driver helper and not even the driver…He makes the company look bad and for no reason…As a UPS employee I can say that this is an exception and not a rule for how the employees treat package…Sorry to anyone who this has happened to from the entire company…completely stupid of an employee and I hope he has fun trying to find a new job.

  110. Owen Young

    That's the seasonal helper, not the driver. If you actually pay attention to the video, the person in question gets in the passenger seat, and I'm assuming this didn't take place in England. I'm not condoning what he did, but it wasn't the driver. And Grandma shipping a new puppy this way is illegal, not to mention just cruel. Great article.

  111. Sonia Stewart

    I always worry about how my package arrives. I'm sure that some are treated with respect, but the majority of times I use FedEx or UPS, I have issues with it. I will go out of my way to use USPS, delivery services that are smaller companies, or just not order at all if they use FedEx or UPS. Those companies are way too big to care about 1 wee little package that gets mishandled. They're just like Walmart…no matter how upset you get when you shop there, people will always go back! (Except me of course.) I always said that when I win the lotto I will start a parcel business that will have amazing results, superb customer service, and fabulous rates! I would LOVE to put FedEx and UPS out of business!

  112. Barbara Birner

    no excuse for this no matter how busy…people are still paying good money to have the product delivered…hope this guy is fired…there are too many other conscientious people out there looking for jobs to keep someone like this on the payroll….

  113. James Walsh

    I drove for UPS and always had a temporary driver Helper during the holiday season, this individual is a temporary worker that sits on the passenger side(as you can see), my Helpers (he/she) were paid low wages and it's hard work, I would have roughly 300+ stops a day, that's counting approximately 120 businesses, Not counting approx 30 Pickup stops….The Helper's job is to assist in delivering packages on Residential stops, this driver was sorting the truck and is constantly thinking/planning his next 5, often times, different types of stops…… I'm sure if this was observed that he was terminated immediatedly……… UPS management actually, randomly, (driver's unaware their being followed) observes/evaluates your properly handling, safe handling, delivery methods, proper techniques to entering and exiting the vehicle, and following all the companies strict methods to ensure packages are delivered properly and safely. Other's have commented about appearance….every morning UPS management observes and ensures all drivers are dressed in, and in accordance with strict company standards, right down to the proper color socks one wears (brown or black only), no facial beard hair, males hair proper and not past their collar……. UPS drivers go thru strict driver's safety handling courses, their days events are documented and tracked to ensure no drivers are repeatedly commiting offenses, they can, and would lose their driving position within the company….I'm no longer an employee, I was not a company man… ( I was a Teamster) a company employee, I don't have any affiliation with UPS since 2007 and I'm just relaying my experiences and letting everyone know that there is no better company to use, have complete trust in, when it comes to package handling…Let me tell you, Most FedEx drivers are basically, independently owned route drivers, I commend them, but they tend to cut corners per say to save time…….USPS employee's are just that Government employee's…I can say that I was in the Military for 11 years….I know what I'm talking about when it comes to Government workers (except for most Military Personnel) they will do the barest minimum required as it pertains to their job description…..I have many friends and a relative that's a Postal Carrier………. UPS is a privately owned company/business, with employee stock options, which results in…… they have a stake, a vested interest in the outcome of the companies continued long term success.

  114. Matt Ford

    ya as you can see this isn't actually the driver of the car…he is a 9.50 an hour driver helper who is hired for a few weeks during christmas…some punk kid doin this on his last day of work.

  115. Jake Coates

    Zappo's contains shoes and clothing, that's what is being thrown. Also the whole world is full of idiots, are you morons going to sum up an entire company over a few douches. By the way why do you people need to buy so many of those shoes and clothes, we load two to four 48 foot trailers of Zappo returns a day and yes I load it sometimes.

  116. Cheryl Marhefka

    I've had items delivered by both UPS and FedEx;never had a problem with either company. Although UPS is gone long before I can get to the door.They must have a terrible schedule to adhere to, and they NEVER wait.This despite the fact that I put up a paper stating I am disabled and it takes a minute for me to get to the door.FedEx waits and is pleasant.

  117. Kean Castillo

    That guy throwing the package was a Temporary Package Handler employee. Every Dec, USPS would hire anyone over 18 as a temporary deliverer for a month. That guy must be a an undercover Fed EX guy that just want to tarnish the reputation of UPS.

  118. Scott Huhtala

    that looked like the 'helper', not the driver. and lack of hustle too. The driver could've been to the door and back without throwing it and actually ring the doorbell faster than that. want to lose ten lbs in a day, fatty? match a driver step for step all day long til around 9pm during peak season. I bet u can't get out of bed the next morning and do it again.

  119. Pete Siegel

    There are just too many idiots who will try anything for their 15 minutes of fame on Youtube.

  120. Sonia Stewart

    Jeff Owen I love DHL. I use them all the time for international shipments!! I am so happy to give them my money.

  121. Jay Carnagey

    First of all, not a driver. Second, while the package handling wasn't careful, it is 100 times worse behind the scenes, many times. Third, if he was a driver, he is in the teamsters, no fuckn way he gets fired. He could have sodomized an 8 yr old on that tape and probably fought the suspension down to one week. (and would have had a nice reference for a Penn St coaching Job, or maybe Syracuse) ahh, remember when we all just would have thrown in a catholic priest reference here, time does heal all wounds.

  122. Mark Conway

    I'm not saying it was a good move, but if you never worked in this industry you have no idea what stress you are under. You are given way too many stops, no time to eat or go to the bathroom. Try this day in and day out and see if you can give service with a smile everyday. Again, not agreeing with what he did, but know this job can get the best of the nicest people.

  123. Britt Adas

    I would just like to say that while we have only seen video of this with FedEx and UPS so far, if you think it doesn't happen with USPS you are dead wrong. I've had packages delivered in mangled boxes with stuff missing and they say they will "investigate" but nothing ever comes of it. That's if your lucky and the package actually gets delivered. If your package goes missing and you don't have insurance, there is nothing they can do. If you do have insurance, you will have to prove the value of the item and jump through hoops to get reimbursed (unreturned phone calls and e-mails, more proof, etc.). You can have a horrible experience no matter who you use. Just hope your shipper packs things nicely so if you do get an idiot, your stuff isn't broken.

  124. Lance Whitney

    UPS is unionized. Fedex uses a lot of private contractors that furnish their own trucks, etc. I've had the good fortune of having excellent service from both companies. I like that the driver for UPS that delivers is the same person every time. The idiots are few and far between. That being said, I don't think either company exerts enough effort to get rid of employees against whom numerous complaints have been lodged.

  125. Mandy A

    Chrissy sent a money order to her mother through the mail. The letter got to her mother, minus the money order. They even wrote on the envelope 'sorry but the rest of this got lost in sorting'…what? She kept calling and calling and got no response.

  126. Britt Adas

    Mandy A They do that a lot at Christmas time, they look through cards to find cash or money orders. USPS never cares if crap going missing. They say they will investigate but they NEVER call and if you call them, they give you the runaround. There is literally nothing you can do. They say they will "talk to the driver" but at that point it's just the mailman's word against yours. And who do you think they will believe?

  127. David Whited

    This is a temp employee.. hired for Christmas.. The Full Time Driver can be seen in the video inside the truck.. The temps are usually young kids that they pay 8.50 an hour to work 5 hours a day for a month.

  128. Blake Langan

    The box in the video is from Omaha steaks who cares if he throws it the middle finger was uncalled for but you try doing his job then you can judge him for working outside no matter the weather while you sit at your cubical sucking your thumbs and becoming addicted to online shopping cause you don't have to work your ass off for a check. there's my 2 cents but you probably don't care so have a nice life talking out of your ass for a living.

  129. Chris Watkins

    that's not even a UPS driver…..its a driver helper so this video has nothing on the fedex video……drivers would not do that!

  130. Elliott Bettman

    Outrageous! I spent hard years in school to be an MD! OK they have rough work but they should feel lucky to HAVE a job in an economy like this! If they are exploited let them unionize but this is inexcusable.

  131. Thomas Hall

    For one that is not a UPS driver that is doing that, that is a Driver helper that is reckless with the package. as u can see the actual driver never leaves the truck. Its still a bad scene all together but I would not blame the driver.

  132. Catherine Peace

    ITS People………People are NOT taught to RESPECT other People or their property………This world is FULL of MEAN people in ALL walks of life…………..

  133. James Johnson

    I worked a restoration job for a long time, crawling under old Victorian homes for upwards of 12 hours a day in Kentucky, sometimes it would be 120 degrees under the houses crawl space and we would be carrying sledge hammers and insulating supplies, but I never "phoned it in" like this guy and always made it to work the next day…there is no excuse for the helper and there's no excuse for UPS claiming not to have heard about the issue, the "more responsible" driver should have reported the helper.

  134. James Johnson

    Helper or driver he's still an employee of the company and the driver should have reported him. With that being said, the UPS driver in my small town is awesome and knows everyone by name. The issue here wasn't whether every UPS drive is bad at their job (obviously their not or the company wouldn't exist), it's the fact that it happened in the first place.

  135. Newton Antony

    obviously a fedex VIRAL team tryint to get the net to forget abt there video , clearly a painted fake ups truck and a fake driver dressed up as ups….very clear.

  136. Leona Nahas

    Unfortunately this is just an example of the world we have today ,, also some of the the comments expressed,
    any civility of personal behavior or responsability of conduct seem to have been lost, or deliberatly crushed..

  137. Elliott Bettman

    to be fair yes the USPS loses boxes! If you don't insure them they say they "broke open." My question is why cant they put the stuff back in a different box instead of saying it vanished in thin air?

  138. Joshua Aaron Moore

    I've got pals that work as loaders for UPS trucks, and people would be pissed if they knew how often things just get thrown around willy-nilly before they make it to their doorsteps.

  139. Ben Press

    The headline says UPS driver, etc, then the first line of the article says worlds worst Fedex driver. Get your shit together, UPS and Fedex are not the same thing.

  140. Billy T Palmer

    if you'll notice there is the driver is moving iside the truck. the rude delevery guy is a peak season employee who is only hired for a few weeks buy UPS. He is not a UPS driver. I'm also pretty sure its the last time UPS will hire him to help.

  141. Todd Martin

    That was a driver helper from what I saw in the video. If the driver witnessed that, he should have reported the incident and released the helper. No reason to throw packages. UPS gives allowable time to walk briskly to the house, drop the package and ring the doorbell. That dude was a punk. No reason for that.

  142. Jimmy Jones

    Yes he looks like a helper since he's sitting in the passenger's seat.I think he did this because UPS doesn't pay that well for helpers & it's his way of getting back at them.Too bad for him this incident will haunt him in the future.

  143. Mike Lovett

    "He sees the customers installed security camera" How does he or you know who installed the security camera? Journalism is dead. Replaced by "I am a writer and have a lap top and am creative.

  144. Bernie Lomax

    These companies (most of which are union shops) hire temps to get through the Christmas season. So instead of hiring someone at full wage with benefits they take extra hands at half the price. In this case you get what you pay for.

  145. Zeshan Javed

    See the whole video! First off who will wear a yellow jacket on top of uniform? second, see in the truck while he is flipping finger? There is another driver in the truck! no way that UPS sends two drivers in one truck! this is all scam to lead people astray!

  146. Schotz McBodka

    UPS and FedEX have one of the most difficult jobs this time of year. I'm sure this person regrets doing this but give them a break. Do you know how packaged things are treated at the sorting facility? It has to withstand a 3 foot drop.

  147. Steve Hodack

    I been pretty lucky my ups driver doesn't throw my boxes that I have seen my fed x guy delivers to wrong door and my mail man will drive up to my house he has been a little rough on my boxes I don't know why it is so hard to set a package down the ups people are rough on packages they always throw them it isn't just the drivers I have seen postmen throw boxes in bins at the post office.

  148. Cynthia Aaron

    How can you be so sure? The delivery person looks like he's in brown with a vest and I thought the helpers wore their regular clothes, do they not? I'm only asking.

  149. David Sarge Valenzuela

    UPS has delivered packages of mine and my families to other houses on my street for no reason at all, I checked the label and everything was correct, my name, my address, my zip code and yet they still gave it to someone else! I don't blame the company per say, but the lazy drivers who are in such a rush that they don't pay attention to what they are doing! In my town they seem to have the "I don't give a shit attitude" and drive very recklessly! I say If you didn't want to deliver packages why the hell did you apply for the job!

  150. JoJo Van

    Fed ex must have created this because ups drivers do not wear yellow vests on road and their strict dress code prohibits tan shoes. Nice try on public relations.

  151. Matthew Garnett

    Apparently it was a helper from what I was told. U have to watch the whole video but if u do ull see him get out of the jump seat and when he grts back to the truck he gets into the jump seat and someone else drives away

  152. Dolores Ingrassia-Acevedo

    First Of all it is a temporary Driver Helper for UPS not the driver you can clearly see the driver handing the package to the helper and standing in the door way of the truck right away they are already blaming the driver and falsely accusing and falsely stating that it was therivers fault. So they need to change there headline title that it was not the driver. Big difference from FedEx. I would not be suprised if that driver already went to the owner of that house explaining that it was the helper and sincerely apologizing. Merry xmas and a Happy New Year to all Go UPS. Cant you guys see that he is not even in the drivers seat.

  153. Maritza Caruth

    Compared to that FedEx guy, this one could have gotten away with tossing that box on the porch if he hadn't flipped the bird first. I'm just sayin…………….

  154. Yohan Vigilante Beebe

    One problem with this…. This is a driver helper… get your facts right before saying things Watch the truck in the video and you will see the driver inside the truck. Postal Service is pretty reliable.

  155. Kim Corbet

    corporate justice: I had a table delivered. on the way in they scratched my front door and failed to set the table up where and how I asked. I called the company the next day…got a machine…left a complaint. two weeks later I called back and they said they asked the guy, he said he didn't "do it", case closed. that's your process. my process is I'll never use them again and take every occasion to tell this story. thank you, Rooms to Go.

  156. Justin Honkie Nowak


    my mom is a delivery driver for ups that is a temp worker please do not let this look down on all drivers ask all of my moms customers the drivers do take care of packages & the customer as family hell they see more of her then I do!

  157. Mary Auguste Hunte

    If you examine the video carefully, you will notice that the person who throws the package on the porch is actually a driver helper. The driver is still in the cab of the truck when he hands the package to the helper. These helpers are sometimes not UPS employees, but are only employed for the peak (busy) season of the year. Jim, Greg, and Pete among others are correct.

  158. David Handy

    eva cruz ups driver in brownsville texas lied to weslaco police about david handy ramming her vehicle and he went to prison for 4 years for a crime he didn't commit.

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