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Mentally ill homeless man beaten to death by police. FBI called in to investigate.


What’s that old saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely?

Well in this case it seems that the police in Fullerton, California, took their power to the extreme and beat Kelly Thomas, a homeless man, who suffering from schizophrenia, to death. While the police officers in question are being investigated by the Orange County District Attorney’s office there is some question about their impartiality due to the fact that the lead investigator in the case is a very close friend of the Fullerton police chief.

Such is the concern that Shawn Nelson, a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, sent a request to the FBI asking that they conduct a separate investigation into the death which happened on July 5 in a Fullerton bus depot.

Spokesmen for the Fullerton police publicly say the department will cooperate, which shouldn’t come as a surprise; given the horrific nature of photographs of Thomas taken after his assault, resisting an investigation would make them look even worse. And that’s something they can’t afford, especially given this radio testimonial from a “friend” of Fullerton cops who says video of the altercation between police and Thomas shows officers beating and kneeing Thomas with the Taser gun while Thomas was doing “absolutely nothing.”

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Apparently the city of Fullerton tried to settle with the homeless man’s parents for $900,000, which could have been higher according to a city official except that Thomas “wasn’t no rocket scientist”.

What follows is an extremely graphic image of Thomas in hospital where he died from the beating.

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53 Responses to “Mentally ill homeless man beaten to death by police. FBI called in to investigate.”

  1. Lola Simone

    This is insane, how do you beat someone to this extreme. These men are sick and should not hold any kind of power.

  2. George Martinez

    How disgusting that "trained" peace officers would go to that extreme to "arrest" someone. It's obviously way above and beyond any realm of normalcy and this will be interesting to see how the officers try to justify their actions.

    IF this is the state of "normalcy" for arresting someone in the city of Fullerton, approved by the chief of police and the city council, then major changes need to begin in rectifying the state of of the police department.

    In California, supposedly police departments are supposed to be the most highly trained, equipped with the latest tools and techniques in making arrests and fighting crime.

    This looks like nothing more than a bunch of good ole boys beating the crap out of someone because, at the time, they could.

    What a shameful representation of law enforcement.

  3. Patrick Lawson

    Seems to me every major case of police brutality comes out of California. Those men aren't law enforcement officers, they're ANIMALS.

  4. Christopher Hatcher

    Jail? Those heartless bastards should be given the death penalty. They're going to walk away with a suspension, loss of job, and that's it. Nothing. Cops can murder citizens and get away scott-free. How is it any different when they murder protesters in Syria?

  5. George Martinez

    It's the departmental attitude that creates the type of environment where officers have that " you can't tell me what to do, I wear the badge" attitude. And, they know that even IF they get prosecuted, they'll just get a slap on the wrist. The bigger punishment usually comes in the form of losing their career. But criminally, they skate. How ANY dept. could allow officers like that to continue to serve carrying a badge and a gun is beyond any form of common sense. It always was and always will be a good ole boy club, especially in the smaller municipal departments like Fullerton. They fly under the radar.

  6. Collin Chiles

    this is an outrage….if any of the 6 pussy officers get anything less than 25 to life in prison, our judicial system is officially FUCKED. id like to meet with these officers while THEY are unarmed like this man was with about 20 of my friends and see how they like being outnumbered…beat them to death. just sickening…they better not release the names of these cops or I bet they will be murdered. if I was his parents id tell them I want 2 mil instead of 900k and I would pay someone all of it to beat each and every one of them to death.

  7. Angie Busha

    That just breaks my heart!! I hope those cops get a very long sentence, and while theyre in there they get everything they deserve

  8. Collin Chiles

    so sickening…i hope karma comes after them very soon! excessive and unnecessary force leading to a death…they are murderers…god sees all

  9. Tyler Beall

    fuck the police. Their purpose is protection of property and social control. Not to fight crime. And we pay them.

  10. Alfie Bates

    that's why I hate police. They always think that they have power to control to anything, just because your police officer. Why they call peace officer for? looking at this picture makes me really apset. They should go to jail and not getting out because of what they did to him.

  11. Christina Williams


  12. Colby Chappel Tindall

    they beat the shit out of this dude holy……this aint the first time. fuck the police, fuck fuck fuck, fuck the police

  13. Joanne NunyaBeeswax

    Of course the DA will always back the police. It's the same old story of corruption from the dawn of time. There is zero accountability for the district attorney’s offices! Start making the legal proffession accountable for their actions. This could happen to any one of your family members. Does the general public understand this? My husband was found guilty of murder in 1993 and till this daystill sits in prison an innocent man because of the same kind of corruption. To see his case google Justice for Donald Walsh on Facebook.

  14. Rebecca Rayne Belcher

    This just proves that no one is equal in this country. It is run by lies, greed an violence! Why can't there be more peace and love here? Oh I know why…..because everyone that runs this country only care about themselves! How about a little P.L.U.R.

  15. Kodaakk Bka Hundredgrandcounsel


  16. Xavier Love

    This just made me mad…There is no reason for that man to be beaten like that. they fucked him up! i wanna hear the excuse,its gotta be ass-backwards.

  17. Bigg Verb DaVinci

    Given my recent dealings with the ho-lice and the fact that they are likely finding some way to read this – all I'ma say is:
    "ARE ANY OF YOU SURPRISED?!?!" Let's be for real … the Police Academy, for the most part is nothing but a place for those who never had authority to get it and legally enforce it.

  18. Xavier Love

    Naw not surprised at all, the police recently towed my car ILLEGALLY and made me walk in WARREN when im from YPSILANTI at 3am, i coulda got raped,murdered,robbed anything!They terrible

  19. Chris Bradford

    What's fucking scary is these are police officers that got busted thinking they cant be touched but you can only imagine how man officers have not got caught doing illegal activities. And people are so quick to call the fucking cops and act as if they are Captain Save a Ho. This is is just another reminder that humanity is one big FAILURE!

  20. George Martinez

    I was in law enforcement for 19 years and saw "stuff" that was illegal, horrific and just plain wrong…I put up with it until I couldn't anymore, and it cost me my job when I tried to right some wrongs…..they ran me out…..nothing you can do about it….if they want to find something to get rid of you they can….they just make it up……it's an institutionalized way of doing things………….

  21. Dawn Dubelbeis

    George YOU are a bigger man for having left the field! I salute you for being a real peace officer! Just a random FB stranger 'friend'. :)

  22. Evangelist Will Matherly

    I would like to call on ALL of my Friends in California to Write and Call the Orange County District Attorney’s office at 714-834-3600 , and Demand Murder Charges to be filed on these Six Police Officers, who BRUTALLY BEAT this homeless man to Death … This was a Senseless Murder, at the hands of The Police. Orange County California Officers are simply Out Of Control.. Who is Next, One of YOUR Children, Friends or Family? CALL, and Take a Stand for Justus. God Bless You.

  23. Evangelist Will Matherly

    Indeed Bruce ,,, This is simply Heart Breaking, for ALL Involved .. From the Family and Friends of the Homeless man, to the Families of the officers involved … God Help them all.

  24. Obaidullah Obaid

    SO it is common the world over. No American says they are doomed. Had it been in Pakistan, it would be fodder to the doomsday sayers.

  25. Linda Powers

    Murder is murder they should be charged! Anyone else would be, way not them! Who else have they beaten? This was not the first time for them! I would have lost my mind (busted a postal move at the police station) if it was my son. It happens all the time, I grew up with it in LA, nothing new people. God have mercy and help us all.

  26. Princess Pea

    WOW… this world is getting out of control! or this country at very least… cops are scum now…i used to look up to them… now they are worse then tweakers to me… two chps passed me while broken down at 4 am lastnight… in the middle of the mountains… they are ALL scum and need to be dealt with appropriately.

  27. Carrie Wynn

    OMG! what in the world is wrong with people? I think this really shows what close minded and judgmental people are capable of…and the worst part of this is that this man was beaten to death by law enforcement who are suppose to be there to keep the peace and protect the innocent if this man didn't do anything then why beat him? that is evil in the darkest form….

  28. Carrie Wynn

    Patrick Lawson
    ok on that I agree and disagree…yes they are animals for doing this..but on the most cases of police brutality being in California there are alot of cases in new Mexico, new york, new jersey…its all over the place…out of all the the law enforcement in California I dont believe that all of them are bad some have to be good…I guess thats the part of me that wants to see good in everyone…

  29. Carrie Wynn

    ok I look at it like this…I may be one person but if I was in a situation where I saw things that happened that was wrong horrific or anything that goes against what your job entitles..then it is left to you to do something about it…and yes I know that it may put your own life in jeperody but if you know that its happening then its on you to try to get something done…its only right…..I would diffenetly try to do something about it even if it means my own life because everyone needs someone to believe in and if we cant trust our law to do the right thing there has to be someone willing to do it….

  30. Carrie Wynn

    yes it is a sad day in America when things like this happen…I have been looking at the news and reading articles about the death penalty being taken out cause America cant afford it I think that the government should stop giving grants to people for tiny shrimp to be put on tred mills to see if they taste better if they have a bit more muscle and use the money for the right death penalty cases…ok I agree that in some cases the death penalty is wrong but in cases like these and any cases that involve harmed children the people responsible should be put to death…I wold gladly pay out of my own pocket to see that justice is met….

  31. George Martinez

    Carrie Wynn Well..thats a nice attitude to take, but when you have a family, bills, a home, responsbilities……that all comes into play when your career is on the line………do we just throw all of that away so that we can be the next welfare recipient that you would be complaining about and telling " Well go get a job you bum"…… that the alternative ? You don't know how hard it is to get a career in law enforcement…….and to just throw all of that away is just plain stupid……

  32. George Martinez

    Carrie Wynn Its easy to say that you would put your life on the line…..but until you are in that position, just writing about it means absolutely nothing………

  33. Carrie Wynn

    George Martinez
    very true…and I wasnt coming at you or blaming you in any way…I was just stating how I would be in a situation like that…its hard to say what you would do when it came to yourself in that situation….I would like to think that I would be willing to do something….I just dont like innocent people being hurt…I feel like the more people that speak out on it the more people will sit up and take notice ya know?….and on the life on the line thing…I have been in a situation where a good friend of mine was hurt and I did put myself on the line because I knew he was innocent…so I stood up for him…so I am not just writing and blowing smoke to people to make myself look good….and it is scary as heck to be standing a gun point knowing that it could be the end…lucky for me the gun wasnt loaded but I didnt know that at the time…

  34. Carrie Wynn

    George Martinez
    and if I offended ya I do apologize that was not my intention not at all…..I have much respect for those who wear the badge with integrity and do their jobs to the best of their abilities

  35. Ronen Magid

    I volunteer to be on the firing squad that'll execute those cops.

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