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Illusionist Criss Angel Proposes To Sandra Gonzalez

Criss Angel and Sandra Gonzalez Engaged

Mindfreak illusionist Criss Angel proposed to girlfriend Sandra Gonzalez while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas earlier in the month.

The couple’s rep has has confirmed the engagement and says they are “ecstatic” about the engagement. We’re sure Sandra was more than ecstatic given the massive ring her fiance presented to her, a 5-carat princess-cut diamond placed on a platinum band that was designed by famed New York jeweler Idayne Kaye.

According to Angel’s rep he proposed over a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. Angel reportedly flew in Sandra’s entire family for the surprise and fireworks blasted overhead when he asked for her hand in marriage and she said yes. The proposal took place on September 7.

Angel ended his first marriage in 2006 and dated Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend Holly Madison for a while before meeting and now settling down with Sandra.

The couple have not yet set a wedding date, Sandra should just hope he doesn’t get cold feet and disappear, literally. I just hope she can stand her husband being buried alive and performing other death defying acts on a regular basis, his last wife watched him get buried alive.

Do you think Criss Angel and Sandra Gonzalez make a cute couple? Leave us a comment with your thoughts on their upcoming nuptials.

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35 Responses to “Illusionist Criss Angel Proposes To Sandra Gonzalez”

  1. Maggie Grace

    Criss! Just saw you in Vegas…best show ever! You are an amazing talent and a beautiful….BEAUTIFUL man. I was waiting for my proposal but you sawed a woman in half instead! :(

  2. Jannie Rebecka Gutierrez Morelos

    : ( how come the cute ones are taken/hitched 😛

  3. Criss Tiffany

    several things wrong with this article. for one, she was around right after he started the divorce to his ex-wife as she was the rebound from diaz, but she was a teen then so of course they won't admit to it, but there's photos showing them together. she's been his rebound girl ever since. after his quickie engagement to a beauty pageant chick, pam anderson, holly madison. the only reason he's marrying her is cause she's the only chick still left now his career is worthless aka a&e didn't renew mindfreak. so in other words he's a freak in more ways than many probably knew as this girl is young enough to be his daughter.

  4. Noey Overton


  5. Noey Overton

    …………………………………………… long as he's happy lol.

  6. Noey Overton

    Faith Flippen almost cry? i bawled dude. i was screaming and cussing up a storm. you shuld of seen it.

  7. Victoria Andriana Zasypkina


  8. Katarina Ivanova

    Why Criss lie to all people believed that he are married to the work, and Criss don't have time on marriage, but people not fools… Now I observe… and what as a result, he in general think, what he do? love this such beautiful feeling that it arises at once, not in 4 years. In other case, it not love. He have made meanness in relation to people which supported and loved Criss… Criss lie to all people, and God to you the judge. Criss to break dreams of many girls, he take away at them the right to dream, and also he break the life himself taking an awful mistake doing Sandra its bride… Choice Criss, and he to break its own destiny…

  9. Kakawla Salam

    oh my GOD she is 21 Hey criss angel u the fucken old man , whay u dont wanna be engaged with the perfect woman holly madisson? shame on u Sandra is like ur daughter ;;;;;;just take my advice Go nd lshe ook for a woman not a girl , a woman in60 SHIT ;;U ARE CRAzY THE REAL MEN as ur age had children in 20 ok ….In fact i think sandra is not engaged with u but with the ring i think ..!!!!so how could u criss to do that u re therational man !! or u just wanna show to us how stupide u are ?ok i think u just wanna fuck with her and leaving her like Dogs with bitches………im sorry i already dont like u criss i hated u from the first look u are a fucken sly and a fucken imposter as ur trick "close ur eyes nd think of a the beautiful evenement wich happened in ur life" und as ur song " i see the track inside ur minde, im the voice u hear ; the darkness calls ur name ," ;;;shit what ! : "whay human kind goin down _im the only one i can see it nd im the only one that i can feel " OH my God im gonna losin my mind

    ok the couple is like a father and his daughter ;;this illusionest is making his life an illusion too,,,, pleaaZ somebody Shot me ,,, fuck to ur life style criss angel ,,,, Oh the little Sandra u just waste ur time with a stupide man ur fiancé or u re engaged with his …..fuck im gonna to sleep this is better for me

  10. Kakawla Salam

    Rawan Amaly Im not kidding , nd i dont know whay u like him!!
    pour moi C'est fini amie

  11. Rawan Amaly

    hey kawla imagine with me the next 20 years sandra will still a young woman and criss will walk with 3 feet that mean he ll help himself with crutch lol , i still in shock he is with her 4 years ago she was in 17 ,,how dare her mother nd her futher accept that !!?Yah u right kawla she is engaged with the ring ,and criss his goal is to f@ck with her ;;Disguasting man ..SHAKe me

  12. Tanya Wysote

    I was curious as how she is? They look good together, but never knew he would get married again as he always said "I'm married to my work". He must feel his' biological' clock ticking. Any girl is lucky to be with him, as they will be set for life that's for sure. Hope he gets a good prenup.

  13. Emily Hlodíková

    I bet that she is with him only for the money..:/ and I don't think they look good together …

  14. Grace Sevenfold Bagans-Eldridge

    She don't really love him! SHE'S JUST IN IT FOR THE MONEY AND THE FAME! And plus….does anyone else notice that she looks like a Kardashian? Fuck this shit, I'm assassinating HER FAKE ASS! #ImaKamiKazeBitch#

  15. Grace Sevenfold Bagans-Eldridge

    I completely agree with you…..da fake ass bitch.

  16. Heather Gilbert

    I thought she looked really young, age is just a number to alot of people my husband and I are 11 years apart ( him being older) nothing wrong with that! They also make a very cute couple:)

  17. Amy Knudson Stapleton

    i agree with you I think she is using him to gain fame for herself and I think she might be a gold digger

  18. Amy Knudson Stapleton

    that is what I think too she is only with him for the money..i meet her a couple of time very snobby and does not like his fans at all

  19. Genevieve Sandoval

    Ahh, Criss is better single , But everyone hits that one point where they would like to be married & settle down. I think Criss should go for someone his own age at least 8 or 9 years younger then him. Sandra just started her life. Its like she's still a kid. Well, Goodluck to them both :) I love Criss Angel <3 it is what it is. MINDFREAK!<3 LOYALFAN#1

  20. Amy Knudson Stapleton

    Rachel Enriquez at a meet and greet one night plus he was doing a segment for his mindfreak show 5 which we saw and was there for that and she was there went up to her to say hi and talk to her and she looked at me like I was some sort of trash and I aint that am alot better then her….sorry took me so long to reply back

  21. Kriztina Espinosa

    I find out about this now…….mindfreak? My mind=Mindfreaked

  22. Lani Ortloff Sharifi

    Best wishes to the happy couple. The couple always looks happy together and when they decide to marry their children will be beautiful

  23. LejaSiv Harju

    JoAnn really came off as a gold digger too. Remember the episode where he hid a million in a car, and she had greedy looking eyes when she said "I could think of other things I'D like to do with that money!" he picks real winners, this guy.

  24. Sandra Limpert

    What is she, like 12? Well, I guess her chronological age and his emotional age should just about match up.

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