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Fedex Driver Throws Flat Screen TV Over Fence

Fedex Delivery

Someone isn’t going to be watching a new flat screen TV for Christmas after a Fedex driver chose to throw the TV over a fence and then walked away.

The stupidity of the driver was captured on hidden camera and if you watch closely you can see that he doesn’t even try to get a hold of the person who lives in the location.

Fedex is promising to track down the delivery driver and fire them as soon as their location and identity is revealed.

With the story making national headlines I don’t think it will take long for this crazy employee to be fired.

Here’s the video:

With hundreds of thousands of YouTube video views this kind of publicity couldn’t come at a worse time of the year for Fedex.

Have you had Fedex packages arrived that were completely damaged? Now you know exactly why!

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28 Responses to “Fedex Driver Throws Flat Screen TV Over Fence”

  1. Danny Riggs

    One of the reasons why I don't like FEDEX. Plus there allways late and rude to there cuxtomers doesn't matter if there customer service or divers like this dude. Go UPS or Ensenda they offer better service.

  2. Jethro Flynn

    I'm soo sorry for the poor customer but so glad Fed Ex is finally being exposed for irresponsible company they are. Go US Postal service!
    They are the only company you can file a direct claim with, making them the only responsible delivery in the buisness.

  3. Chris Retneprac

    Looks like a young man, probabily an OWS supporter and is angry that he has to work for a living.

  4. Mary Miller

    with so many people out of work surely they can replace this guy with someone who gives a damn!

  5. Jason L. Cowden

    We cannot judge all FedEx employees by this one. I personally know several delivery drivers (one for FedEx) and none of them would do something like this.

  6. Robert McGehee

    Well, he had a job, too bad he didn't take it seriously. And he will be denied unemployment benefits as well. Not a very smart fella.

  7. Conn Berkshire

    Just one more reason the USPS should be saved, even if it loses money- if the teatards had their way, this is how we'd get *all* our mail…

  8. Ronnie Bolling

    Reminds me of the time I had a paper route as a kid. One cold winter day when there was about 2-feet of snow on the ground, it was misting ice cold rain mixed with ice and I was just starting out on my route when I happened to "spy" a dumpster. I tossed all those papers inside and ran home and cozied up to the nice toasty fire we had going. LOL!

  9. Christina Thompson

    Better hope you never need a new job. You've just become immortal on the internet. Going to look great when Human Resources at your next job looks into your background.

  10. Ronnie Bolling

    Christina Thompson

    Since I've been self-employed most of my entire life and all of the last 25 years I don't see me having a problem with "human resources!" I've created the world I happily inhabit. {big chuckle}

    Merry Christmas!

    PS One of my skill sets is in such demand, I bet I could line up a 1000 jobs tomorrow and show them this post at the hiring interview (~; By the way, we each create the reality we dwell in and I've refused to be tied to someone else's JOB and made my own way thru life. Give it a try………………

  11. Barbara Kuti

    Fire "them"? Don't you mean fire "him"? Looks like only ONE guy there to me.

  12. D'Artagnan Brisco

    Being a Fedex Ground Driver, I do have to say I am embarrassed that this person was involved with Fedex…. I personally love my job and have made a great deal of new friends on my route! I have even been offered baked goods from some of my stops. I do have to say that not all of us drivers are like that and I might be naïve, but I would have never thought that anyone would do such a thing…. But then again not everyone can be as good as me… LOL!

  13. Tom Rodgers

    I am a retired UPS driver of 31 years. Our motto in Lancaster was "Every Effort, Every Package, Every Time". I took pride in making sure every delivery was done with professionalism. This type of action is against every work ethic that I was taught or practiced. Shame on that driver.

  14. Barbara Rice

    you were very good at your job, we here in Logan were lucky to have you

  15. Nathan Lischka

    this guy is a dumb ass why would you do something dumb to get fired when the nation is faceing the highest unemployment rete ever just another person that wants to get unemployment money.. he should get nothing why should I work and have to pay taxes to give him money cuz he does not want to work. F-that noise

  16. Jessika Anne

    OWS supporter or not, you're a foolish person. not all people who are young are angry they have to work – i'm 22, and i'm thankful to have a full-time job. also, it's PROBABLY.

    doesn't it get exhausting being such a negative nancy?

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