'Titanfall: Frontier's Edge' DLC announced and detailed

‘Titanfall’: ‘Frontier’s Edge’ DLC Announced, Detailed

The Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC is the second of two DLC map packs having been released for the Microsoft exclusive mech shooter. While there is still no Titanfall single player campaign planned, fans of Respawn’s first game since Call of Duty might still get one in the sequel, and hopefully a wider selection of titans to dominate the battlefield with.

Frontier’s Edge will add three more maps to the collection. “Dig Site” will have you battling your rivals in an isolated mining outpost, possibly leading to some claustrophobia inducing moments as you leap into your mech possibly in a dark subterranean atmosphere. “Haven” is a beach resort which has been long since trashed, and could include a massive beachfront condo for a game of hide and seek, making titan drop kills next to impossible. “Export” takes place in a mining hub in the side of a mountain. It seems these new maps are aiming for some indoor and subterranean fireworks to rival your U.S. Independence Day celebration.

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The Titanfall DLC Frontier’s Edge release date is unknown, but estimations have placed it some time in September. This means that the third DLC map pack could arrive in December. Co-founder Vince Zampella released the following announcement about the Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC pack and its successor:

“We have three DLC packs coming, one of which has been released already. The next one should come in three months, and then the last one three months after that, approximately. We have free updates that we’re doing also, like the next one which adds two new game modes, voice packs and Titan emblems.”

While the Titanfall story is lamentably unexplained except in snippets of backstory book-ending the gameplay, it could be more fleshed out when Respawn gets around to making the sequel. The first Titanfall PS4 port could include everything we missed the first time.

Titanfall DLC could be what keeps most gamers coming back for more, since it seems the excitement has subsided a bit since its release last year. It has been almost an Xbox One exclusive since the beginning, with Xbox 360 releases coming later, despite the latter being the bigger gaming fanbase.

Could the Titanfall Frontier’s Edge DLC be enough to perpetuate the excitement, or could we be waiting for the sequel already?

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